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Fringe Boxes DIY

Valentine DIY Boxes
Tiny heart boxes with tiny mini books inside and a tiny bear holding tiny ice cream cones in a tiny bowtie is just too much to handle. Getting a jumpstart on the gushy love holiday and not just because I get to sneak the cinnamon hearts all day now. Although that is a plus! Here’s some pics and a short video to share! Lots of new Dear Lizzy goodies that will be available soon! including the arrow paperclip, “top notch” prize ribbon with epoxy brad, pink and red polka dot paper and word stickers.
Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes

heart boxValentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes

Valentine DIY Boxes

Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes

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View the video here if you are not able to see it above. The ad on the video is for the music so just click it off for now until I fix it.
As I was snapping a few quick pics of these darling fringe boxes for Valentine’s Day also filmed some clips of the process for a short video. My daughter loves to “help” me with everything and filling the boxes with treats was a great way for her to join in. This video was completely spontaneous and I hope you enjoy! And subscribe to my YouTube channel because I am planning on making more videos each month. xoxo

new dearlizzy

SBC_ac-369220_1 SBC_ac-370101_1SBC_ac-366181_1SBC_ac-370089_1 Dear LIzzy

All Boxed Up

cha dear lizzy

CHA starts with crates full of creative ideas shipped across the country or even the world then transforms the empty convention center into a crafter candy store. Pretty cool.
Collin surprised me after a long day with my favorite hippo cookies from Balboa Island. We first ate them at a family trip to Newport Beach and since then Collin and I have to stop and get some each trip. My friends even bring me some when they come to Utah or surprises me at the show. All for one of these colorful cuties!

hippo cookies

kelly purkey and maggie holmes

Lunch with Maggie & Kelly. Love both of their new collections and so thrilled for Kelly because I adore her work and it’s her first line with Basic Grey! Same with Amy Tan her new collection is rad.

As I said before, Myles and Jack stole the show! Suzy hates this pic below but I can’t help but love it. She’s become a great friend since the first Dear Lizzy release and I adore her. Glad she didn’t steal him. haha !unnamed-12

Here is a video from CHA where I share some of the new products from this release: Daydreamer. Collin came along and filmed it and did an awesome job! I love all the clips of the city and beach he got during the boy bonding moments with Myles. Watch the video here or click play>>
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PEACE out… ; )

favorite supplies

Daily Flash October Afternoon 3038187_928x468

Macaron Magic

How awesome is Collin to not only hang out with us girls all night… but film a little movie of all the fun!

It’s still unknown if I invited myself to this baking night or not but when you hear something splendid your ears perk up.

Macaron magic is what I witnessed on Saturday night because Miss Mercedes has some tricks up her sleeve for making the perfect macaron. She showed us how, then gave us the reigns and we split into groups and set to work. She was so great at explaining even our batches were beautiful. Sometimes I think that this cookie is too cute to eat but then I remember that, no matter what a cookie looks like, I will eat it.

It was a quite the delectable night with these darling ladies:

Our host for the night was Shelley of The House of Smiths & isn’t her home cheery?//Jen of Tatertots and Jello//Amy of The Idea Room//Lara of Less Cake More Frosting//Elizabeth of Dear Lizzy//Emily of Ruffling Feathers / Bijou Market//Mercedes White of Mercedes Macarons will be selling her macarons, pre-made mixes, and classes like Saturday’s, this weekend (18-19) at Bijou Market along with 50 other amazing vendors at Southworth Hall in Provo. The following weekend (26) will be Bijou Market’s first ever market in Salt Lake as well. Hope to see you this weekend! I will be there with bells on.

Made a video for my wife…(hijacked by Collin)

Hello people of Bloggertonville,
It’s me Collin. Most of you know me as “that guy with the slanted chin” or ‘Ricky the extra’ from the well-known documentary “Andre the Giant: We Barely Knew Thee”.
Well, we had a fire-sale of all our old camera gear and upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark Deaux from our Hasidic Jewish friends at B&H Photo in the City of York but Newer. As some of you know I shoot photos for phun and most the pics on this here blog are snapped by moi. I’m like a fat guy at a lunch buffet concealing his enthusiasm by saying, “Let’s see what we have here” about the fact that the new camera shoots 1080P high-def with 1.21 jiggawatts of power running a 6.7L 454-small block to the rotary gurter, i.e, it’s frickin awesome!
I made my first video with it this month. It’s kind of a story of my wife. And kids. I thought I’d share it. Shot up the canyon behind our house with a 35mm 1.4 lens and a home-made stabilizer (still a bit shaky but cool effect). Edited in plain old iMovie in a couple hours. If any of you local Utahns would like a similar family video, let me know. I’d trade 1000 photos for a 5 minute heart-warming video. Email me if you’re interested.
Liz means everything to me. She’s an incredible mother. A deep and special person. I wanted to capture a piece of that.

(If you watch it on it’s better quality: click HERE)

just for fun

When I got home from Vegas, Collin filmed a couple clips of video to show me how our new camera works. Just for fun I put it to music and tested out imovie. Thought I’d share it, but keep in mind that this was filmed on my tired-zombie day I previously mentioned. 😉
Happy trash day!
Oh, is it not your trash day today? Happy Wednesday then.

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