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Lola & Her Bear

When I was traveling in Australia… Tasmania to be exact! There was the sweetest lady I met and she asked about our dog and I told her I would post some photos of him. So here ya go! These are for you!
Lola and her bear. She still loves on him. He still follows her around and waits for her to drop something to eat. Or licks any extra off her cheeks.

IMG_0059b IMG_0054b IMG_0045b IMG_0081b


Since my husband travels for work I didn’t have a camera cause he would have to pack up all the gear. I am excited to get a new camera and can start taking photos again of our day to day. Still figuring it out though! I got the Canon 6D. I will do a more extensive review but I am liking it so far and getting to know it. I also use the Canon lens 24-70. It’s by far the best lens we’ve shot with. Sharp photos and the zoom is great. For these pictures I used this Sigma lens 50mm lens.

Down Under

Having an amazing time traveling the entire country of Australia! Meeting so many incredible ladies at Spotlight stores and creating together! Putting together a little videos and loads of photos.  

 This made me laugh but we had to do it. In bed with dear Lizzy someone said. ???? I love that we can be total strangers then after two hours jump on a bed, laugh and create together like we’re old friends. Scrapbooking instantly connects us. It’s our tribe.
PS And thanks Kim for running down the aisle to greet me today! And all the many ladies who have been incredibly genuine and sweet!

The Power of Bubbles


If you want to feel like the most powerful mum in the world. Get a bubble gun. Kids think it’s the greatest. It’s not dangerous either, unless you only get one like I foolishly did and then everyone fights over it. ????????

I just have to say it… I can’t believe my baby is turning three this week! How is that possible???!



In other news: I know what you’re thinking, where are those cute sandals from? Or maybe, wow, that little boy is cute! ???????? Either way, I teamed up with Zappos and Born shoes and found the comfiest sandals for my trip to Austalia and just in time for summer. They are like walking on clouds or pillows, I’m not kidding. I ordered them and wasn’t sure if they would arrive in time, but sure enough, sooner than I expected the nice UPS delivery guy knocked on the door and then ran off leaving these sandals. Like a gift from foot heaven. 

There’s some other really stylish sandals with heels or flats here






s h o p:  BORN + ZAPPOS (sponsored by)

  xo, Lizzy

Come craft with us!


Excited to announce that I’m joining Bijou Market with their first Craft Night! Bijou is a venue full of handmade items twice a year that I’ve loved shopping at for years!
Come craft like your favorite Bijou vendors and create something beautiful for your home!


Our kick-off craft event is May 14th, 2016 at 11 am. Buy your ticket to create your very own
Wood + Plexi Glass windowsill garden. All you need to bring is yourself, we will have all your supplies ready to go for your creation.

We will be crafting with my new collection on hand to create plant markers and other exciting additions to your planter!


Ticket Cost: $40 use code “dearlizzy” for $5 off!
What is provided: All materials, tools and craft supplies needed to create the below planter. Craft skill of all levels will enjoy this one!

March 14 at 11 am at Freshly Picked Headquarters in Provo, Utah. Come craft and DIY with us. RESERVE a spot here!


Swimming soups


Heading out to spring break, my husband is driving right now as I type even, and wanted to share some of my favorite finds in the swim department. Two things about these pics. It was literally snowing a couple hours before we took these. haha My friends at Brickyard buffalo asked for some pics of their new suit and they must’ve caught me at a good time. Because that bring me to the second point, this is totally out of my comfort zone. But that’s why I love one pieces cause I’m more comfortable in them and I can chase around kids easier. Below I share some of my favorite “swimming soups” as Lola called them for years and it was too adorable to correct her.



Cactus Pinata

unnamed-15  unnamed-13

Post from Design Team Member: Olatz
There has been a lot to celebrate recently, my boyfriend’s birthday and my birthday as well. Whether we are miles apart or spending these specials days together, I always try to find a little time to create something fun for us to celebrate.

Inspired by the cactus paper from the Happy Place collection, this time, I decided to make a handmade cactus piñata. It is a fun and simple shape to work with pretty easily and it reminds of the good times we spent exploring Mexico, his native country.

