Cheerfully Clad

Yesterday was ‘one of those days’ or I guess the whole week was. I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t have motivation for much at all. Just blah… such blah-ness has lingered around more than normal recently. Not sure if it’s a combination of staying up too late and exercising more. Collin keeps blatantly pointing out, “You’re a mom of four crazy, active kids.” Good point.
Well, somehow I had this bizarre inspiration that a cheap trip to Dollar Store for yellow, floating faces could lift my sprits. We tied them to random cars and places throughout our town. Hopefully it got someone to smile who needed some extra cheer.



Roll of hearts

dear lizzy gold hearts

These happy, gold hearts are part of my Fine and Dandy collection that will start shipping between April 7-10th. YAY! (cue confetti) The hearts come on a roll including 25 in the package. You can use them as wall decor in your home or your shop. They are also a great addition to your craft supplies for scrapbook pages, cards, project life and even DIY projects. Really the ideas are endless for these cuties.
The last week or so I ambushed my craft supplies and ordered 5 cabinets for my craft room. Getting organized is my favorite domestic drug of choice. I’m so excited! If I could only decide on a counter top. I was looking at this cool white/grey marble one but I didn’t know if it looked cheesy. So I am debating between a white, faux wood and a glossy, light belize blue. Ugh! I can’t decide… what do you think? For now I have this gigantic white board covering part of them.

dear lizzy gold hearts

dear lizzy gold hearts

The Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy Project Life Core Kit is already making it into the hands of creatives in Australia. This pic is from the fabulous Aimee! (Aimee_Dow on Instagram)
You can find this darling, colorful and must-have core kit in most Spotlight stores right now in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore.
In the US it will be available around mid-April at Hobby Lobby! I’m dying to get my hands on it. Jealous of all you crafty friends who are already digging in. You guys, you need this one! ; )
dear lizzy project life fine and dandy

Caught red-bagged errr I mean red-handed. Not only did we clean out the office but somehow managed to clear out a bag of Doritos too. Myles was a big help (rolls eyes). But he loves to be in on the action. No matter what I am doing he is right there by me. I saw him the other day trying to add the dish wash soap to the dishwasher. Wow, he is really paying attention too.
(Next month is his second birthday. Pass me the tissues.) Sobbing
dear lizzy gold hearts

Bunny Brownies

bunny brownies

Sunday afternoon smelled like heaven after baking some yummy bunny brownies. We used the Wilton bunny treat mold to make that sweet silhouette. Waiting for brownies to cool definitely tests my patience but pays off in the end. Plus, I always  a c c i d e n t a l l y  leave some batter in the bowl. hehe
Just wanted to share this simple spring-time twist to one of our family favorites.

For the treat bag I embellished with Dear Lizzy tag stickers, patterned paper and the *coming soon* DIY Diecut Bow Set. The bow set is shipping the beginning of April to stores and your go-to online shops so watch out for that. It’s a must-have to add to your product collection! I know, I know, you’ve got so much stuff. But trust me. I seem to be using it on everything. “Put a bow on it” should definitely be a new crafting slogan. ; )

bunny brownies

bunny brownies

dear lizzy products
 dear lizzy products  41--tSmM2pL

Eleventh Avenue

eleventh Avenue
Just wanted to share one of my favorite places to snag a good deal with trendy style– Eleventh Avenue, which you may remember as Groop Dealz.
Eleventh Avenue is a handpicked boutique marketplace with so much to love! I am so excited to share this shop with you because not only can you save up to 70% off on clothing, home décor and children’s items but you can also connect with those around you.
New features include saving items that you love for later, creating collections of your favorite products and you can now share products with your besties. Below are some of my favorite products that are currently available. I missed a couple swimming suits that came with matching swim caps a few days ago for my girls. Dang I’m so bummer… so snag something you like quick since the sales are quick!

My girls would love these egg shaped lip balms (6.99) or polka dot Teepee tent for Easter (50% off)!
eleventh avenue eleventh avenue eleventh avenue  eleventh avenueeleventh avenue eleventh avenue  eleventh avenue eleventh avenueeleventh avenue eleventh avenue

Mint or pink pleated skirt is darling or polka dot trimmed tunic
5 packs of washi tape for 11.99 |Mint and Gold pillow |Initial charm necklaces perfect for Mother’s Day gifts are 50% off (only 7.99) | I just snagged a new sheet set for myself at a crazy good deal.
Also, this pineapple wrap dress is one of their best sellers and looks so comfy and stylish. You’re bound to find something for an upcoming gift or something special for Mother’s Day at Eleventh Avenue





Watering The Flowers

dear lizzy blog

There are definitely signs of spring happening outside. Yesterday on a walk with Lola and Quincey we each picked a couple handfuls of tiny flowers. Quincey wanted to make something with them but we watered the flowers and washed their toesies instead.
dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

claw foot tub

dear lizzy blog
This shelf is from Target and most of the stuff inside I found from there too. The glass bottle and jar from Ikea. Still need to add something to the frame.

