Don’t Get Pinched: Girl Hair Clips

diy hair clips

It’s a tragic day in second grade if you forget to wear green on March 17th. Quincey has been hounding me since last week to get her all green outfit laid out and ready to go. She definitely did not inherit my procrastination gene. But today we finally put together some fun, green accessories. I shared the green bow tie diy for Myles, now here’s some super quick girls’ ideas to put together.

diy hair clips

The first are some modern style barrettes.
I used some fabric scraps and glitter POW cardstock from American Crafts. Love that stuff.
-First, I cut some acrylic 2.5″ x .5″. You can use thick chipboard or foam board anything really.
-Next, cut the fabric slightly larger and wrap the acrylic like a present. Hot glueing each side as you go.
-Last, slide a bobbi pin on a 2.25″ piece of ribbon. Add hot glue to the back of the barrette and then attach the bobbi pin and ribbon. That’s it!
If you are making the glitter cardstock  ones it’s the same steps just cut the glitter cardstock slightly larger than the acrylic and then add the ribbon and bobbi pin the same. Use Modge Podge or Tackly Glue and glitter and it will work just as great. Just make sure the last step is modge podge to keep glitter in place. Should be quick since it’s such a small piece.

diy hair clips

diy hair clips

Next is a clover flower that Quincey helped me make. Great for a beginner sewer.
-Cut 3 clover leaf shapes.
-Then sew a running stitch along the bottoms.
-Last, pull thread to bunch together and tie a knot. Would be cute in other colors and more petals. Love Amy Tan’s embroidery threads and needles for this.
diy hair clips

diy hair clips

diy hair clips
Happy St Patty’s Day! xoxo, Lizzy

essential scrapbooking supplies
embroidery set amy tan
glitter cardstockembroidery set amy tanbobbi pins

Don’t Get Pinched: Baby Bow Tie DIY

bow tie diybow tie diy

Avoid letting your little guy get pinched this St. Patty’s day and make him a green bow tie. Seriously it was easy and I didn’t even sew… just used a trusty hot glue gun and some fabric scraps.

baby diy bow tie

For Myles I cut a piece of fabric 4″x7″
Next fold in the width so it’s around 2-3 inches wide and hot glue seam leaving the length 7″ long. Iron fabric.
Now fold in the ends and hot glue at center.
Pinch so there are three folds and glue each one (Make two of these up to this point)
Layer each one and glue together
Cut a strip of fabric about 2″x4″ fold in the width and glue seam. Iron. Wrap around layered bows.
Measure baby’s neck and add ribbon and velro to back. There you go. You can still pinch those cheeks but not because he’s not wearing green… because they are too squishy + cute.
Kisses from momma…
diy baby bow tie

Filled up an entire SD Card taking pictures of this face since literally the end of his front teeth are popping through… and I am going to miss those gummy gum gums.
diy baby bow tie

bow tie diy

That green holiday: Snack & Craft

St Patricks day craft

As much as I love jello, apples & Shrek it’s typically not the first color I reach for when creating… with the exception of anytime between March 1st-March 17th. Then I’m all about it. Such a cheerful color.
Here’s a quick snack to make with your kids then package them up and deliver to your friends or loved ones. All you need are pretzels, chocolate, m&m’s and you’ve got yourself an edible shamrock. Definitely good luck if you eat a few of these.

St Patricks day craft

Once the chocolate cools & hardens pop them in a bag for special deliveries.
I am including a download for the file I used to die cut the shamrock confetti, shamrocks and “you’re my end of the rainbow” phrase. I loved Oh So Pretty’s printable & did my own spin with die cutting.
The bottom left kraft bag was embossed with my Dear Lizzy embossing folder the pennant banner design is cheerful. Then I added “LUCKY” with Dear Lizzy thickers & last a Studio Calico gold heart.
Glassine envelopes or bags are something that I always try to have on hand for fun occasions.

st patricks day craft

St Patricks day craft

St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day essential scrapbooking supplies

thickers gold hearts dear lizzy embossing folderkraft bags

If you want a free download of the cutable file I used to make the shamrock confetti, shamrock cutouts for bags and the “you’re my end of the rainbow” then download here from Dropbox. It’s a file to use with Silhouette. I have never done this before so let me know how it works. Or if it doesn’t work. : ) I can email it to anyone too.  xo, Lizzy

Dance with me…

dear lizzy instagram
Love that quote. I do have to say that I am getting prettttty dang good at this dance lately.  CHA-CHA-CHA!!
As women, I think we are naturally hard on ourselves so be kind to you! I’m sure you are trying the best and striving to grow each day through difficulties but sometimes we take a step back. It’s ok. Keep at it! Plus, picture me trying to do the cha-cha and that will lift your sprits. 

