Craving Fall

These boots are my way of saying, Welcome fall we’ve missed you! Then there’s lots of hugs and kisses. Tonight there was a bit of crisp in the air and the sky was pink and suddenly I’m craving a caramel apple and camp fires. We hung out with family and everything felt content… autumn is like a sigh of relief! Just feeling really grateful tonight… I’ve been doing some soul searching lately and realized a lot about myself and what truly makes me happy. Letting go of the past, not worrying about the future and striving to truly life in the present. It’s something I am really working on… xoxo

Loving our boots in collaboration with Zappos. They’re both the Born brand which means they’re actuallyyyyy comfortable. None of this dealing with pain for style. lol
Collin is extremely picky with shoes and he loves his!
Hers: Tall length + Fanner Style
His: Nigel Book in Grey


If you can guess what’s going on here… such is life with a boy.

Traveler’s Notebook + Dear Lizzy

Love this style of mini book because it is meant to be effortless and simple. Putting the scraps and bits of goodies leftover to good use in a breezy book! These are also some of my favorites to go back and look through because I love the rawness and layers. Thanks so much to Emma for designing it and sharing it with us! I’m so excited to see you guys using the new stuff! Shop it here at Blue Moon Scrapbooking!  or at Simon Says Stamp


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Free time with Amazon Fire

This awesome, yellow screen (the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet) saved us on a flight a couple weeks ago with keeping Myles busy on the plane and not only that he could practice his letters before school officially started. Woot woot Two in one! I know the preschool curriculum isn’t too intense ; ) but this boy is ready to learn. Sometimes I feel like my kids are wanting and ready to soak up more information and I’m the one not keeping up with them or pushing them as much as I should. It’s crazy how much kids gravitate towards screens. We reallllyyyy try to limit the time on Netflix and we only have one kids’ screen. But it truly is a great way, if used smart and in the right ways, to facilitate in their learning! I love Amazon Freetime Unlimited because it is a one year subscription and  includes access to thousands of age-appropriate books, videos, apps and games. Plus, top educational titles to help refresh reading comprehension and math skills. I also have access to the Parent Dashboard that keeps track of time and what viewing. You can also set educational goals and screen time limits. Loving all this so I feel safe and protected when they’re on it.  Really excited to see him excel, and my other cutie kids too, this year!

Post sponsored by Amazon!
Here are some of the top Momma recommended Kids’ Educational apps:
Starfall, ABC Mouse, Endless Alphabet Numbers, Leap Frog, Reading Rainbow, Endless Number! leave a comment to add your favorites! xo Lizzy

Star Gazer! New Dear Lizzy Collection

Star Gazer is the newest Dear Lizzy collection that’s just released for summer. It’s an everyday collection inspired by the coming of fall and celebrating the last of summer. Which is exactly what I feel like right now with the kids starting school… holding onto the magic and adventure of this season! As usual I love the papers. That’s always my favorite part! There’s so many cute patterns. I love the washi tape and the giant paper clips with wood shapes on the end. Super fun! I can’t wait to see what you create!! And know that school is officially in session I get to make some time to create too! Thanks so much for loving Dear Lizzy products and following our journey here. Love you guys!! xoxox




Fave Swim + Sunnies

Just wanted to share some of my favorite swim and sunnies… I’m all about the cheap(er) sunnies because I can’t take care of nice ones. I throw them in my purse. Lose them. My kids steal and wear them… (and my husband even lol). And I like quantity over quality.
Summer is flying by. I feel like all we do is swim and my summer bucket list and pretty neglected right now. But I’m not going to give into the mom guilt thinking about all the creative things or missing adventures because keeping kids happy and busy is so easy at the pool.

If you’re super impatient, like me, you can Amazon prime the swan swimsuit to your little cutie. It has a mathching swim cap even. That I forgot when we snapped these pics real quick today but still… if it wasn’t cute enough it’s so darling with the matching cap!


Stars + Stripes

July is all about red, white and blue and celebrating this beautiful country…
The fourth of July is kind of a big deal around here… I think that all started with my mom and dad and their fun traditions! My mom would sew us matching red, white and blue festive rompers or dresses. We would camp out at the parade route and save a spot and then that night we went to the Stadium of Fire! Which is exactly like it sounds with amazing fireworks and music. Some days I really wonder how my mom did it all… because she had 6 kids and I can barely keep up with these four. But looking back, I do remember days when she was tired or make up from the day before under her eyes… and making quiet times for herself at night in her room. We just gotta find that balance. Make time to rest so we can be ready to party.
As much as I wish I could, I can’t sew clothing like my mom at all… but I do love dressing up all matchy-matchy. Got these cute outfits at Old Navy, of course. Love shopping there for kids’ clothes. Myles’s star shirt is my favorite! I like to just mix up the colors and Avery (who was at 5th grade camp when we took these pics) has a cute patterned dress that brings together all the colors. I also got Collin some shorts with little flags all over them and surprisingly… he loves them! Usually he gives a little mumble grumble at first of whatever I buy him and then tries it on and likes it. But this was positive feedback from the start!
So grateful for this country… the people who fight for our freedom and their amazing families.

Hope everyone had a happy fourth! xoxo Lizzy

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Strawberry Days Forever

One of my favorite traditions in the summer is when the carnival rolls into town for Strawberry Days! As we were excitedly walking up to the rides Lola’s asked, “How did they put this all together in one day?” My thoughts exactly. But allllll the fun was worth the risk of our lives. ; ) Collin was away for work and Avery had just gotten back from a week at 5th grade camp so she was a zombie from late nights and early mornings and just wanted to relax at home. Which was a good idea because Quiney is up for all the crazy rides… like hanging up side down while spinning rides. I get sick just watching from a distance.
For some reason I forgot that carnivals only accept cash so we were very limited to a sheet of tickets and one cotton candy to share. We stretched it out as much as we could and was such a fun night! You can see a short VIDEO from the carnival here! 

photos: Hunter Fowler


Framed flowers

Hi friends!
Ever have those days where you want to scrapbook but just can’t seem to make it work?  Happens to me way too often – I really want to be crafty but I just can’t make anything I “like”…welllll, when that happens…I make paper flowers!   I love these little guys.  I don’t know why, but I find them relaxing and fun to make.   All you need is your paper, a die-cut machine, flower template and a hot glue gun (oh and I use a pencil to help me “roll” the flowers, makes it easier for me).

This time around I thought it might be nice to make something for my room – I picked out an old white frame (I have a habit of collecting frames to use for “something later on”) with the idea to fill it with a whole lot of paper flowers.  I love the colours/patterns of Lovely Day so I decided to use those (12×12 double-sided papers and the 12×12 paper pad). I picked up all my templates from the Silhouette Design Store and spent the next few hours cutting and rolling flowers… I think I went through around 15 pages of pattern paper to fill my frame!

After I’d cut/rolled a few I started randomly filling the frame with flowers so I could see how many more I needed (turns out I only had just over half of what I needed at the time, ha).  Once I had enough flowers it was time to get out the hot glue gun and glue them all together.  This part is fun and not fun.  I’m a little clumsy with the glue gun and will alwwwwwwways burn myself.  Even when I’m being extra careful and trying not to.  And at the last minute I also decided to add some of the washi onto the frame background, just incase there were any gaps at the end, atleast you would see more flowers instead of the chipboard background!

Then it was just a matter of gluing the flowers into place (using that dangerous hot glue gun again..).  I didn’t go with any particular order, I put the big ones down first and started filling the spaces with those next in size and going until it was completely full (with only 1 spare flower at the end!).

Once the frame was full it was simply a matter of deciding where to hang it in the room!  (You’d have thought I’d figured that out before starting, right….).

I’m pretty critical of things I make (i.e. never think they are good enough, ha) but I really love how this one finished up!  Kept me busy (I actually worked on this over a couple days) and I still got that crafty time I was needing! Happy Flower rolling, Emma

Oh, Hello layout

Hi everyone!  Emma here to share another page I created with the beautiful Lovely Day collection!  I honestly could not pick one favourite from Lovely Day but I can confess I think the layered stickers are just perfect and were the inspiration for this page!  I’m also loving all the gorgeous patterned paper.  I actually started this page without a set photo/theme in mind – I was just creating for the sake of creating and it was wonderful!

Here is the page I finished up with:

The basis of my design is set around the Beep, Beep paper.  How cute is the design?!  I thought the trees and cars would look fun as a layered sticker too so I cut the shapes out using a few of my trusty circle punches (2 inch, 1 inch, ¾ inch) and placed them around my page.  Then I fussy cut a few of the same designs (because there are multiples on the paper) and stuck them on top of the same shape using foam dots.

For contrast I went with the colour yellow.  I love yellow; it’s my happy colour so I used that to add a bit more colour (given the pattern paper is mostly white on white).  The larger circles are the flower pattern (d/s paper, XXX) and the smaller circles are from the 6×6 paper pad.

I machine stitched around a few of the larger circles (because I have to have stitching on my pages)…circles are tricky for me on the machine, they’re never quite right, haha.  But I don’t mind it at all; fits in with my style 🙂

The last process for me on this page was actually picking a photo.  So weird I know!  Usually I’ve got some idea of what photo I plan to use on a page when I start creating; even if I change photo, usually I know if the page is about Zack or Makayla or whatever else, but this time around I really had no set theme!  Was a fun change from the “norm”.  I cut my photo out using my 2 inch circle punch so it matched with all the other circles on my page (I also set my journaling the same way, I just typed it up in Photoshop and printed it out on cardstock and cut it out using a punch also).

I had so much fun making this page.  I think partly because I had no theme/story/photo in mind when starting it; I just knew I loved the layered stickers and I wanted to create more 😉

Thanks for joining me on the blog today, I hope it’s inspired you to try it for yourself.  There are so many other cute paper designs that would look just as fun doing this too  (…the bikes or the foxes!!!)

Take care, Em xo