DIY: Party Hat Garland

party hat garland
Hi everyone!  Emma here to share a quick little garland DIY. I love all types of garlands – they are such a simple way to add pops of colour to your space (especially if your room is a plain white like mine!).  I’ve already shared another garland using the Happy Place collection so it’s only fair I create another one using the new Saturday line!

party hat garland

party hat garland

I’m always scrolling through Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and I had the most gorgeous little party hat garland pop into my feed.  The instructions are so easy to follow so I won’t share them again. Found via House Lars Built. I followed the instructions almost to the letter except I cut my templates using my Silhouette Cameo rather than a pair of scissors (figured I’ve got a machine that can do it, so why not!) and I didn’t paint the paper because I was using patterned paper already!  They are so easy to make so I did snap some photo’s as I was going incase it helps you.

party hat garlandparty hat garland   party hat garland

party hat garland

party hat garland

party hat garland


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“You’re not coming to my birthday party”

grey superga, grey converse
Sponsored by Zappos

The other day I looked in the mirror, it was one of those loooong days that you just want to end and go to bed before it’s even dark. When 7:25 finally rolls around, “Is it bedtime yet?”
As I was splashing water on my face and cleaning off yesterday’s makeup… I looked like a zombie mommy and that’s being nice. I realized that no matter how dead I look this cute boy of mine has been giving me kisses, asking me to hold him and smiling at me all day. He loves me no matter what. That genuine love is what it’s allllll about and why I adore being his momma. Why I can handle these tough days. Why I appreciate the good days even more. Why I smile so big when I see him wave to me from the top of the slide of the playground before jumps into the tube and slides down. Why I feel like the luckiest.

All the girls were in school so we had some fun one on one time. Myles actually starts preschool (gasp!) That’s crazy! How is he old enough for preschool already?! It’s only two days a week for a few hours so basically I’ll take a shower and get a few things done and he’ll be home. No I don’t take that long of showers, what I mean is, his school time will be done before I know it! 😉

Shared this on Instagram yesterday, but he uninvited me to his birthday party… in April. I don’t even remember what it was about but I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because it’s basically the biggest insult from a three year old. I think I laughed though.
Pretty soon he will forgive me when he realizes who brings the cake!!

grey superga, grey converse

We partnered with Zappos and we both got some new kicks from Superga! They’re this cool Italian brand and definitely inspired me to get out of mommy zombie mode and go on a mom and Myles date. Comfy and stylish snake skill sneaks. Not to mention Myles’s high tops have two zippers on each shoe so you can keep it tied and just unzip off and zip them back on. That’s my favorite kind of kid’s shoe… one that you don’t have to tie! I’ll probably be living in these this fall.
grey superga, grey converse

grey superga, grey converse grey superga, grey converse grey superga, grey converse grey superga, grey converse grey superga, grey converse
grey superga, grey converse
grey superga, grey converse

SHOP: HIS black high top sneaker | HER snack skin lace ups

Chatbooks free book!


Loved this surprise happy mail from Chatbooks with some of my favorite summer memories! Chatbooks is an app that will print out your Instagram once you fill up 60 pages and ship it to you automatically. Like your own personal assistant. ;P  I love catching my kids looking through them… since I let them actually touch the books now. haha The first little bit I was protective of my insta library but they’re up high so only the older kids can get them down and I trust them to not grab one with cheeto fingers.
You can use my code LIZZY1 to get your a free book printed (when you order at least three). Take it from me, you will love it! xoxo

Teacher’s Pet

dearlizzyaug29.2 (25 of 38)
I’m not surprised she thrives at Kindergarten but I might have been hoping she’d miss me a little. lol It’s only half day so that’s nice! Give her two weeks and she’s the type that will be the teacher’s pet. Lola’s already brought her teacher treats. I mean, Reece’s peanut butter cups are the way to anyones heart so she’s a smart girl.
Jamming out to Disney Jungle Book “I wanna be like you” on blast. hehe

lola and me 5


lola and me8

Top is sold out from PoppyWells but linked similar ones below:

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3 Three 3 Layout


If you need anything from this newest collection it’s the wood veneer numbers and shapes! Love them so. And the 12×12 paper pack, clothes pins and the Project Life kit and and…  Seriously everything makes my hoarding heart happy.
All Dear Lizzy products are 40% off still… and they stocked some of the Fine & Dandy collection and Happy Place which have some cute stuff!

