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Play + Shop w/ Old Navy

Old Navy Play it Safe

With three girls and a boy, it is pretty incredible to witness how different each little soul is. How they are born with different ways to show love and be loved. With Lola, her love language includes hugs and quality time. To fall asleep I have to be laying by her and she’s a teddy bear that wants snuggles as much as possible. She loves to sit at the table and play with Legos for hours and wants me to join her and make something together. It’s crazy how long those plastic pegs can keep her occupied. I love how Avery is different, and older now, but her love language is talking (including me listening to her for long periods of time) and laughter… with hugs still being important. That one I hope never goes away.
Is it possible that balloons can be a love language too? Cause they definitely are to this four year old…!

Old Navy Play it safe

The air is getting crisper and I am spotting red trees in the mountains in our backyard. This transition from summer is always refreshing!

Old Navy Play it SafeOld Navy Play it Safe Old Navy Play it Safe

Any plans this weekend? Thanks to Camp Old Navy there’s a fantastic fundraiser on Saturday (9/19) at local @oldnavy stores called the Play it Safe event. Kids will love to learn safety from their community heroes! Meanwhile, the mommas can get their shop on cause there’s a killer sale. #oldnavystyle See you there!

Old Navy Play it Safe

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Dear Lizzy + & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel
Today I am thrilled to share a fun little project I’ve been working on with & Apparel. Together we curated a darling line of summer staples to add to your wardrobe. In the warmer months I live in skirts and shorts so you will find some playful patterns and everyday pieces as well as the comfiest shorts I will be living in everyday. There’s also comfy tees, some other flirty skirts and darling accessories. I know that I’m no fashion blogger but I like getting dressed in the morning and I love shopping even more.
We used some inspiration from the latest Dear Lizzy collection as a jumpstart for the styles. So you’ll find a cute flamingo bag/clutch and also a pineapple bag. There’s a pair of cute+chic rose gold sandals that you need for summer.

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy & Apparel

dear lizzy + & apparelLove this bottom skirt because that guava pink is such a great color right now.  See the entire collection here! Thanks so much for joining me on all sorts of creative and life adventures on this blog. Sending cyber hugs, Lizzy


The balloons that wouldn’t die


These white, bouncy balloons were in our home for weeks and weeks. I first bought them for Myles birthday in April and they floated around until late May. I loved it. Makes me want to just always have some around. When my kids grow up they’ll think… remember how crazy mom was and she always had giant balloons…? But I got lots of use out of them. See here and here.

This year out of any month so far, May was a complete blur. Birthdays, baptism and our trip to Barcelona. Something else exciting to add to the list was being featured as the Ruchette of the month at one of my favorite online shops–Ruche. They sent me seven of their favorite pieces and I put together 10 outfits mixing and matching a polka dot dress, yellow skirt, striped blazer, scalloped shirt, plain white tee, navy pencil skirt, and a sweater. I love the idea of quality not quantity in what you put in your closet. To buy pieces that are more timeless and I can wear over and over. Check out all the looks here. 

Today RUCHE has free shipping on the Ruchette pieces that ends tonight. Pick yourself up something new.  xo, Lizzy
photo cred: Mister Kartchner


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Road trip potty break aka Maternity shoot

On our road trip to California we stopped for an impromptu photo shoot/ potty break. These were taken about a week and a half ago and it’s amazing how much this belly has grown already.
I am officially counting down from 4 weeks and kinda freaking out. Just have lots to get and organize to prepare for our little guy. Oh, and I also STILL haven’t figured out a name. aye yiyi! You’ll find Collin and I saying names all night hoping one will stick.

It actually wasn’t until I found myself walking around Disneyland pregnant & pushing a double stroller while holding Avery’s hand that I realized… ummmm, we have quite the bunch of sprouts. People looked at Collin and I like we must be crazy with all these kids. Lots of staring… and counting. haha

Pictures taken at about 35 weeks.

Some fun posts over at PAPER PARTY!

