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Christmas Eve Pajama Party

Since the actual Christmas Eve can get busy with family we celebrated early with a breakfast. Including liege waffles topped with strawberries and cream from our favorite Waffle Love! Divine!!!

We also wrote letters to Santa and Rudolph, made Gingerbread houses and baby jesus ornaments (I’ll share those pics next).
Also matching American Girl doll pajamas. The pjs are from Kohl’s. I don’t know how much longer they will enjoy playing with their dolls and I could barely find a size that would fit Avery. She’s tall for her age and wears like 10-12 and that’s usually when they stop making matchy doll stuff.
This was so fun! Just some candy cane stripe details and a minty table cloth to tie it all together.

LA9A2893LA9A2925b LA9A2941b

LA9A2830 LA9A2825 LA9A2828 LA9A2833 LA9A2835 LA9A2844 LA9A2835 LA9A2977 LA9A3012 LA9A3014
Santa and Rudolph letters from Carravan Shoppe

Myles loves to get right in on the action with his sisters!
LA9A3043b LA9A3038b LA9A2858bLA9A3067Merry Christmas Eve friends!

Pancake Pops

pancake pops

It’s a pants-optional pancake-pop kind of morning.
The best part about summer, for me, is not having the morning rush to get everyone out the door with matching socks and a quick brush of the bed head. This morning was quiet and we had no plans so we made some pancake pops! A cute twist to a breakfast favorite that I spotted on Pinterest and knew my girls would eat right up.
Add some sprinkles to the batter on the pan for some extra cool mom points.

pancake pops

I used straws but if the pancakes don’t get eaten fairly soon (saw like 30 mins) the straws start to get floppy, just like when you are drinking from them. So I would use popsicle sticks or plastic straws to make sure they stay cute the longest.

Then little brother wanted a pic too. If he wasn’t holding a pancake, I promise his hand would be on his hip and if he hadn’t just woke up I promise he would have a frilly princess skirt on. Notice the popped knee… he’s definitely a little boy with three older sisters.

6-15 blog

Pic of pancake pops: via this pin

pancake pops


That green holiday: Snack & Craft

St Patricks day craft

As much as I love jello, apples & Shrek it’s typically not the first color I reach for when creating… with the exception of anytime between March 1st-March 17th. Then I’m all about it. Such a cheerful color.
Here’s a quick snack to make with your kids then package them up and deliver to your friends or loved ones. All you need are pretzels, chocolate, m&m’s and you’ve got yourself an edible shamrock. Definitely good luck if you eat a few of these.

St Patricks day craft

Once the chocolate cools & hardens pop them in a bag for special deliveries.
I am including a download for the file I used to die cut the shamrock confetti, shamrocks and “you’re my end of the rainbow” phrase. I loved Oh So Pretty’s printable & did my own spin with die cutting.
The bottom left kraft bag was embossed with my Dear Lizzy embossing folder the pennant banner design is cheerful. Then I added “LUCKY” with Dear Lizzy thickers & last a Studio Calico gold heart.
Glassine envelopes or bags are something that I always try to have on hand for fun occasions.

st patricks day craft

St Patricks day craft

St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day essential scrapbooking supplies

thickers gold hearts dear lizzy embossing folderkraft bags

If you want a free download of the cutable file I used to make the shamrock confetti, shamrock cutouts for bags and the “you’re my end of the rainbow” then download here from Dropbox. It’s a file to use with Silhouette. I have never done this before so let me know how it works. Or if it doesn’t work. : ) I can email it to anyone too.  xo, Lizzy

I like you

Yesterday we woke up to the sound of the rain and thought, this looks like a great day to stay in our pajamas all. day. long. So we did.
We cuddled in my bed and watched movies on my laptop then only got up to make cookies. Love note cookies for daddy to be exact. ♡

These alphabet cookie cutters are my favorite. I used them for Lola’s birthday party last year. Since her name is short I spelled it numerous times and the kids had fun decorating the letters.

Birthday Party Pow-wow

Thanks for your emails, messages and reaching out to me during my blogging hiatus! I’ll share more thoughts soon but I just needed a break after working on my next Dear Lizzy collection and a book. I sure missed you!  xoxo, Lizzy

A Birthday party pow-wow came about for one reason. I wanted to make a tee-pee! Avery was thrilled for the idea because one of her favorite movies is Peter Pan and she insisted on being Tiger Lily & she knew there would be cake involved.
Here are some of the details:
-Chocolate dipped huge marshmallows topped with rock candy (nerds), gold rock sprinkles, grated cookies etc
-Jars with diecut lids and striped straws
-An arrangement of mini succulents each in a pot then in an wood Ikea candle holder
-Felt Fox stuffed toys for favors
-Made my own arrows with wood, washi tape, and felt
-A pretty plant from Home Depot. The leaves reminded me of feathers.
-Burlap Tablecloth
-Dip dyed bags with favors




THE CAKE: was my favorite part! I found a local cake extraordinaire and I told her what I wanted. Chevron stripes, flowers and make even a fox somewhere. It turned out amazing. It’s called Piece of Cake. Do you like the little pokes in the frosting from anxious, drooling indians?





