Hello September! I know I’ve been dreading saying goodbye to summer but fall is fast approaching and I am welcoming it with open arms and a high five.

As much as I revel in picking out a thoughtful gift, the most fun is packaging.
Instead of wrapping paper, grab some Dear Lizzy paper. Love this darling box by Amy Yingling.

Start by die cutting paper butterflies, layer three different sizes then sew on a tag. Top it off with a Dear Lizzy flair button and Julie Andrews will be singing a new tune about paper packages.

dear lizzy products

dear lizzy box

guestdesigner amy


dear lizzy paper pad  silhouette  3042124_600x600-150x150  SBC_ac-85658_0

When Sweet Pea Got A Name

camper renovation

camper renovation

camper renovation
Last summer, when we were fixing up the inside of the trailer, Collin and I were brainstorming names for it. Part of the rite of passage for renovating a camper is to give it a name… at least that’s what all the cool kids are doing. The problem was nothing was fitting and we laughed at some of the possible nicknames we blurted out while painting the inside cabinets a bright, shiny white. Then one day it clicked. We were driving down the road, windows down, listening to the Beatles, kids being loud… when Collin said he figured out what to name the camper. I couldn’t tell if he was serious, because he’s known to be a jokester, so I was waiting with a laugh. Then he said, Sweet Pea.
My dad gave all three of his daughters a term of endearment. My older sister was Angel, my little sister was Princess and I was his Sweet Pea. Only he called me this. He’d leave it on a note or whisper, “Goodnight sweet pea” when he tucked me in at night.
It was perfect.
Part of the reason it was so fitting for our turquoise gem of a camper was that some of my favorite memories with my dad were camping. It was our thing. He’d bring his harmonica, make pancakes in the morning and take us hiking. He taught me that even though life is hard to appreciate the simple beauty of this world that is so easily overlooked and, most importantly, family is everything.
I couldn’t imagine knowing I was sick and would die in a few years like my dad did. He had Type 1 Diabetes since he was a little boy. By the time I was 14 he had many surgeries, kidney transplants and health problems. When he was 30 years old the inside of his body was a 90 year old.
Until it was time for him to say goodbye he put his family first, never complained and taught me to not wait until life is perfect–but to enjoy it now.
I remember sleeping in our tent by a river and feeling loved. Thinking back now I wish I would’ve appreciated everything a bit more, taken it all in. Squeezed my dad a bit tighter.
That’s why Collin and I decided to get our camper. Even though it’s a lot of work to go camping… and especially with kids. Collin’s always wanted memories like this with his family and we don’t want to just wish for it but make them happen.

Collin found an incredible artist that paints hand-lettering. He spent a day with Sweet Pea and branded her name on the back. (He’s on Instagram: @lookatthatsign)

camper renovation

glamping camper renovations



Last night we went up the canyon and escaped the world.
I did bring one of my favorite additions to our camper. A Crosley speaker that connects to my iPhone. It’s not the most incredible sound but it is battery powered, portable, hooks up to my phone playlist and most importantly: adorable.
(The bad news is I can’t find it anywhere online now. I bought it at Target and it used to be at Urban Outfitters… so leave a comment if you know where to find one.)


Happy trails to you… until we meet again!


Poet Society

SC sneaks

Inspired by this month’s kit at Studio Calico. Loved all the details and thoughtfully articulated pieces.

SC sneaks

SC sneaks


SC sneaks

SC sneaks

My favorite part of the kits is a silk screening stencil. Pretty incredible how it worked! To be honest, I was surprised when I peeled off the silk-screened adhesive stencil and the design was perfect. I used a piece of chipboard and the orange acrylic paint and applied it to the stencil.


LA9A8746these days 1

color_theory_paints_coralbay color_theory_paints_wellred color_theory_paints_orangecounty color_theory_paints_emeraldcity

Studio Calico KIT

DIY: Ribbon Weaving

ribbon weaving

School has started and the weather is getting crisp– now is a better time than ever to learn how to weave. After the kids are in bed and while Collin is traveling, my evening ritual includes watching Gossip Girl reruns and listening to summer rainstorms as of late. Throwing in a weaving loom and colorful yarn + ribbons would be the perfect addition.
Love this unique twist to the typical weaving techniques using ribbon + twine Ann Marie is sharing today. She walks you through step by step. So colorful and rad!!
PS Congrats to Ann Marie and husband in welcoming their new sweet bebe! xoxo


ribbon weaving

Weaving is one of those trends that has recently taken Pinterest by storm and for good reason. It’s an incredibly relaxing craft that can be done virtually anywhere with a variety of materials and techniques…the possibilities are endless! Normally I use yarn when I weave, but I decided to try something new and mix of Dear Lizzy grosgrain ribbon with baker’s twine to create a fun woven wall hanging. Here’s how I did it:

weaving with ribbon

1. To begin, I gathered all of my supplies, including a handful of my favorite ribbon + baker’s twine from the Daydreamer 24-Pack, sharp fabric scissors, and a Martha Stewart loom and needle. (If you don’t have that particular loom, you could always create your own! This is a great tutorial for building one out of a wooden frame and nails.

