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Down Dog

When you’re just trying to get your zen on but two boys want to play. One is four and the other is hairy and slobbery. For some reason whenever I get on the floor to do yoga or clean it’s an invitation to play.
Last year exercise quickly moved up the list of priorities. When Collin was traveling every week it kept my mind busy and my stress down. I shared this on instagram already but I learned a lot last year about myself and it was definitely a growing year for me… emotionally, mentally and physically challenging. When I felt like I was failing at everything exercising was one thing I did right. An hour and I felt accomplished and energized. No matter where we are on our fitness journey it’s so important to take some time each day for our bodies and even helps to clear my mind.

This past month Lola and I were in LA with Old Navy for a fun collaboration and I got to try out some of their new athleisure collection. I’m honestly pretty picky about workout clothes but I was so impressed. The pants were soft, had super cute patterns and squat proof for leg day. Which is very important. I got some adorable floral patterns and cute tanks too. Plus I love when they carry coordinating pants and sports bras. Tuque was jealous  ; D
Sponsored by Old Navy

oui oui ribbon!

From my last post here’s a close up of the ribbon! I love the design because you can use it for anything from scrapbooking to packaging or in your daughter’s hair. 😀

Snag one at Hobby Lobby… look for that pic haha! These are the first ever Dear Lizzy products with photos and they make me giggle. Like, oh that’s me. 🙂
Hope you’re having a great week! xoxo Lizzy

Sticker Heaven at Hobby Lobby!

Thrilled to share the newest Dear Lizzy Product…drumroll please… It’s a darling, colorful sticker book with 1384 stickers! Ummm what more could you ask for from the sticker Gods?!
You can find it exclusively at Hobby Lobby! Which I’m sure you have been meaning to go there, like I have, to check out the Christmas decorations! (swooooon!) I love that store. I legit get lost going through everything. But back to the stickers… I made some treat bags to get rid of all the extra Halloween candy laying around tempting me with a mix of them.
The “You are Magic” sticker is one of my faves. I love during our planning meetings when we choose the phrases. I go through each one and make a list of my favorites words and sayings to match the collection. In the book you’ll find foil, clear and paper stickers. So you get a good mix. And the foil is so pretty!! Let’s head over to hobby Lobby and party down the aisles!!
You can also snag a book from other American Craft Designers… Amy, Vicki, Maggie, Shimelle and Jen! I want them alllll they’re so hoard worthy. lol
(Ribbon also available at Hobby Lobby!)


Fall break forever

Fall break was truly such a gift to spend with our family… things can be so stressful balancing life and work and everything in between. So being with just us and little distractions… no work or computers or driving around was amazing. The beach is such a happy place for our family!

Suit + kimono linked below…


For the love/hate of Laundry

This post was created in partnership with Samsung.
There is one thing that is certain around our home, and that is how much I hate laundry. It’s just one of those things that is never-ending. I try to be positive about doing it and approach it with a ‘whistle while you work’ type of attitude… all the while trying to be a little more Snow White and a little less Grumpy. I’ll listen to Audible, turn on music or watch Netflix while I fold, which definitely helps.’

You know what also helps? Having an amazing duo like the Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry. It’s the perfect solution to help out this laundry-hating momma! Plus, my Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry even sings like a Disney movie (lol). The chime is exactly how a dryer would finish a load if it were starring as the sidekick of a modern Disney princess. The first time my son heard the dryer chime when the load was finished, he replied, “That’s adorable!” And it really is. If you’ve got to do laundry, let the machine at least make an adorable sound.


Some other things I love about the Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry that are converting me to a laundry-loving momma!! First, there is an activewear setting on the FlexWash. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is the FlexWash’s way of saying, “Hey, I see you working out and giving it your all. You’re killing it at your morning workouts. Keep it up.” Also, if I just want a rinse and spin, the buttons are easier than the dial I would use on my old machine. The FlexWash and FlexDry have all the preset options of a traditional washer/dryer pair, but they’re also customizable if you want to spin longer, rinse up to 5 times, or tumble clothes longer. There’s also an option to turn on steam in the washer and dryer to eliminate wrinkles which is amazing!

