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Travel Art Kit & Journal

travel art kit
A week ago I decided it was time for a warm getaway for our family. It’s fun to be spontaneous & liven up the monotonous-ity of our routine.  It’s taken me days to get all the clothes packed for our village of children ; ) but it will be worth it! They deserve some undivided attention while Collin and I deserve some sunshine. Collin has been really busy working lately and usually the time we spend together is at the end of the day when we are exhausted. One of the kids lost our comcast remote so we usually just sit on the couch and talk about our days. He plays the ukulele and I fold some clothes or just find a late night snack. SO excited to have some time to play and have fun with our little family.
I loved the travel journals I put together for our Disney adventure & Lake Powell trip that I was excited to gather some supplies for this one. The Disney trip was really busy so I didn’t scrap much but Lake Powell had lots of down time and so will this next one.

travel art kit

Everything fits perfect in the bag that I painted polka dots on. I actually am surprised when it all fits! The roller stamp, stamp pad and book are the only things. I carry everything in a tote bag so it’s fine that there’s a couple loose items. travel art kit

1 bag: wood pieces and small chipboard, cork, plastic accents
2 bag: flair and badges
3 bag: stickers, labels and small alpa stickers
4 bag: stitch able tags and wood accents
5 bag: large stickers, wood pieces
Project life size cards 3×4 and 4×6 cards mostly from my Dear Lizzy polka dot party kit. And some Kelly Purkey cards in there too.
Washi tape
Heart Roller Stamp I designed for AC (similar one)
Dear Lizzy roller date stamp

For the mini album I am using the canvas 6×6 Chipboard album


wifi photo printer & polaroid camera


Selphy printer CP900: The printer is WIFI and I can send photos straight from my phone. Did a video about it here where I list the pros and cons at the end of the quick tutorial. It was a gift from Santa… too bad he didn’t know it came in white too!
Instax: perfect for quick polaroids to add to my pages.



I share my favorite camera gear: click HERE

Number Album for the big uno!

Dear Lizzy mini album

Put together a mini album to celebrate Myles’s first year of life because he turns 1 this month. One.<<<Serious crazy talk.

When I create I am drawn to diecut pages, pockets, bags, hidden journaling and textured products. I realized it’s because my hope someday is that my kids don’t just look at photos and journaling but that it’s more of an experience as they search for the details and hidden treasures. I hope that they will feel a piece of my love for them with each page and our fleeting time together when they were babies and kiddos. And while just typing that last sentence I hope I never stop documenting my kids’ lives even when they are older… and parents themselves. Why would I? I’m their mother forever. Besides I am going to be carrying Myles around on my hip well into his teen years anyway. ; ) lol
(“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be!!” sniff sniff)

Started by printing 12 photos. Not sure if I got each month in there but I did my best and chose my favorites.
Next diecut numbers 1-12 and a few journaling pages. Added some watercolor strokes and minimal embellishments.
For the cover I used cork paper and adhered it to chipboard so it would be sturdy. Punched a circle and added an M. Download the cut files for 1-12 numbered pages to make something similar of your own.
**started kitting my online class so I will keep you posted friends! xo, Lizzy


dear lizzy instagram


Dear Lizzy mini album

Dear Lizzy mini album

Dear Lizzy mini album

Included notes about our first hours together in the pocket and other surprises.

Dear Lizzy mini album

Dear Lizzy mini album

Dear Lizzy mini album

Dear Lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

Dear Lizzy mini album

Dear Lizzy mini album


Dear Lizzy mini album

Dear Lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini

free silhouette cut files

Dear Lizzy mini album


cork papersihouette3042135_600x6003042235_600x600

dear lizzy mini album


see more number pages by clicking below:

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Around Here

dear lizzy products

Sneak Peek of project for this month’s Studio Calico kit. Love my Dear Lizzy thickers that are in one of the add-ons. Definitely one of my favorite months to work with this year.

dear lizzy productsdear lizzy products Dear Lizzy productsdear lizzy products

A scene from this morning, where I realized that nothing surprises me anymore. Like her prettiest dress, piggy tails and a teal mohawk unicorn helmet. Sure. Why not?
dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

Made my favorite sugar cookies!
best sugar cookie recipe

Grateful for my healthy babies especially this bubba!
(Bow tie diy here)

baby bow tie die

dear lizzy blog

baby bow tie diy

I’ve been working on making my laundry room cute. Ya know, to help me enjoy doing the laundry. I doubt that will happen… but at least it will be a happy, bright place to be. Hoping to finish it up this week.

kitchen remodel

PS Thanks for your comments about the flashing light in my eye. After that I had a killer migraine that knocked me out for the rest of the day. I am thinking, after reading your comments, that it might be caused by fluctuating hormones (since Myles isn’t nursing as much and weaning himself) or tired/exhaustion. Since I haven’t slept in 8 years. haha Thanks again so much for all your insight! xoxo


Barcelona and an online class

dear lizzy products dear lizzy blog

Here’s some sneak peeks for the class I am teaching in Barcelona!! yippee! Don’t worry I am already waking up in a hot sweat in the middle of the night because I am leaving my kids but it’s a quick trip and I am SO SO beyond thrilled to be traveling to Spain!! Definitely a place I have always wanted to explore. Plus, when my kids are with my family they have more than with me. It’s like a non stop party. You can still sign up for the event over at kits de somni.