Just wanted to pop in and say HI! 
Yesterday was such a mom day. Dentist. Then a trip to Costco with all four kids. I knew I wouldn’t have time to go to the gym so it was Costco in heels for a workout. Seriously that better have been worth it because this is what I was pushing around. I did get some fun stares.
Oh, and this morning I noticed that I forgot diapers… chachacha!

 dear lizzy instagram

Dear Lizzy Instagram
You guys, this boy… cutest I can’t stand it.

Dear Lizzy Instagram

Pancake Party: Cooking with littles

pancake party

Lola loves to help me in the kitchen, whether it’s baking or putting away dishes, she’s right there wanting to do something. And we all know how much help a three year old is.
Some days we don’t have enough time, or momma doesn’t have enough energy, to make a cookie smorgasbord–start to finish & clean it up. Like this morning. Which is tragic news to a three year old. But I am trying to get her from asking to play with the iPad as soon as her sisters leave to school and she has no one to play with. I purposely tried the wrong password enough that it locked all our kids out of it because I was so tired of them asking for it. Then I couldn’t figure out how to unlock it… haha but that’s a different story.
An easy solution for not having a lot of time to bake is to make pancakes.  And it’s the perfect alternative for Lola wanting to get her Betty Crocker on. She get’s to stir, pour in ingredients and if we make whipped cream she gets to turn the mixer on weeeeowwwy fast. Plus, there’s a spoon to lick clean. Which we all know is one of the best parts of cooking.

Make mini cakes, invite some tiny friends, raid the party drawer and you’ve got yourself a pancake party… as well as some serious mommy brownie points… pancake points.

pancake party

pancake party

pancake party

pancake party

 pancake party

pancake party pancake party


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Floral Crown Workshop: Come Join Us April 18th!

floral crown diy

The darling Amy from Bleu Wednesday and I have been talking about the idea of teaching a floral workshop since last year when she came over to make floral crowns for my daughters to wear in our family photos. Well, we are excited to announce we’ve teamed up to host a Floral Crown Workshop for you next month! Picture the most glorious, fresh flowers at your fingertips. (I know, after months of a gray winter imagine bright, happy flowers!) And turning them into a gorgeous head piece… and not only that but we are going to take pictures and then make a darling tag with the photos for you to take home as well. It’s the girls’ night out you’ve been needing so badly. Come create + craft with us!

We scheduled the date and would love for you to join us!
When: FRIDAY, APRIL 18th at 5:30 pm in Provo, Utah.
Location: Startup Building (560 S. 100 W., Provo) We will have everything perfectly packaged there for you including all the tools you’ll need. Plus, treats and drinks of course! So bring your cute self… Invite your sister, mother, girlfriend, and daughter too for a much needed girls’ night!
**The cost is just $35 per kit.
If it’s a mother/daughter duo,  2 kits for $55. After the crowns are finished we will take professional photos and have some supplies to make a tag to take home to remember this magical night! Space and supplies are limited so reserve your spot.
**we got some sponsors so there’s a lower price!

Floral Crown Workshop

floral crown diy

click to watch

floral crown diy



floral crown workshop

Floral Crown Workshop

Hello March

studo calico kit

March is turning out to be a pretty awesome month… probably my favorite of 2014. I can be overly optimistic seeing that it’s only March 3rd. But spring and sunshine are sooooooo close. It’s like I can see them in the distance and we are going to slow-mo run to each other while Chariots Of Fire plays in the background and embrace.  (Clearly this cold has made me nuts.)

