Be Brave

be brave

For Valentine’s Day Collin and I took the kids to a McDonald’s playland & snuck our own food in my purse. It was very romantic. ha! But the next night we did get out on a hot date… with Myles in tote. We hoped to redeem ourselves and prove we are not old and boring. ; ) But then we ended up walking around the mall so dang it I guess we are boring. I stumbled into one of my favorite stores Cotton On because they have a section called TYPO in their store. Office supply heaven. I picked up some letters to hang Be Brave in our home. I want to add… “& WILD AT HEART” so I need to stop by and get some more letters. After I hung them up with some 3-M sticky common strips Lola asked what it said then replies… “like when bad guys are twying to get you?”


Lola was Annie for Halloween, because in case you didn’t know, she’s obsessed and sings the record at the top of her lungs. For the track “Dumb Dog” she volunteers Tuque to join her charade. He obliges, of course. Thank goodness I didn’t box up that dress in the Halloween storage container to be lost forever with Collin and my couples’  figure skating costumes.


Oh, Myles. I can’t stand the cuteness! I take a lot of pride in how much he loves his momma. Today I couldn’t bear to put his leggings on so I could enjoy his squishy baby leggies.
The other day someone said something about Myles and how he’s my fourth- implying that things must not be as fun or important or enjoyed. Are you kidding me?!! This baby is turning out to be the most spoiled out of all of them. Is that how it goes with momma and their boys? Or my caboose of the bunch…? xoxo







annie dress costume


lola caricatures


Camera: 5D Mark ii
Actions: Totally Rad
Dear Lizzy Daydreamer had favorites restocked at 2 Peas! Including the diecut wood paper. Click below:

dear lizzy daydreamer

xo, Lizzy

Inspiration: Found

dear lizzy daydreamer

My new products are available at Two Peas In A Bucket. I love seeing what you guys are already creating and this was a darling box by Janna Werner that I had to share. Janna and I will be teaching in Barcelona together this May so come and join us with Kits De Somni!

favorite supplies

Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy


The other day Quincey said we needed a new house. I asked why? Her response, “Because everything is white like the walls and they need to be pink!” She’s not even my girlie girl of the bunch and insists on all pink walls… which would be pretty cute! But for now the only pink walls are in their bedroom. In my defense, I have been refreshing our home with new rugs, rearranging things and adding fresh pops of color. I think that helps keep me sane since I’m home. A lot.
Here are some recent Pins that are inspiring images, words & DIY projects. inspiration found

honeycomb love

images 1, 2, 3 4, 5

cool planters

brene brown quote
I first heard about the inspiring Brene Brown through Ali Edwards years ago and the Behavioral Science major in myself loves everything that comes out of Brene Brown’s mouth. Including the TED talk here and her book, The Gifts Of Imperfection. Really good stuff.

diy vase

A Beautiful Mess: Frosted Vase
Sugar & Cloth: Upcycled containers

sugar and cloth


xo, Lizzy



Happy Love Day!

valentines day

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you celebrate those you love with candy and kisses!  xoxo, Lizzy

So yesterday I thought I’d be a really cute wife and tie a dozen balloons Collin’s car and tape paper hearts all over it. I did the same thing the day after we got engaged 13 years ago and Collin drove around town in his car covered in hearts and thought it was pretty hilarious. Well, little did I know it would start raining and soaked all the hearts by the time Collin made it outside after work. Not to mention it was windy too so a few of the balloons popped. The treats survived though and that’s all that mattered. ha! #cutewifefail


valentines box
Our Valentine boxes via Pinterest inspiration. Ruffled owls x 3!

valentines day

and a very subtle valentine message to my mister…!
valentines day


Valentine Craft Night!

Valentine Craft Night

Last week I hosted a craft night with Alix at Waffle Love’s new restaurant in Provo! That’s right guys, we are talking a box full of crafty stuff in one hand and a delectable waffle in the other! Sounds like a fun girls’ night out to me! We invited some of our local friends and bloggers to join us. Being a mom or working girl it is beyond needed to have a night out to visit and refresh. So we put our kids to bed and that’s what we did. I don’t do this enough it was perfect timing after a busy week.

