Shelf Style: Chic

black and white office
I swear I’m always working on my studio space… keeping it organized or making a mess. I’m really pretty good at the mess stuff. Now that the girls are in school, I felt the need after a crazy summer to get my space organized. Starting with the shelves! I took everything off to start from scratch. I wanted to reuse the Be Brave black letters I used to hang in another room in the house. Then I stuck with the black and white color combination with a pop of gold. It’s nice because it’s so clean and simple. I also tried a more colorful version in a previous post.
I’d love to hear which one you prefer!! Black and White chic or the Colorful Party Eclectic?

black and white office black and white office

LA9A3403 copy

black and white office


black and white office


Shelf Style: Colorful


Love switching up the shelves in my office! It took a couple hours… or uhhh… days to clear off the piles to actually be able to see the desk. Now it’s like a party up in here and that makes me happy to create.
A couple months ago Collin put together cabinets on the wall to the right which gave me lots of room for organization. I can’t wait to order the counter top and finish that corner. Please say I’m not the only one who is super slow at finishing projects.
Teaching the kids that the mini piñata has no candy and is not for smashing. ; )






The two jars on the front shelf are holding roller stamps and the other is holding instax.




Check out the Shelf Style: Chic and let me know which one you prefer? 




xo, Lizzy

Sweet Pea all fancy


Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted to the Dear Lizzy Design Team Call! Looking through the emails and reading your answers to the questions has been really fun to get to know you guys! Everyone is so talented! Love seeing the different style and such creative women! Keep ’em coming!
You still have all week to submit to the call… check out all the information here! Don’t be nervous or hold back– give it a try!

Dear Lizzy

Loved making a million pinwheels for this photoshoot to promote Dear Lizzy Documentary! Sweet Pea sittin’ pretty darling parked by the lake and Lola came along for all the fun. Of course there were balloons involved.
It was a somewhat stressful morning. Getting kids off to school, gathering all the decorations,  and trying to look camera-ready while running around like a crazy person. But it all worked out. I even successfully drove the trailer… by myself… on the freeway… without hitting anyone. haha!
Collin picked up the balloons for me and it all worked out. sigh
Can’t wait to share more…

Dear Lizzy


Dear Lizzy Design Team Call

Dear Lizzy design team call

This is the first-ever Dear Lizzy design team call and I am so excited to get to see your amazing work and find some up-and-coming talent! I am looking for a variety of styles of designers ranging from paper crafting, home decor, creative packaging, Project Life, cards, scrapbooking, party decor and art journals. Internationals welcome.
In this paid position you will be required to create 3 projects a month including well lit photos of projects and a simple how-to. Supplies will be sent to you.

Don’t be nervous to submit! Dear Lizzy started after applying for the Scrapbooker of the Year contest with Creating Keepsakes magazine in 2007. I had never been published before and was really scared about submitting my work and designs. Think how that one step has changed so much of my story and how different my life had been if my fear had gotten in the way. So just do it!
I can’t wait to see your designs and also get to work with a couple of you in a creative, fun way!

Here’s how to submit:
1. Email with 5 recent projects attached in the email. 
(Projects can range from paper crafting, home decor, creative packaging, Project Life or Messy Book, cards, scrapbooking, party decor and art journals.) You don’t need to send an example of each of those. Stick with what you’re good at! Send all cards or pages, if that’s what you’re good at! You do not have to use Dear Lizzy products in your submissions.

2. Answer the following questions so we can get to know you a little better:
-Why do you want to be on the Dear Lizzy team?
-Where do you find inspiration?
-What is your area of expertise in crafting?
-Top 3 favorite movies?
-If you could eat dinner with anyone dead or alive?
-A little more about you…

3. Please include links to any of your social media profiles:

4. Deadline: September 8th, 2015

Peachy Fuzzy


When the tree in our backyard blossoms with peaches it means two things: summer is coming to an end and it’s time to make some peach cobbler. Since I failed at making jam a couple years ago, and crushed my domestic-canning-skill-confidence, I am scared to try again but I need to! Because how delicious is homemade jam on homemade bread toasted and warm on a fall afternoon? Too bad I can’t make bread either. hahahahahaha

School started so I lost half my crew at home during the day. I am feeling quite crazy about he whole situation since I want to cry and celebrate at the same time. I always wished I could be a home school mom. Seriously any mom who home schools is a gem in my book! During the summer we do workbooks and it’s hard to get my kids to sit down with their books and sharpened pencils and listen to me for 45 minutes- let alone an entire day. They thrive at school though and adore their teachers… it’s just what works for us. I can work and have a couple quieter hours during the day! Key word is quieter because believe me the two youngins still keep me on my toes. Yes, I said youngins… all this-there peach growin’ and pickin’ I am derntootin gussied up fer life on the farm. ; )

LA9A2679bcThat face of Lola. Stop it right now. All the heart eyes from me to her!


The pictures of just Myles’s head are because he was wearing his sister’s dress over his clothes. And I have plenty of pictures of that since his dresses up alllllll day long.







Paper Camera Love


I am obsessed with my Cameo die cutting machine. Obsessed. I have made everything from home accents to wedding decor to crafting projects…all with the Cameo and paper. So when I stumbled upon this 3D camera I knew I had to try it out on some of my favorite Dear Lizzy patterns!


Begin by cutting out the shape with the Cameo.