What I used to display the Roasted Marshmallows (chocolate dipped mallows) A canister that I spray painted and filled with white beans. Wrapped with fabric and added a diecut feather from Silhouette and a real feather with yarn. You can also see the diecut jar lids and straws.

Her headdress was so fun!
I cut a piece of felt. Sewed some vintage lace at the top and elastic in the back. Put washi tape around some pasta noodles and some string. Added feathers inside the noodles and along the felt.

Birthday Sundae Toppings

We kept it pretty simple for my birthday this year since Collin likes to go over the top but it was a nice, low-key night… He planned on watching an outdoor movie but it was kinda cold… instead we just hung out and enjoyed ice cream sundaes!


Family came over and we ate Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes, I think there were over 40 cupcakes total and every single one was a*mazing!  Even though it is my birthday I had fun putting together these little bowls and stamped wood spoons.


Cherries, Crushed Butterfinger, Crushed Mint Oreos, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Caramel, Hot Fudge
On another plate we had Diced almonds, Crushed Pretzels and Sprinkles.

I used regular ink and some tiny alphabet stamps I’ve had for ages then stamped on the ends of the wood spoons. Spoons are from Orson Gygi in Salt Lake.

What would you top your ice cream with? I was allllllll about the caramel, almonds and whip cream!

Macaron Magic

How awesome is Collin to not only hang out with us girls all night… but film a little movie of all the fun!

It’s still unknown if I invited myself to this baking night or not but when you hear something splendid your ears perk up.

Macaron magic is what I witnessed on Saturday night because Miss Mercedes has some tricks up her sleeve for making the perfect macaron. She showed us how, then gave us the reigns and we split into groups and set to work. She was so great at explaining even our batches were beautiful. Sometimes I think that this cookie is too cute to eat but then I remember that, no matter what a cookie looks like, I will eat it.

It was a quite the delectable night with these darling ladies:

Our host for the night was Shelley of The House of Smiths & isn’t her home cheery?//Jen of Tatertots and Jello//Amy of The Idea Room//Lara of Less Cake More Frosting//Elizabeth of Dear Lizzy//Emily of Ruffling Feathers / Bijou Market//Mercedes White of Mercedes Macarons will be selling her macarons, pre-made mixes, and classes like Saturday’s, this weekend (18-19) at Bijou Market along with 50 other amazing vendors at Southworth Hall in Provo. The following weekend (26) will be Bijou Market’s first ever market in Salt Lake as well. Hope to see you this weekend! I will be there with bells on.

I wasn’t kidding…

I wasn’t kidding about the snow we woke up to on Tuesday. The only 2 people left smiling in our home were Q&A. Oh, make that three including the pumpkin with his blingin’ tooth.

Thank goodness it melted in a few hours.
Your costume suggestions were great. I think we figured out what we are going to be… just need to pick up a couple pieces for it.

Some of you might remember the costume cookies I posted about last year for Halloween. I am preparing some roll-out sugar cookie dough again so we can make these with our cousins tomorrow. I used a knife and hand-cut designs & then pushed in some sucker sticks before baking them.

As if sugar cookies couldn’t get any better in my eyes, Cookie magazine tempts me into making costume cookies for Halloween! I love this idea because, hey, I love any excuse to eat frosting
and I like being a dork. Which is how you feel when you make your husband hold up a mustache cookie while you hold up a scary tooth cookie.
After doing a little research I need to order these cookie cutters for next year:

cookie confession

Let me just start with a confession about how I’ve been tremendously unambitious lately. To the point of sheer boredom. ha. No scrapbooking or crafting. In fact, the closest I’ve gotten to anything remotely creative was unfolding a perfectly neat pile of fabric to start on a quilt, only to fold the pieces back up into a much less pretty pile.

Although we did manage to make some cookies today… that should count for something right? And we had no problem eating them up too. Surely there’s something creative to be said for that. heeheee. 😉

But tomorrow’s a new day and there’s something in the air this brisk, fall night that has me anxious to design with the new Dear Lizzy Christmas & Enchanted lines.
Actually, this is the opportune time to test my cure for a creative rut checklist. I’ll let you know how that goes…