How To: Baby Silhouette with Ann-Marie


I’m pretty sure there’s nothing cuter than the profile of a baby’s face. I mean, what’s not to love about chubby cheeks and button noses? To document my daughter at this stage in her life, I decided to create a my own silhouette of her profile to hang on her wall. Here’s how I did it:
In order to get a good shot of my six month old’s profile, I put her in a high chair against a plain wall with plenty of light and distracted her with some toys.
Using the camera on my iPhone, I snapped as many shots as I could get.
Once I had a photo I really liked, I opened it in the VSCO Camera app on my phone and converted it to black and white image to increase the contrast.
From there, I took a scratch sheet of notebook paper (the more transparent, the better!) and used my phone as a light box to draw out my daughter’s profile. This was the fastest method, but I could have printed the photo out and traced it that way too).
After I had her profile drawn, I trimmed it out and then used the shape as a stencil to trace onto patterned paper.


Next, I took some of my favorite supplies from the Daydreamer collection and created a simple cluster in the bottom right hand corner of a 12 x 12″ sheet of patterned paper.
Finally, I hung the print on the wall and now admire it every time I walk by.


DIY: Bow Cone Wraps

bow cone wraps

Today we made Strawberry and Banana Nice Cream with a recipe from my cute friend at CocoCoconuts. It’s called Nice Cream because sometimes Ice Cream can be really quite mean… to my butt. Haha bad joke. But I am going strong 8 days without eating any treats. I started March 30th and am on a rolllllll. If you know me you probably wouldn’t believe that no candy has touched these lips. Especailly during one of the best candy holidays of the year!!! No Peeps, Reeces eggs, chocolate bunnies, nothing. I literally held a bag of Mini Cadbury eggs and didn’t even sneak one. (I had already ate a whole entire bag the week before, but that’s beside the point! ;) Actually that’s why I decided to do this no sugar challenge. I know there’s some sugar in the plain greek yogurt I eat and also 1 gram in my protein drink but I am letting those slide. I am mostly trying to cut out the really bad sugar I consume on the daily. Like a bag of sour patch watermelons constantly in my purse etc etc. I feel so good too. Treats don’t even sound good now… and I pictured myself curled in the fetal position dreaming of donuts. Ah man, donuts are my weakness.
To go along with our Nice Cream we needed some pretty bow cone wrappers. Using my new Bow Die Cut and papers from the newest Dear Lizzy collection that should be available very soon.  The bottom left paper on the cone is from the A Beautiful Mess (Messy Box) this month. Matches perfectly with Dear Lizzy stuff.

Bow Cone Wraps

how to
I bought Ice Cream waffle cones that came with a paper wrapper on each one that I used for a template.
Next, I cut a bunch of different patterns. Then made coordinating bows and last, hot glued it all together. Nothing else was sticking very well for me.

Bow Cone Wraps
Make some bow cone wrappers and Nice Cream and you are ready to party in style.

Video of Fine & Dandy Collection


Last week I filmed a video to share each product from the Fine & Dandy collection (you may view it below). Sure it’s the longest video I’ve ever posted and if you make it through the entire thing I will send you a virtual high five, fist bump and all-around good vibes. But check it out!! Because it’s fun to share each product on its own and get to see a closer look and all the products as a whole.

Below are the cards I talk about in the video but you can’t see.
The first card is using the Bow & Prize ribbon die set. One die set and you can make the prize ribbon or bow. How fun is that?

The middle cards are used with the cupcake liners and other products from the collection.

