Window Display For Shabby Apple


Shabby Apple is a darling shop made of all things a fancy girl dreams of, I’ve been a fan for years. So I was excited when they approached me about doing their window display.

I was thinking since it was the end of January it would need to be decked out in hearts with all things red and lovey dovey… but they needed the window pimped out for a Garden Party hosted by Brandi Burkhardt from the TV Series Hart Of Dixie. Flowers and springtime were on the recipe instead. I started off by knowing I wanted some dimension to the backdrop and then flowers but how to hang flowers and no clue what would work for the base of the design.
Somehow I decided on rolls of paper hanging and I found a window display on Pinterest using bike wheels! Perfect! I went to a local bike shop for two wheels and snagged another one from our garage (don’t tell Collin).
The flowers were fun to put together using Tim Holtz cardstock… Spun Sugar is my favorite color. Also, some pretty American Crafts cardstock mixed in and Dear Lizzy patterned paper in the center of the flowers.
I found the hanging ball lights from Bright Labs but didn’t plug them in because the colors matched perfect without using the lights. I wanted to use primarily pink so it wouldn’t clash with the dresses they wanted to highlight. I wired all the flowers and honeycombs to the wheels  so they wouldn’t fall off during transporting and hanging.


window display

Margot and Lexi were amazing help!! Lexi kept saying, “It’s ok it’s ok it’ll come together” when I was freaking out in the beginning. And Margot just got the whole vision from the start and her humor kept my mind off the stress. Although I think they both despised my idea towards the beginning of the process since it was taking longer than we anticipated. ; )

Finishing the paper. I ran out of the rolled paper and so I asked the cute sales girl if they had any copy paper in the back. Thank goodness because it filled in some holes and added to the look.


Hanging the bike wheels with clear wire and then added some tulle.



unnamed-33 unnamed-23

window display

window display window display
This was such a fun project to work on! If you are in the area check out the Shabby Apple shop at the Fashion Place Mall and pick yourself up something pretty too. Hopefully everything will still be hanging and have not fallen down.
I will put together a tutorial and show a closer look on how to make the flowers.

Gold Cameras + Heart Bags

Dear lizzy | amanda rydell

When you have a can of gold spray paint all is right in the crafting world. Amanda Rydell from Be Crafty workshop sent me this adorable project. She found the cameras in the frame section at Target and painted them gold. She’s a crafty genius.

Next, she stamped the bag using a heart from my Dear Lizzy stamp set and pink and gold stamp pads. Then she layered a tag with a Dear Lizzy project life card and adorable flower from Maggie Holmes.
I am literally running to Target today, with a can of spray paint in tow, to snag a couple cameras… so don’t beat me to them!

Dear lizzy | amanda rydell


favorite supplies
dear lizzy
 dear lizzy dear lizzy project life  dear lizzy die cuts

Magnetic Clipboard: DIY

dear lizzy | ann marie loves
Wanna get more organized this new year? Whip up this darling magnetic clipboard and you won’t forget something at the store or run out the door late to an appointment. You can thank Ann Marie later. ; )

With a new baby in tow, it’s getting harder and harder for me to commit important dates + lists to memory (it used to be so easy!). That’s where this DIY chipboard clipboard comes into play! Here’s how I made it:
dear lizzy | ann marie loves
Gather your favorite sheet of patterned paper, a decorative clothespin, a sheet of chipboard, a solid tape runner, and a handful of magnets.
dear lizzy | ann marie loves
Determine how large you want your clipboard to be and trim your sheet of patterned paper down to the appropriate size.
dear lizzy | ann marie loves
Adhere the trimmed sheet of patterned paper to the chipboard.
dear lizzy | ann marie loves
Using a heavy duty paper trimmer or an xacto knife, trim off the excess chipboard. Now you have your clipboard backing.
dear lizzy | ann marie loves
Flip the clipboard backing over and adhere the magnets to the corners of the sheet.
dear lizzy | ann marie loves
Place the clothespin at the top of the clipboard and start adding memorabilia!
unnamed-30dear lizzy | ann marie loves
Now that I have a designated landing spot for all of my family’s important information, I’m feeling more organized than ever before!

