Step Outside

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Some days I wanna move somewhere where I can step out the door and ride my bike to the store… then other days I realize that even though I hate driving up a steep hill to our house (especially in the snow) we are so lucky to live with the mountains in our back yard. We can literally walk a block up the road and find the prettiest trails and gorgeous views of the city. There’s even a hike to a waterfall that starts two blocks away. Sheesh, why am I so ungrateful at times? I love how my kids help me see what I start to view as ordinary and remember to enjoy all these moments that we can easily dismiss. Like an afternoon hike when the leaves look fall as fall can be!

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In a couple weeks, when this is all covered with snow, these new boots by Kamik are definitely going to come in handy keeping my toesies toasty. Because I am THE biggest baby when it is cold that I have to dress warm. Then I am a happy snowman. When I am dressed warm I definitely love the winter. That and we started skiing again last year so now I am counting down to the first snowfall.
Love all the Kamik style boots. Avery got some when she was younger and they last forever so my others girls will wear them too.
More than any of our kids Quincey loves her one on one time. She thrives on it. I think maybe because she’s can be a bit quieter than the other two that it’s nice when she feels like she doesn’t have to compete with others to be silly, or to talk to mom and dad. She’s my Sporty Spice which makes it fun to do something adventurous.

Vintage Sparkle Boxes

advent boxes

Is it safe to talk about Christmas now that it is November 1st? hehe
Because I’m quite excited. And someone mentioned today that there are 7 more Saturdays until Christmas which nearly gave me a Black-Friday-shopping anxiety attack. What? Crazy how fast Christmas shows up.
Well, I got a jump start on an advent calendar. I am going to hang these darling boxes from a hoop with a lot of greens and the gold strings they come with. That probably makes no sense but I saw something similar on Pinterest here and it made me happyyyy. The boxes are so colorful and there’s also gold foil printed on them. They’re pretty sturdy which made me glad because I want to put candies and prizes inside.
I need some ideas… what do you like to put in advent calendars? I love a mix of things to do (that I schedule and put on the right day that they open but it appears spontaneous), also fun prizes. Please share your fave things to put inside!

You can find these darling boxes on Amazon here:  Vintage Sparkle

advent boxes advent boxes

What’s for lunch hunny?


First of all, I mess up saying “acai” every time like Myles trying to say Lola “wowah”. But I think I got the hang of it. Second of all, perks of having Collin home is he makes me food. Today and last night he made me an acai PB&J bowl. While he was traveling, on a recent trip to Washinton DC,  he ate something similar from a food truck at Union Square and has been raving about it ever since. We had most of the ingredients on hand but grabbed a few things yesterday and it’s so good! It’s called PB&J because it’s a spin off of the sandwich with the acai as the jelly and there’s also peanut butter. Which I realized peanut better makes everything better.

Here’s the recipe for ACAI PB&J Bowl:
Mix all ingredients in food processor or blender. I use a Ninja.
1 frozen banana/ 1/3 c. peanut butter/ 1/3 c. Almond Coconut Milk/ 1/2 c. Acai berry juice (the freeze dried stuff is better but we grabbed the juice at Costco)/ handful of frozen strawberries/ 1/2 c. frozen pineapple (He threw in some spinach today which messed with the bright purple color but it was still pretty!)
Toppings: Granola, blueberries, bananas, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut

Found the best seat in the house with that tree’s leaves turning yellow rn.

img_6498 img_6506 img_6535 img_6565


Toil & Trouble


Reposting this party because it was so fun and I’m a tad excited for Halloween this year! Collin always laughs hard at me when I am getting everyones’ costumes ready and just giddy about all of it! Yesterday I was decorating the house and dancing around to This is Halloween on the Halloween Pandora station until Myles got scared and I had to turn it off. ; )
This spooky cat party was so fun! We made masks, decorated cookies… Sheesh, the most I accomplished today was getting dressed before noon and this is the kind of elaborate crap I was doing the same time last year. I need some more caffeine or something. LOL










Too Cool For School


Ran some errands today with my sidekick. We went to the nursery, because it’s adorable that I keep buying plants thinking that I will suddenly inherit a green thumb. But I can’t kill pumpkins so that’s good. I want to pot some pumpkins with succulents inside. I’ve been really proud of myself for the succulents and cacti that are flourishing on my kitchen window sill-thank you very much!

