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Shoot for the Moon

Hi everyone! I’m excited to share this layout using the newest Dear Lizzy Saturday collection and a little stamping with the cute house stamps. I’m terrible at using stamps; it’ss not that I don’t like them, because there are some adorable stamps out there that I love, it just never occurs to me to actually use them. I guess if I’m completely honest, I find them a little bit intimidating, and I’ve no idea why, haha. But every now and then I like to give it a shot which is how this layout came about. The stamp set from the Saturday collection has the cutest little buildings and I thought it would look fun teamed with a photo I recently took of the moon (I love getting snaps of the moon, call me crazy).

I picked 3 fun and bright colours – yellow, pink and teal (..not that I have a whole lot of variety of
colours in my stash!) and stamped each building along the bottom.
As usual I ended up with one building having a less than perfect impression (that teal one!! Grr!) – I swear the more I try to get a perfect impression, the less likely I am to get it, haha.

But rather than start again (this was already attempt #2, lol) I thought I’d add some dimension to the bottom of the page so I just stamped them again on a scrap piece of white cardstock.


Once I’d stamped a few I just used scissors to cut them to shape (leaving a small white border the whole way around). Then I popped a foam dot behind and stuck them straight on top of my less than perfect impressions on the page. Problem solved! Here’s how my page finished up:
I wanted the page to be fairly neutral except for my bright buildings along the bottom so I teamed the chipboard thickers (which I think are a perfect match!!) with a few co-ordinating black/white pieces (I used a sheet from the 6×6 paper pad, die-cuts and black varnish stickers). I enlisted help from Pinterest to find a quote about the moon and just typed it up on the computer using a typewriter font.


Because I scrap 6×8 pages, often I’m stuck on where to put my journaling, I mean there is only so much room on the page and more often than not, I want the photo/title to be the feature of the page, so I’ll often add it either behind the photo or on the back of my page. Almost all of my
layouts have journaling of some description, it’s just that often you can’t see it
☺ In this case I popped it on the back! Just stuck it onto one of the die-cut cards, used a strip of wash and included one of the stickers to help pretty it up a bit. Easy one!

dl_aug16_moon_2    dl_aug16_moon_6

Given my journaling is often “hidden” I’ve had a few people question me about how I actually read it once they’re stored in albums.
I use the Studio Calico 6×8 Handbooks to store my layouts. I’m not sure about you, but I file all my pages back to back in the pockets (so 2 pages per pocket back to back, means I can cram more pages into the album!)


Given my journaling is often “hidden” I’ve had a few people question me about how I actually read it once they’re stored in albums.
I use the Studio Calico 6×8 Handbooks to store my layouts. I’m not sure about you, but I file all my pages back to back in the pockets (so 2 pages per pocket back to back, means I can cram more pages into the album!) I average somewhere between 13-15 plastic pockets per album so depending on how chunky my pages are, I manage to get anywhere from 20-30 scrapbook layouts per album which is pretty good!


But back to the question! When I add journaling on the back I just don’t put another page behind it once it’s in the pocket. That way when I’m flipping through the album I don’t need to take it out to read it (which is what I have to do when I tuck it behind the photo, but I can live with that! ☺)


3 Three 3 Layout


If you need anything from this newest collection it’s the wood veneer numbers and shapes! Love them so. And the 12×12 paper pack, clothes pins and the Project Life kit and and…  Seriously everything makes my hoarding heart happy.
All Dear Lizzy products are 40% off still… and they stocked some of the Fine & Dandy collection and Happy Place which have some cute stuff!