ribbon woven hanging ribbon woven hanging

2. Next, I created the base for my weaving (aka the “warp”) using baker’s twine. I began by tying a double knot to one the prongs and then threading back and forth between both sides of the loom until I was satisfied with the size of the warp. Once I reached the end, I tied another double knot to a different prong (on the same side of the loom as the first double knot) and trimmed off any excess string.

ribbon woven hanging

3. Since the width of the grosgrain ribbon was a little too wide for the look I was going for, I cut a strand in half. Note: a little bit of fraying will occur when you cut the ribbon, but I think it only adds to the handmade charm of the weaving!

ribbon weaving ribbon weaving

4. Once I had a half-sized strand, I threaded it through the needle and tied a simple larks head knot (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyzUmetVJFA) on one end of the warp and began weaving back and forth.

ribbon weaving

5. When I wanted to tie on a new color, I simply double knotted the two ribbon together (always on the backside of the weaving) and continued the process.

ribbon weaving

6. Once I was happy with the size of my weaving, I tied off the final ribbon.

ribbon weaving

7. Since I wanted to hang the woven wall hanging from a twig, I carefully slid the top part of the weaving down with my fingers, making sure I didn’t create too much tension on the warp. Then, I tucked the twig into the top strands until it was all the way through and I could pull the weaving off of the loom.


8. To secure the bottom strands of the weaving, I double knotted every two strands together until the entire structure was finished.


9. Next, I evened out the look of the dangling strands by cutting a straight horizontal line with my fabric scissors.
ribbon woven hanging

amme_weaving_1410. Finally, I cut another strand of baker’s twine and tied a knot on each end of the twig so that I could hang the weaving to a wall or in my case, a doorknob.

11. Then came the fun part: finding a home for my new woven masterpiece! I decided to hang it from the doorknob in my office to add a colorful, welcoming touch to the room!

guest designer

suppliesbaker's twine weaving loom

Birthday in a bottle

birthday in a bottle
This Birthday in a bottle idea is darling for a birthday invitation, adding a gift inside or any treats to give to a friend. Here are some tips of how Wilna put the bottles together.

To make the tags: First I painted half of the tag with Chalkboard paint and used a white pen to write a little note. Next, I added gold embossing powder to the other half of the tag. Then layered with Dear Lizzy stickers and sequin ribbon. Also, added some of my diecut phrases.
To make gold milk bottles I poured gold acrylic craft paint in it spun the bottle to cover the inside. Tied the tag to the bottle with baker’s twin. I think these would make awesome gifts or invitations. I have a friend who has a birthday soon and the plan is to give her one of these bottles with flowers in it.

birthday in a bottle birthday in a bottleΩ birthday in a bottlebirthday in a bottle-1


suppliesSBC_ac-366868_1 SBC_ac-366786_0 SBC_jv-um153_0 SBC_ac-366791_0 31M0jdIzXGL._AA160_


Embellished Envies


School is back in session!
Their first day of school Collin put a note in each of the girl’s boxes with a clue to a surprise he’d planned for them on Saturday. After lunch they met up at the purple slide to share what their note said and figure out Dad’s surprise. This idea was brilliant because we knew Avery would find Quincey and see how she is doing. They ended up playing together at recess even. It’s heartbreaking to picture your kids at the first day of school all alone, trying to make new friends and figuring out the routine. Even though I think the whole experience of going back to school helps them grow, it was comforting to know they have each other.

These cute envelopes would be perfect for a lunch note-even add a little treat inside. They were made by the darling Amy from Inspiration Ave.
First, choose a few pieces of coordinating Dear Lizzy papers. Use an envelope cut file from Silhouette Studio and the  Cameo to cut your shapes. Last, embellish with tags and stitched hearts.


After a long day of school we sit in the window seat and she tells me all about it.