It is not perfect AT ALL, but believe me, I enjoyed the process so much! …especially the part of filling it with chocolate and candy… one for me, one for the piñata. 😉 I snapped a few photos along the basic process of how to make a birthday piñata:
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DIY: Rosette Garland

rosette garland

(Excited to have the first post from Emma on my new design team sharing a darling project today with the new Happy Place collection!)
Next to my desk I have a set of windows that I like to “dress up” every now and then. I’ve had the Christmas baubles hanging there for way too long so it was time for an update! The colours of the new Happy Place line are PERFECT so I thought I’d try out a fan paper garland. These are super easy to make and I snapped some photo’s along the way.

1 – Pick what size you want them to be. The ones I made are 3.5 and 4 inches wide. For whatever WIDTH you want your fans to be, your paper needs to be double in length. I.e. the paper I cut was in strips of 3.5×7 inches or 4×8 inches.
2 – Create folds in your paper – mine are spaced 1 inch apart and I used my scoring board to make it easier.
3 – Fold the paper, alternating forward and backwards.
4 – Then you need add a staple to the middle of the length (I like to mark the centre point on the scoring board to make sure I’m getting it in the right spot!)
EXTRA STEP – if you want your fan to have a “starburst” kind of effect, you can cut each of the ends on a 45 degree angle using a pair of scissors.
5 – Once you’ve got your centre point, add adhesive to BOTH sides of the paper – I use double-sided tape and before I removed the backing paper I folded it in half both directions (helps it bend to shape later on).
6- I then just used some embroidery cotton and my trusty hot glue gun to string them all together.
Couldn’t be easier and I really love the finished result! -Emma

rosette garland

rosette garland


rosette garland

rosette garland

rosette garland

rosette garland
rosette garland

new dearlizzy
SBC_ac-373673_1SBC_ac-373668_1SBC_ac-373669_1SBC_ac-373676_1SBC_ac-373663_1 SBC_ac-373675_1



Yes to this.
Yes to freshening up the workspace.
Yes to confidence in new ideas. Yes to saying no sometimes because we can’t do it all. : )

Yes to happy mail from Studio Calico! Everything organized in a bag is a lovely bonus. I’m excited for the creative goals I’ve set this year and am feeling inspired! The project life kit and the stationery set mixes great with my new Dear Lizzy products!
How fun is this SC weekly calendar too?

I am completely obsessed with the Heidi Swapp MARQUEE letters found here. They are so versatile and easy to DIY! There is tape that comes in the same width as the outer edge so they can be personalized. Also, they are made chipboard that can be painted or spray painted just as easily. AND, before I forget,  all Dear Lizzy and Heidi Swapp items are up to 40% off at so take advantage of that!

essential scrapbooking supplies
SBC_ac-369454_1 SBC_ac-369801_1
SBC_ac-369179_0 lizzy productsdear lizzy products

new Happy Place collection!


Today I am excited to share my newest collection of products… Happy Place!
When we were gathering inspiration for each collection I try to incorporate a story to help translate the ideas. This one was all about a road trip to Palm Springs with your friends. A weekend  with a bright mix of patterns and icons. One of my favorite aspects of this collection is that every pattern in the 24 patterns of paper were hand painted or drawn. Which adds a unique touch to all the designs! Kylie Harrison and Ashley Isenhour were the designers I worked with on our team and we all had the same vision which made the process smooth and fun! Plus, they’re amazing! Here is a first glimpse of everything… and I can’t wait to share more!



AC_DL_HappyPlace_OnLocation-9   AC_DL_HappyPlace_OnLocation-6


Capture delightful, adventurous moments and good times with Happy Place by Dear Lizzy, which includes cheerful images of cameras, bikes, fruits, florals and other everyday essentials presented in bright shades of pink, aqua, yellow and green.

This collection includes 24 double-sided patterned papers, Thickers, paper pads and a variety of versatile embellishments. Adorn creative projects with stickers, die-cut phrases, tassels, stamps and more! Create custom pieces with coordinating Minc prints that can be easily customized.





Family Photos


Some of my favorites from our photo shoot with my dear friend: Heather Telford.
It was all dreamy and beautiful and somewhat chilly. Myles fell asleep in the car on the way there so he wouldn’t smile… just gave us his best Blue Steel the whole time. Which is much better than crying.
Someday I’ll look back at these with wrinkled eyes and probably cry missing these little ones. For now, I’m doing my best to soak it all in. All the craziness and all the love. This crew is my everything… even though I plugged my ears in the car all the way to dinner after this shoot. 🙂
DSC_3888 DSC_3967 DSC_3777  DSC_3905 DSC_3326 DSC_3370