Surprisingly it’s been a couple months and this plant is still alive.
We actually bought plantation shutters for this window but I love the light that comes through and didn’t want to lose my window sill. This window is above everything around so no one can see in anyway plus we ordered white… do you think that would work with the black? Still trying to decide.
dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog


dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog
If you are looking into a claw foot tub after some online research I found Vintage Tub & Bath.
They have an incredible selection of tubs and faucets for the best price! Free shipping too.
Also if your husband is a handy man and wants to install it on his own Vintage Tub & Bath have some helpful Youtube videos for the process. We had a plumber come in and put together the faucet because we had to do some changes to our pipes anyway.
Remodeling our bathroom was quite the process and I regretted it the entire time until it was done. Now it’s one of my favorite places in our home. Still needs some decorating and finishing touches but we are enjoying the bright, freshness of it.

dear lizzy blog

One of the best things I did for our bath-time ritual was to designate a different color, monogrammed towel for each child. That way I know who left their towel on the ground and can hound the right kid. ; ) I noticed I am washing towels less and they are actually better at hanging them on their hook behind the bathroom door too. Found these at Pottery Barn Kids.

pottery barn towels

Rainy Day

March needed some sparkle so some fresh nails did the trick. Lola and I ran around outside in the rain while Myles took a nap and dad worked on the computer. We made it a whole block on our walk. Just far enough to find some puddles and dance.

Make sure you taste the air when you’re on an adventure!

rain boots

These frogs have been smiling up at me since Avery was a little puddle jumper.

rain boots


The next collection of Dear Lizzy products are shipping the first week of April. So excited!! Place your orders and make sure your favorite kit companies and stores are going to snag you something cute and colorful.

Getting Close

dear lizzy fine and dandy
Launching the new Fine and Dandy collection is getting super close. A couple of the must-have products to add to your list (and tell your fave stores to snag for you) include the Bow Dieset. I used all papers from the collection in the above pic. The patterns include confetti, flamingos, floral and polka dots.
Another must-have is this 52 list journal! Each week you will answer a thought provoking question and then you can spend the week thinking about it or jot down whatever comes to mind. There’s a page with each question that will have room to add a photo, doodle or keep it simple. I have some fun things in store for this little book. So stay tuned. We finished the design last summer and I’m excited that it’s about time to get one to all of you!

dear lizzy fine and dandy

Life at home is at its usual fast-pace where I struggle to keep up! Last weekend it was dance competition for Quincey and her team took 1st place with both of her routines. One they were dressed up like the darling sailors and the other pirates. Cutest ever! She practiced so hard and some days would go straight from school to dance. Proud momma moment.
dear lizzy blog

Pretending these animal gloves are puppets is why he keeps them on. We’ve had such a mild winter I was wondering if I should put all the snow gear back in storage. But now it’s been snowing all day so I think I jinxed it. dear lizzy blog


Paper Airplane Mobile


Today we have this awesome guest post from Ann-Marie

I love an elaborate project just as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics. For this DIY, I’m putting a modern twist on a grade school classic: paper airplanes!
To begin, I gathered a handful of patterned papers, baker’s twine, adhesive, and a sturdy branch.
Next, I trimmed the papers down to differing sizes and folded them into paper airplanes (this is a great tutorial:
From there, I chose my three favorite airplanes and punched a hole in each using a toothpick.
After all the holes were punched, I threaded a strand of baker’s twine through each airplane and knotted it to the branch.
Once all the airplanes were secured, I grabbed another string and tied it to each end of the branch so I could hang the mobile on a wall. This mobile is perfect for adding a playful touch to any room!


studio calico kits

Candy Colored Camera


Last week I gave away an Instax on my Instagram feed along with some Dear Lizzy products. (If you want to connect on Insta my username is @dearlizzy.) This little cutie posed for some pics. Did I mention at the top of her wish list for Christmas was Chuck Taylors? Actually she said black shoes with laces and stars on the side. haha Wha?! No Barbies or Calico Critters? Next stop: college.

pink instax

DIY/ Gold Foil Print

diy gold foil print
The new Minc by Heidi Swapp was one of my favorite new tools at CHA last month. It’s a foil applicator. Add foil effects to any of your projects. Seriously the “oohs and ahhs” never ended. And it’s true, when you pull the foil paper back after running through the machine you can’t help but be amazed and think you are some magician crafter.
The Minc will be available very soon! I wanted to share my first of many crafts I’ll make with it.
I saw a lip art print on Forever 21 and thought that would be fun to DIY and then I realized, I wonder if the kisses would work with gold foil? I gave it a go and I loved the result so I wanted to share.

diy gold foil print

A darling keepsake idea I saw on Pinterest for a Bridal shower is to have all the bridemaids smack their pucker on the paper then print it for everyone. I want to make a smaller version of this with my sisters for my bathroom.

diy gold foil print

diy gold foil print
1 Scan in your lip prints or a handwritten quote. Arrange in photoshop.
2 Print using a laser printer. I emailed mine to a local print shop and it was ready within the hour.
3 Choose what color reactive foil you want to use.
-Layer on top of the laser printed image and send through the Minc in the protective plastic.
-Done! So easy and the Minc will be available soon!

diy gold foil print

diy gold foil print

gold foil diy

dear lizzy blog | heidi swap mind


diy gold foil print  diy gold foil print
free download lip print

Try making your own or DOWNLOAD this pink lip print here. XOXO, Lizzy