Down Under

Having an amazing time traveling the entire country of Australia! Meeting so many incredible ladies at Spotlight stores and creating together! Putting together a little videos and loads of photos.  

 This made me laugh but we had to do it. In bed with dear Lizzy someone said. ???? I love that we can be total strangers then after two hours jump on a bed, laugh and create together like we’re old friends. Scrapbooking instantly connects us. It’s our tribe.
PS And thanks Kim for running down the aisle to greet me today! And all the many ladies who have been incredibly genuine and sweet!

The Power of Bubbles


If you want to feel like the most powerful mum in the world. Get a bubble gun. Kids think it’s the greatest. It’s not dangerous either, unless you only get one like I foolishly did and then everyone fights over it. ????????

I just have to say it… I can’t believe my baby is turning three this week! How is that possible???!



In other news: I know what you’re thinking, where are those cute sandals from? Or maybe, wow, that little boy is cute! ???????? Either way, I teamed up with Zappos and Born shoes and found the comfiest sandals for my trip to Austalia and just in time for summer. They are like walking on clouds or pillows, I’m not kidding. I ordered them and wasn’t sure if they would arrive in time, but sure enough, sooner than I expected the nice UPS delivery guy knocked on the door and then ran off leaving these sandals. Like a gift from foot heaven. 

There’s some other really stylish sandals with heels or flats here






s h o p:  BORN + ZAPPOS (sponsored by)

  xo, Lizzy

Come craft with us!


Excited to announce that I’m joining Bijou Market with their first Craft Night! Bijou is a venue full of handmade items twice a year that I’ve loved shopping at for years!
Come craft like your favorite Bijou vendors and create something beautiful for your home!


Our kick-off craft event is May 14th, 2016 at 11 am. Buy your ticket to create your very own
Wood + Plexi Glass windowsill garden. All you need to bring is yourself, we will have all your supplies ready to go for your creation.

We will be crafting with my new collection on hand to create plant markers and other exciting additions to your planter!


Ticket Cost: $40 use code “dearlizzy” for $5 off!
What is provided: All materials, tools and craft supplies needed to create the below planter. Craft skill of all levels will enjoy this one!

March 14 at 11 am at Freshly Picked Headquarters in Provo, Utah. Come craft and DIY with us. RESERVE a spot here!


Travel Art Kit


As we were running out the door to a little spring break sunshine I put together an art kit, like I have loved to do in the past. Here and here too.

I snagged that striped canvas bag at Forever 21 for 7 bucks yesterday and it was perfect to hold all the goodies and my instax share. We’ll have some down time at the beach house while we eat and listen to conference on Sunday so I’m glad I remembered. I also put my selphy printer and all this stuff pictures in a bigger tote bag. I realized I forgot my album so I’m excited to pick something up when we get there.

Also I posted this breezy blue desk scene on Instagram… When in doubt, add mint. Always. The End. image


Swimming soups


Heading out to spring break, my husband is driving right now as I type even, and wanted to share some of my favorite finds in the swim department. Two things about these pics. It was literally snowing a couple hours before we took these. haha My friends at Brickyard buffalo asked for some pics of their new suit and they must’ve caught me at a good time. Because that bring me to the second point, this is totally out of my comfort zone. But that’s why I love one pieces cause I’m more comfortable in them and I can chase around kids easier. Below I share some of my favorite “swimming soups” as Lola called them for years and it was too adorable to correct her.




Happy Monday babes of blogland!
LISTENING: to my husband on a conference call and making fart noises in the background. He’s not amused.
WATCHING: The Voice. I used to watch this show years ago and just started it up again this season. When Collin is out of town, I love watching the blind tryouts and all the singers’ stories are emotional or even heartwrenching then I find myself crying on the iPad late at night while the kids are sleeping.
BUYING: Last thing I bought was Disney trading pins for our next trip. I’m obsessed and have a pin bag with my own in it that the kids can’t touch. It’s not even borderline dorky it’s straight up Disney nerd!
EATING: Apple slices + Almond Butter. Trying to eat healthier and this is my go-to snack. You would be so proud of the new me. No sour watermelon and sweedish fish for breakfast!
LOVING: My recent obsession is skiing. Love being up away from everything. Really crave that alone time with Collin and the feeling of speeding down the mountain is different than my daily laundry folding stint.
WEARING: This cozy sweater from Brickyard Buffalo and my new shoes that make me want to jump-jump.
READING: The only thing I am reading these days is Junie B. Jones with Quincey.
FEELING: Feeling good. It’s easy for me to get comfortable at home. Too comfortable… where I kind of just hide from everything. Feels good to get out and reconnect with friends (like Annie who took these pics) and jump around like a dork!
LAUGHING: At the things Myles says these days. “What da heck?”
GETTING READY: For the trip to Australia with Spotlight Stores! I’ll be touring in April so if you’re from the down under check your nearest store for dates! xoxo



