A Little Girl & Her Bear (Video)

A Little Girl & Her Bear

Lola & Tuque are best friends. This is them everyday-the only difference is I filmed their meaningful connection. I want to start making more videos and directing a dog and two year old is tricky! Neither of them want to listen unless there are treats involved. That’s why I just let them do their thing. I had to capture how much she adores him and how patient he is with her.

Honestly though, the main reason I put this vid together was for my husband. Some days he misses scenes of our wacky life and I wanted to show him just how much love Tuque gets on a daily. It was fun to sit him down in front of the computer, put his headphones on and press play. Hopefully this will make up for the times I’ve complained about our cuddly bear. ; )

VIEW HERE or click play below.


81 thoughts on “A Little Girl & Her Bear (Video)

  1. AprilC

    So sweet. We have been toying with the idea of getting a dog for a while now and my husband who is from Newfoundland really wants to get a Newfie dog because it reminds him of home and he always wanted one plus they are ao great with kids. I’ve been on the fence about a Newfie dog because they are so big and I assume messy but I think this video just pushed me off the fence and over to the “must have this dog now” side!

  2. Jamie

    OMG that is an amazing connection! I love this video~ my daughter and I watched it together and she loved it! So sweet! Now you’ll have those moments forever! Have a wonderful day!
    Jamie Harris

  3. Jen

    Good job, Liz. You made me cry. Turns out I have a soft spot for big huge furry dogs and seeing this made me miss my Ballou. I so loved it.

  4. Cathy Zielske

    Okay, that made me cry. Beautiful video. Dang. It runs in your family, doesn’t it? What’s also amazing is, isn’t that dog still kind of a puppy? He’s so gentle and sweet. Or at least he sure looks that way. Your talent appears to know no limits.

  5. Karen Beldon

    This video is darling Liz! Totally going to make one with my little girl….we just got a golden retriever pup this summer, so not quite as big, but close 🙂

  6. Olatz

    Love love love this video so much! My heart just melted, they are so freaking cute! please continue doing this kind of videos, they are so inspiring, fun and pretty! 😉

  7. Helen Shields

    Love, love, love this. Wish I had this of my boy and our dog when he was little. Such a wonderful keepsake for all.

  8. Rose

    LOVE it! I grew up with a huge Alaskan Malamute — I’ll have to send this to my mom, she’ll get a huge kick out of it.

  9. Sally

    Wow I remember the video you shared of your husbands reaction when you gave him your little bear!! Loved how Lola had him all dressed up, and he didn’t mind a bit, the most adorable video thanks for sharing x

  10. Kimber

    holy crap this is so stinking cute! that is one patient dog with Lola! THe dressed up part kills me. So cute how he’s so big, she’s so small, yet they’re so gentle with each other! gonna have to show this one to the husband!

  11. Jill

    Hello….LOVE THIS! Reminds me of my daughter and our Ridgeback! What programs do you use? I need a tutorial on how you make these awesome videos! I’m home video envious right now. Smiles, Jill

  12. KimR

    Oh my gosh–that is just PRECIOUS!!!! Brought tears to my eyes–those two definitely have a special connection. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  13. Emilie Ahern

    I cannot BELIEVE how patient that dog is. Or how HUGE.
    He’s pretty much my Ella’s nightmare personified,
    even though he is clearly a big old softie.

  14. Ellie Augustin

    GIRL why you have me crying over here!! OH MY goodness… Oh the love I can’t even sigh..so sweet & beautiful LOVED it. I can only imagine Collin joined in for a bit of misty eyes for sure!

  15. RachelG

    This reminded me of my sweet rott, Senator. He was so patient and adoring of my kiddos and I never ever worried about their safety with him. I miss him and think of him often…wish I had taken videos of him with the littles.

  16. Lucie Hale

    Lizzy, Your vid made me laugh out loud!!! I love your Newf!!! I have one too. Mine is chocolate brown with a splash of white in her chest. Her name is Mocha! I love her sooooo much!!! We got her 4 years ago and she fills our hearts with joy, especially now that our two kids are far away in college! Please take more vids of your kids with Tuque. I loved watching this one so much!!!! God bless you all!!!