But the thing that makes this duo the biggest pair of heroes in the laundry world – there are two washers and two dryers – 4 machines in 1. Yep! You can be doing two completely different loads of laundry and dry two separate loads of laundry at the same time! Your mind is blown, right? I feel so accomplished getting them both working at once. This comes in super handy when I’m having to do a huge load of sheets and towels, but also need to wash and dry some items on a delicate cycle. Plus you can control this magical pair with Samsung’s Connect Home App, so you have a partner in crime letting you know things like the current load is done (and if you forget to start a load, you can start it remotely while you’re off doing all of your other super-mom duties).

Now that I’m armed with my Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry, I have no excuses. I get excited to load it up and make it do all the hard work so I have time for the other things in life (and sometimes even myself)!


Kimono: 2 ways!

In the summer I got some beach cover ups and love how I can layer them in the fall too!
This black floral is really light and flowy! And I got this one too I’m excited to wear during fall break. Love the fringe. Great way to justify buying something new when you can wear more during the year.


Craving Fall

These boots are my way of saying, Welcome fall we’ve missed you! Then there’s lots of hugs and kisses. Tonight there was a bit of crisp in the air and the sky was pink and suddenly I’m craving a caramel apple and camp fires. We hung out with family and everything felt content… autumn is like a sigh of relief! Just feeling really grateful tonight… I’ve been doing some soul searching lately and realized a lot about myself and what truly makes me happy. Letting go of the past, not worrying about the future and striving to truly life in the present. It’s something I am really working on… xoxo

Loving our boots in collaboration with Zappos. They’re both the Born brand which means they’re actuallyyyyy comfortable. None of this dealing with pain for style. lol
Collin is extremely picky with shoes and he loves his!
Hers: Tall length + Fanner Style
His: Nigel Book in Grey


If you can guess what’s going on here… such is life with a boy.

Star Gazer! New Dear Lizzy Collection

Star Gazer is the newest Dear Lizzy collection that’s just released for summer. It’s an everyday collection inspired by the coming of fall and celebrating the last of summer. Which is exactly what I feel like right now with the kids starting school… holding onto the magic and adventure of this season! As usual I love the papers. That’s always my favorite part! There’s so many cute patterns. I love the washi tape and the giant paper clips with wood shapes on the end. Super fun! I can’t wait to see what you create!! And know that school is officially in session I get to make some time to create too! Thanks so much for loving Dear Lizzy products and following our journey here. Love you guys!! xoxox




Fave Swim + Sunnies

Just wanted to share some of my favorite swim and sunnies… I’m all about the cheap(er) sunnies because I can’t take care of nice ones. I throw them in my purse. Lose them. My kids steal and wear them… (and my husband even lol). And I like quantity over quality.
Summer is flying by. I feel like all we do is swim and my summer bucket list and pretty neglected right now. But I’m not going to give into the mom guilt thinking about all the creative things or missing adventures because keeping kids happy and busy is so easy at the pool.

If you’re super impatient, like me, you can Amazon prime the swan swimsuit to your little cutie. It has a mathching swim cap even. That I forgot when we snapped these pics real quick today but still… if it wasn’t cute enough it’s so darling with the matching cap!


Stars + Stripes

July is all about red, white and blue and celebrating this beautiful country…
The fourth of July is kind of a big deal around here… I think that all started with my mom and dad and their fun traditions! My mom would sew us matching red, white and blue festive rompers or dresses. We would camp out at the parade route and save a spot and then that night we went to the Stadium of Fire! Which is exactly like it sounds with amazing fireworks and music. Some days I really wonder how my mom did it all… because she had 6 kids and I can barely keep up with these four. But looking back, I do remember days when she was tired or make up from the day before under her eyes… and making quiet times for herself at night in her room. We just gotta find that balance. Make time to rest so we can be ready to party.
As much as I wish I could, I can’t sew clothing like my mom at all… but I do love dressing up all matchy-matchy. Got these cute outfits at Old Navy, of course. Love shopping there for kids’ clothes. Myles’s star shirt is my favorite! I like to just mix up the colors and Avery (who was at 5th grade camp when we took these pics) has a cute patterned dress that brings together all the colors. I also got Collin some shorts with little flags all over them and surprisingly… he loves them! Usually he gives a little mumble grumble at first of whatever I buy him and then tries it on and likes it. But this was positive feedback from the start!
So grateful for this country… the people who fight for our freedom and their amazing families.

Hope everyone had a happy fourth! xoxo Lizzy

Sponsored by Old Navy