Photos: WeeScoutPhotography

Easter Ready with The Children’s Place

easter outfitsThe weather was faking spring when we took these pics and, believe me, I am not complaining one bit. Bring on the sunshine! But I won’t get my hopes up just yet because it’s been known to snow in May in Utah.
Besides eating an entire bag of Cadbury eggs, Easter outfits are on of my favorite spring traditions. I mean, can you blame me? I can’t handle the cuteness leaping off these pics.
Earlier this week we went to the mall and picked out Easter everything from The Children’s Place! There are so many stylish dresses and darling patterns and colors to choose from for the girls! And Myles in those suspenders and hat-it’s just too much. The boys stuff is adorable and spot on as well. You know I can’t resist a boy in a bow tie! I thought about snagging it online but it was pretty adorable to let Lola try on a few choices, these kids love to play dress up all day, so Lola took the chance and found her favorite. The Children’s Place also has every detail covered with purses, jewelry, hats and tights and shoes. Oh, and don’t forget the sunglasses.
(Psst… plus everything online is 50% off right now)

easter outfits
easter outfits easter outfits easter outfits  easter outfits easter outfits easter outfits

easter11 easter outfits

easter outfits
Celebrating Easter as a child I have memories of my mom making us matching dresses, wearing white gloves and a white hat then heading off to church. But it was even more than just getting dressed up. It was the feeling of these traditions weaved together through the years until it makes a beautiful basket full of love for my family… a maybe a few candy eggs. WE didn’t have a lot of money growing up… but I don’t think I ever knew that until I was older. Or if I did, it didn’t matter. I hope I do the same for my kids. To give them the same experience and feeling of tangible adoration.


the children's place coupon

Cactus Pinata

unnamed-15  unnamed-13

Post from Design Team Member: Olatz
There has been a lot to celebrate recently, my boyfriend’s birthday and my birthday as well. Whether we are miles apart or spending these specials days together, I always try to find a little time to create something fun for us to celebrate.

Inspired by the cactus paper from the Happy Place collection, this time, I decided to make a handmade cactus piñata. It is a fun and simple shape to work with pretty easily and it reminds of the good times we spent exploring Mexico, his native country.

It is not perfect AT ALL, but believe me, I enjoyed the process so much! …especially the part of filling it with chocolate and candy… one for me, one for the piñata. 😉 I snapped a few photos along the basic process of how to make a birthday piñata:
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Say Yes: Mini Album

dear lizzy mini album by Emma K

It’s impossible to not make a disaster when creating a mini album. It’s like you start pulling out everything and anything! The Happy Place collection is perfect for summer memories. Minis will always have my heart! The pockets and layering deserve all the heart eyes!!
Design + Photos: Emma

dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K


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It’s a Disney Day!

dear lizzy blog
When I was a little girl I apologized to my diary for not writing and I feel like I need to do that now… apologize for my lack of blogging. :) I have such good intentions but the past couple months have flown by. Collin travels a lot for work too so I feel like I have even less free time, besides when I hide in the bathroom. ha! It definitely took some adjusting for our day to day routine. It’s still hard and Quincey has a really difficult time with him gone. It breaks my heart how much it effects her when we’re not all together. Even though he’s only gone for 2-3 days at a time. I definitely have a new found appreciation for single and army mommas out there.
We took a break last week and went to Disneyland as a fam! Because long lines and crowds are great for refreshing those batteries. It was a blast though, obviously because it’s Disneyland.
The fireworks and night parade were amazing! That was worth the drive in itself. We got to see it twice too. And one night started at 7pm so even the little ones were still awake to experience it. Can’t wait to print these out and scrapbook them!
I definitely have more pictures of Myles and Lola because Q & A are busy running around with dad on the big kid rides. We like strolling around eating cotton candy and meeting princesses. haha

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog   dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog Disneyland dear lizzy blog Disneyland dear lizzy blog Disneyland

dear lizzy blog

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