For those of you who would like to take this class I will be offering it online as well including a kit. I will keep you posted on that! But look for sign ups next week. It’s using my Dear Lizzy mini album and new collection Daydreamer.  Since the book has a mix of canvas, chipboard and transparencies  we are going to be doing a mix of techniques for layering, painting, misting, masking and lots of my other favorite scrappy fun. Including videos and good times! I miss teaching online so I am excited about this.

While I am trying to write this post my eye has a weird flashing light in it and I can hardly see. I texted my husband and he said it’s a good idea to go lay down and rest. I concur. Has that every happened to anyone? Anyways I can’t end on that Debbie Downer note… so uh…  the sun is out and it’s friday!  YAY! heehee

Dear Lizzy HSN

Also, look for Dear Lizzy products on HSN with Lisa Bearnson this coming Monday, March 24th at 9:00 am ET there will be a Dear Lizzy Project Life kit and a mix of other must have goodies like the picture above. How fun is that?!!!


Lucky Me: mini album

lucky me mini album

I know I know… St. Patricks Day is over but I want to share this really simple mini album I put together yesterday inspired by the luck of the Irish. It’s a 4×6 album and photos are printed about 3″ wide.
Download the shamrock template and stitch your own clover for the cover. Poke holes and use needle and thread to stitch all the way around. The download also includes the quote I made in Photoshop and printed on vellum– “Some call it luck. I call it blessed.” I added a piece of acrylic on top to keep the vellum nice over time.
The title “Lucky me” it stamped with the mother of all roller stamps. Found here. A TIP FOR THE STAMP: I spell out my word. Then use washi tape to protect around the word. Next, press onto ink and remove washi tape then stamp project. Sometimes it’s fun to have the sides of the stamp show up but in this case I didn’t want that.
Dear Lizzy mini album

The size is 4×6 and the photos are about 3″ wide. Like I said I didn’t have much time so I kept the supplies, embellishments and ink splatters seamless throughout. It was fun to have all the pages laid out and add the pieces to each one. Including a strip of my Dear Lizzy polka dot patterned paper, Dear Lizzy gold dot vellum and some AC glitter POW paper. Then either a SC badge or gold heart.

lucky mini album

mini album

I ended up adding ink splatters after I’d taken photos of the album so you can see below. Just a quick flick of my Mister Huey Mint Julep.

dear lizzy mini album

Included one of the treat bags embossed with the Dear Lizzy embossing folder and added it to the last page with notes from the girls about what makes them blessed.
And don’t forget the free download for the shamrock to make the embroidered clover on the cover and the quote. xo, Lizzy

mini album

mini album

essential scrapbooking supplies

gold heartsAudrey_aquadear lizzy embossing folderembroidery set amy tanhuge roller stamp


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Hello March

studo calico kit

March is turning out to be a pretty awesome month… probably my favorite of 2014. I can be overly optimistic seeing that it’s only March 3rd. But spring and sunshine are sooooooo close. It’s like I can see them in the distance and we are going to slow-mo run to each other while Chariots Of Fire plays in the background and embrace.  (Clearly this cold has made me nuts.)

The rain is fun change though… and rain + my new Studio Calico kit + nap time. Perfect! Here are a few of the pages for this month. There are lots of Dear Lizzy supplies. I am also loving this kit. Could be used for pages, cards or Project Life.

studo calico kit

studo calico kit

studo calico kit

studo calico kit




Last Wednesday I hung out with Amy from Bleu Wednesday + gorgeous flowers. If you love flowers + crafting. Check back in a few hours for a fun announcement! xo, Lizzy7a7568e49f4311e385790aa811743913_8

How To: Letterpress With Lace

Letterpress with Lace-1


You might remember me gushing about my the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress machine I was having all kinds of crafty fun with? Well, the Letterpress Love hasn’t wavered. So I put together a  video sharing hands on clips of how it works.