6 5click to watch

IMG_7847 IMG_7846


Happy Easter!

flower crowns

How long are we supposed to do something before I can call it a tradition? I always jump the gun and call things a tradition when an idea of a new family activity pops into my head for my favorite holiday. (If you haven’t noticed I say every holiday is my favorite.) But for real. I love traditions. And kids love any excuse for parents to give them presents. Oh sure, here are some plastic eggs full of candy… and a basket full of presents from the Easter Bunny. Who thinks of this? I swear it is 5 year old kids somewhere coming up with all the commercial holiday rules.
Anyways, last year I taught a class with a local florist, Bleu Wednesday, and a fun group of ladies on how to make floral crowns. Everyone left with a gorgeous crown of their own! Coincidentally, the next day was Easter so it was great timing to have something meaningful and handmade to wear. I ended up with some of the leftover flowers and made crowns for my daughters the next day. This year I walked around my yard and cut some flowers and snagged a few stems from my Easter bouquet to make them again so I think it is safe to say that it is officially a tradition.

As I have put them together each Easter morning my mind couldn’t help but ponder the crown Christ wore for each of us. How He suffered and won the victory over death and that He lives. At times I can feel that eternal, never-failing, perfect love in my heart when I look at my children’s faces. Quick moments I probably often miss when I think I have something more important to do or clean or distracting me. I hope and strive to live in such a way that my daughters will never doubt that they are loved beyond measure and that they are children of God.

flower crowns flower crownsLA9A7595floral crownsflower crowns flower crownsSomeone wouldn’t take off their monkey pajamas for the pic. haha Stinker!

floral crowns  floral crowns  floral crowns floral crowns

I love photographing my kids but it’s tricky to get them to want to.  A tip I wanted to share is to have them choose their reward so they are a bit more cooperative and I literally only have a few minutes to get as many snaps as I can before they run off. Then, remember, you have to live up to your end of the bargain. Happy Easter!

Free Printable!

Free Printable
With the release of each new Dear Lizzy collection also comes nerves and excitement. Even though I have done this 10 times already I honestly still get anxious because I hope you are inspired by the new release and love it. Thank you so much for all your support over the years and for just being awesome! Since I can’t jump through the computer and give you all a giant hug… here’s a little somethun-somethun! A free printable for you to download and frame for your next party or a reminder to celebrate the everyday. It is 8.5″ x 11″ but you can resize it and pop it into your pocket pages as well.
Thanks! XO, Lizzy


Fine & Dandy Week

dear lizzy fine & dandy

It’s Fine & Dandy week at the American Crafts Studio Blog! So many fun projects and a closer looks at the products in action. Check it out!
The top pic is the Dear Lizzy 52 Lists Journal! I am so excited about it! All year you can answer a question in list format and then at the end of the 52 lists you’ll have told your story in a fun way. Use the hashtag #DL52lists if you are posting on instagram and twitter.
The Fine & Dandy Project Life Core kit is SO darling! Lost of creative girls are raving about it on Instagram. Since you can purchase it at most Spotlight stores in New Zealand, Austrailia and Singapore. It will be available mid April at Hobby Lobby stores in the U.S.
This collection has such a great color scheme with the some mint and blue hues and the pop of red and pinks. Not to mention some gold here and there.



This is a fun game of EYE-spy!! See if you can spot these products: Confetti sticks/word bobbies/Plastic Bows/Washi tape book/Gold Rimmed Tags/ Bows/Honeycomb Balls/Stamp/Washi Tape Phrase Roll/Gold Foil Sticker Book/Cupcake Flags/Phrase Thickers/Bits/Gold Polka Dot and Mint Journal/Paper/Diecut Bows

This collection branched out to include awesome party supplies but also everyday staple products for your crafting and scrapbooking! unnamed-5

Upcycled Ribbon Wall Hanging


I don’t know if it’s my natural inclination towards guilt (ha!) or the California in me, but I have a hard time throwing away packaging. I always feel like there’s more that can be done with it, so I’m forever trying to think up ways to breathe new life into perfectly usable packaging supplies. For instance, the base of circular cardboard that ribbon is wrapped around is ideal for creating a dreamcatcher-inspired wall hanging!


Using an empty ribbon spool, baker’s twine, three sheets of Daydreamer patterned paper, a feather nesting die shape, and a Cuttlebug, I have all that I need to create a mini wall hanging.