Once you have all the components cut out on a few different papers, begin assembling and gluing them.


To make the camera more true to my style, I swapped out some of the die cut shapes for gold rimmed tags, candy dots, washi tape, and gold glitter paper.


How cool is this camera! I had the best time putting it together and could see myself making a bunch of these as party decor! –AnnMarieLoves


Mini Album Garland: That Summer

Portada Mini-1

This is such a fun project for summer I spotted at Martu Alterada using all Dear Lizzy papers from the Serendipity collection!
You can display it during summer and then when you are ready to take it down pop some ring in it and you will have a book to still display all the memories of summer!

Pared1 lomo Pag7 Pag2 Pag6

When I sat down to work on this project, I, honestly didn’t know what to do. It was the first time since I can’t remember that I was going to make a mini album just for me. Not a commisioned work, not a gift, not a mini for a workshop.
How exciting… and how paralyzing! 😀
These were last summer photos but I wanted something else in common. So finally, I looked for texture. Each pages has a different one (except two with paper embossed) : raffia, cotton fabric, tulle and feather.

All these papers are from Dear Lizzy last collection: Serendipity. This collection made me instant fan of marble! I can’t get enough of thes marble popsicles (!!!)

This garland album idea stroke me one imsommiac night. I decided I was going to took advantage of this time thinking about the mini I wanted to make. So after a while, I got with this idea that pleased me and I fell asleep.

At the end of the post, you can see two close ups of the album on the wall. This part of the flat is really bright and I love it. Now, I have to work on the other walls. They are almost empty but I kind of like it like that.

You see this is the only Christmas home decor that I made… and it is not chrismassy at all. 😀

Have a beautiful day! –Marta from Barcelona

essential scrapbooking supplies

dear lizzy products dear lizzy products dear lizzy products dear lizzy products SBC_ac-369209_1 92369218th 92369197th

Mermaid Themed Party

mermaid party
This girl would be a mermaid in another world. She taught herself how to swim when she was four and we were at the beach and Mexico and was doing a front flip off the diving board when she barely had turned 5 years old. Now she loves doing back flips off the diving board and edge of the pool. It kills me how daring she is but I also love watching her push herself at the same time. A mermaid party was a perfect theme for her pool party!

IMG_9560 mermaid  party mermaid   party IMG_9639 IMG_9702

Cake was made by Megan Faulkner Brown the founder of Sweet Tooth Fairy! She works at the Provo location.
mermaid party

We had treasure chests for decoration and a treasure hunt.
I made the tail literally a couple hours before the party. She has a mermaid tail for under the water but I wanted a tail she could wear and the party and still walk around in.

The party favors were these gift bags for each guest. Inside there was a star fish wand, sunglasses, a cute towel that is shrink-wrapped but expands in water, some treats and other goodies.
IMG_9540 IMG_9544
Love celebrating these cuties on their special day!
mermaid party

Project Life: Portlandia

The beginning of June I got to tag along with Collin on a work trip, which also included getting a crown on my tooth from our dentist friend. For someone who gets anxiety going to the dentist, I wasn’t looking forward to the trip. But the tooth work was surprising a breeze because apparently they have these new machines that make a crown in under an hour and match your tooth identically. So cool! As soon as we got that out of the way, our friends in Portland gave us a grand tour of the city with non-stop eating and exploring. Portland, Oregon became one of my favorite cities very quickly!
(Our friend is Dr Roane in Portland for anyone looking for an incredible dentist in that area!!)
Some of our favorite spots:
Downtown: I guess there’s something always on the first Thursday in the summer so it was a party down there. We saw someone playing acoustic guitar who was on American Idol and lots of fun stuff happening. Just walking around it has a very cool vibe. Old buildings and very cool streets.
Salt & Straw: Yummy place for ice cream. Really cool flavors that Bleu Cheese and Pear and Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache… Crazy combinations but so yummy. They let you try as many flavors as you want with tiny silver antique spoons.
VooDoo Donuts: This is more of a (there’s probably better donut shops in Portland but just go for the experience) place to visit and I’m glad we did. It was awesome and, really, I rarely meet a donut I didn’t like. But Voodoo is open 24 hours and since we went there at 12 am most other places were closed so that was awesome. Who doesn’t crave a donut at 2 am? I’m glad they’re open day and night.
I heard Pips Original, Portland Donuts, Pix Patisserie, Blue Star are all very bakeries.
Por Que No: Delicious mexican food, colorful restaurant. Delicious!
Tasty N Sons
Killer Burger
Screen Door
Pine Street Biscuits
Mothers (for breakfast!)
I honestly couldn’t ate my way through this city for weeks…

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life


PL_Project_LizKartchner copy


essential scrapbooking supplies
Fine & Dandy Core Kit (Found at Hobby Lobby stores across the US & Spotlight stores across the world.)
American Crafts Slick Writer


DIY: Watermelon Garland

watermelon garland

This is such a great kids’ craft for summer and would make cute decor for a BBQ or party!
First, I diecut most of the shapes using my Silhouette Cameo.
Then, my girls help fold all the pieces and also handcut some of the half circles for the watermelon layers because sometimes I like having less perfect cutting. Gives it a little more charm. Next, they added watermelon seeds with a Sharpie to the red shapes.
Last, I hot glued all the shapes together and glued them to some twine.

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland