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Beautiful Boy: video

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.00.02 AM.png
Last week we watched Mr. Peabody & Sherman for the first time. It’s a darling movie for kids. I love the message. In the movie you’ll hear a song by John Lennon called ‘Beautiful Boy.’ I adore this song and somehow I’d never heard it before. My dad was a huge Beatles fan, especially Paul McCartney and John Lennon. I mean,  he made sure I knew what good music was. So it surprised me that I’d never heard Beautiful Boy before. One night, Quincey asked if I’d sing it to her while she fell asleep. Then when everyone was asleep I wanted to see if there was a slower version, like a lullaby maybe. That’s when I found the Ben Harper version. Ben Harper ‘Forever’ is one of my favorite songs so I was excited to hear his version of Lennon’s classic. I literally couldn’t go to sleep and listened to it over and over as images and moments of our days with Myles flickered through my mind. As soon as I woke up the next morning, and the next couple days, I followed him around to capture him at this fleeting age. Then I put together this little video so I have something to curl up in a ball with a box of tissues and watch while I ball my eyes out someday when he’s all grown up. Kidding. Kind of.
I was debating whether to post this video or not… but decided that his smile begs to be shared.
View below or click here

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Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.53.38 AM.png Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.48.29 AM.pngScreen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.50.33 AM.png


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BEAUTIFUL BOY video here xo, Lizzy


Instax Share Review

instax share

Because I am loving my Instax Share printer I thought I filmed and put together a quick review of how it works and what I love about it.
It’s really easy to set up and I am loving the result of the photos compared to my camera. Definitely awesome to get to choose the photo. Though, of course, I still love my Instax mini camera.
Click here to watch or press pay below.
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instax share review

instax share

instax share review

INSTAX share // B&H Photo INSTAX share 

instax share printer
 instax filminstax share case instax share printer

Color Theory Project

studio calico color theory

studio calico color theory

Being color obsessed myself this was a fun project to work on.
Studio Calico asked my husband and I to make a video to showcase the colors of their new line of products-Color Theory and the many uses for their vibrant stamp pads. I was thrilled for the challenge! While Collin worked the camera gear I styled and gathered cute + colorful items.
Working with my babe and seeing him in his element is always fun for me… and I only got on his nerves a couple times. ; )
Honestly, I really love these stamp pads. You can watercolor using a water brush. If  you water brush over an existing stamped image it doesn’t bleed. The colors are also so vibrant and happy. They also have coordinating embellishments which make the process effortless when creating. Used them on my Stamping With Erasers Project.
See entire Color Theory Collection Here

Check out the video below and sorry if the song gets stuck in your head all day…

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studio calico kits

How To: Letterpress With Lace

Letterpress with Lace-1


You might remember me gushing about my the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress machine I was having all kinds of crafty fun with? Well, the Letterpress Love hasn’t wavered. So I put together a  video sharing hands on clips of how it works.

You can use any diecut roller machine but need the Lifestyle Crafts platform and other supplies. The paint lasts quite a while because you only need a very small amount.
Also, the video includes a cool technique for letter pressing with lace. Tina is the genius who showed me you could press with fabric for the Studio Calico class I contributed to and the result is purdy!! Letterpress is such a rad craft to learn and have fun with.


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Check out the video and here it is on YouTube if you want to subscribe to the Dear Lizzy Channel I just started. Happy Monday!

Try Letterpressing and using a water brush with watercolors or mists to color in parts of the image. The Letterpress paper is thick and is great for using all different mediums.

Collin Kartchner Studios: Filmed the shots of letter pressing & painting on glass.
Dear Lizzy: Art Direction, Edited, Type, Filmed product hand shots.

favorite supplies

letterpress letterpress alphabet letterpress kit letterpress kit SCLetterpressKits-2 letterpress plate letterpress_deer inky_roller

xo, Lizzy


How To: Letterbox (my new hobby)

During a recent meeting at American Crafts, Erik, one of the awesome designers told us about Letterboxing. I had never heard of this. Stamping? Treasure hunt? Books? It was on like Donkey Kong!
The next day I went on the website ( and found the nearest Letterboxes. There is typically a neat story as to why the person planted their box at that spot, and some clues of how to find it. Next grab your stamp, book, ink pad and the clues and you’re off to find the Letterbox.
One of them was hidden at a historic home in our small town that I pass a couple times a day. The clues led us to look behind loose bricks by the front porch. Inside we found a hand-carved stamp and a book full of other peoples stamps and tag-names. It was kind of scary how giddy I was about all this. My girls love it too. Especially Quincey. We have tried a couple places but the boxes were gone… dang muggles. Muggles: People who stumble across the letterbox and take it. (See look how dorky I am!)
There are letterboxes all over the country. I am sure there are some near you. You can also hide your own.