To begin, I peeled off both of the labels on the empty ribbon spool and scraped off any remnants with an xacto knife. (Since the cardboard circle would be wrapped in baker’s twine, I wasn’t too concerned about removing every last piece.)


Next, I wrapped a long strand of baker’s twine all the way around the cardboard circle until the entire thing was covered.


Then, I grabbed my Cuttlebug, my feather die, and a few sheets of patterned paper and cut out three feathers.


After the feathers were cut out, I trimmed three strands of varying lengths of baker’s twine and tied them together using a lark’s head knot. After that, I tied the three strands to the cardboard circle in a staggered fashion to create more visual interest.



Finally, I hung the mini wall hanging on a picture frame! Such a fun and easy way to jazz up my space and save the environment.

guest designer

Cheerfully Clad

Yesterday was ‘one of those days’ or I guess the whole week was. I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t have motivation for much at all. Just blah… such blah-ness has lingered around more than normal recently. Not sure if it’s a combination of staying up too late and exercising more. Collin keeps blatantly pointing out, “You’re a mom of four crazy, active kids.” Good point.
Well, somehow I had this bizarre inspiration that a cheap trip to Dollar Store for yellow, floating faces could lift my sprits. We tied them to random cars and places throughout our town. Hopefully it got someone to smile who needed some extra cheer.



Roll of hearts

dear lizzy gold hearts

These happy, gold hearts are part of my Fine and Dandy collection that will start shipping between April 7-10th. YAY! (cue confetti) The hearts come on a roll including 25 in the package. You can use them as wall decor in your home or your shop. They are also a great addition to your craft supplies for scrapbook pages, cards, project life and even DIY projects. Really the ideas are endless for these cuties.
The last week or so I ambushed my craft supplies and ordered 5 cabinets for my craft room. Getting organized is my favorite domestic drug of choice. I’m so excited! If I could only decide on a counter top. I was looking at this cool white/grey marble one but I didn’t know if it looked cheesy. So I am debating between a white, faux wood and a glossy, light belize blue. Ugh! I can’t decide… what do you think? For now I have this gigantic white board covering part of them.

dear lizzy gold hearts

dear lizzy gold hearts

The Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy Project Life Core Kit is already making it into the hands of creatives in Australia. This pic is from the fabulous Aimee! (Aimee_Dow on Instagram)
You can find this darling, colorful and must-have core kit in most Spotlight stores right now in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore.
In the US it will be available around mid-April at Hobby Lobby! I’m dying to get my hands on it. Jealous of all you crafty friends who are already digging in. You guys, you need this one! ; )
dear lizzy project life fine and dandy

Caught red-bagged errr I mean red-handed. Not only did we clean out the office but somehow managed to clear out a bag of Doritos too. Myles was a big help (rolls eyes). But he loves to be in on the action. No matter what I am doing he is right there by me. I saw him the other day trying to add the dish wash soap to the dishwasher. Wow, he is really paying attention too.
(Next month is his second birthday. Pass me the tissues.) Sobbing
dear lizzy gold hearts

Bunny Brownies

bunny brownies

Sunday afternoon smelled like heaven after baking some yummy bunny brownies. We used the Wilton bunny treat mold to make that sweet silhouette. Waiting for brownies to cool definitely tests my patience but pays off in the end. Plus, I always  a c c i d e n t a l l y  leave some batter in the bowl. hehe
Just wanted to share this simple spring-time twist to one of our family favorites.

For the treat bag I embellished with Dear Lizzy tag stickers, patterned paper and the *coming soon* DIY Diecut Bow Set. The bow set is shipping the beginning of April to stores and your go-to online shops so watch out for that. It’s a must-have to add to your product collection! I know, I know, you’ve got so much stuff. But trust me. I seem to be using it on everything. “Put a bow on it” should definitely be a new crafting slogan. ; )

bunny brownies

bunny brownies

dear lizzy products
 dear lizzy products  41--tSmM2pL