It’s Very Purpley

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The Pantone team that determines the color of the year every year, would be pleased  to know that Lola fully supports their decision of Radiant Orchid for 2014. Considering that she is usually head to toe in it, drinks from a sippy that color and even her pillow is a unicorn that definitely  radiates orchids.
Me, on the other hand, not so much. In the words of Buddy The Elf– It’s very purpley.

dear lizzy blog

The other day I laid down for a minute while Myles was sleeping because I wasn’t feeling good and Lola laid down next to me. She kissed my face and stroked my cheeks. It was the sweetest. I literally fell asleep for a minute. She’s got one of those hearts of gold, love and all other mushy gushy stuff she can fit in there. But don’t worry she can still meltdown with the best of them.
Tuque, our Newfoundland dog, and Lo are quite the duo. She gets him if he barks. Opens his drawer and gives him a treat everyday. (She even listens when I said he can only have one or his tummy will hurt.) She says, “That’s my doggie” through out the day. If you remember this video I filmed of them you get the idea.
Newfoundlands are gentle giants. Patient yet playful. Loyal and Loveable. They just want to be near the fun. We used to laugh when we’d see Lola at two years old grab his jowls and start walking. Right away he learned to obey and respect her.

Here they are one afternoon. He is right there waiting for Lola to make her next move so he can follow.

dear lizzy blog


newfoundland and kids

Posting the Little Girl and Her Bear vid again… just for fun.

dear lizzy blog

Photos & Video Shot with Canon Mark II & Sigma 50mm lens

You Clean Up Nice

clean up nice 1

Staying up late is not something I typically do. I am not a night owl. When a movie starts and the lights are out-I fall asleep. Actually I am not really a morning person either. I am quiet in the morning and want to stay under the covers and cuddle forever. I wonder what that means I am? Is there anything for those who love noon? That’s when I thrive. ; )
Since December is pure madness for everyone. The only time I had to finish up my pages was staying up until 2 am one night. Actually I refused to look at the clock but I am guessing it was around then. Which might not seem that late to you but for this momma it means when the kids wake up at dawn it feels like I got hit by a train. Yet somehow it was worth it. Because I got to work and find my flow doing what I love.
Are you a night owl? Morning person? Before I had kids who wake me up all night, I think I was more of a morning person. ha!

Dear lizzy Studio Calico

The above page “You Clean Up Nice” was a fun process. I die cut the journaling with my Silhouette Cameo. I messed up and put the wrong side of the paper on the mat so it cut wrong. But I ended up just leaving it and adding the title on top. Made for a cool layering effect. My machine must’ve timed out while cutting or some technical malfunction because it stopped and some random words hadn’t been cut. I just filled them in with my handwriting.
The stag stamp is rad and these pictures are dear to my heart. Also, those  g o l d  chipboard letters are #perfect.
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US 2

new day 2

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Christmas Card

The start of the new year is usually really exciting and fresh and something about the feeling of a clean slate excites me to start writing new resolutions. Typically I will pick up a new journal from Target and can’t wait to start listing my spiritual, family, health and work related goals. This year I just kinda felt smug about it all. I wanted to fold my arms and pout like my Quincey does… because I sucked this year at accomplishing what I wanted to do. The only thing I did amazingly well was kissing Myles’s cheeks, being there for my girls and planning date nights. I know I know, those are more important than anything. It’s just the fact that I could’ve done better. I am not typically a regretful person. I run far and fast from that “r” word. But it is annoying to sit down and write the same goals and wishes that I did last year. Ya know?
So I figured out something that lifted my spirits.
I wrote the things I accomplished in 2013 that I am proud of. It could be anything simple or grand. We didn’t travel anywhere exotic. We didn’t make any huge changes. But we laughed our butts off & explored the mountains & loved to the fullest.

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Having Myles in our lives/
Learning to make videos/
Buying our camper and redoing it/
Went to the beach/
Went to Disneyland/
Awesome job designing Dear Lizzy products/
Fundraiser for my niece Zuzu/
Momma Bear to Four/

I am still figuring out my “word” for 2014. Sometimes I keep it personal but most years I share it. The past two years I focused on the same word- L I G H T. It literally applies to all areas of my life. And I couldn’t find a word to live up to its glory last year so I continued it. : ) There’s no rules for this stuff, right? ; ) Now I feel like I am at the next chapter and am ready for a new word. Something playful yet strong.
Our Christmas card was the perfect way to share my word, Let Your Heart Be Light.
photos by Heather Telford

Christmas Card



This year I want to FOCUS my time better so when then I’m done with doing the stuff I need to do I will feel more free. 
I was being a bum the other night just getting frustrated at the house being messy and I felt like I was always picking up the kids’ stuff. Then I looked at Collin and he said, “Liz, this year it’s about…” as he tilted his head and pushed the sides of his mouth up with his pointer fingers to a cheesy wide-eyed smile. That is exactly what I want this year. To not worry about all the fussiness. Then I went to the kitchen because my eyes were tearing up… passing the girls who were dancing to a record I got for Christmas–Mumford And Sons. The song Not With Haste was playing. Great song. Just what I wanted to hear:

We will run and scream
You will dance with me
Fulfill our dreams and we’ll be free

We will be who we are
And they’ll heal our scars
Sadness will be far away

Do not let my fickle flesh go to waste
As it keeps my heart and soul in its place
And I will love with urgency but not with haste

Maybe that’s my word. Free. Hears to Twenty Fourteen. xo, Lizzy

DIY: Floral Crown

diy floral crown


Recently our family pictures were coming up and I had a vision in my head of Lola wearing a floral crown… Not sure why I would do that since family pictures are already stressful enough just getting everyone ready and out the door. Lola hates pants, which last I checked they weren’t optional for pictures in the snow. Then everyone has to be matching… but not matchy-matchy denim on denim.
Well, the crowns all came together effortlessly because with in a couple days I found Amy from Bleu Wednesday. And even better than just wearing the crowns, she came to my home and we made them together. She is the sweetest and was so patient with my girls. Loved spending the afternoon watching her create such beautiful things. Plus, flowers just make you happy… and my home smelled like Christmas.
I filmed and edited the afternoon putting together a tutorial for making floral crowns of your own.
Photos: Heather Telford//Filmed and edited: Me//Flowers: Bleu Wednesday


click to watch


diy floral crown

diy floral crown

diy  floral crown


Sneak Peek

Excited to share some sneak peeks of the actual products from my newest Dear Lizzy line that will be released next month at CHA in Anaheim.

