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So I wanted to talk a little more about my new camera… I know some people are often looking for a dslr or upgrading the one they have. Since my husband is traveling a lot (everyyyy single weeeeek of summmerrrr!!! No, I’m not bitter. ūüėČ He takes the cameras we have a Canon Mark 3¬†and Mark 2. Leaving me with my phone which actually isn’t so bad but I missed having a big girl camera to capture those eyelashes and details of¬†my kids faces.
After a little research, I ended up getting the Canon 6D. Only because it had wifi and full frame sensor. But mostly for the wifi. I can take a photo and through an app on my phone then¬†download the pic directly¬†to my phone. Which I really appreciate and enjoy cause I can post to Instagram or text to Collin while he’s away.
It’s also a nice size. Feels smaller than the Marks. The buttons are different and settings but just took a bit of learning curve to get used to it. So far I likey likey. But we all know it’s all about the lens… and the Canon¬†24-70 is still my go-to for the zoom and I can get it close.

A few of my favorites from the past month… also, please stay forever and forever summer.

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Here’s the deal, this whole cooking and housekeeping business¬†is sometimes not my thing. Like yesterday I dropped a glass washing dishes and three bandaids later, that Quincey loving stuck to my foot, I was a defeated, domestic momma. But not today! Today I decided to make zoodles (zucchini noodles) and homemade pesto for the first time ever and who would’ve thought I’d be licking the bowl clean. (Which is actually really hard to do unlike¬†a plate and I was laughing at my failed attempt and green tipped nose.)
I didn’t wake up thinking about zoodles or that I would eat 4 zucchinis for dinner. Four. I don’t even know the last time I ate 1… or a bite. Oh wait I do, it’s when my neighbor baked zucchini bread which at that point it is no longer a vegetable but basically cake. And soooo good! Anyways, today the mailman showed up with my new Kitchen Aid Spiralizer attachment and even though I’m not the best cook– I was on it¬†like Bobby Flay and his grill. Let’s do this!
Then all the attachments and do-dads were¬†super intimidating and I gave up in about two minutes of staring at the box. But I watched a Youtube video of a cute husband and wife team putting it together for the first time and gave it a go.¬†Super easy and crazy to say-it’s¬†tasty too!

Not sure why I am talking so much about this stupid thing. haha! Collin is out of town and I’m too tired to walk to my bed and just keep typing instead.
Speaking of Collin, he has lost 37 pounds or something over the past couple months. Eating healthy has become a priority and something we enjoy together so I’m excited to try out more recipes. We usually ate rice a couple times a week but now I eat cauliflower rice instead and we eat salad every night. He hasn’t ate any treats since my trip to Australia. Crazy! Not sure where he gets his dedication. I’m always sneaking them when he’s not looking. heehee But I hope he likes this when I make it again. I used THIS RECIPE¬†for the zoodles and sauce.
It was really late… almost 9 pm that’s why I didn’t make chicken or cut tomatoes so I will have to add that next time.
Oh, and if you don’t have a Kitchen Aid you can get a Spiralizer for under 30 bucks too. Have you ever Zoodled? Share any recipes if so!


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New Dear Lizzy Collection: Saturday

Unnamed (5)

Today I am thrilled¬†to share some sneak peeks and close looks¬†at the newest Dear Lizzy collection- Saturday! I love the colors and the crisp patterns. Happy Place had such a vacation vibe. I imagined it as if you were on vacation with your girlfriends to¬†Palm Springs. This has a¬†city vibe mixed through out! Before I meet with designers for each collection I come up with a story to help everyone get on the same page and illustrate it better. For Saturday, I imagined a girl who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She loves exploring the city, stashing away memorabilia from her day in a junk journal, Meg Ryan movies (which you will find a couple quotes here and there), mixing patterns, painting during her kids nap time, capturing and creating memories of her everyday! There’s a fun mix of icons to work with¬†for a wide variety of projects. There’s also lots of numbers used in creative ways on paper and products. Including wood veneer numbers, chipboard number tags and cardstock number accents in the Bits. The puffy stickers are one of my favorites as well as the beaded strings!!! I’ll share more through out the week! Can’t wait to see how you create with it! xoxo Lizzy

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IMG_3237  IMG_2740b


Capture weekend vibes and everyday, happy moments with Saturday by Dear Lizzy. Fun graphics and icons are presented in a coordinating palette of bright blue, taxi yellow, and cheerful red-orange with accents of bold black. Images of cameras, glasses and food are featured on patterned paper, stickers and other versatile embellishments.





