4 thoughts on “DIY w/ Fabric

  1. Shelby Rau

    Hi! I REALLY want to see the DIY for the pretty petal t! But, every time I click on one of your fabric DIY’s, it enters the page for a moment, and then goes right back to the previous page. How do I make this work?
    Thank you!

  2. Jana

    Hey Elizabeth!
    I have been on your blog several times and love it! Tonight I ran across one of your photos on pinterest. I thought you would want to know when I clicked on the link it said they had blocked your site because of spam or something of that nature. Anyway, it must be a mistake but you might want to talk to them because I clicked several times and it would not bring your site up. I just manually went to google and found the article I was looking for.
    Love your blog! Thanks for all the pretty posts!


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