With every new release I get nervous about it… yesterday after I created some samples for the AC catalog my nerves were replaced with excitement.
It’s got the usual Dear Lizzy florals and vibe but with new icons and fresh designs. Posting a video and more close up of products this week!

To-Do List Avoider & Winners

image via: Ikea

Love, Carrie
Emily Coe

Meg Barker 

EMAIL ME if you won or are interested in sponsoring Dear Lizzy:

There is so much to do this time of year. I feel like my list of to-dos just keeps getting longer. But here I was yesterday morning, laying with my babe. Trapped. And I could care less about the stuff I need to do. How do you say no to cuddling with this doll?

We had a blast at Zuzu’s North Pole Adventure that raised money for the United Angels Foundation to help special needs children in need of help with bills, dental work etc. I was so proud of my sister I started crying and then we were both balling. It’s been quite a growing year for her and her family and for Zuzu surviving and thriving after two open heart surgeries.
At the event I looked over and saw my sis across this room full of elves who donated their time, Santa, Mrs Claus and ALL these people who came even though their was a horrible snow storm outside… I could not hold back the tears. Thank you to everyone who came and supported this wonderful cause.

This photo of Myles and me is one of my favorites. My mom was here for Thanksgiving and once I was holding him and she asked him, “Where’s your momma?” He would do this! Rest his face with a smile on my chest. She asked over and over and he’d do the same thing. It’s my favorite thing. #heartmelted

Avery finished reading two of her first chapter books from the Junie B Jones series. My mom saved them for her and brought them over last year. I am determined to raise a bunch of nerds. They are the best! I also hope she likes unicorns and wears roller skates far too long than she should.

Christmas shopping!

Also, Christmas parties! This one was a Vegas themed party for Collin’s work. Don’t ask. haha! Okay, I’ll explain. Collin became, Sergai, and talked in a Russian accent even before we got to the party to get in character as a gambling, Russian arms dealer… apparently I was Natalia his girlfriend. Yes, people dress up for not just Halloween. He got a $100 gift card so that’s cool. ha! It was a blast!
After that night I decided I need to dance more in my life. When most everyone left and the DJ started I kicked off my glitter heels and made of fool of myself dancing. I even lost my voice. Baby Jesus would’ve been proud.

Counting down to Christmas! xo, Lizzy


December Magic Begins

Finally starting on my December Daily.
December Daily is definitely one of my traditions for this magical month. Maybe even the top three. Right up there with the kids meeting the big guy and presents.
Check out the past books here.
Loving these Christmas Bingo cards to include in my Dec Daily.

In the pic above you can see I soaked three of my Bottle Brush trees in bleach from last year to re-dye them with more of my favorite colors. Check out my video tutorial for the trees here.
And Tim Holtz sells his trees all grouped together now so you can make your own colorful forest. I was only going to display mine for Christmas but Collin insisted on leaving them up. I think they’ll always be displayed now. One of those things my kids will remember from our home. I can still remember a cross stitch my mom hung and a quote about fear my dad hung in his office.

PS It snowed all day long on Monday. I mean, it didn’t stop.
And,  yes, I do take pictures in the first snow fall. every. year.

…then I cried a couple hours later and begged Collin to leave work and pick up the carpool.


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Zuzu & Santa’s North Pole Adventure

Come celebrate with us our healthy, happy, glowing Zuzu this Saturday! My sister and her family were so touched by people reaching out to them that they want to give back and help another child with special needs. She knows special needs children who need dental work, help with hospital bills and other ways to bless their lives. Come to the North Pole Adventure to raise money for the United Angels Foundation.


///You may still throw your name into the hat for the Lizzy’s favoriteGIVEAWAY open below///

Lizzy’s Favorites Giveaway!

Completely giddy today to be giving away some of my favorite things including The Vintage Pearl, my newest Dear Lizzy products and a Jo Totes camera bag!


The Vintage Pearl is one of my favorite presents to GIVE not just to receive. They are so meaningful and thoughtful. There are so many different necklaces and charms that you could find something special for your teenager to your grandma. I gave my Grandma and Grandpa engraved jewelry before he passed away and I am sure it is a treasure.
TVP also has ornaments! One of my favorite traditions each Christmas when we decorated our tree was finding the wooden bears that had each of our names on them. I really want my kids to have that same excitement each year when we open up the decorations as they found theirs. There are other options but I had to have that penguin in a bow tie for Myles! Even Tuque has a silver bone with his name.
Their Cyber Monday sale is extended through tonight at midnight, save 20% off our entire site with code “cybershop”!
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Jo Totes has a style bag for every girl. I have used these bags for years and am very impressed by the quality and keeping my cameras cozy.
Merry early Christmas– Win a $125 gift card.
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That’s the easy part, the hard part will be choosing which bag you want. I am loving the new Gracie in Black or Mint.

I am also giving away a Dear Lizzy tote bag that I kept from the last CHA. You can’t get this anywhere. Plus, it’s loaded with some Dear Lizzy goodies from my newest collection. Yay!

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