XOXO Layout

Busy summer days means simple is best. Even not on summer days this is exactly the kind of layout that inspires me! The cactus icon from the Happy Place collection is one of my favorite die cuts and patterned paper!
The shaped paperclips are darling to add to the corner of photos, attach to layered paper and so many easy ways to use them! Plus, there’s the cutest shapes¬†from flamingo, ice cream cones, bows and pineapples.
Thanks to design team member Emma for this awesome page!






Lola & Her Bear

When I was traveling in Australia… Tasmania to be exact! There was the sweetest lady I met and she asked about our dog and I told her I would post some photos of him. So here ya go! These are for you!
Lola and her bear. She still loves on him. He still follows her around and waits for her to drop something to eat. Or licks any extra off her cheeks.

IMG_0059b IMG_0054b IMG_0045b IMG_0081b


Since my husband travels for work I didn’t have a camera cause he would have to pack up all the gear. I am excited to get¬†a new camera and can start taking photos again of our day to day. Still figuring it out though! I got the Canon 6D.¬†I will do a more extensive review but I am liking it so far and getting to know it. I also use the Canon lens 24-70. It’s by far the best lens we’ve shot with. Sharp photos and the zoom is great. For these pictures I used this Sigma lens 50mm lens.

DIY: Sweet Cherry Garland

Speaking of cherries (in my last post) I made this sweet cherry garland to celebrate summer one night with my Silhouette cameo and cardstock. Plus a little twine.
These little helpers helped me string them on and count each one!¬†Somehow they made it up to the forties… giving me more credit in my cherry making than I deserved!
IMG_1877 IMG_1850b
Counting cherries!


essential scrapbooking supplies

silhouette cameo 71bmwjc++mL._SL1200_

Cherries on top!


Every year our neighbors prune and trim the branches of their cherry tree. And every year a very ambitious branch grows long and stretches over to our side of the fence. Now I’m not a huge cherry fan. One too many run-ins with half of a worm… But these birdies love these tasty treats. And so does Collin, who confirmed, their hasn’t been one worm yet in this year’s pickings. Should I give it another try? Or better yet the real question is: Is it¬†fair game when the cherries are on my side of the fence? : D

IMG_2675 IMG_2719b

#eyespy Cherries with a side of Doritos. heehee!
Circle blanket: Brickyard Buffalo Photo Actions: Totally Rad Actions (oh snap + get faded summer)


Find Your Fun

dear lizzy blog | crocs
This is picture above is how I feel Monday morning when I didn’t sleep¬†well the night before and stayed up way too late! These cuties wake up with all the energy and they’re coming for meeee! lol!
Another school year in the books as we are finishing up this week. I’m ready for slower mornings and soaking up their faces all day.
Saturday I spent the morning cleaning out the garage, sounds exciting right? Feels so good to get organized though. I packed up all the winter hats, mittens and¬†boots in a farrrr far away place ūüėČ so it was perfect timing to partner with Crocs. Ordered some spring shoes through¬†Zappos and they are all set to find their fun this summer!

As I mentioned a couple posts back, Collin has been traveling a lot for work. We’ve adjusted to a new rhythm when he’s gone and the kids are learning to be more patient with only¬†me at bedtime. Everyone wants their story, back tickle and night-night cuddles. We figure it out and adjust but it’s a sigh of relief when we are all together. Love these photos of us as one!

