Dip Dyed Tags + Envies

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Tags are my favorite. Sorry cards, envelopes and boxes.
If you want to get a pretty painted or watercolor effect to the bottom of a project try dip dying! It gives it such a cool ombre look. You also don’t have any brush stroke lines and basically let the paint do all the work. Each tag taking on its own look.
Give it a try… When I dip, you dip, we dip!

Little tags: (doodles are from iheartstudio.ca: )
I dip dyed plain white tags into red food coloring mixed with some water and once it was dry, I adhered them to some wax envelopes and embellished it with Dear Lizzy stickers, ribbons and butterflies cut from different patterned papers in different sizes suing my Silhouette. The butterflies was left over from the little boxes. I finished every tag with a little clothes pin. These tags are super easy to make and can be perfect for little thank you notes… or even them all to a friend for a gift. -Wilna

dear lizzy blog | Wilna Furstenburg dear lizzy blog | Wilna Furstenburg dear lizzy blog | Wilna Furstenburg dear lizzy blog | Wilna Furstenburg dear lizzy blog | Wilna Furstenburg

Fall feathers that pop!

dear lizzy blog| Amy Yingling
Fall doesn’t necessarily mean that the colors have to be dull and muted. These cards have just the right amount of pop! Wouldn’t they be perfect for a place setting at Thanksgiving dinner?(Include a name instead of thanks…) Or have these little “thanks” ready to show your gratitude. They are 2″x3″ when folded which qualifies as being adorable in the card making world.

I love fall, I love feathers and I can’t stop watercoloring. So today I am sharing a little combination of my favorites.dear lizzy blog| Amy Yingling

I was so excited to find a new use for the adorable dear lizzy dies.

Die cut and folded in half the large scallop die makes the perfect little mini cards. So fun, so easy… and the perfect little gift to have on hand. With a few easy steps you can make these too.

1.  Using white card stock and large scallop die – die cut and fold in half.
2.  Watercolor a small area on the center of the card
3. Die cut and watercolor the little feathers
4. layer with gold thread and glue to card front
5. Add a greeting using a simple thanks from the Silhouette library.

dear lizzy blog| Amy Yingling

dear lizzy blog| Amy Yingling
guestdesigner amy

dear lizzy
 dear lizzy die cuts SBC_ac-366609_0 watercolors

Love You Etc

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One of my favorite scrappers that I’ve known over the years via the double-u-double-u-double-u tagged me in a Q&A blog tour. Thanks Stephanie Howell! She sent over some questions to answer then I get to tag some peeps… and the fun just doesn’t stop.

        1. What am I working on right now?
Crafting-ADD is a real problem and I have it. So usually I am working on a few different projects. Currently putting together a grateful journal, gathering items for a December mini book and some other secrets things that I am excited to share sometime soon. But I have wrapped up two new Dear Lizzy lines. One will release in the next couple weeks (don’t quote me on that ;) and another at the January CHA show. They are so completely different from each other and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. 
2. How long does it take me to create a project?
The days of spending endless hours on a diy, scrap page, mini book or project have changed for me. I spend about an hour or two on a layout in my Studio Calico gallery and it depends on the other projects. I love to sit and watch movies while I work on something if they take a bit longer. I can’t just sit there-I have to be making something. Does anyone else do this? I seriously tried to learn to knit for this purpose. But failed tremendously. Twice.
3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
Paper, paper, paper has always been one of my fave products. I love mixing patterns and color. I’ve been experimenting more with writing with brushes +ink and right now you’ll find watercolor on everything.
dear lizzy blog

  4. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
This is a tricky question because I don’t think I ever stay inspired completely… I often wander off into The Land of Rut… scared that I will never return. But somehow I find my way back. Here are a few things that came to my mind that help me get inspired:
-Music. Music is big for me. If I have some good music playing I can get going and in the zone faster. It ranges from happy-indie to dance-hip hop. I will dance around and get excited.
-But if I need more inspiration than music. Then I look for inspiration on Pinterest, magazines, Instagram, fashion and photography sites. I am looking for anything to spark an idea. Like color schemes, an ad or catchy phrase, a texture or pattern in fashion or a cool technique to try.
-Photos are crucial in my scraping process… I can’t design a layout then find a photo. The page is built around the photo. So if I print out photos and see the story I want to tell then I can move onto the next steps. I find that choosing the colors, design & title are much easier.
-Push myself. I have to push myself to try new things or I get bored and then uninspired. The hard part is that I don’t have a lot of time for creative exploration so these might include simple, new ways to use my Silhouette diecut machine and other products. This helps me to get excited. If I’m excited then pieces fall into place effortlessly. Don’t be afraid to make something you don’t like in the process. You’ll find some mistakes that turn out pretty cool in the end.