Valentine Craft Night

Valentine Craft Night Valentine Craft Night

click to watch

Big thanks to my good friend Heather for the photos and Collin for putting together this awesome video of the event. He was the only boy invited to the party. I remember hearing over hearing a conversation and asking…  ”wait… watching something emotional can put you into labor?” haha!

Valentine Craft Night

Valentine Craft NightValentine Craft Night

Valentine Craft Night

Thanks so much to everyone who came! And to our awesome sponsors!!!
Waffle Love
 (goodie boxes)
Penny and Tillie (earrings)
Melissa Esplin (calligraphy cards)
Miss J. Handmade (bows)
Latter-Day Home (heart prints)
American Crafts (craft supplies)
Orson Gygi (square boxes)
Heather Telford Photography
Collin Kartchner (video)

Plenty more eye candy goodies & Girls Night Photos Click Below>>>>>

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Let’s Cuddle + (Instax Review)


Myles in a red bow tie screaming while I take his first polaroid. Classic.

After dropping my Instax camera and breaking it a few months ago I was having withdrawals recently and needed a replacement. They are actually pretty durable but I dropped a couple and one of my dials broke on another. I lug them everywhere with me and travel with them so I think it is about time to spend twenty bucks on a leather case for my Instax. Or actually this pink one is darling! Some exciting news is that Fuji is releasing a printer you can print Instax from your smart phone or tablets using this printer and instax film! Amazing. This is awesome because instead of not knowing how the picture turns out you can take them with your phone then print your favorite. Although I do love the uncertainty of the Instax experience. You can pre-order but it will be available April 15th. There’s an Instax printer that prints right from your dslr but I’ve never bought it so I figured I might as well wait for the smart phone one now. Can you imagine how fun that will be for vacations etc?! I’m excited!
The film also comes in cool designs.  CHA someone was shooting with polka dot film and I definitely need some of that.  Also I need the Disney themed film our next trip to Disneyland. NEED not want. ; )

I snagged one of these albums but here are some other ways I have displayed polaroids or albums I’ve made over the years.
I have a new album but need to take pictures of it so here are some of my favorite Instax projects for now…

Off We Go: Mini Album
Dear Lizzy mini album

Story Tags
instax tags

Felt Album
instax album instax album

Kids Art Journal
kids art journal kids art journal

It’s Your Day: Board Book
instax book
board book instal



instax albuminstax camera instax printerinstax film

instax film 41GDz-HB-eL._SX466_instal camera and filminstax camera

DIY: Valentine’s Day Countdown

valentine's garland

I know there’s only nine days until Valentine’s Day but yesterday I finished my garland/slash countdown/slash treat bag advent and finally hung it up. yay!
Since we moved furniture around I am still figuring out what to hang above our piano so it was a great empty space for some Valentine’s Day fun.

These Wood Numbers are my favorite new product I picked up at CHA and were perfect for a countdown.
The polka dot paper is a Dear Lizzy product found here. I added a new product coming from AC including the black clothespins, pennant shape and twine. The cloth bags will have goodies, small games, pencils etc inside each day. I need to fill a few more of them today but, hey, it’s up at least. And since my kiddies are sneaky they can’t steal the treats from future days yet. They don’t even realize I’m one step ahead of them without even trying.  (high five)

See my countdown from a couple years ago here.

Valentine countdown garland

Valentine countdown garland

valentine's day countdown

Valentine countdown garland

Valentine countdown garland

valentine's garland

valentine's garland

favorite supplies

wood die cut shape canvas bagsdear lizzy paper

diy: Dress Up Rack

diy dress up rack

During the day I lose count of the number of costume changes for little miss Lola. While I was at CHA my mom watched my girls and got to experience it first hand. I kept apologizing because she I know she ransacks the dresser drawers every twenty minutes.
Well, as much as I wanted to cuss (in my head and I never want to cuss…) after picking her dresses up for the millionth time I realized that as tedious as it is… there is an end in sight. That’s a relief and sad at the same time. Seriously? She’s not going to be 14 and changing in and out of Honey BooBoo ensembles all day long? So I am embracing and enjoying this stage because it is pretty freaking cute… but with one solution. All of her dresses were crammed into one basket thing in her closet. So if she wanted to look for her favorite she pulled every item out-flinging tulle and glitter over her shoulders.
I needed a rack. I remember seeing a darling dress-up rack on someone’s blog years ago. But can’t remember where I saw it.  I searched and found an adult clothing rack at Bed Bath & Beyond… that’s adjustable. It was perfect because it can be made for munchkins like Lo and it’s on wheels so I can wheel it to the room we are playing in when Myles is napping in the play room. But it was all black and silver which doesn’t fly for her.
-20 bucks for adjustable rack
-Gold and White Spray paint. I was going to do a color but knew there’d be enough pink hanging around.
-I hung a mirror with some vintage lace. I bought the mirror for Avery’s nursery before she was born.
-Hung a bag on a hanger to hold bows, purses and hats.
-Made some fringe tassels to hang on the side. Added some honeycomb balls. Because clearly I am obsessed with those right now.  As you’ve noticed by seeing my cha booth, studio, Christmas Tree etc
-Pretty easy and fast. The best part is she loves being able to hang them up and take them off herself. Don’t you dare even try to help her!

before diy dress up rack

dress up rack diy

DIY Dress up Rack

1-16  IMG_9949

Playing dress up is exhausting!

diy dress up rack

You Are Stronger Than You Seem

This quote is something that can resinate with us all. Sometimes it is only after overcoming a trial in my life that I can look back and think wow I am stronger than I thought. This quote, I die-cut from a picture printed of Avery, is something I really want to teach my daughters. That A. A. Milne is such a genius.
Avery’s at a Barbie loving, awkward dancing, always talking about someone having a “crush” on someone else stage. I love it. I hope she likes barbies until it’s embarrassing and always dances no matter what.
This Christmas Ave asked for “Shoes with bumps on them.” Ummm, what is that exactly? Then she held up one of her shoes… “Ya know, with bumps on them.” Pointing to where the heel is. Haha oh,  heels. So we got her a sparkly pink pair of heels from H&M which she wears right when she gets home from school, riding her scooter around the sidewalk and anywhere else she gets the chance. Last week we were getting ready for a trip to Costco and a night at the circus with our family and I looked down at our shoe choice. Twins. But honestly wearing heels to Costco and Target is about the only workout my legs are getting lately.  My favorite Averism lately too: “Mom, did you know holy mammoths are actually elephants from the 1960′s?”

Check out this month’s kit at Studio Calico. I am loving it. There is a great mix for girls and boys colors. View the rest of my layouts here.
studio calico


mylesSuch a big boy!! Killing me. My favorite thing right now is when I am holding him and ask, “Can I have a kiss?” He turns his head all coy so I can give him a smooch. I mean. Really? Cutest.


All Boxed Up

cha dear lizzy

CHA starts with crates full of creative ideas shipped across the country or even the world then transforms the empty convention center into a crafter candy store. Pretty cool.
Collin surprised me after a long day with my favorite hippo cookies from Balboa Island. We first ate them at a family trip to Newport Beach and since then Collin and I have to stop and get some each trip. My friends even bring me some when they come to Utah or surprises me at the show. All for one of these colorful cuties!

hippo cookies

kelly purkey and maggie holmes

Lunch with Maggie & Kelly. Love both of their new collections and so thrilled for Kelly because I adore her work and it’s her first line with Basic Grey! Same with Amy Tan her new collection is rad.

As I said before, Myles and Jack stole the show! Suzy hates this pic below but I can’t help but love it. She’s become a great friend since the first Dear Lizzy release and I adore her. Glad she didn’t steal him. haha !unnamed-12

Here is a video from CHA where I share some of the new products from this release: Daydreamer. Collin came along and filmed it and did an awesome job! I love all the clips of the city and beach he got during the boy bonding moments with Myles. Watch the video here or click play>>
click to watch

PEACE out… ; )

favorite supplies

Daily Flash October Afternoon 3038187_928x468

Happy Desk

White office studio

Literally spent the entire Saturday cleaning up my work space. I am kicking myself that I did not take a before picture… because then you literally would all be standing up right now cheering and clapping for my success. Yes, it was that bad. But I am pretty good at messing up my studio so don’t worry we can have our clean-office-bond moment in a couple weeks… or days.
Enjoying it!
I will post more detailed shots about my organization, or lack of, in the next couple days.

happy desk


in other news
This upcoming May I will be teaching in Barcelona!! How amazing is that?! I am thrilled and cannot wait to meet new friends, craft together and explore such a gorgeous city.
Sign up here at Kits de Somni!!