Disneyland In Pockets

dear lizzy fine and dandy

It’s been a slow start for me after our trip to get in the swing of things so I am proud of myself for putting this together. Sometimes you have to just start!

Used the Fine & Dandy Project Life Core Kit and other Dear Lizzy products to make this page. (Found at most Spotlight and Hobby Lobby stores now. Also, keep looking for those Golden Tickets inside!) Love the Maggie Holmes Tassel hung on my Let’s Party flag!



disneyland disneyland disneyland disneyland


Have you heard of the new tool Photo Sleeve Fuse? It’s awesome and seals the pocket page sleeves shut. Of course the first thing I think of to try it with is a confetti pocket. Since I am so used to using my sewing machine to keep those bits of paper in place. But this tool is amazingly simple. Plug it in and let it heat up for 10 mins then use the roller end and a ruler to heat shut the pocket. Leaving the same lines as the rest of the pocket page seams.
It also has a cutting tool I am excited to try now and I will put a video together to share how it works.

dear lizzy fine and dandy

dear lizzy fine and dandy


dear lizzy fine and dandy

favorite supplies

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Stay Wild

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Something I learned about myself from our trip is that I love the beach even when it’s cold.
Even when I am huddled under a towel and wearing a sweatshirt I still love it. Even when the water is freezing cold you scream if you aren’t paying attention and suddenly a larger wave rolls in and splashes your legs. Even when it’s raining and crazy dark clouds are hovering. Especially when my kids run to me and cuddle under my blanket with their hair still dripping and salty taste when I kiss their cheeks.
We had some really good days and some good hours on days but, honestly, the clouds never stopped the kids. They were out there digging to China in the sand and building castles over and over while Myles came and tore them down. Splashing and getting in the water not even flinching even though it was freezing!

Sitting there with nothing in sight in the sea or above or heads… feeing so small. It opens my mind and clears my thoughts then fills it with all the things overflowing from my heart. The things that matter.

With the colder weather came some amazing waves though. One morning we woke up to photographers, all along the usually empty sand, filming and photographing surfers catching some “mighty sick wake.” Usually it’s just us out there and we walk to the Pier and see if we can spot any sea life.
If the day was nice we’d hang out until the dark clouds kicked us out and then we ran off to Disneyland for the night! (Some instagrams from the trip.)

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram


dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram


Take Me Back


It might seem a bit repetitive and tiresome to visit the same place year after year, even twice last year, since Avery was one. But, to me, it’s quite the opposite. Going back to Newport is exciting and strings each trip’s memories together, easily accessible to remember the magic from before.
Eating a Balboa Bar covered in sprinkles or riding bikes to the end of the boardwalk where the sidewalk literally ends and walking to the pier every morning after dad makes pancakes are a must. Of course these kids have their not-so-great moments and I would remind them of the theme I set for our trip about ten miles after leaving our driveway–Be Grateful & Kind (you little stinker). But sometimes the monsters in them just want to be heard. ; ) They were pretty wonderful overall. I just feel that inner struggle of frustration when they are being tricky VS trying to enjoy every moment before they grow up. I hope I am doing it right. I hope my future self looks back and says, “You did it! You enjoyed every bit you could while they were young.” Because I really want to. I am trying to. And that’s exactly why we go there. To run away from things that distract from those sweet faces.






















One night we went to Balboa Island for the typical Ferris Wheel ride and frozen banana treat. Oh, and don’t forget cotton candy. While we were strolling around trying to keep the kids together, which is similar to herding cats, a family asked us to take their picture. Then they offered to take ours. At first we said no thanks but we rarely get a photo of all of us together. So the next thing I know we are scurrying together, lining up against the wall where we were standing and just like that, in one quick snap, this square holds my whole heart.
dear lizzy instagram

Bow Wall Decor

bow hanger
Ann-Marie always comes up with such unique uses for Dear Lizzy products! I love how she attached the plastic bows as part of her daughter’s decor! These bows even have a darling glitter to them and are one of my favorite new products!


