The GO SEE DO’s of S U M M E R

summer free printable

Today is the first Monday that we are out of school… YAY SUMMER! That means we stayed in our pjs way too long, ate french toast, watered the plants in pots outside and… homework?
Yep, I had the girls fill out their GO  SEE  DO  EAT  MAKE  BE’s of this summer. Thanks to Ann Marie for the free download
Reading the girls’ lists was a relief because they didn’t write anything too crazy. A front flip off the diving board-I can handle.
PS That strawberry is from our garden. I planted and grew it. I know, I was surprised too!! #blackthumb

I might have cheated on my homework because we started one of my goals already when we took our camper out for a spin on Memorial Weekend. glamping trailer remodel
GO in the mountains with Sweet Pea.
SEE a play in Sundance under the stars
DO a kind deed for a friend & stranger
EAT funnel fries at the carnival
MAKE a video of our summer adventures
MAKE another Dear Summer journal/mini


BE carefree
BE present
BE cool

Post your list and link to it in the comments… love to see what your Summer list. xo, Lizzy

Oh hey, Avery Doll

lds baptism dress

Oh, my Avery doll. She turned eight last week. Eight! I know I’m about to say the most cliche sentence in mommy blogger history but… I can’t believe how fast she is growing up! And the second: Why can’t she just stop getting so big? Phew, okay, now that I got that out of my system. Our tradition we started last year, so I am not sure if that has fit the strict requirements of when something can officially be called-tradition. But we don’t take that term around here lightly… we take each of our kids out by themselves on their birthday with mom & dad. It’s pretty much a blast and you can tell that they are loving it too. Since Avery has been sneaking in my office and sticking enamel dots, rhinestones and other small stickers to her ears for months we decided to surprise her and get her ears pierced on our birthday date. Collin filled out a few clues and riddles to open through out the night. It was funny though, the second we got in the car to head out she says, “I really want to get my ears pierced!” We looked at each other… “Maybe when you’re 12.” When we got to the mall she read the clue and was so excited! “Really! Thank you!” Only when we were steps away from Claire’s Boutique did she think that this might hurt. Which we said it will sting and pinch for a second. But she was so brave! Her eyes welled up for a second when they finished and showed her the mirror. Then we walked through the mall holding hands and picking out cupcake, unicorn and other cutsey earrings to wear in a couple months.
One of the other clues was to get new shoes “with bumps on them” i.e.: heels. I about died laughing when she called them that at Christmas time. Which she’s pretty much worn those bumps down to nothing. I know that’s so dorky but I love that about Avery. I strive to keep my girls innocent as long as I can. Like barbies and roller skates until they can drive. You might see her carrying around a clarinet case when she doesn’t even play and taped glasses. Nerdy is the new cool. A new movement I am hoping to catch on… join me. ; )
But here we are, my Avery girl traded in all those stuffed kitties and dog toys she carried around all these years for Barbies, earrings and pink glitter shoes with “bumps,” of course.)

LDS baptism photo

lds baptism photo web

LDS baptism photos

ruffle dress

lds baptism dress

LDS baptism


baptism dress LDS

averys baptism

5-14 Averys baptism

lds baptism photos

lds baptism

For those of you who don’t know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am so proud of Avery for choosing to be baptized as a member of this great church.  When someone turns eight they can choose for themselves to be baptized… my brother was a few years older and my mom found the church through missionaries then was baptized when she was eighteen. Saturday is Avery’s baptism date so we took her out to take photos & celebrate the occasion. This is the same temple where Collin and I got married and it was a bit surreal to be there with all our kids and thinking how crazy–where has the time gone? Looking around I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my family. Crap, I am getting all cliche on you again. But these people are everything to me! Thanks for letting me share. xo, Lizzy

FLORAL CROWN: Made by me after learning from Bleu Wednesday
DRESS: Chasing Fireflies
Feather Headdress: Dear Lizzie Boutique

baptism dress lds  web

ruffle dress, floral crown

BEST PRICES to buy camera gear below & Totally Rad Actions used on photos>>>

bh_photo-125x125     Fall-In-Love-v2-120x120

Color Theory Project

studio calico color theory

studio calico color theory

Being color obsessed myself this was a fun project to work on.
Studio Calico asked my husband and I to make a video to showcase the colors of their new line of products-Color Theory and the many uses for their vibrant stamp pads. I was thrilled for the challenge! While Collin worked the camera gear I styled and gathered cute + colorful items.
Working with my babe and seeing him in his element is always fun for me… and I only got on his nerves a couple times. ; )
Honestly, I really love these stamp pads. You can watercolor using a water brush. If  you water brush over an existing stamped image it doesn’t bleed. The colors are also so vibrant and happy. They also have coordinating embellishments which make the process effortless when creating. Used them on my Stamping With Erasers Project.
See entire Color Theory Collection Here

Check out the video below and sorry if the song gets stuck in your head all day…

click to watch

studio calico kits

Barcelona, I love you.

barcelona spain

Not quite as zombie-esque as I was yesterday… but finally getting back in the swing of things. It’s crazy to travel somewhere that’s opposite time zones. The secret to getting back on track is to skip your bedtime. Both ways we didn’t rest and waited until it was dark where we were at to sleep. I think it helped us adjust quickly. Although there’s a few hours when you can’t really keep your eyes open. Whenever I would waver Collin would cheerfully say, “Jet lag hates movement!” While speed walking and swinging his arms. Wearing his tennis shoes, dad shorts & backpack and I’d think… we are suuuuuuch tourists.

barcelona spain

We loved Barcelona! Everything was beautiful, every corner had a delicious bakery or treat… which means this was my kind of place! I think the last day we had three servings of crepes. Each.

barcelona spain

barcelona spain

The event went really well! Makes me wonder what I was so nervous about! Mireia, with Kits de Somni, did amazing with all the details.  Xenia was my translator and I literally couldn’t have taught my class with out her. Or at least it would’ve been scary since my spanish is no bueno.

barcelona spain

You guys, the students were incredible! There was about 80 and they were so excited to meet me that I literally was in tears within 5 minutes of being with them. It’s pretty spectacular to not speak a language yet feel so much love! Thank you to my nueva amigas!! (See I told you my spanish sucked.) kiss kiss!!!!!




I love this Instagram from Collin during an afternoon in the main square of the city:
She asked if I could take her family’s picture so I snapped 3 then took a selfie and gave her phone back. Then we asked her take a picture of us and she took this selfie and gave my phone back. 2-mins earlier she was praying on a rug facing East. We’re all God’s children and humor connects us.


An artist who has been drawing peoples’ faces for 30 years gave us his interpretation of us. We about died laughing when he finished!! haha This was my souvenir from the trip.

barcelona spain
When I was packing for our trip Quincey gave me her favorite, little box so I would remember her while I was away. I started putting stuff in it and making room in my luggage when I had the best idea. I told her I would fill it with treasures from Barcelona and bring it home to her. I picked up a few more things that aren’t in the picture.
When we were packing up from Barcelona to head home Collin says, “Here this is really important so pack it somewhere safe.” I was thinking he was going to hand me my passport or some money to exchange before we head home. I looked up and he was holding out the cheesy floral box. I’m so glad that he gets it.
With in the first hour of being home I shared her a story with each item. (A charm from a nun we met, shells from the beach, wish bracelets, a good luck penny I found on the ground outside a huge cathedral, seeds to plant from Spain, chocolates from my friend in Switzerland, etc) She loved sitting down and looking through it all. At this moment it is still under her pillow.

barcelona spain


We even made it to the Mediterranean… but let me tell you it feels so good to be home! xo, Lizzy
We took mostly video with our big camera and some photos. Can’t wait to dig through it all and see the magic of this city again.

Bow Straws: just add Italian soda

bow straws
Tonight I finished an event in Barcelona! Loved all the ladies and Mireia did a wonderful job with everything! I’ll share more about that soon. This week has been a blast exploring this magical city! Now I am happy and relieved that everything was amazing and can’t wait to see my babies. (Yes I call them all my babies. ; )

—One warm afternoon last week, my girls and I made Italian cream sodas. Which of course needed bow straws. Or did we make the bow straws first and added the Italian sodas? I can’t think straight on Barcelona time… either way they were yummmm!
IMG_9650 copy

I love these bow diecuts I shared in an earlier post even more when I realized I could diecut fabric. Just iron the fabric on a thin inner-facing first. Some of them needed a bit of help with my scissors but for the most part I was impressed. I bet if I ironed the fabric on freezer paper it would diecut even better. Going to have to give that a try too. Happy sipping! xoxo
how to italian cream soda



maggie holmes die set


Let’s go, darling


This week I am heading over to Barcelona to join all the fabulous ladies at the Kits de Somni event! Can’t wait! (There are still some spots since I shipped over extra kits last week if anyone wants to join us.)

Also, have you ever been to Barcelona? What are the places to see and do? Suggestions of where to eat? Or shop? Need to keep myself distracted from missing my babies. xoxo

studio calico kits



12 on 12: Mother’s Day Edition


The other day my sweet Avery said something to me and I literally died of cuteness and hurried to jot it down on a piece of paper in the kitchen so I wouldn’t forget. Thankfully it was still there on the counter… now I need to copy it into our book, The Quoteable Kid, where we keep all their quotes.
“It doesn’t matter what other moms think. You are special the way you are. Because you have flowers, pretty nails and me.” 
I don’t remember what was happening for her to say that but I might frame it.
Avery, you little genius, you.
And the quote I wrote down under that is a classic:
“Sometimes if someone does something illegal like kiss someone I go and find the recess lady or principal because that’s the right thing to do. And if you try to talk to them, like the bully, they’ll say, “I can do this-I’m a grown up.”  