dear lizzy blog

-Another aspect to being inspired that might sound completely random for some people, I have to be happy to create. Not rainbows-and-sunshine-perfectly happy. Sheesh, I would never make anything… but just not way down. Does that make sense? : ) I tend to obsess so when I am worried and stressed it consumes all my thoughts thus leaving no room for ideas and I am paralyzed creatively. I do have pages with private journaling about challenging times but those are few and far between. For the most part, the events and instances I focus on are everyday moments. That being said, it is difficult for me to create if I am extremely down about something in my life. So I have to focus on the parts that are good and positive. The plus side is, this helps me in other areas of my life besides creativity coming easier. I try to make mental gratitude lists and focus on wonderful things around me.
With some family drama that surrounded our extended family, I have been taking time to do meditation. It helped me tremendously to not dwell on others’ problems that I can’t control and lighten my load of worries that I tend to carry around. Kelly Howell‘s brain sync products are incredible. And whoa, I went way off topic.
-Just start. Whether we are happy or sad… in a rut… or just plain lazy watching Netflix—-just start creating something. Even something small. Soon we’ll see we’ve always had our crazy awesome mojo we just needed to get it moving. So turn on some tunes and get started.
6. What is my signature style? I’ve been trying to figure this out for years. I guess I could call it Bright and Simple. That’s lame though!! I have no clue. Help me out… ; )
7I am tagging Anna Marie Wolniak/Suzy Plantamura/Tim Holtz/Kelly Purkey & YOU please play along and leave a comment/link if you do. Answer the above questions by next Monday.
Shirt: We Blow Kisses Photos: Collin Kartchner
xo, Lizzy

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Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

dear lizzy blog
Post-church operation to clean up this blasted studio space. I know it doesn’t look that messy… but what you can’t see are the piles on every single surface. I am the queen of putting off cleaning up by making piles. I already requested this on Instagram but, please send help! In the form of magical elves, Mary Poppins, or Tony Danza. I’m not picky. But preferably Tony from the Who’s The Boss years.

biancacash-throwkindnessJust purchased this print from an artist in Australia. I’m obsessed with the simplicity and playfulness. I want this one bad for my girls’ room. Santa, are you listening?

(Your face is pretty but your heart is golden.)
Recently Avery became very concerned about hair and clothes and she’s never been my fussy dresser. I could hand her anything to put on and she would wear it. Heck, she would wear her pjs all day and wouldn’t care one bit what anyone thought. Lola, on the other hand, has been very picky since she was two of what she is wearing. Pink, frilly, girly… and no matter what I suggest her to wear she refuses the first outfit every single time and says “yes” to the second or third one. I’m onto her sneaky ways. ; )
Every day when I am brushing their hair I try to sneak in my mom-advice and engrain in their minds that —it’s good to look nice but a smile and being kind is what’s most important.
bianca cash

dear lizzy blogThen there’s these two. Oh my, cutest stinkers.



When I have free time you better believe I am soaking up every second of it doing something I love. Two nights ago, I was well prepared for a bath after the kids went to bed. Equipped with the People Style magazine, the iPad charged to have a movie playing on Netflix & bubbles + essential oils for the bath. Oh, and don’t forget treats. I don’t mess around. Fast forward thirty minutes of pure bliss and in comes Collin, who just arrived home after a quick work trip, and crashes my party. Literally. He got in the bath fully clothed to give me a hug and make me laugh.  Quincey heard him arrive and was giggling watching at the door. Then he stayed in there for a bit-clothes and all. Seeing our bath is made for someone from the Lollypop Guild I let him enjoy my treat. Because as much I loved it–I loved a certain someone being home even more.

It’s a bonus when work mixes with free-time-fun, isn’t it?  Like putting together my Studio Calico pages each month. Even though the luxury of endless hours on a page are long gone now that I went from 0 to 4 kids in the blink of an eye… and all my kids just get into my stuff because I don’t have a luxurious craft room and they ruin everything because they like to make stuff too and bother me… somehow I still enjoy it immensely. ha.
Check out some of my recent pages at SC here.
Here are some sneaks for the kits this month!



studio calico sneaks


Studio Calico KIT

Fluttery Favor Boxes

Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg
These butterfly boxes would be darling for a birthday party or any fun event you have coming up. Sneak a treat or a little prize inside and you are ready to fly.
My girls would hold onto one of these boxes and carry it around in their bag or purse everywhere they go. Pretty sure I’d find a lost tooth, lucky rock, coins, treasures they find on my dresser or hand drawn notes inside. Sometimes I try to put things like these boxes aside and save it for them in their memory box and sometimes I let them just enjoy it. i.e.: destroy it. wink winkDear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg

Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna FurstenburgDear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna FurstenburgDear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg

I used my Silhouette to cut out a few sheets of butterflies, changing the sizes with each different paper I used. Find the butterfly cut file in my shop! I used some of the Dear Lizzy Red polkadot vellum too! Once I cut all the butterflies, I layered them and stapled them together.
Next, I took 9 little jewelry boxes that I bought from Michaels and decorated the tops with different patterned paper, Tissue paper, Tulle, Mini pom-pons (I found these at Michaels too and adhered them with a dot of hot glue) also add some ribbons. Lastly I adhered a butterfly to the top. These are perfect for gifts, party favors and so much more.  -Wilna


Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg


Kraft: every color’s BFF

dear lizzy blog/ amy yingling
For someone who loves color and pops of white it’s funny that kraft is one of my favorite papers to create with. Honestly it’s pretty blah, I mean, how cute are different tones of the color brown? But kraft is an exception because it is perfect to mix & match with gold, bright colors, even black and kraft play well together. It is basically the BFF to every color of the rainbow.
It even makes wrapping gifts effortless. Around Christmas I pick up a whole roll at Xpedx to stamp, embellish and layer with all sorts of goodies. Mixes in perfect with the brightly colored wrapped gifts. dear lizzy blog/ amy yingling

Here’s Amy to share this cute box she put together with Dear Lizzy products….

“With kraft as the base I love to layer lots of threads, ribbons and sequins. For this little gift today I added a little paper rosette using some of the papers from Dear Lizzy Daydreamer collection. The colors are great for a little party. Then I layered it up with a cute label and the wood piece from the clothespins.
Use those rosettes for the cute addition to a wood skewer. You can stick them in a plant, present, cake or donut. Gifts from the heart don’t need to be lavish. It seems the things I love the most are simply thoughtful and the cuter the better, right? Enjoy!”

guestdesigner amy

dear lizzy blog/ amy yingling

SBC_ac-366786_0  SBC_ac-366640_0dear lizzy

Zing! Wow! Spark! DIY Thickers

monogrammed tags
Have you ever used DIY Thickers before?
It’s a sticker on both sides of the letters and numbers… so you stick it down and then peel the front off the sticker. Then add any glitter, wow! zing! or spark! to customize it however your colorful heart desires.
monogrammed tags

I put together some monogrammed tags to grab when I need something quick. Which seeing that sometimes I’m running around with my head cut off, I am hoping I appreciate my preparedness in the future when I am wrapping a gift at the last minute.monogrammed tags
Even using the embossing powder without embossing it worked great. It’s such a fine powder that it sticks perfect to DIY Thickers.

monogrammed tags

monogrammed tags


SBC_ac-53372_0 SBC_ac-366605_1 SBC_ac-366640_0




Trust Your Heart

Looking through my library of photos I realized I hadn’t shared a few details of Avery’s baptism luncheon from a few months ago. And since you know I love any excuse to hang lights and crepe paper from our tree, I thought I’d better rescue these pics from the forever-forgotten-folders on my computer never to see the light of day again.
There were so many preparations for this special day. Beyond the flowers, cake, photos and programs we spent time reading and discussing what it means to be baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with Avery because it’s ultimately her choice.
I was so proud of her decision and although she’s only eight, I am grateful for the integrity, accountability and strength she is already striving to develop and learn about. Such important qualities she will need as she continues to grow older. Because clearly she’s not listening to my constant demands to stop growing up.
Since I wanted this day to be different from the many other family parties we’ve hosted in our backyard I rented tables, chairs and linens. I had a vision of us all eating together on one long table to celebrate her special day. And thank goodness family drama between parents and exes were put aside… even the weather cooperated perfectly too.
The favors were 4×6 pieces of wood that I painted the sides and adhered a photo of Avery on one side and Come Unto Christ print (from Etsy) on the other. Also, carnations and thank you tags on each plate.


Programs and floral crown I put together.
If anyone is interested you may read more about the LDS church here: lds.org Or even email me.








More of Ave… because I love these pics.
LDS baptism photo
lds baptism photo web

extra sweet envelopes

dear lizzy productsFabric bags are one of my fave go-tos for gift giving and filling with trinkets and thoughtful treasures. Then decorating the outside is the icing on the cake. And these bags by Wilna are everything sweet.


A long time ago, I bought these drawstring bags and finally got a chance to fancy them up.
First, I painted the little bags with acrylic paint and let the paint dry. Next, I stamped with my Dear Lizzy Stamps and embellished with Dear Lizzy fringe, sequins, clothespins.
Next, I used my Silhouette to cut the envelopes that fold down to the center. Inside I made invitations (they are 2×3). Fold and slide into the bags. I also punched a little tag and added the initial with Dear Lizzy thicker of every person invited to their invitation on a tag.

dear lizzy products OcIdEtIfj8HHW9_SaEmtIgssJuJUSDrLkrp__TD8IU8 dear lizzy products dear lizzy products- dear lizzy products dear lizzy products dear lizzy products



dear lizzy stamp silhouette  dear lizzy products Dear Lizzyfabric bags