You can use any diecut roller machine but need the Lifestyle Crafts platform and other supplies. The paint lasts quite a while because you only need a very small amount.
Also, the video includes a cool technique for letter pressing with lace. Tina is the genius who showed me you could press with fabric for the Studio Calico class I contributed to and the result is purdy!! Letterpress is such a rad craft to learn and have fun with.


click to watch

Check out the video and here it is on YouTube if you want to subscribe to the Dear Lizzy Channel I just started. Happy Monday!

Try Letterpressing and using a water brush with watercolors or mists to color in parts of the image. The Letterpress paper is thick and is great for using all different mediums.

Collin Kartchner Studios: Filmed the shots of letter pressing & painting on glass.
Dear Lizzy: Art Direction, Edited, Type, Filmed product hand shots.

favorite supplies

letterpress letterpress alphabet letterpress kit letterpress kit SCLetterpressKits-2 letterpress plate letterpress_deer inky_roller

xo, Lizzy


You Are Stronger Than You Seem

This quote is something that can resinate with us all. Sometimes it is only after overcoming a trial in my life that I can look back and think wow I am stronger than I thought. This quote, I die-cut from a picture printed of Avery, is something I really want to teach my daughters. That A. A. Milne is such a genius.
Avery’s at a Barbie loving, awkward dancing, always talking about someone having a “crush” on someone else stage. I love it. I hope she likes barbies until it’s embarrassing and always dances no matter what.
This Christmas Ave asked for “Shoes with bumps on them.” Ummm, what is that exactly? Then she held up one of her shoes… “Ya know, with bumps on them.” Pointing to where the heel is. Haha oh,  heels. So we got her a sparkly pink pair of heels from H&M which she wears right when she gets home from school, riding her scooter around the sidewalk and anywhere else she gets the chance. Last week we were getting ready for a trip to Costco and a night at the circus with our family and I looked down at our shoe choice. Twins. But honestly wearing heels to Costco and Target is about the only workout my legs are getting lately.  My favorite Averism lately too: “Mom, did you know holy mammoths are actually elephants from the 1960′s?”

Check out this month’s kit at Studio Calico. I am loving it. There is a great mix for girls and boys colors. View the rest of my layouts here.
studio calico


mylesSuch a big boy!! Killing me. My favorite thing right now is when I am holding him and ask, “Can I have a kiss?” He turns his head all coy so I can give him a smooch. I mean. Really? Cutest.


You Clean Up Nice

clean up nice 1

Staying up late is not something I typically do. I am not a night owl. When a movie starts and the lights are out-I fall asleep. Actually I am not really a morning person either. I am quiet in the morning and want to stay under the covers and cuddle forever. I wonder what that means I am? Is there anything for those who love noon? That’s when I thrive. ; )
Since December is pure madness for everyone. The only time I had to finish up my pages was staying up until 2 am one night. Actually I refused to look at the clock but I am guessing it was around then. Which might not seem that late to you but for this momma it means when the kids wake up at dawn it feels like I got hit by a train. Yet somehow it was worth it. Because I got to work and find my flow doing what I love.
Are you a night owl? Morning person? Before I had kids who wake me up all night, I think I was more of a morning person. ha!

Dear lizzy Studio Calico

The above page “You Clean Up Nice” was a fun process. I die cut the journaling with my Silhouette Cameo. I messed up and put the wrong side of the paper on the mat so it cut wrong. But I ended up just leaving it and adding the title on top. Made for a cool layering effect. My machine must’ve timed out while cutting or some technical malfunction because it stopped and some random words hadn’t been cut. I just filled them in with my handwriting.
The stag stamp is rad and these pictures are dear to my heart. Also, those  g o l d  chipboard letters are #perfect.
To view this month’s pages: click here


US 2

new day 2

To view more about pages and see in full: click here




December Daily: 25

It was quite fitting that it was snowing as I uploaded pics for this post since the album is about December & Christmas. Also, I am wearing a beanie since I am a baby about the cold.

December Daily, holiday albums & anything to document the magical traditions of Christmas time is time well spent. That’s why I dug up this album I started last year and finished the majority of it last week for the Two Peas Garden.
For the base of the album I used an SC Handbook the same size as my Dear Lizzy mini album.

This album has a few different techniques that I enjoyed in the process:
Printing a photo on patterned paper. (I have done this the past couple years for my album.)
Diecut a quote of favorite song and scripture for a full page using my Silhouette.
Layering on pages from holiday catalogs.
Sewing pieces of vellum to the front of page protectors.


Loving the wood tiles and cards from Two Peas!!


I used my Silhouette to diecut a song lyric and scripture pages then sewed them to the page protector. (Following the seam of the page protector as I stitched them together.) Seeing through to the next page is one of my favorite things to add to the design of mini albums.


The tress I dyed below: View the post about Bottle Brush Trees here

A story below about the time I dressed up as Santa…! The kids loved this new traditon!