Yesterday was so fun to receive cards, pictures and drawings… even a book of how I won the Mother of the Year award. Seriously these kids know my love language. And Collin does too with french toast and whipped cream. They definitely need to add “food” as one of the possible love languages.
Being a mother is the greatest. As happy and grateful I was yesterday I felt some guilt as I thought about my shortcomings as a mother and how I want to be better. (Please say I’m not the only one.) Then I remembered what my neighbor said during our church meeting that lifted my spirits: You are doing your best.
Of course I’ve thought of my own mother who was a single, working mother & raised 6 kids on her own. No one to relieve her after a long day. Also having to be the sole provider. Honestly single mothers and army wives are my heroes. Still to do this day I ask her how she did it… especially now having four kids of my own and knowing what a feat each day is! Clearly, she had some sort of super power. But it was just her. She put everyones’ needs above her own. Yet has never complained about one thing in her life. I’m not kidding either.
Though my mother was not perfect… she loved her children and sacrificed anything for us. She still does today. I am faaarrrrrrr from perfect… like it would take a few years journey and I still will never even see it in the distance but I love fiercely and strive everyday for them to know that. To all the mothers out there & mothers to be… Keep striving to do your best! Like Avery said, you are special the way you are.












IMG_9530Photos by the incredible Collin Kartchner and myself.
I wanted some photos of our mornings and days together for Mother’s Day.



DIY: Paper Bows


Paper + bows make my crafty-loving heart swoon! Love these new die cuts from Maggie Holmes. It’s a wafer die that you can use over & over and works with most die cutting platforms. (Just need the right plates.) The “love” die below is from my Dear Lizzy set.

bow die cut

Packaging up gifts for people I love is one of my favorite things.
For the first one, I sewed a burlap bag and added tags inside then layered a bow with a Dear Lizzy wood shape + clothespin.
The middle one I started with a bag, added a Dear Lizzy label, DL project life card, a tag and “love” + bow die cuts. For the last one I embossed a kraft bag and added a bow and a tag inside.
kraft bag packaging

I just learned THE best tip for using metal dies—
At CHA we were messing around with using wax paper so the paper will pop out easier after it’s cut. That didn’t really work out. I was trying to leave a few sheets of paper in it too but I still ending up using the holes to have to poke paper out and usually ended up poking all the paper out.
So instead of using a tool to push through the tiny holes on the dies every time you cut try adhesive backed foam. You cut a piece to fit the foam take off the adhesive backing and place the die on it then run through the die cutter. You then have to peel some of the foam off of the plates that stuck to it BUT the die is awesome now and the foam will stick inside so the paper just pops right out each time you use it. die cutting tips

paper bows

paper bows how to
Remember that one time I made a video to go along with this post and now I am not even going to post it? haha! Next time…!

maggie holmes die set


You can still enter the Instax + Fave Things giveaway I posted about for the next couple hours… and try for the new giveaway below because sharing is caring!

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Goodbye Thirty Two


Anytime anyone asked me how old I was this year I would say 33 and Collin would correct me… no you’re 32.
This weekend I definitely got spoiled including a shopping date with Collin on saturday. Although I didn’t even buy anything. What was I thinking?! I guess the wandering around beautiful City Creek mall and not having to chase after kids was a gift in itself. Then we went to a Drive-In and watched the new Spider Man movie. I haven’t been to a Drive-In forever. Collin and I would go all the time like 15 years ago…Yet, we couldn’t remember any of the movies we watched. Hmmmm… Expect Tarzan. haha! Wonder why? ; )
For my 33rd year I am compiling a list of what I hope to accomplish this year–but first things first– a birthday giveaway!

dear lizzy instax giveaway

To celebrate me getting old I gathered some of my favorite things to giveaway to one of you!
There are a couple ways to enter since not everyone is not on Instagram. You can do one or all of the options…

May is going to be magic #yay

studio app

My favorite month begins today… and not because my birthday is in 3 days! Okay, maybe that’s part of it. But there’s also a Barcelona trip planned, Avery’s baptism and that one day where mothers get spoiled. #yay!
This photo caption and design were made with the app called Studio. You should download it! There’s so many cool overlays and fun ways to be creative with your photos. Plus, it’s a neat community where you can see others’ designs and “remix” them to fit your photo and style. My husband recently joined this fast growing start-up– which is exciting! I actually used the app months ago and had to show him how it works. haha! Fun stuff. Anyway… back to my birthday. I’m 33. Remember when you were 18 and if you heard someone say they were thirty you thought how freaking old that is. Well, now here I am. So far thirties aren’t so bad. I kind of like them. Happy May Day!!!
Putting together a giveaway to celebrate with my favorite things. Celebrate with me!