Somos Scrap Recap

unnamed-18Home from the Somos Scrap event in Barcelona! It was such a great event! So many people put so much into it to finish all the details and make it happen. They had a fabulous team! And a group of them are family which is awesome. Love that! 12186566_987873721254409_3022852766113766073_o

Amy and Shimelle also taught there! It’s always a treat to catch up with them. 
We had a layout class where we made pinwheels, misting and stencils, and painting and watercolors.
These are my amazing TAs and translators! They were so wonderful! It’s definitely tricky to teach something with the language barrier but they both were incredibly helpful!  xoxo Davinia and Eli!

Meeting as these sweet, creative women is inspiring!! Connecting through the love for documenting and scrapbooking.
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Thanks for all the love and making this experience wonderful! Some ladies who I met had been following this Dear Lizzy journey for many years, even since 2007 when I won SOY. It made me cry after one of my classes because everyone was so sweet! Thanks for sharing these adventures with me!
PS If you took the album class… we will be sending instructions and photos. Also please email me if you have any questions at
Because of all the tools and the details of the album most everyone had to finish at home. It will be fun to work on and a keepsake forever once it’s finished. Email me…! Would love to continue the class with you at home. xoxo Lizzy

An Inside Out Halloween

LA9A0819Blogging from my hotel room after teaching workshops in Barcelona because I have to share these shenanigans that happened before I left… and because I miss these colorful nerds.

We dressed up and trick or treated for family before I left because you better believe I wasn’t going to miss this. Ever since the girls saw the Inside Out movie this summer they have been planning these costumes. Since I realized October would be a busy month, getting ready for an event and a family vacation, I bought some costumes the first week of September. Seriously a bid deal for me cause I’m usually a procrastinator. Two of the costumes were pre-order, cause they are new this year. Well they never showed up and my order didn’t get fulfilled. They must have over-sold or something. So I scrambled and stayed up til the wee hours sewing Avery’s dress and painting flowers. An adopted grandma neighbor sewed Lola’s dress for me. I called her and asked her to help me and she took the fabric, sent me on my way and whipped it out in a couple hours before she was leaving on a trip. Yep, she’s an angel like that and I was crying when I picked it up. She gets it–how stuff like these can mean a lot to a four year old. I remember my mom making all our costumes and so it’s meaningful to me doing the same for them. (Even if it’s only one of them every few years I make since costumes are so much easier and cheaper to buy. Ha!) The kids begged me to be Bing Bong and after getting them all ready I was tired and was hoping no one would notice. But then Lola came in the room, head to toe in green, dragging that pink tutu to me and said it’s time to get ready. So I wore a pink elephant nose and sang, “Who’s your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong! Bing Bong! Who’s rocket makes you shout hurray?!” While pulling them in a wagon. All for the core memories people. ; ) And if you haven’t seen the movie you have no idea what any of this means. And if you haven’t seen the movie–What the heck?! Go see it!!


  LA9A0762 LA9A0774

10-15 Halloween (inside out)

LA9A0795 LA9A0816 LA9A0824 LA9A0827 LA9A0852 LA9A0857

“Take her to the moon for me!”

I lost it at that scene of the movie and I saw some tears in Collin’s eyes too. We looked at each other and started laughing. lol Pixar really knows how to tug at our heart strings.LA9A0874 LA9A0925 LA9A0951 LA9A1000 LA9A1004 LA9A1016 LA9A1031 LA9A1032

LA9A1034 LA9A1035 LA9A1054

The Spooky Cat Party

Halloween party

Since I will be out of town for one of my favorite days of the year-October 31st! I wanted to plan some extra activities to celebrate Halloween with our family. We wanted to have a party we could dress up with our cousins but not wear our costumes. I pictured all these black cats running around and thought that would be perfect-a spooky cat party!

Halloween party

Halloween party Halloween party
Megan Faulkner Brown (the founder of Sweet Tooth Fairy) made us the best grey ombre frosted chocolate cake. It was divine!! And went perfect with the cake topper I found at Target and spray painted a matte black.
Sweet Tooth Fairy also spoiled us with popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, and their famous cupcakes and cake bites!

Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party   Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party
We made the darlingest cat masks! I cut everything with my Silhouette and my sister and my mom helped the kids glue theirs together. I thought they could do it on their own but it worked best if someone helped each child. It was still a fun craft. They loved it!
Halloween party Halloween party

We made the purrrfect cookies for our spooky cat party. Let me tell you, it got messy real quick  but the girls loved it! The bags of frosting were a good idea instead of bowls and knives like I typically do. Thanks to  @thefixutah for making the yummiest cookies (and I know sugar cookies) they even put together a variety of treats to decorate with. How cute are those orange Tic Tacs for the ears?!  It was a huge hit for my little sugar lovers! If you are local to Utah or Salt Lake County you need to stop by The Fix. They make the yummiest drinks too. You’ll thank me later!
When they were decorating I let them have all the creative freedom and just have fun so some of their cookies weren’t as cute but they laughed at their three-eyed cat. I love when I have the chance to not police and just let them be little.

Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party

Halloween party

Somos Scrap Event: Barcelona


This week I am packing up and heading to Barcelona at the Somos Scrap event! It’s going to be such a fabulous event. I am so excited!
Are you near there? You should join us!! I still have a few kits left in my mini album workshop and spots in my layout class.







Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 2.48.43 PM.png

We Ran Away


Sorry for the silence here on my blog… we ran away for the week. Ran away from to-do lists, from carpools, computers and work. Ran away from Fall since it was still summer at Newport Beach and Disneyland.

Here are some Instagrams from the trip I wanted to share…

A nice lady took this pic and it captures us completely… because while dad ran around with the two older girls on Screamin’ and Tower of Terror I hung out with the under 40 inchers.

Myles carried around his map for a good half of the day telling us where to go.
He just wants to be one of the big kids and he thinks that he is. He loved meeting characters! He would wait patiently in line (none of my girls were as patient as he is) and wave at the people until it was his turn then run up and give them a hug and sign his book.
Oh, he gets it already. How magical this place is.





A little self-timer action with Myles, we like to eat donuts and Beignets from the Mint Julep bar while we wait for the others to ride Thunder Mountain. It was a short line only 10 mins so that was nice! (They have pumpkin beignets right now which are yummmm.)



We sang Muppet songs and Teen Beach movie on the top of our lungs while we rode our bikes along the beach. Such a fun memory!

There’s been some life struggles for us recently things that shouldn’t matter… I needed a “reset” at my happy place to focus on what matters. To clear my mind and remind myself how to breathe. To remember that each day is fleeting… why waste it worrying about what happened or what I can’t control. XO, Lizzy






Design Team Announcement

Here is the Design Team Announcement!
So excited to work with all these talented ladies!! I apologize it took a bit longer to announce. The fun part is that a couple of them don’t know that their submission was chosen yet. So, surprise!!
Say hello to them and check out their sites listed below their photos. Such a fun mix of talent. I will be sharing more about them and of course some of their incredible work!
Also thanks to everyone who submitted. I will be sharing lots (if not all of your) work on a Feature Friday blog post so that will be fun! XOXO


Emma W (From Australia)








Analog+Paper+|+Project+Life+Gallery-2 Analog+Paper+|+Project+Life Analog+Paper+|+Project+Life+Gallery Analog+Paper+|+Project+Life+Gallery-1

Maria Lacuesta (Analog Paper)

The Me, My Selfie and I Book is here!


Today I am beyond thrilled, and a bit nervous, to share a project I have been working on for a long time! The Me, My Selfie, and I Book!  #theselfiebook
It’s a kids’ art journal full of 42 pages of illustrations and fun questions. I sketched a really horrible rough draft for each page then worked with the talented Caytlyn Chilelli who illustrated it!
The coloring book you’ll want to keep! I wanted to design a keepsake that I could store on a bookcase and documents their dreams, favorites at the moment, and silly thoughts as well as coloring and doodles. Something to encourage less screen time and more time creating!