He just got home from a 10 day trip… payback for my Australia adventure, I guess. ūüėČ This is the typical scene for when he his home. Everyone fighting to sit on his lap.

dear lizzy blog | crocs
dear lizzy blog | crocs
dear lizzy blog | crocs
dear lizzy blog | crocs
dear lizzy blog | crocs  dear lizzy blog | crocs dear lizzy blog | crocs

dear lizzy blog | crocs
dear lizzy blog | crocs
dear lizzy blog | crocs
dear lizzy blog | crocs

dear lizzy blog | crocs
dear lizzy blog | crocs dear lizzy blog | crocs
dear lizzy blog | crocs

Clearly these kiddos put these bright, cute Crocs to the test, even in the water, and they passed with flying colors!
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Fave Mom Journals

fave mom books and journalsI have a stack of journals in my studio¬†or night stand and wanted to share my favorite mom based ones I’ve loved over the years! Mostly because of the most recent one I was suggested by my friend Stephanie. I purchased it right then on Amazon and my girls have really enjoyed the experience so far. It’s called Just Between Us. It’s a mom and daughter journal developed by a mom and daughter duo. It’s a place where you can write to each other and she can ask me any question and I can share things with her too. Avery is my talk¬†talk¬†talker… she’s enojoyed it but Quincey is the one who really became enthralled with the idea. She’s a talker too but not as much as Avery. When I got home from Australia I found the book on my nightstand which means that she wrote something in it for me. (Then I write in it and put it by her bed.) She wrote things about how much she missed me when I was traveling. I loved that she had a place to express those emotions and I wonder if it helped her feel better after. I bet it did. She had her daddy to comfort her and, boy, is she a daddy’s girl! But I’m still glad she had another means to express her feelings. She’s a very sensitive one. They all are.¬†So manyyyy feeeelingggs. ; D ha!

Something struck a cord with me after talking with a mother of one of the girls I teach at church. I asked her any advice for when my daughters are in the teen years. She said to give them “talk time” she said to start making sure you put that time aside to talk to them when they’re younger so it’s easier to transition to teen years and keeping that communication open when there’s harder things to talk about and more emotions during that time. It makes sense to me. I can’t expect to think that the things she talks about now, that may seem trivial, don’t have weight or importance. Because it is. I know there’s some Pinterest quote about this. Oh yes I found it,

“Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big. Because to them all of it has always been the big stuff.” Catherine Wallace.

So true, right?! Even when Avery carries on and on quoting movies or a play by play about school recess and I’m already lost because, like I said, that girl is a chatter box. I do my best¬†to make sure I’m genuinely¬†aware of anything she wants to share.
That’s why I love this, Just Between Us, book because it’s another channel for that communication and it will definitely be a keepsake and a treasure to read through some day.
It also has some fun question prompts and lists, drawing prompts and other fun ways to connect inside the journal.
fave mom books and journalsbest mom journals
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One Line A Day :
A popular journal with a small space to write in each day. Then the years are lined up so you can see what you wrote on the same day four years in a row. I haven’t been as dedicated with this as I wish I were! BUT I love what I have written down because when I go back and read it I would have forgotten those little moments from our days together. And it’s fun to see what was written the same time in the years passed.

American Girl: Dad and ME:
My girls have loved this book. I got one for both Avery and Quincey. There’s fun activities, questions, bonding activity ideas.

Just Between Us:
Mother and daughter journal with questions, prompts, drawing prompts, space for writing to each other back and forth.

My Quotable Kid: I use the same book for all my kids because it has a spot to say: Who, Where, When and then the silly quote or story. I love this book. Makes me laugh and I know I will appreciate the time I took to write in years down the road too.

Me, My Selfie and I Book: Not for moms but a keepsake journal none the less. I designed and concepted it then¬†worked with Caytlyn Chilelli for the incredible graphic design. It’s such a fun journal with so many questions for kids and places for them to color! Email me if you want one I still have some left:¬†

I just picked up the Happiness journal and Happy Healthy Habits box of mini journals in Australia and I’m beyond excited about!!! I’ll share that next.

Is there a journal you enjoy? Please share!


Down Under

Having an amazing time traveling the entire country of Australia! Meeting so many incredible ladies at Spotlight stores and creating together! Putting together a little videos and loads of photos.  

¬†This made me laugh but we had to do it. In bed with dear Lizzy someone said. ???? I love that we can be total strangers then after two hours jump on a bed, laugh and create together like we’re old friends. Scrapbooking instantly connects us. It’s our tribe.
PS And thanks Kim for running down the aisle to greet me today! And all the many ladies who have been incredibly genuine and sweet!