One of the best parts about having a baby is being able to build a wardrobe of impossibly cute mini clothes. I mean, who can resist a tiny faux fur vest on an eight month old?! In order to really maximize my daughter’s wardrobe, I like to display some of my favorite pieces on the wall using red and pink plastic bows from Fine & Dandy!
bow hanger
To secure them to the wall without having to nail a hole, I use a few small strips of super sticky red tape. Then, I tuck the hanger into the folds of the bow and enjoy my favorite baby clothes long after they’ve been outgrown!
Dear Lizzy products are now available at Scrapbook.com so don’t miss out on some packaged happiness!
 bow hanger
favorite supplies
unnamed-44 unnamed-45

You could win a Golden Ticket!

dear lizzy project life
The Dear Lizzy Project life kit (along with three other core kits) will be hiding 300 golden tickets inside the kits. How fun is that? The Fine & Dandy kit that you see in these pictures are sold exclusively at Hobby Lobby and also Spotlight stores across the world.
You guys, I’m not kidding, this has to be my favorite collection! I show how you can use the cards above with a girlie style and below with a boy vibe. They work with both!
I can’t wait to see who wins!


dear lizzy project life 2-002 1-002 4-001  unnamed-22 win

Prize Ribbon Garland

prize ribbon garland
I know I mentioned that I love the Bow/Prize Ribbon Die set already but I have to say it again… I love it! This is a look at the prize ribbon die in action as a garland and on a card. It comes with a cute HOORAY flag to layer with.

dear lizzy bow and prize ribbon die set

A prize ribbon garland would be so fun at a birthday, graduation or other celebratory occasion.
Layer some fringe behind it and add some honeycombs on the ends and you’ll be set.
You know how sometimes you don’t know how to finish the ends of a garland? Use coordinating paper and the bow from the die set to add a darling touch to each end.prize ribbon garland

prize ribbon garland prize ribbon garland

prize ribbon garland

new dearlizzy
dear lizzy bow die set

Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog

mickey mouse partyHearing Myles pronounce Mickey Mouse is one of my favorite things and Mickey is one of his favorite things so it was the perfect theme for his birthday. But truthfully his real love is for Minnie Mouse. You’ll often find Myles walking around with his sister’s Minnie Mouse tucked under one arm or pushing her in the stroller.
It’s been one of the busiest weeks of the year with Avery’s Shrek Jr. Musicals every night plus some matinees and Quincey’s dance and dance competition so sadly Myles’s birthday on Friday was put on hold for a couple days. I ran to the party store to grab some party stuff, ordered a cake and hot glued black circles to party hats! Also emailed a local print shop to print an engineer print of Myles and about died when I picked it up. I didn’t realize how big 4 feet is. But for 3 bucks you can’t beat that for some cheap party decor.
Love celebrating each of my little ones on their big day!mickey mouse party mickey mouse party

The inside of the cake is red and white striped too!

Myles and my momma! He runs and says “Yia Yia” when she get here and when he forgets she’s at our house and he sees her again.
mickey mouse party mickey mouse party

mickey mouse party

mickey mouse party

mickey mouse party mickey mouse party mickey mouse party mickey mouse party

mickey mouse party


For a kids’ keep-busy activity we made these Oreo Mickey Ears.
It works best to get the Double stuff Oreos and then Mini Oreos. Pull apart the mini cookies and add an ear to each side.
For a finishing touch you can dip in red chocolate and add white candy sprinkles.
Last photo via this pin
mickey mouse party mickey mouse party mickey mouse party

The party scene before the madness…!

mickey mouse party

Happy FriYAY!

dear lizzy
Piles of prize ribbons and a bathtub full of beach balls. Sometimes my days highlighted with such random cuteness.
Prize ribbon die is included in the bow die set so you get two in one!! It’s my favorite new product. There’s also a HOORAY banner that layers on the prize ribbons.

dear lizzy

dear lizzy
Loving all the new colors that Tim Holtz has come out with so I had to add them to my rainbow forest of bottle brush trees. 

Dear Lizzy + & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel
Today I am thrilled to share a fun little project I’ve been working on with & Apparel. Together we curated a darling line of summer staples to add to your wardrobe. In the warmer months I live in skirts and shorts so you will find some playful patterns and everyday pieces as well as the comfiest shorts I will be living in everyday. There’s also comfy tees, some other flirty skirts and darling accessories. I know that I’m no fashion blogger but I like getting dressed in the morning and I love shopping even more.
We used some inspiration from the latest Dear Lizzy collection as a jumpstart for the styles. So you’ll find a cute flamingo bag/clutch and also a pineapple bag. There’s a pair of cute+chic rose gold sandals that you need for summer.

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy + & apparelLove this bottom skirt because that guava pink is such a great color right now.  See the entire collection here! Thanks so much for joining me on all sorts of creative and life adventures on this blog. Sending cyber hugs, Lizzy