Another reason why I wanted to make this book was to GIVE BACK! During the development process of #theselfiebook my niece was in Primary Children’s Hospital! There is a toy room and craft area for patients and the family of patients. It is a place to lift their spirits during a hard time for the children and families spending long hours there. I talked to my sister Ashley, Zuzu’s mom, and asked what she thought about donating books to the hospital. She loved the idea! So for every book that is bought we will donate 1 book to Primary Children’s in Salt Lake City.

The book is great for a range of ages! Avery, my nine year old can sit down and work on it herself! Answering the questions and exploring creative expression. Lola, who is four, can’t write full sentences yet but says the cleverest things! I love sitting down together and while she is coloring  I can fill out the answers for her. Not every page has a question. There’s even a cut-apart page where they will cut out clothes, hats and sunglasses and then attach to the animals. It’s freaking adorable! Also a treasure hunt page to take the book outside and see what you find.DearLizzy_Journals_BeckyKimballPhoto_54web


I also have a limited number of handmade pencil bags! They are plastic coated on the outside so easy to wipe off! The inside has a colorful lining and zipper…! Each one is a different color combination. The bags even come with some fun supplies so they can get to work as soon as their package arrive. It includes colored pencils, ice cream cone sharpener and some fun erasers! Like I said, I only have a limited number of the pencil bags so snag one!






These would make such fun gift ideas for Christmas or birthdays! My kids are obsessed and Quincey carries hers around everywhere in her backpack and pull out her supplies.

Check out #theselfiebook website and more info here!



buy now


Our recent house guest


I know it’s not even October yet, but I waited as long as I could to put out Halloween decorations. There’s so much to love about Halloween! I needed to start celebrating earlier.

I bought this skeleton to gold-glitter the crap out of and then hang up as decor. But after I bought him and Collin propped him up in one of the carseats to drive home from the store it was equally humorous and weird. That’s when I decided we will change up the scene for this guy everyday… think of it like Elf on the Shelf but wayyyy creepier. hahaha! I’m thinking in the bathtub, under the covers in one of the girl’s bed when she goes to sleep. Couch watching TV or outside on a bike. I know, like I said, creepy. But it makes me laugh.
He needs a name though… any suggestions? ;D

halloween idea

Pants optional snack time…halloween idea

halloween idea

halloween idea

Happy Monday!


Happy Monday!
Thanks so much for all the submissions for the Dear Lizzy design team! It’s been quite fun going through each submission and getting to know you guys better with the random questions. :) Not to mention I’ve been gushing over how amazingly creative the artwork is! I need to nail down some more details and I’ll announce the additions to the team next Monday! (If not sooner…)

For snack time I used the gold foil Dear Lizzy paper to make a mini hamburger box! I diecut the shape with my Silhouette Cameo and then added a sticker on top. We love snack time around here!

Play + Shop w/ Old Navy

Old Navy Play it Safe

With three girls and a boy, it is pretty incredible to witness how different each little soul is. How they are born with different ways to show love and be loved. With Lola, her love language includes hugs and quality time. To fall asleep I have to be laying by her and she’s a teddy bear that wants snuggles as much as possible. She loves to sit at the table and play with Legos for hours and wants me to join her and make something together. It’s crazy how long those plastic pegs can keep her occupied. I love how Avery is different, and older now, but her love language is talking (including me listening to her for long periods of time) and laughter… with hugs still being important. That one I hope never goes away.
Is it possible that balloons can be a love language too? Cause they definitely are to this four year old…!

Old Navy Play it safe

The air is getting crisper and I am spotting red trees in the mountains in our backyard. This transition from summer is always refreshing!

Old Navy Play it SafeOld Navy Play it Safe Old Navy Play it Safe

Any plans this weekend? Thanks to Camp Old Navy there’s a fantastic fundraiser on Saturday (9/19) at local @oldnavy stores called the Play it Safe event. Kids will love to learn safety from their community heroes! Meanwhile, the mommas can get their shop on cause there’s a killer sale. #oldnavystyle See you there!

Old Navy Play it Safe

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