Love this page by Olatz:

This new collection is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I have to admit that when I saw the Saturday collection for the first time I thought it seemed like a city/travel/getaway/weekend themed collection. But when I begin to work with it, oh well, the ideas started to flow in so many directions. It really is such a versatile collection!
As you can see here, I used the Saturday collection to create a birthday layout for my little niece. I chose a soft color palette of white, mint, pink and a pop of black to go with the theme of the layout. So cute! I love how numbers are repeated thought the collection on papers, stickers and embellishments. And they are just the perfect icon for this spread, aren’t they? 😉



SBC_ac-376264_0 000000_AC_DL_Saturday_Ephemera_PKG_FB
AC_Paper_WebImages_Template SBC_ac-380667

SBC_ac-376269_0 SBC_ac-376275

Saturday Layout


Just wanted to pop in and let you know that all the Dear Lizzy products (including all of the AC brands) are 40% off today at! Because you know I love a good sale.
They are stocked with all the new Dear Lizzy Saturday products too! Like the wood bead strings, chipboard number tags, and mini puffy stickers. Yay! Kids are in school here so thank goodness for the free time and we can scrap the summer memories.

Love this layout by Emma!
unnamed-20 unnamed-16 unnamed-19 unnamed-18



New Dear Lizzy Collection: Saturday

Unnamed (5)

Today I am thrilled to share some sneak peeks and close looks at the newest Dear Lizzy collection- Saturday! I love the colors and the crisp patterns. Happy Place had such a vacation vibe. I imagined it as if you were on vacation with your girlfriends to Palm Springs. This has a city vibe mixed through out! Before I meet with designers for each collection I come up with a story to help everyone get on the same page and illustrate it better. For Saturday, I imagined a girl who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She loves exploring the city, stashing away memorabilia from her day in a junk journal, Meg Ryan movies (which you will find a couple quotes here and there), mixing patterns, painting during her kids nap time, capturing and creating memories of her everyday! There’s a fun mix of icons to work with for a wide variety of projects. There’s also lots of numbers used in creative ways on paper and products. Including wood veneer numbers, chipboard number tags and cardstock number accents in the Bits. The puffy stickers are one of my favorites as well as the beaded strings!!! I’ll share more through out the week! Can’t wait to see how you create with it! xoxo Lizzy

AC_DL_Saturday_Styled_OnLocation-52   AC_DL_Saturday_Styled_OnLocation-50  AC_DL_Saturday_Styled_OnLocation-54 AC_DL_Saturday_Styled_OnLocation-61 AC_DL_Saturday_Styled_OnLocation-69 AC_DL_Saturday_Styled_OnLocation-84

IMG_3237  IMG_2740b


Capture weekend vibes and everyday, happy moments with Saturday by Dear Lizzy. Fun graphics and icons are presented in a coordinating palette of bright blue, taxi yellow, and cheerful red-orange with accents of bold black. Images of cameras, glasses and food are featured on patterned paper, stickers and other versatile embellishments.





Say Yes: Mini Album

dear lizzy mini album by Emma K

It’s impossible to not make a disaster when creating a mini album. It’s like you start pulling out everything and anything! The Happy Place collection is perfect for summer memories. Minis will always have my heart! The pockets and layering deserve all the heart eyes!!
Design + Photos: Emma

dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K dear lizzy mini album by Emma K


SBC_ac-373668_1 SBC_ac-373663_1 SBC_ac-373675_1 SBC_ac-373673_1supplies


Bill Murray Twinning and that one time…

What could possibly be better than Bill Murray’s face scattered on a baby blue tee? Twinning Bill Murray’s faces! Twins. Just like when I would force my friends to be twinners with me in 3rd grade, I am now making my darling little boy. He’s ok with it though because he still thinks I am the coolest.