Party Hat: DIY

party hat diy

Ann Marie made this fun party hat using Dear Lizzy products to ring in the new year with her adorable baby. It’s an easy DIY you can put together for birthday and other celebrations too.

unnamed-19 unnamed-22 unnamed-21

Using this party hat template from Oh Happy Day as my guide, I traced the outline on one of my favorite Daydreamer papers and cut it out.
Once the hat was assembled, I made a yarn pom pom for the topper, leaving a 5 inch tail to tape to the inside of the hat. Lizzy put together a pom pom tutorial here.
Pom Pom yarn how-to
I also wrapped my favorite tinsel yarn just underneath the pompom for an additional flair.
With a small strip of patterned paper and glitter Thickers, I spelled out “2015″ and adhered it to the front of my party hat.
Once everything is glued down, pop it on your (or your baby’s!) head and party on!

Jump & Shoot with GAP

dear lizzy | matt clayton photography | GAP

It’s no secret these kids are crazy! Or they just have a lot of spirit and energy. Collin’s sister, Emily, hooked us up with a shoot for the University Mall GAP in Utah. It was just us girls! The boys aren’t up for this sort of thing anyway. But I realized something after the shoot… my girls definitely had a crush on the photographer, Matt Clayton! He turned on the Disney Pandora station, pointed a wind machine their way, told them to scream as loud as they could, jump as high as you can and all the while he was beyond patient. No one was throwing a tantrum (thank goodness) they were all giddy and giggly. He fed them Wheat Thins too. Apparently, they love a boy with snacks.

dear lizzy | matt clayton photography | GAP dear lizzy | matt clayton photography | GAP

dear lizzy | GAP | matt clayton photography

dear lizzy | matt clayton photography | GAP

dear lizzy | matt clayton photography | GAP

Here are some questions they asked me to answer:
What’s a favorite Christmas tradition of yours?
It’s sad to think that my favorite tradition has been completely neglected the past two years. I mean, where is my Christmas spirit?! It all started when I was a little girl and we would bundle up and go to a Christmas tree farm strung with twinkling lights and every size tree you could imagine. We would search for THE perfect tree… which is quite the process with five very important opinions. Then my dad would tie it to the top of our maroon Aerostar. I was always amazed that it wouldn’t fall off as we drove home… with our toes defrosting and singing Christmas carols. A couple years ago I bought a white fake tree (gasp!) Seriously how Grinchy of me! Even though it is quite bright and cheerful the plan was to still get a real tree because, please tell me, what smells more like Christmas than a freshly cut tree.

What brings you joy?

Is it normal that the thing that brings me the most joy is also the same little, cute things that drive me nuts and make me completely exhausted at times and I want to pull my hair out?
Literally the amount to joy is unmeasurable that I get for being a mother. Good thing the joyous times surmount the pull-my-hair-out times.

Describe giving or getting the perfect gift. Or, what is a perfect gift? (in general)