Love this page by Olatz:

This new collection is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I have to admit that when I saw the Saturday collection for the first time I thought it seemed like a city/travel/getaway/weekend themed collection. But when I begin to work with it, oh well, the ideas started to flow in so many directions. It really is such a versatile collection!
As you can see here, I used the Saturday collection to create a birthday layout for my little niece. I chose a soft color palette of white, mint, pink and a pop of black to go with the theme of the layout. So cute! I love how numbers are repeated thought the collection on papers, stickers and embellishments. And they are just the perfect icon for this spread, aren’t they? 😉



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Saturday Layout


Just wanted to pop in and let you know that all the Dear Lizzy products (including all of the AC brands) are 40% off today at! Because you know I love a good sale.
They are stocked with all the new Dear Lizzy Saturday products too! Like the wood bead strings, chipboard number tags, and mini puffy stickers. Yay! Kids are in school here so thank goodness for the free time and we can scrap the summer memories.

Love this layout by Emma!
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Forever 35

bodysuit + choker
Who says Junior High is the most embarrassing time? I still manage to embarrass myself as a grown adult. Like today, when my daughter answered the door for me and I forgot that I hadn’t snapped the bodysuit and it was untucked. I had also ran errands all morning. Sooo yeah. There’s a reason everyone stopped wearing these in the nineties. Because A: It’s a permanent wedgie and B: Because of what happened to me. But mostly cause the wedgie thing.
Why did I buy a bodysuit you might ask? You see, in my defense, I was with my girls school shopping and we stopped at Forever 21 and I thought I’d just give it a go since it was so cheap. But after this, I realized maybe it’s time I start shopping at Forever 35. bwahaha


Jump! Jump!

When you let your kids pick out new shoes for back to school you better believe they will choose the ones that light up! Every time.
I mean, I think if they made adult ones we would love it too. Probably burn more calories with all the jumping around and checking out the flashes. ; D So it’s not a bad exercise plan either. Seriously though these new kicks from Zappos (Leepz by Stride Rite) are really fun for school! Quincey is excited about starting third grade but also gets nervous. She talks about missing us and if she won’t be able to find a friend at recess. Hearing stuff like that breaks my heart as her momma. We talked about finding someone else who needs a buddy and I told her every time she gets sad to tap her soles so the lights turn on and smile cause we are thinking about you and can’t wait to see you! So with school starting it tends to be bittersweet but I know once she gets in the swing of things she really thrives there and loves learning.
Checking to-dos off the list: SHOES-check!
Click here to check out the Black ones + Pink ones
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Summer Reads

I am looking for a good summer read and also I’ll be taking a road trip by myself with my kiddies and will need to listen to some books on tape to drown out the Chipmunks and Barney movies on repeat from the back seat. :) Posted a pic and asked friends on Instagram for recommendations then decided to compile them into a list! Feel free to add to it and share a book you’ve read in the comment section… XOXO
This red Free People skirt is my fave! Can be found here

The Lost Wife: Alyson Richman (couldn’t put it down)
Girl on the Train
David Baldacci (mysteries and thrillers)
The Husband’s Secret (won’t be able to put it down)
Left To Tell (best book I’ve ever read)
Breaking Night by Liz Murray
Our Song (lovely read)
The One That Got Away
Ghost Child
Matilda is Missing by Caroline Overington
Big Little Lies
The Start of Me and You (quick read and so good)
James Patterson women’s murder club series
Judy Blume’s newest book
The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah is three thumbs up
Anything by Malcolm Gladwell
What the Dog Saw
What Alice Forgot (So good)
The Happiness Advantage
The Anatomy of Peace
The History of Love
I’ll Give You The sun
Dark Dark Wood
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimbery Snyder
All Fall Down by Julie Bellon (a neighbor and friend of mine)
Kate Morton novels
We Were Liars
Anything by Amy Harmon
Breathing Black
When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker
The Light Between Oceans
Miss Read (vintage books) Thrush Green series
Jan Karon novels
Beatriz Williams (good historical fiction reading)
When Breath Becomes Air
Kristin Hannah (books about friendship and relationships
All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


Say Cheese


So I wanted to talk a little more about my new camera… I know some people are often looking for a dslr or upgrading the one they have. Since my husband is traveling a lot (everyyyy single weeeeek of summmerrrr!!! No, I’m not bitter. 😉 He takes the cameras we have a Canon Mark 3 and Mark 2. Leaving me with my phone which actually isn’t so bad but I missed having a big girl camera to capture those eyelashes and details of my kids faces.
After a little research, I ended up getting the Canon 6D. Only because it had wifi and full frame sensor. But mostly for the wifi. I can take a photo and through an app on my phone then download the pic directly to my phone. Which I really appreciate and enjoy cause I can post to Instagram or text to Collin while he’s away.
It’s also a nice size. Feels smaller than the Marks. The buttons are different and settings but just took a bit of learning curve to get used to it. So far I likey likey. But we all know it’s all about the lens… and the Canon 24-70 is still my go-to for the zoom and I can get it close.

A few of my favorites from the past month… also, please stay forever and forever summer.

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