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This lil’ blog started because Collin was watching a Yankees playoff game on television and I was bored. Ok, really, I wanted to have a place to share creative projects, pictures of my darling munchkins & extraodinary thoughts about our ordinary days.
Dear Lizzy is a dreamy place to find photo inspiration, diy fabric projects, paper projects, and just about anything that makes me happy! My drive is to inspire others on their creative journey.
My husband and I started an online workshops website: Something Splendid! Where we enjoy hand picking, designing, video taping and teaching online classes ranging from felt cupcakes to mini albums and upcoming workshops!
I am thrilled to collaborate with American Crafts & design my own line of Dear Lizzy craft products. There have been 3 lines then I took a break when my third daughter was born last year so my 4th line will be released January 2012. It’s quite lovely …!
Years ago I won a contest which included a column in Creating Keepsakes magazine. That lead to “52 more Scrapbooking Challenges.” A book I wrote that is full of inspiring pages to jump start your creativity.
I enjoy traveling and am working on projects for upcoming events in Nashville, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Paris. If you are interested in me teaching at your store or event-simply shoot me an email.


Email me if you are interested in one of my blog sponsors! By having your fabulous products or company showcased in a blog post or a link in the sidebar of my blog ==>

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Momma to 2 silly sprouts
Wifey to my best friend
Sucker for colorful shoes
Loves to play with paper and glue
Cries easily but laughs even easier
Travels all over the world sharing my passion with others
Deprived of sleep
Ignores the fact that brownies aren’t good for you
Seeks to inspire others
Listens to Zee Avi
Adores laughter, a clean home, mini marshmallows & collects vintage cameras
Thanks for stopping by… !

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Heather Beasley

    Elizabeth, I just watched the newest Cleetus episode. OMG! I get the biggest kick out of your husband – he has no shame! I’m glad he won the Becky Higgins contest.

    Also, don’t you have 3 little girls? Up above it says that you have 2 little girls. Oh well! Just thought I’d check.

  2. Jenny

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I notice that your new year goals involve green smoothies. I need to get on the bandwagon. I was wondering where you get your recipes from, all over the place, or a big fan of a certain book/site? I would love some help/good referrals. Thanks 😉

  3. nikki denman

    Lizzy a question and project challange ? wow i said that to the perfect scrapper. Can you do a few boys pages i love all this girly stuff and find thats all i do my son says
    ” Mum are you doing me one” WOOPs i find it very hard as i love all the pretty things. Can you help with a Blocked up scrapper from Aussie . PLease

  4. Dale Bieri

    Hi Elizabith,
    I have never seen any blog before. I am so impressed with your beautiful projects and creativity.
    I am looking for someone to create a scrapbook of letters and photo’s that have been sent to me honoring our mother who is celebrating her 90th birhtday this May. I have the letters & photo’s layed out, but would like to have then in a scrapbook. Are you available to do this or do you know anyone who does this type of work? I live near Coloma MI.

  5. katie beth summerhays


    hello, hello! my name is katie beth summerhays and i am a fellow, but new utah blogger. i am currently working on a new project and my dear friend jenna rammell suggested that i contact you. i am co-hosting a spring fashion event & blogger meet-up with the new fashion boutique located in the riverwoods… apricot lane. we are looking for a few bloggers that would be interested in becoming involved and helping us out with this event.

    is this something you would be interested in? if it is, i would love to send you some more information. i have only been a part of this blogging world for a few months now, but i can already tell that the most success comes from making real connections with people in our communities. this event would be (another) great chance to do that! we are looking for bloggers who would be willing to attach their name to our event & help us get the word out there.

    the apricot lane spring fashion event & blogger meet-up is being held thursday, april 26th. as this is only a few weeks away, we definitely need to get moving! if you are interested in sponsoring our event or have any questions, please let me know as soon as possible. my role in this is to coordinate all the sponsors and make sure everyone is happy!

    we have a lot of great and creative things planned and would love you to be a part of this event! if interested, please let me know asap and i will send you more info.


    katie beth summerhays


  6. Nicole

    I have some beautiful old black and white photos of my grandparents and my parents and am unsure how to scrapbook them. I don’t want the pages to be blah but I don’t want them to be really trendy either. I was just wondering if you have scrapbooked older photos and what you did to them?

  7. Kay Howe

    Thanks for your cute ideas & your wonderful pictures. For your daughter’s B.D. Party you used some jars with straws. I was wondering where you found the cute lids that were on the jars. They had a design & a hole for the straw. Thanks again!

  8. alishA

    Hi Lizzy! I read on one of your posts before that you were going to be selling some of your lace slips… when will that be? will you post them on your blog? if not, where can i find them? thanks so much! love your blog!!!

  9. *Dream Weaver*

    Glad to know you listen to Zee Avi who comes from Malaysia where I am from 🙂
    Would be so awesome if you had a class/workshop here one day.
    Am not new to your blog but just happened to click this link. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading about your life and munchkins and feel like whipping out my camera each time I stop by your blog – so yes, you have inspired me and continue to do so 🙂

  10. Rebecca Page

    I’m making a book of the top 101 wedding craft ideas. I’ve seen your Confetti Heart tutorial and I wondered if I can have permission to feature it in my upcoming book?

    I will include in the book the tutorial as per this page on your site http://elizabethkartchner.com/2012/03/27/confetti-heart-how-to/. EG the ‘how to’ section and your pictures that go with it. I will also of course include a link on the page to your website crediting you.

    My goal is to provide brides with a one-stop-shop book of all the best wedding craft ideas out there on the internet as well as a directory of the best blogs and websites. Your tutorial is brilliant and would fit perfectly.

    The book will be out as an ebook by this Christmas, and hopefully as a print book during 2014.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  11. marchelle

    Hiwdy From Prescott, Ariz. Elizabeth a while back, I believe in March you ,mentioned your Barcelona trip and possibly doing the project as an on line class and/or kit to purchase. I keep watching and I would love, love, love to purchase it, along with doing the online class. But I didn’t know if I missed that opportunity, or if you just have not posted it yet. I love your products, blog, and especially your ideas and beautiful pics of your family. I always send your newsletter postings to my daughter, who is expecting her first little blessing this coming Oct. 2014. Anyway, I hope to hear from you on the online class. take care Happy Easter

  12. marchelle

    A while back you mentioned that there would possible be kits for us to purchase from your Barcelona trip Now that you are getting ready to venture over there- how fun!!!! I was just wondering if you will be selling any of them to us. I would love to have one. Thanks so much for such a enjoyable blog.

  13. Davinia Pujol Alcocer

    hello Liz!
    I love the way you make the life simply and cute, for mi is the best way to live, always smiling and enjoying this amazing life. All the creative cute things makes us grow up our vulnerability, imagination so i think you have to open, create, imagine, enjoy and repeat.

    my best wishes



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