IMG_6386b IMG_6351b

Photos: Becky Kimball
Matching Bill Murray Tees: Clashist

So you guys, I actually scrapbooked. Since I am not on Studio Calico’s team, like last year, the pages have been sparse. The thing is, it’s not just scrapbooking to me. It’s the whole experience too. I know I have mentioned this in the past, how it’s not only memories from the photos on the pages but from creating the pages. The past few days I had been itching and DYING to get my hands on some bright white 12×12 cardstock. To diecut words, layer patterns and get down my thoughts on paper, all mixed with colors and words.
This morning I took advantage of an hour I would have (pretty much) to myself and quickly printed some photos.  I was just pushing everything around the page while listening to some old school Lizzy favorite songs from Ingrid Michaelson on my headphones– I literally started crying. Tears and everything. It makes me laugh now after the fact. haha But my eyes filled with tears and I thought, what the heck this is so weird. It must’ve been the song and everything just took me back to years ago when I first started this Dear Lizzy journey. When I could spend hours and hours on a single page just because I wanted to. When life was slower. Picturing little Avery and Quincey with their chubby hands trying to get into my stuff, toddling and playing around at my feet. Those days are gone and it makes me sad. Which is exactly how I will feel when someday I will think back to these present days too. I’m sure of it.
I guess that’s why I can’t scrap quick and throw stuff together, like I want to SO bad. Because it’s so much more than paper and glue. And if my heart isn’t in it then I can’t do it, I guess. What seems like just a simple layout now has these emotions tied to it and means that much more.
But I am itching to make the time to do it. Like how I have been exercising more and this morning went to a boxing class. It’s all about balance right? Thanks for letting me share and reading this little ole blog! xoxo


dear lizzy scrapbooking




Happy Day Envelope Album

dear lizzy mini album
Today I have a simple and fun mini album I put together of some recent pics during spring break. The fun part is that the base of the album is made from envelopes from my Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy collection. In each envelope I included pics, notes, tickets, memorabilia from our staycation. You know I love the experience of looking through mini albums. Seeing if you can find hidden treasure, secret notes and details.
We couldn’t go anywhere far from home during spring break because Avery had practices for a play she will perform at the end of the month. Believe me, I am counting down to our annual-much-needed-beach-vacation in a couple weeks. We did adventure out to the zoo, built forts and had fun with the big girls home all day so I included fave memories and snaps from that.

dear lizzy mini album
The cover and back cover are a Dear Lizzy banner transparency. Then a piece of my gold number vellum and the “Happy Day” is cut from a card from my envelope set. Through out the album I use Dear Lizzy gold rimmed tags, gold foil number stickers, paper and my number paper clips.
Love these tassels from Maggie Holmes and the days of the week tape from A Beautiful Mess Messy Box.

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini
I only glued half of the gold rimmed tag so I can still open the envelope easily.

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album


dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album
Easter ears and building forts

dear lizzy mini album
An old pic of me and Collin that I had on my phone.

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini
To print the pictures for this project I used the CANON Selphy Printer 910.
First I collaged my photos using the PicFrame app to a 2:3 ratio. Then I grouped them again in the 3:2 ratio making it easy to print all four pictures on 4″x6″ photo paper. Lasty, I cut them in half. I am obsessed with this printer since I can print everything right from my phone. I noticed there’s a pink one now??!!! Neeeeeed.

studio calico kits

Fine & Dandy

Dear Lizzy

Tomorrow I am heading off to the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) the largest craft show of the year. People travel from all over the world to share their products from yarn, wood, paper, paint… literally any crafting medium and tool you can think of is there. It’s so exciting! It’s also pretty cool to meet enthusiasts from a great extent of countries and come together for the love of creating.
Dear Lizzy
I am beyond grateful to be there to share my newest line of products— FINE & DANDY!
This collection was quite fun to concept and work with the designers on. It has a party theme with many cool, party products BUT also it has the everyday products like diecuts, stickers,  thickers and other goodies for scrapbooking and cards.

Dear Lizzy

I know I say this everytime but paper always has my heart. This line has quite a few gold foil specialty papers including number vellum, gold phrases on pink, a darling gold hearts on pink and a speckled gold on mint. There’s also a confetti on transparency that is going to be fun to create with. I love layering those in my mini albums.
I also love the plastic bows, gold number paper clips (are so freaking cool), oh, and the gold glitter foam paper! You can see below on my scrapbook layout. The foam will add a nice dimension to your projects.