Thoughtful gifts are the perfect gift. It’s the gift that you can tell someone really invested time thinking of and put an interest in what you like or maybe paid special attention to something you need. It’s seeing my sister give my musical brother a harmonica because it’s what my dad always played when we were growing up. Or a friend finding a vintage record from Goodwill of your favorite band. That one time my sister bought me the Punky Brewster dvds, that was pretty awesome. Not sure how my husband will top last year since he wrote a song about us and sang it for me with his ukulele. Heart melted. Now that was the perfect gift.
dear lizzy | matt clayton photography | GAP
What is a holiday must in your family? (activity, destination, food, etc)
Our holiday-must is finding someone to do Secret Santa for. Collin and I have done this since we were first married and now that the kids are getting older it takes on a whole new meaning for everyone. Praying together to find a family who needs some extra Christmas spirit defines what this holiday season means to us. Now instead of always asking our kids, “What do you want for Christmas?” We can say, “What do you want to give for Christmas.”
On Christmas Eve we make the delivery and it’s pretty hilarious and exhilarating to watch Collin from our hide-out a few houses down as he drops the presents and runs. In the snow. Seriously once he slipped and we died laughing. When I was younger, after my dad had passed away, someone did this for my family and I will never forget it.
As much as I love seeing the Christmas lights at Temple Square, hot cocoa, sledding, and the Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theatre… playing Santa wins every year.
All photos taken and edited by: Matt Clayton

dear lizzy | matt clayton photography | GAP


Fine & Dandy

Dear Lizzy

Tomorrow I am heading off to the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) the largest craft show of the year. People travel from all over the world to share their products from yarn, wood, paper, paint… literally any crafting medium and tool you can think of is there. It’s so exciting! It’s also pretty cool to meet enthusiasts from a great extent of countries and come together for the love of creating.
Dear Lizzy
I am beyond grateful to be there to share my newest line of products— FINE & DANDY!
This collection was quite fun to concept and work with the designers on. It has a party theme with many cool, party products BUT also it has the everyday products like diecuts, stickers,  thickers and other goodies for scrapbooking and cards.

Dear Lizzy

I know I say this everytime but paper always has my heart. This line has quite a few gold foil specialty papers including number vellum, gold phrases on pink, a darling gold hearts on pink and a speckled gold on mint. There’s also a confetti on transparency that is going to be fun to create with. I love layering those in my mini albums.
I also love the plastic bows, gold number paper clips (are so freaking cool), oh, and the gold glitter foam paper! You can see below on my scrapbook layout. The foam will add a nice dimension to your projects.

Dear Lizzy

Dear Lizzy

Dear Lizzy

This is my tenth collection. I swear it seems like I just came out with the first one. But here we are 10 paper packs later, 10 product brainstorming meetings, 10 times I die over seeing how creative you guys are! Thanks so much for sharing the excitement and showing your support.
Sending so much love to all of you! xoxo

Dear Lizzy

Here’s what AC is saying about the collection:
Have your cake and eat it too with Fine & Dandy from Dear Lizzy. Invite lovely company for sweet soirees filled with tasty treats and fabulous fun! This collection highlights joyful celebrations and friendly gatherings in a pleasing palette of bright pink, cheerful red, soft mint and golden yellow with gold foil flourishes. Host the perfect party with Fine & Dandy!

This charming collection includes 21 patterned papers and six specialty papers with touches of dazzling gold foil. Four styles of coordinating Thickers complement a beautiful variety of stickers and party essentials, including confetti sticks, cupcake liners, mini flag kits and wooden spoons.

Stack of Papers - Fine & Dandy

FineandDandy_blog Dl2 DL-BLOG3

Not pictured is a cool washi tape book. SO many different designs of washi and easy stored in a book form. Also, the thickers in phrases and icons is not pictured and it is darling!


The mini honeycomb balls!! Like the garland I have hanging above my desk.
The Die cut set is one of my favorites too. It will cut a bow and also a prize ribbon with the phrase HOORAY! You will love it.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 2.23.52 PM


This collection is perfect for parties, DIY projects and papercrafting—we can’t wait to see what you create with it. Do you have a favorite item? Would love to hear in the comments below!

Closer look at the gold foil papers and the confetti below. What’s your favorite?


This one is stamped for you

dear lizzy instagram

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!

We tried to watch Home Alone with the kids but Collin and I were cringing the whole time and kept informing the kids, “we don’t say that” or “that’s not good” to the point that we couldn’t even enjoy it. haha It’s still such a classic though.
Isn’t it funny when you watch a movie from when you were a kid and didn’t even notice the cuss words.