Would you want to Letterbox with me?? I want to put together a traveling letterbox via the mail. Remember Shades of Summer? The thing is, it only works if you guys keep it going. Leave a comment if you are interested.


I put together this video of our recent adventures!  VIEW IT HERE or play below.


Myles’ Birth (Video)

Collin made a video of Myles’ birth and I had to share. I love it something fierce.
With this simple yet moving video I can recall specific details of those tired, blurry & beautiful newborn moments. Collin adds another creation to the list of things-I-would-run-and-grab-if-our-house-were-on-fire. Thank goodness it’s online… but I probably would still end up racing out the door with the 27″ iMac in my clutches, just to be safe.

M Y L E S     I love the flashbacks of before Myles was born…  thinking about what we were thinking just a short five months ago. How our family was growing… and to have a little boy…! All the unknown. How things would change. Now his personality is shining through and it’s like he’s always been here.
When he finished this little video, before our family dinner on Sunday, he walked away from the computer with his eyes all sparkly with tears… I knew it was a good one.




A Little Girl & Her Bear (Video)

A Little Girl & Her Bear

Lola & Tuque are best friends. This is them everyday-the only difference is I filmed their meaningful connection. I want to start making more videos and directing a dog and two year old is tricky! Neither of them want to listen unless there are treats involved. That’s why I just let them do their thing. I had to capture how much she adores him and how patient he is with her.

Honestly though, the main reason I put this vid together was for my husband. Some days he misses scenes of our wacky life and I wanted to show him just how much love Tuque gets on a daily. It was fun to sit him down in front of the computer, put his headphones on and press play. Hopefully this will make up for the times I’ve complained about our cuddly bear. ; )

VIEW HERE or click play below.


Whatever this is not me…

Collin emailed me this video this morning and I needed the laugh. “… and all my sweaters are snagged… I mean all of them.”
Even though I immediately replied saying, “whatever this is not me!” ; )
I don’t think I have ever gotten bugged at Collin trying to “fix” things but I definitely don’t stop until I feel validated… ! haha



Dear Lizzy: Selphy Printer Video

In December an Instagram friend, Lexi, posted a pic of her printer and how she was printing from her phone. I was on a mission to find a photo printer with those capabilities but wasn’t having much luck. Excited to try it out, I forwarded the info to Santa. Dear Santa, Please get me the Canon Selphy CP900 printer…
Since I was a good girl and all, when Christmas rolled around I unwrapped my new toy. Fast forward a couple months and I am finally getting around to playing with it, and I must say, it’s really fun!

This past weekend, I followed my Avery around & filmed her. For some reason she likes to set up her toys and take pics of them. Or her and Q love to sneak my phone and take funny pictures and videos on it. Then I showed her how easy it is to print her photos directly from my iphone.

(Follow the Canon Selphy instruction manual and it’s pretty quick set up. I just had to make sure that my phone and the printer were on the exact same wireless network. At first it wouldn’t work because one of them was on our guest wireless network. Otherwise it was easy.)
You need two apps you’ll see in the video: Canon iepp & if you want to print two Instagrams on one 4×6 paper you’ll use a collage app like PicFrame with the 3:2 ratio option and save the collage to your photo library then print.
Instagram lovers will appreciate this printer because it encourages us to get our photos off our phones and on display.  This makes me so excited for taking it on our trip next month too since it’s very compact.

If the video doesn’t show up below CLICK HERE See my other videos on vimeo

Song: Katie Herzig
Dear Lizzy: film, edit, text
Collin Kartchner Studios: film printing shots and edits

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for watching! xo, Lizzy



just in time… Happy Love Day video

We had a blast making valentines one afternoon and thought these homemade valentines were a perfect way to spread some love. Quincey was so darling running around with us making her deliveries. She really enjoyed hanging with mommay & daddy and being our star of the show.
I especially loved when she yelled, “It’s for Austin Moon!” When I asked who her valentine was for.
Click here to view a Happy Love Day message for you! Video posted just in time since V-day is almost over…

xo, Lizzy