Dear Lizzy

Dear Lizzy

Dear Lizzy

This is my tenth collection. I swear it seems like I just came out with the first one. But here we are 10 paper packs later, 10 product brainstorming meetings, 10 times I die over seeing how creative you guys are! Thanks so much for sharing the excitement and showing your support.
Sending so much love to all of you! xoxo

Dear Lizzy

Here’s what AC is saying about the collection:
Have your cake and eat it too with Fine & Dandy from Dear Lizzy. Invite lovely company for sweet soirees filled with tasty treats and fabulous fun! This collection highlights joyful celebrations and friendly gatherings in a pleasing palette of bright pink, cheerful red, soft mint and golden yellow with gold foil flourishes. Host the perfect party with Fine & Dandy!

This charming collection includes 21 patterned papers and six specialty papers with touches of dazzling gold foil. Four styles of coordinating Thickers complement a beautiful variety of stickers and party essentials, including confetti sticks, cupcake liners, mini flag kits and wooden spoons.

Stack of Papers - Fine & Dandy

FineandDandy_blog Dl2 DL-BLOG3

Not pictured is a cool washi tape book. SO many different designs of washi and easy stored in a book form. Also, the thickers in phrases and icons is not pictured and it is darling!


The mini honeycomb balls!! Like the garland I have hanging above my desk.
The Die cut set is one of my favorites too. It will cut a bow and also a prize ribbon with the phrase HOORAY! You will love it.

Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 2.23.52 PM


This collection is perfect for parties, DIY projects and papercrafting—we can’t wait to see what you create with it. Do you have a favorite item? Would love to hear in the comments below!

Closer look at the gold foil papers and the confetti below. What’s your favorite?


Nuts About You!

nuts about you-001

Really loving my creative process lately. I know I have touched on this before because it’s so different from years ago but this month I specifically enjoyed it and felt my creative process click with my new adapted fast-pace.
For this SC gallery I finished them in a day and it was wham-bam-thank you-ma’am. I didn’t just work on them over a week, here or there, like I usually do. I just did one right after the other. Until I was done and exhausted and flopped on the couch. Who knew memory keeping could be so exhausting. ; ) My mom was at my home with Lola and Myles for the day. She played with them and did all my laundry and cleaned my house. Heaven, right?
The part of the process that I am loving is that I am training myself to not over-think everything. I used to sketch out each layout, with a pencil and paper, drawing multiple options and then I’d decide which direction to go. Now I just go for it. If something doesn’t work I quickly change it up or adjust using go-to techniques or splashes of color or simplifying the color. For instance, the Lucky Us layout wasn’t working for me. I laid out all the paper pieces and tags then sewed them down. I didn’t even glue them. Then I had some circle photos and a title. It wasn’t working… there wasn’t anything standing out. So I spray painted the title words and added different photos. But I didn’t feel finished until I added the gold spray paint splatter. It tied everything together for me.
Each month, I only open the main kit. And do my two layouts using that. I literally don’t even open the add-ons until I finish those. So it’s a reward once I get to rip open those extra packages and get started on the next two layouts with all the goodies.
The main reason I am in the flow with my process is because I am not only creating to record photos and memories but I am enjoying it. I literally had a blast putting these together. To me they are quite simple and really not that cool but I loved making them. I hope you find something inspiring or one of my layouts can spark an idea to try. xoxo

View my entire gallery here: Dear Lizzy pages

always will 2 remember 3

One of the add-ons comes with fabric. It was fun to bring back one of my favorite techniques: rolled flowers.
lucky us-001

Studio Calico KIT

View my entire gallery here: Dear Lizzy pages

Love You Etc

dear lizzy blog

One of my favorite scrappers that I’ve known over the years via the double-u-double-u-double-u tagged me in a Q&A blog tour. Thanks Stephanie Howell! She sent over some questions to answer then I get to tag some peeps… and the fun just doesn’t stop.