The rain is fun change though… and rain + my new Studio Calico kit + nap time. Perfect! Here are a few of the pages for this month. There are lots of Dear Lizzy supplies. I am also loving this kit. Could be used for pages, cards or Project Life.

studo calico kit

studo calico kit

studo calico kit

studo calico kit




Last Wednesday I hung out with Amy from Bleu Wednesday + gorgeous flowers. If you love flowers + crafting. Check back in a few hours for a fun announcement! xo, Lizzy7a7568e49f4311e385790aa811743913_8

How To: Letterpress With Lace

Letterpress with Lace-1


You might remember me gushing about my the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress machine I was having all kinds of crafty fun with? Well, the Letterpress Love hasn’t wavered. So I put together a  video sharing hands on clips of how it works.

You can use any diecut roller machine but need the Lifestyle Crafts platform and other supplies. The paint lasts quite a while because you only need a very small amount.
Also, the video includes a cool technique for letter pressing with lace. Tina is the genius who showed me you could press with fabric for the Studio Calico class I contributed to and the result is purdy!! Letterpress is such a rad craft to learn and have fun with.


click to watch

Check out the video and here it is on YouTube if you want to subscribe to the Dear Lizzy Channel I just started. Happy Monday!

Try Letterpressing and using a water brush with watercolors or mists to color in parts of the image. The Letterpress paper is thick and is great for using all different mediums.

Collin Kartchner Studios: Filmed the shots of letter pressing & painting on glass.
Dear Lizzy: Art Direction, Edited, Type, Filmed product hand shots.

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letterpress letterpress alphabet letterpress kit letterpress kit SCLetterpressKits-2 letterpress plate letterpress_deer inky_roller

xo, Lizzy


Be Brave

be brave

For Valentine’s Day Collin and I took the kids to a McDonald’s playland & snuck our own food in my purse. It was very romantic. ha! But the next night we did get out on a hot date… with Myles in tote. We hoped to redeem ourselves and prove we are not old and boring. ; ) But then we ended up walking around the mall so dang it I guess we are boring. I stumbled into one of my favorite stores Cotton On because they have a section called TYPO in their store. Office supply heaven. I picked up some letters to hang Be Brave in our home. I want to add… “& WILD AT HEART” so I need to stop by and get some more letters. After I hung them up with some 3-M sticky common strips Lola asked what it said then replies… “like when bad guys are twying to get you?”


Lola was Annie for Halloween, because in case you didn’t know, she’s obsessed and sings the record at the top of her lungs. For the track “Dumb Dog” she volunteers Tuque to join her charade. He obliges, of course. Thank goodness I didn’t box up that dress in the Halloween storage container to be lost forever with Collin and my couples’  figure skating costumes.


Oh, Myles. I can’t stand the cuteness! I take a lot of pride in how much he loves his momma. Today I couldn’t bear to put his leggings on so I could enjoy his squishy baby leggies.
The other day someone said something about Myles and how he’s my fourth- implying that things must not be as fun or important or enjoyed. Are you kidding me?!! This baby is turning out to be the most spoiled out of all of them. Is that how it goes with momma and their boys? Or my caboose of the bunch…? xoxo







annie dress costume


lola caricatures


Camera: 5D Mark ii
Actions: Totally Rad
Dear Lizzy Daydreamer had favorites restocked at 2 Peas! Including the diecut wood paper. Click below:

dear lizzy daydreamer

xo, Lizzy

Inspiration: Found

dear lizzy daydreamer

My new products are available at Two Peas In A Bucket. I love seeing what you guys are already creating and this was a darling box by Janna Werner that I had to share. Janna and I will be teaching in Barcelona together this May so come and join us with Kits De Somni!

favorite supplies

Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy Dear Lizzy


The other day Quincey said we needed a new house. I asked why? Her response, “Because everything is white like the walls and they need to be pink!” She’s not even my girlie girl of the bunch and insists on all pink walls… which would be pretty cute! But for now the only pink walls are in their bedroom. In my defense, I have been refreshing our home with new rugs, rearranging things and adding fresh pops of color. I think that helps keep me sane since I’m home. A lot.
Here are some recent Pins that are inspiring images, words & DIY projects. inspiration found

honeycomb love

images 1, 2, 3 4, 5

cool planters

brene brown quote
I first heard about the inspiring Brene Brown through Ali Edwards years ago and the Behavioral Science major in myself loves everything that comes out of Brene Brown’s mouth. Including the TED talk here and her book, The Gifts Of Imperfection. Really good stuff.

diy vase

A Beautiful Mess: Frosted Vase
Sugar & Cloth: Upcycled containers

sugar and cloth


xo, Lizzy