I waited until it was freezing outside and decided I was too much of a wimp to attempt pics again in the snow. Soooo, one Sunday afternoon Collin set up a tripod and a light and these cards happened. The girls still giggle about how they got to crack an egg on dad’s head. It took two shots and egg all over him.
Sending mailbox merriment is definitely one of the best parts of Christmas!
Here’s ours for you! kisses!

christmas card

christmas  card



More Lola The Elf pics here!

dear lizzy

LA9A2860 LA9A2840 LA9A2846

I know I know…

dear lizzy instagram

… Christmas is over but I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the month. I am working on a December Daily album but it was put on hold with other stuff I am doing. It’s one of my favorite things about Christmas so I couldn’t completely forget about it! Here are some moments from 12-14.dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram


dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

Quincey and Lola were in The Nutcracker this year… their dances were fleeting but I loved every second.

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram-1

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram  dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

Lola The Elf

elf costume

On the Eve-Eve of Christmas I watched one of our favorite holiday movies, The Family Stone. I know the dinner scene is painful. I think I got up and went to the kitchen to refill my hot cocoa mug at the opportune moment and just happened to miss it. I don’t know why I love that flick though. I think it’s the combination of some of my favorite actors/actresses… and I laugh and stress and cry. It hones in on all my Christmas emotions.
Well, as we watched this year, I sewed tiny bells into Lola’s handmade elf costume.
When I was a little girl my mom made the majority of my dresses… A couple years ago she brought me some of them. I remember one dress from photos of my third birthday party. As I held up a Cookie Monster cake in the white dress with red, blue and yellow balloons on it. The style of the dress reminds me of this elf one actually. But I heard something and shook the dress then looked inside and found clusters of tiny bells. How adorable is that? I don’t remember the bells when I was little but I must’ve loved dancing around hearing them.

I knew my friend Annie, who loves crazy creative ideas like me, would be up for making an elf dress during the hectic week before Christmas for her daughter too. And when I texted her that we should sew bells inside like my mom did for my dresses she responded, “That is happening.” Then she searched Hobby Lobby for an hour to find such tiny, magical bells. She is good at everything. She can sing, teach Zumba, craft, take photos, do professional makeup plus sew like a freaking pro. And all at once I’m sure, if you asked her. But she helped me sew this costume for Lola. And by “help” I mean, I sewed and surged a couple pieces and made the hat, but she did the rest. I was there to hand her a Diet Coke.
Lola had “elf costume” at the top of her wish list. She is the queen of dress up! So she was pretty excited to open it on Christmas eve and prance around… with magical bells jingling all the way.

elf costume

elf costume

elf costume


I used this free pixie hat pattern and instructions to make the hat. I did cut Lola’s piece a bit longer at the point. I used a thick, knit shirt that didn’t fit me anymore. You can also use old sweaters, which is something I have been wanting to do for a couple years now. So I was excited to find this tutorial. I am not that great at sewing so honestly anyone could make it. (The dress pattern was found on Etsy.)

elf costumeelf costume  elf costume

elf costume


elf costume elf costume


Pretty Packages

dear lizzy | wilna

Love these presents by Wilna using wood grain papers and accented with some of my Dear Lizzy products. The rose gold phrase thickers are made from my handwriting and such a fun addition to literally anything. Anything! I walked around town with one on my forehead and seriously didn’t get any weird looks. ;)

The little bows are made out of vinyl and have a faux leather feel to them. Pop those on any projects too and you’ll be the talk of the craft town.
Thanks Wilna! Check out her amazing blog… She offers cut files and online workshops including Heartfelt Christmas Workshop right now. Her site is called… I heart Studio full of creative ideas and projects! Check out the Youtube video tutorial from Wilna here: Gift Wrapping


dear lizzy | wilna dear lizzy | wilna dear lizzy | wilna dear lizzy | wilna


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