Back To School Feast

IMG_8015b This year we headed up to the glorious mountains for the back to school feast. It is a celebration for the ending of summer and beginning of another school year. My sister, Camille, and Collin helped put it together for our kids. Camille made the yummy caramel and white chocolate cinnamon apples as well as a delicious quinoa + mango salad. I pulled together some crowns and special details. Before hand, we chose a theme for the year and shared it with them. During the feast we also talk about their excitement and concerns. Making new friends and how to be a good student. My great grandma Charlotte happened to be here visiting from San Diego and I saw her watching with wide eyes as we carried the chairs and table to our perfect spot. Then I had to laugh and holler to her, “Grandma, I promise I’m not crazy.” Actually we kind of are. But it was memorable and that’s what we were striving for. A million giggles, many clinks of their bottles with a loud “Cheers!” through out the night and a couple hilarious quotes proved the night to be a success.
Matthew: “We should do this more often…”
Quincey: “This is the best day of my life!” haha Mostly because there was an unusual treat of cream soda involved. Not to mention, a tower of R A D donuts.

“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!”

Back To School Feast

Back To School Feast  LA9A8530


Back To School Feast

Back To School Feast

Back To School Feast


Back To School Feast

Back To School Feast

Back To School Feast

Back To School Feast

Back to school feast

Back To School Feast

Back To School Feast

Our first Back To School Feast here

Here’s to another year, my sweet girls! I am so proud of you. How brave you face the up-coming months. How set your eyes are on the goal of being a friend to others and striving with all your might to grow and learn. Love you, Momma!



Popsicle Invitations

So thrilled to have some over-the-top darling projects from Wilna like these popsicle ice cream invites. Seriously, I could just eat them up.
Check out her shop full of hand-drawn cut files and even her famous coffee cup albums.

Since in the summertime we always enjoy popsicles… they were a great inspiration for invitations. I cut each popsicle out twice using my Silhouette + the cut files you can find in my shop. Next, I used hot glue to add the two pieces together with a stick in the middle.

The fun part was decorating them!! I used Dear Lizzy Papers, glue and actual cake sprinkles. Don’t forget gold glitter, of course.
For the painting section have you ever used Impasto Acrylic Paint? It is a medium that works with paints and most stains to build up the texture and thicken it. Loved the look that added to the popsicles. ice cream invites ice cream invites ice cream invites

ice cream invites

ice cream invites ice cream invites

ice cream invites
Love how each one is unique, make the invitation process fun. Or you could do them all the same to streamline the process. And a popsicle theme would be easy and cute to add through out the party decor when it is time for the big day.



SBC_ac-366766_0 412sVMUwhLL  iHS_LoveWords2_preview-150x1503042154_600x600-2 dear lizzy tags

Stay Gold

gold instagram album These gold mini albums are shiny and divine. I mean, come on, they are gold leather even. Inside they hold two different page protectors. A 4″x4″ style and then one that holds four 2″x2″ photos. I used my Zink Happy printer and app to print the 2″ photos straight from my Instagram account. Then I used my Selphy to print the 4″x6″ photos right from my phone. Then I cut down to 4″ squares. Added some of my Dear Lizzy cards that I cut down and it can’t get any easier than that to document our anni trip to Vegas and other summer memories. (Cue sobbing… because summer is almost over…!!!!) **The albums have been sold out most places but I spotted some at one of my fave shops: Blue Moon scrapbooking.  Used my Instax share printer for the photos above. See post here for more details. I’ll share more soon. xo, Lizzy favorite supplies sink happy printer gold instagram album canon selphy wireless printer dear lizzy project life

For Kids + For Mom

back to school essentials
Towards the end of summer the manic momma episodes begin. One second I am on the verge of tears thinking of not seeing these cute faces through out the day, then the next I am ready to kiss those cheeks off to school and have a few moments of peace and quiet. Next week our school starts. Crazy. I’m going to miss Avery reading Junie B Jones to me. Quincey pulling my arm the second I sit down to come jump on the trampoline with her. She wins, of course, so I show off my front flip and almost pee my pants. ; ) Lola’s ready to rule the house with the bigs gone. Then there’s Myles… our little buddy following everyone around.
I put together this collage with a few of my favorite things right now. Ya know, like books, sharpened pencils and backpacks. Tell me I’m not the only one who loves buying school supplies this time of year…?

Gold Bow Headband: Janie & Jack//Polka Dot Jeans: H&M//Enjoy Tee: Gap
Leopard Flats: J Crew Factory//Notebook: Shop Bando //Panda & Bunny Backpack

Darling Blue Skirt//What Would Audrey Do Book//Ooh la la
: Modcloth //Pencils