37 thoughts on “MY PLAYLIST

  1. Kelly Kartchner

    I listened to your playlist Liz and I think your genre of Indie-Happy is right on. Was really fun. Nothing better than music to lighten the heart and inspire the mind. Love you, Kelly

  2. Bobbie

    I never make time to put together playlists. I’m loving yours and you introduced me to some new artists. This is the best gift! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Colleen

    I can’t get the playlist to load….any tricks anyone?
    I’ve listened before and LOVED it so. Thanks Lizzy!

  4. ivette

    Liz : Hi
    hope everything has been ging ok in your family. I want to know haw i can access your play list if it is still avialable. There is a girl with long blonde hair that sing beautiful but i do not remember her name. I want to get a CD from her but unfortunate I do not remember her name. Maybe you can help me on this. I live in P.R. were not to many amaerican singers are popular. thanks, Ivete

    1. Kristi

      Me too. I literally go to Lizzy’s site for my crafting or relaxing music, not my iTunes. Now even when I click on the link Lizzy posted above, it doesn’t come up.
      Maybe I need to upgrade something. πŸ™ super sad.

  5. Emma kemmis

    Hi, can’t get the playlist as says is only available in USA. Any chance of at least listing who the artists are? Indie happy sounds just like what I want. Ta

  6. Rachael

    Lizzy could you update link or point me into the direction of your music link? This one is not working and you have totally fab taste in music ; )

  7. Ellen Franks

    I have been following you for years. I am amazed and so happy to see such beautiful children you have. They are all so distinct from each other yet they look so much alike. Thank you for the giveaway. I would truly enjoy adding to my Dear Lizzy collections. I really appreciate every word you put on your blog. It is the highlight of my day.

    Bless all of you.

  8. elaine bieman


    i can’t listen to the playlist because i’m canadian. Maybe if you could just have a copy of the songs available and i’ll just listen to them on you -tube. thanks.

  9. Denise Kerut

    I can’t access your list either! I used to listen straight from your blog , but no longer! I miss it ! Please help! thanks!

    1. Gabriella

      I listened to it directly from her blog too. I really wish she would post the playlist. I can’t remember any names. I’ve read through all the posts and she hasn’t given any clues. I’m still waiting.

  10. Ashley

    I had a cd of music that I had downloaded years ago . All of the songs came from artists on your playlist. I have lost the cd. I loved listening to the music to relax and especially on rainy days. I can not remember the names so I came here hoping I could find your playlist but it will not let me pull it up. Please help!!

  11. Ashley

    Or maybe just recommend some artists? I remember ingred michaelson was one but that’s as far as I get.. πŸ™‚

  12. Megan Gerrity

    I cant access it either – would you mind just listing the songs and I can head to you tube. I would like some Indie happy music!

  13. Gabriella

    Please put out a list of your playlist. It is no longer available and I can’t remember who the artists were. Thank you in advance!


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