  17. Lisa W.

    Oh My…this was beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Not only did you touch my heart strings!!!! You made me think of my little girl (I call her beauty:) AND she’s now 19 yr. old. We have always had dogs, AND she always layed, snuggled, and played with our puppies just like Lola Bug. It makes ALL the dog hair I swiffer up nightly ALL worth it…lol Thank you for making my day…OH who am I kidding my month!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      Haha exactly. I complain SO much about Tuque’s hair everywhere. Drives my husband nuts. But lately I’ve been trying to focus on the good he brings.

  18. Shaun

    You could seriously win an award for this video. Amazing, Made me cry, made me laugh, made me wish I had a dog and that my kids were little again. You have no idea how you inspire me on a daily basis. Love from SC.

  19. Carly

    This video reminds of the Good Dog Carl books! You have to look them up! They were my favorite when I was little. They are picture books with no words about a little girl and her big dog. This video is so cute!!

  20. Heather

    What a treasure this video will be for your family!! Babies grow up, dogs don’t stay with us forever, but you will always have these memories. Thank you so much for sharing…it is just precious!!

  21. Erin

    We know a dog is in our family’s future and your video may have moved up the timeline. Nothing more beautiful than unconditional love!

    Did you make this video on the Go Pro that you mentioned in one of your posts on camera gear? I am interested in a new HD camera. Would be interested to know! Thanks.

  22. Rosemary

    This is so very heartwarming…does Tuque have the same kind of bond with all your children, or is this a special relationship with Lola? Did you know that a tuque is a woolen hat in French…how did you choose your big pup’s name? Thank you for sharing this really lovely video!

  23. Jen D

    OH MY GOSH! That is soooo adorable! I actually just recorded a video of my husband singing to my 3 year old daughter while she played with his face & laid her head on his shoulder. Super sweetness. =)

  24. Donna

    That was one of the most endearing and adorable things I have ever seen . I seriously almost got teary-eyed .. so precious !!! Thanks for sharing these tender moments 🙂

  25. Latrice

    Amazing connection they have. It is so sweet that they are growing up together and get all that time alone when the big girls are at school. I have to know how you make such cools vids though. I love it so much.

  26. Liette

    oh beautiful princess and funny dog…it is fantastic to capture those moments…you inspire me to do the same with my grand daughter…thanks a lot xxx

  27. *Dream Weaver*

    I watched this video with my husband and we both agreed its something we both would love to do {make videos of our kids for each other} when we are blessed with a little bundle of our own. What’s awesome I guess is my husband is keen to watch and to learn about my passion for crafts and pretty, happy things 🙂
    Awesome job on the vid and lovelovelove your blog and stuff. Just bought a 5th and Frolic PL kit — it just reached our Malaysian stores (can you believe it! – I guess better late than never).

  28. Jessica J Marshall

    That was the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing such a private joy with us 🙂 This has inspired me to do something similar for my hubby with my 4 year old and our black lab mix. Thank you!

  29. Geralyn

    This video is absolutely adorable! What a wonderfully special bond they have. I wish I could go back in time to capture some of those precious moments on video. Well maybe the grandchildren some day. You are so inspiring and your video is beautifully done.

  30. Carrie

    PRECIOUS!!! Liz, you are so talented!! How do you throw videos together like this? I wouldn’t even know how to load one much less add music and cut and piece shots together. Unbelievable. You’re awesome! 🙂

  31. Heather @ Glitter and Gloss

    I’m sitting here like a total dork with the biggest smile on my face! What a sweet video!! <3 My girls are the same with our dogs, and it seriously warms my heart. Dogs are such a huge part of our families, and our everyday lives. I love seeing them being loved on like crazy (and showing the love in return!) And I adored the singing at the end!

  32. michèle

    So sweet and so esthetic, the light, colours…caracters so !!! Thank you to share. I share too on my facebook. Sorry for my english 🙁


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