Myles found my workout shuffle and put the eat buds in then proceeded to ignore me like he’s suddenly some too cool for school teenager. It was worth it though when he started singing Katy Perry, “Baby, you’re a fiiiiyowork (firework)!!” And also much too loudly because he has yet to learn you can’t really hear yourself when you have headphones on and it was the greatest. I think I remember conducting a science experiment in high school where you play classical music or hard rock and the plants grow differently. I don’t know the results but thanks to Myles these green, oxygen producing babies got a good dose of singing CO2 today.




For my Friday favorites today. Is that a thing, you ask?  It is now! haha I wanted to share this top because I’ve worn it three days in a row and now I need every color. And it’s 9 bucks.
It’s just such a nice knit fabric and light for fall weather where I don’t know if it’s going to be hot or a little chilly. Click any pics below too. xoxo Happy Friday!

img-3 00214325-09-1  00214325-0500214325-07

Walk Beside Me

This morning adding some cuteness to my planner and watching The Voice because I wanted to start off Monday crying along with the amazing contestants as their dreams come true! : )
The taxi sticker is so cute from the new Dear Lizzy and perfect with my list of places I’m driving my kids today and tomorrow! Hashtag taxi mom!

Love this sign in my kitchen! It’s nothing new in the blog and Instagram world but I love switching it out and changing up what I want it to say… The first quote I had up was from the wise and influential Sir Mix-A-Lot 😉 so I thought it was a good idea to mix it up. Plus I love that my girls pass by the new quote and start singing the lyrics. (It’s from I am a Child of God.)
Get your own quote board and have fun leaving messages and quotes for your family. It is pretty big 18″x24″ and found it here on Amazon!
Board found here including plastic letters!

Counting Down to Date Night

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Date night is something I’m counting down for every week. I might as well make one of those paper chains (with dear lizzy paper mind you;) and rip off a link each day it gets closer. I know I say this all the time: my husband travels a lot. But it’s weird that this is our life right now. I remember when I would be dying for 5:35 pm to roll around and he would pull up and I’d take a sigh of relief that I had some back-up for our hooligans. Tagging him in for a round or two. Now it’s like, see you in a few days… where are you going again? We embrace it even though it’s not the ideal situation for either of us-we try to stay positive. That’s when date night swoops in and carries us off to a time of eating in peace and just us. When we’d drive in the car with out someone hollering over Curious George that they need a drink of water right this second or so-and-so just PINCHED them or so-and-so is STARING at them! ;D  Avery is almost old enough to watch everyone which will be nice to have a babysitter at home.

Teamed up with one of my favorite brands Born as well as Dillards to pick out some matching boots for fall. Collin is super picky so thank goodness they aren’t just cool but super comfy too! Mine are the Kerri style and love them with jeans too! Hashtag bribery for pics #fallforborn
date-night date-nightI’m really proud of Collin because this year he made some lifestyle changes, like switching from energy drinks to water. 😉 He’s so inspiring to me with his dedication and has lost 50 pounds since May! He hated getting his picture taken… still does!! Took some bribery for this but at least he feels better and more like himself. He has more energy and happier health wise. Super proud of him so thanks for letting me gush for a second. xoxo

sept17lizzy-41-of-44 sept17lizzy-38-of-44

It’s Fall, I’m in Love

Fall always sweeps in with a cool breeze and knocks me off my summer-loving feet. I somehow forget about a day at the pool or blue snowcone stained smiles. Instead give me a sweater, pumpkin muffin and a drive through the canyon singing 90’s love songs on the top of our lungs with the sunroof open.