        1. What am I working on right now?
Crafting-ADD is a real problem and I have it. So usually I am working on a few different projects. Currently putting together a grateful journal, gathering items for a December mini book and some other secrets things that I am excited to share sometime soon. But I have wrapped up two new Dear Lizzy lines. One will release in the next couple weeks (don’t quote me on that 😉 and another at the January CHA show. They are so completely different from each other and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. 
2. How long does it take me to create a project?
The days of spending endless hours on a diy, scrap page, mini book or project have changed for me. I spend about an hour or two on a layout in my Studio Calico gallery and it depends on the other projects. I love to sit and watch movies while I work on something if they take a bit longer. I can’t just sit there-I have to be making something. Does anyone else do this? I seriously tried to learn to knit for this purpose. But failed tremendously. Twice.
3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
Paper, paper, paper has always been one of my fave products. I love mixing patterns and color. I’ve been experimenting more with writing with brushes +ink and right now you’ll find watercolor on everything.
dear lizzy blog

  4. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
This is a tricky question because I don’t think I ever stay inspired completely… I often wander off into The Land of Rut… scared that I will never return. But somehow I find my way back. Here are a few things that came to my mind that help me get inspired:
-Music. Music is big for me. If I have some good music playing I can get going and in the zone faster. It ranges from happy-indie to dance-hip hop. I will dance around and get excited.
-But if I need more inspiration than music. Then I look for inspiration on Pinterest, magazines, Instagram, fashion and photography sites. I am looking for anything to spark an idea. Like color schemes, an ad or catchy phrase, a texture or pattern in fashion or a cool technique to try.
-Photos are crucial in my scraping process… I can’t design a layout then find a photo. The page is built around the photo. So if I print out photos and see the story I want to tell then I can move onto the next steps. I find that choosing the colors, design & title are much easier.
-Push myself. I have to push myself to try new things or I get bored and then uninspired. The hard part is that I don’t have a lot of time for creative exploration so these might include simple, new ways to use my Silhouette diecut machine and other products. This helps me to get excited. If I’m excited then pieces fall into place effortlessly. Don’t be afraid to make something you don’t like in the process. You’ll find some mistakes that turn out pretty cool in the end.

dear lizzy blog

-Another aspect to being inspired that might sound completely random for some people, I have to be happy to create. Not rainbows-and-sunshine-perfectly happy. Sheesh, I would never make anything… but just not way down. Does that make sense? : ) I tend to obsess so when I am worried and stressed it consumes all my thoughts thus leaving no room for ideas and I am paralyzed creatively. I do have pages with private journaling about challenging times but those are few and far between. For the most part, the events and instances I focus on are everyday moments. That being said, it is difficult for me to create if I am extremely down about something in my life. So I have to focus on the parts that are good and positive. The plus side is, this helps me in other areas of my life besides creativity coming easier. I try to make mental gratitude lists and focus on wonderful things around me.
With some family drama that surrounded our extended family, I have been taking time to do meditation. It helped me tremendously to not dwell on others’ problems that I can’t control and lighten my load of worries that I tend to carry around. Kelly Howell‘s brain sync products are incredible. And whoa, I went way off topic.
-Just start. Whether we are happy or sad… in a rut… or just plain lazy watching Netflix—-just start creating something. Even something small. Soon we’ll see we’ve always had our crazy awesome mojo we just needed to get it moving. So turn on some tunes and get started.
6. What is my signature style? I’ve been trying to figure this out for years. I guess I could call it Bright and Simple. That’s lame though!! I have no clue. Help me out… ; )
7I am tagging Anna Marie Wolniak/Suzy Plantamura/Tim Holtz/Kelly Purkey & YOU please play along and leave a comment/link if you do. Answer the above questions by next Monday.
Shirt: We Blow Kisses Photos: Collin Kartchner
xo, Lizzy

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