Happy 4th!


The eve of the Fourth of July is always an adventure… We scope out where we want to sit for the annual Provo parade at noon then by 3:00pm we can run on the grass and set up camp. Claim our spot! Where tomorrow floating balloons and Star Wars characters will walk by, people will throw candy at us and all the while we are baking to a crisp since it’s 100 degrees out. But somehow it’s still one of my favorite holiday traditions since I was a little girl. Now I love seeing the same excitement in my kids. One of my girls couldn’t even sleep tonight because she said she was thinking of the parade. It’s not all cheesy floats though. There are some moving and memorable aspects of the parade…  when Veterans are honored as well as military figures. When we all stand with our hands on our hearts as the flag is carried by, I always get tears in my eyes. God Bless the USA! I want to teach my children to honor the men who died to give us the freedom we are blessed with everyday and those that continue to sacrifice to protect us.

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POP boxes!

popcorn boxesb

Summer outdoor movies in the backyard are on our bucket list for these carefree months and colorful popcorn boxes are a must to share with friends.

Using my newest Dear Lizzy paper I die cut these box shapes with my Silhouette and then added some of my Dear Lizzy chipboard stickers on a stick.
I found a popcorn box in Silhouette Studio but added a different “POP” to the design with the BEBAS font.
The popcorn is cake batter popcorn which was a near Pinterest fail but we pulled through in the end. Mostly because, you can’t really mess up cake batter and white chocolate on anything.

Hope you’re having a memorable summer thus far!


popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes


popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes

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Magical Fairy Garden


Putting together two fairy gardens with my girls yesterday had me ridiculously giddy! I ran over to our local nursery in the morning after a workout (My new obsession which is boxing and cross fit called crosskick. It kicks my butt. I’ll have to share more about that later).
Picking out all the cute supplies and fairies was so fun. Then I ran to Walmart and grabbed a plastic container. I didn’t know if I wanted to establish the fairy village in our garden in the back yard because our raspberries are taking over so I started it in this. First, I sprayed painted so it was a bit cuter.
The girls love it but I still think I might love it more. haha. I need to plant some more small flowers and plants. I did make a tiny paper garland on string and attached it to the painted sticks. Which added a crafty touch. It’s going to be so fun because we can keep adding to it over time. There’s fences, tiny rocks to make paths, arch ways, stone walls and bridges. You definitely can get out of control. Excited to build onto it each summer.

My favorite part is the mailbox. We already added a tiny note for one of the fairies and can’t wait until we get a reply. Hopefully I won’t forget like the tooth fairy often does.

fairy garden

fairy garden




fairy garden






The Minions took over yesterday. I bought those for Myles and was laughing cause they’re so stomping through the garden.
My friend, Annie, Made the cute moss corner on an old book at a birthday party which was perfect to just tuck right into the dirt!

The wheel barrow is full of buttons and rhinestones that Quincey painted yellow and she pushes around the garden.


favorite supplies
fairy garden girl
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Pancake Pops

pancake pops

It’s a pants-optional pancake-pop kind of morning.
The best part about summer, for me, is not having the morning rush to get everyone out the door with matching socks and a quick brush of the bed head. This morning was quiet and we had no plans so we made some pancake pops! A cute twist to a breakfast favorite that I spotted on Pinterest and knew my girls would eat right up.
Add some sprinkles to the batter on the pan for some extra cool mom points.

pancake pops

I used straws but if the pancakes don’t get eaten fairly soon (saw like 30 mins) the straws start to get floppy, just like when you are drinking from them. So I would use popsicle sticks or plastic straws to make sure they stay cute the longest.

Then little brother wanted a pic too. If he wasn’t holding a pancake, I promise his hand would be on his hip and if he hadn’t just woke up I promise he would have a frilly princess skirt on. Notice the popped knee… he’s definitely a little boy with three older sisters.

6-15 blog

Pic of pancake pops: via this pin

pancake pops


Flamingo Party

flamingo party

flamingo party

Before Avery’s birthday we were shopping for some cute stuff at our favorite chic-est place to shop. You may have heard of it before. It’s called All-A-Dollar haha… there we spotted these adorable, flamingo shaped cups. They inspired the theme for her party and it was such a fun icon to play off of. While we were there we also snagged the honeycomb shaped flamingos and some headbands for the headband craft.

I also splurged on a cotton candy cart for her party but I know since I have three girls, and we love to throw family parties, that we will use it fairly often. Plus, we were going to rent a cotton candy cart but might as well put that towards the purchase. (If you are looking into ti too make sure you also snag a mesh strip and shield.)
It was perfect to add a quick candy cloud to the cupcakes and my favorite detail was making a cotton candy flamingo cake topper!

flamingo party

cotton candy cupcakes

To make the cotton candy flamingo cake topper I diecut the flamingo shapes with my Silhouette Cameo. Then glued the pieces together and stuck it to a sucker stick.