Although by the end of this drive from one canyon 10 minutes from our home through the mountains to Sundance and back home I honestly was car sick and my head was spinning. But it was worth it.
If this doesn’t make you wanna Florine Maria up those hills twirling and singing, I don’t know what will!

We went on a little hike on Lame Horse. Which actually wasn’t lame at all. The kids all found the perfect hiking sticks, tracked down many animal prints (which looked like nothing to me but sheesh they’re little geniuses). Myles was looking for a dragon while Lola found the only flower on the entire hike. Dad carved our family name into a tree because anyone who’s anyone has there name engraved in an aspen. It’s like graffiti for hippies. Poor “Sam + Molly” which was carved years ago inside a heart but had a fresh X crossed through it.

img_6270 img_6275 img_6321b img_6264 img_6257 img_6266 img_6279 img_6282 img_6295 img_6297
Always looking for a chance to break-in my Danner boots. aka Reese Witherspoon Wild boots. aka they will last til I’m an old lady and more.
img_6329b img_6334 img_6339 img_6358

Daddy let them hang out the sunroof for a bit. Which I did NOT approve of but they loved it and will always remember it, I bet. And that’s what dad bases most decisions on while parenting.
img_6345 img_6350img_6221

Christmas came early


The second there is a chill in the air you’ll hear me say, I’m so excited for Christmas!!! Which I yelled yesterday. But that was because Santa dropped off a present early cause I’ve been such a good girl. The cutest boxes filled with goodies for December Daily. Easily my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on! And I am DETERMINED to finish mine this year and really get into it. I’m trying to work on a plan. Including easy option for printing pictures. A scrap station clean and ready to work on. Journaling everyday. And catch up plan for busy days.
The large box is the main kit from Ali Edwards. And the star box is a mini kit designed by Studio DIY.
See December Daily’s of Christmas past here (sheesh I need to upload the past couple years.)
Favorite new shoes: Found here

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What Color Are You? #colorcode

sept13lizzy-17-of-18 sept13lizzy-13-of-18


In high school, which seems like forever ago (because it was forever ago), for one of our classes we took a personality test. I remember thinking, whatever this is so lame, like an annoying teenager would. But to this day I still remember my results. I thought it was so awesome because it was spot on. It goes into much more detail but sensitive, moody, sincere, dependable, easily frustrated, creative, and likes to have fun! Could have summed me up.
Well a couple weeks ago, for a church activity with the youth in the church I attend, we took the test. The results were the same except I lost the fun part and it was replaced with the peacemaker color. Which makes sense, I guess, since I’m an old maid now. hehe.
Can you guess what color I am? BLUE. It’s crazy how blue I am. When I read this description it weirds me out that someone could figure out the science of my personality so well. How I deal with situations, conflict as well as needs and wants. Then the next color was white. But I used to be blue/yellow. It made me realize that I want that fun, spontaneous side of me back. (There’s a free test on line you can take at Color Code.)
So the reason I bring this up, is we all know how different kids’ personalities are. Even siblings raised in the same environment with the same parents. As I struggle to discipline, reward, love and nurture these four wonderful souls. I realize that what works with one of them doesn’t work for another. I was trying to figure out what color each one is… and it’s kind of tricky. But I’m figuring it out and how to best respond and validate their needs. Striving to make their light and color be the brightest it can be. And celebrating who each person is! Some days are tougher than others. I definitely live for the small moral victories, a spontaneous hug and kiss. Or Myles’s tender but matter of factly “I like you” that melts my heart.
There’s an awesome article here for kids and personality color coding and a simpler tool below:


sept13lizzy-16-of-18b sept13lizzy-15-of-18b sept13lizzy-11-of-18b
sept13lizzy-5-of-18 sept13lizzy-18-of-18
pants: Brickyard Buffalo


Have you taken it? What color are you?