The cake and cupcakes were made by Megan Faulkner Brown the founder of Sweet Tooth Fairy and works out of the Provo location. For the inside of the cake she stacked four delectable cakes each a different flavor and ombre shades of pink.

flamingo party

flamingo partyflamingo party flamingo party cake flamingo cake

ombre cake

flamingo party flamingo party

Donut holes covered in sprinkles were on the end of the flamingo straws and then added to ice cream bowls. Also make sure to snag some colorful Dear Lizzy wooden spoons for your next par-tay! ; )flamingo party

flamingo party
Flamingos and peonies make me happppyyyyy!

I also diecut flamingos and then added them to a headband and feathers for each of the girls at the party. It was darling to see them all running around in their flamingo hats.

flamingo party


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Party Tubby


Monday, monday.
It’s a new week. Let’s do this!
Bathytime with a leftover balloon from our mermaid party on the weekend. I still need to post the mermaid and flamingo birthday parties we threw the past couple weeks. And with the Mickey mouse party in April, I am officially partied out. For now, it’s party tubby time.

5-15 bath


Bill Murray Twinning and that one time…

What could possibly be better than Bill Murray’s face scattered on a baby blue tee? Twinning Bill Murray’s faces! Twins. Just like when I would force my friends to be twinners with me in 3rd grade, I am now making my darling little boy. He’s ok with it though because he still thinks I am the coolest.

IMG_6386b IMG_6351b

Photos: Becky Kimball
Matching Bill Murray Tees: Clashist

So you guys, I actually scrapbooked. Since I am not on Studio Calico’s team, like last year, the pages have been sparse. The thing is, it’s not just scrapbooking to me. It’s the whole experience too. I know I have mentioned this in the past, how it’s not only memories from the photos on the pages but from creating the pages. The past few days I had been itching and DYING to get my hands on some bright white 12×12 cardstock. To diecut words, layer patterns and get down my thoughts on paper, all mixed with colors and words.
This morning I took advantage of an hour I would have (pretty much) to myself and quickly printed some photos.  I was just pushing everything around the page while listening to some old school Lizzy favorite songs from Ingrid Michaelson on my headphones– I literally started crying. Tears and everything. It makes me laugh now after the fact. haha But my eyes filled with tears and I thought, what the heck this is so weird. It must’ve been the song and everything just took me back to years ago when I first started this Dear Lizzy journey. When I could spend hours and hours on a single page just because I wanted to. When life was slower. Picturing little Avery and Quincey with their chubby hands trying to get into my stuff, toddling and playing around at my feet. Those days are gone and it makes me sad. Which is exactly how I will feel when someday I will think back to these present days too. I’m sure of it.
I guess that’s why I can’t scrap quick and throw stuff together, like I want to SO bad. Because it’s so much more than paper and glue. And if my heart isn’t in it then I can’t do it, I guess. What seems like just a simple layout now has these emotions tied to it and means that much more.
But I am itching to make the time to do it. Like how I have been exercising more and this morning went to a boxing class. It’s all about balance right? Thanks for letting me share and reading this little ole blog! xoxo


dear lizzy scrapbooking




Baby Briar in Pockets

Guest Post: Ann Marie
Lately I’ve been on a total scrapbooking kick and have been chipping away at a baby album for my nine month old daughter. For this page, I used a divided page protector from A Beautiful Mess’ Messy Book and embellished it with my favorite Dear Lizzy products.
– One of my favorite ways to use divided page protectors is to place bulky embellishments on top of the plastic pocket instead of inside of it.
– I also like to split up photos amongst multiple pockets, like I did in the center of this spread.
– Finally, I used three photos from three different months, so to tie them all together, I printed them in black and white.



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Summer Reading List

summer reading list

Lately I’ve been avoiding the laundry and had my nose in a book instead. Smells better than dirty socks anyway. It’s bad though because I stay up way too late when I should be sleeping.
Last week, I snagged a couple books at Walmart. The selection is bleak so these aren’t my top choices but I wasn’t patient enough to wait. I read All The Bright Places which is YA so a good, quick read. I also read Everything I Never Told You. It’s not my favorite but I enjoyed her writing and it was interesting to see another family’s dynamic. And also, Paper Towns, which I honestly wouldn’t even recommend. I read it because I absolutely loved The Fault in Our Stars and I know there’s a movie coming out. I liked it at the beginning but I skimmed the last 1/3 of it. I started Yes, Please and am enjoying it but just pick it up here and there. I am reading The Book Thief right now and started a couple more listed below. What would you recommend?

summer reading list
*I’ll Give You the Sun
*We Are All Called To Rise
*These Is My Words
All The Light I Cannot See
(finish) The Book Thief
The Girl on the Train
Party Girls
Eleanor & Park
We Were Liars
Glitter and Glue

Share your favorites or thoughts about any of these books. I would love to hear!

summer reading list