Mom’s Best Network & Awesome Giveaway

This morning Quincey saw these pictures and said she wanted to go back there…!!! Oh, to that cool building where you got to run around with a new friend? Where we gave you heart suckers, balloons and dolled you up like a stylin princess? I’m sure you do. Instead I kissed her cheek and she’s at preschool for the next couple hours. But Saturday we did have a blast with my good friend (from our days of braces, bangs and high school soccer games) Heather as the photographer & Tana, the founder of Mom’s Best. Tana invited me to kick off their new series all about motherhood. Since being a mom is the toughest, greatest thing I’ve ever done–I was in.
This week there were a few events in my life that really caused me to stop, take a deep breath and reevaluate where I give of myself. For one, my darling niece was born and is in the NICU… such an angel and amazing fighter. The second she was born she changed me. How this tiny angel had that kind of power and influence on me isn’t surprising… children are so pure and innocent and see this world more simple than we do. We are the ones that complicate it all.  This week I wasn’t the one to let go of a hug first. I squeezed each of my darling bugs until they let go. And even then they had to wriggle their way out of my tight embrace.
Don’t get me wrong… being a mommy is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Why else do you think I have a hidden treat stash and hide in my bedroom for a couple minutes of peace. Which sometimes backfires with Cheerios all over the floor. Ah, I don’t know I’m not one to be poetic or good with explaining my thoughts, but I do know how my heart feels every single day when Lola points to a mole on my cheek and says, “Mommmy, is an owie?” And kisses it better. And I know I don’t want to be too distracted or busy to miss that…
For more Q&A or photos check out Mom’s Best Network
What are 3 things we may not know about you?
-My husband, Collin, was my first date in high school. He asked me to the Homecoming Dance. When he was driving me home after our date he came to a complete stop at a green light. I think he was a little nervous.
-I took a darkroom class in college and dream of having my own darkroom someday so I could spend the day taking pictures with my film camera then develop the pictures later that day. It’s such a cool and dreamy process… with lots of stinky chemicals.
-If I could be anywhere at this moment it would be at a secluded beach somewhere in a hammock, pina colada in hand, painted toe nails with my feet in the sand, sound of kids playing in the distance, sun on my face… I could go on and on.
If there is 1 thing you have learned and could share to inspire and help other women/mothers what would it be?
Sheesh, I feel like I am still learning so much as a woman/mother… but something that I am striving to do is not to compare myself to others. A couple years ago I had a quote on my inspiration board, “Find you. Be you. Be happy with that.” I loved it because at times I feel myself trying to fit into another mold or trying to be like someone else. But I need to focus on what I do best and my natural gifts that can bless others’ lives. I mean, I don’t know anyone else who can eat a bag of Peanut M&M’s as fast as I can. That’s something I need to embrace and be proud of! ; )

We also have a giveaway today. I’m in love with the perfectly styled outfits from Peek Clothing! And you can win a gift card to their online (or check their locations). There’s also a pair of See Kai Run shoes in the giveaway… there are so many styles to choose from and my girls loved them. Quincey would have slept in them…! Also some darling clippies from Ribbies. Basically you’ll be all set and ready to photograph your cutie after you win this!
To enter: Leave a comment below… after checking out my feature on Mom’s Best Network
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Pin about this giveaway, any of these pictures or something from Mom’s Best
There is also another giveaway on Mom’s Best site with the same prizes so you have two places to win!

Photos by Heather Telford
Enter the giveaway here and thanks for playing along! xo, Lizzy

So Long Sunshine

Packing up and leaving the CHA show in Caliornia today. It’s a little chillier here than expected… but seriously it’s 1 degree at home so I am loving the sunshine.
This show has been great! Meeting new people and seeing familiar faces from the past few years is a treat. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello!
Collin flew out here and filmed the booth and new products so I will share that soon. xo


Baby Bump alert!
25 weeks 3 days 10 hours 35 minutes and 4 seconds… but who’s counting?

102 days left until I meet my little guy.

xo, Lizzy


Hello Baby Bump

As much as I wanted to just put on my sweats after church… you know, the ones that I have practically lived in since Christmas when I bought them for myself. (Thank you to me!) Yes, they were sounding mighty nice especially since the last two hours of church are spent in the nursery where I take care of the cutest crying kids, snack on goldfish crackers & fruit snacks, and teach them about how much Jesus loves them! Which is a very good place to be, if you ask me, but also very tiring. As much as I wanted to just crawl in bed… I decided that this little angel, who is about 11″ long now, really deserves to have his little life documented. Or in this case my belly’s picture taken… in all its growing glory!
And it’s also proof that I do change out of my pajamas.
I remember when I was pregnant with Avery, my first, I swear it’s all I ever thought about. Every second. It’s a little different this time around and sometimes I forget for a moment that I am pregnant. Obviously because there are three other girlies distracting me from daydreaming about that yummy baby smell. Or freaking out about those 3 am wake up calls. But it’s kinda fun because when I do remember it’s Christmas morning all over again. I don’t know if having another baby at this moment was part of my plan… but that’s the ease of this life. We are not in charge. Someone else knows what’s best for us. Or knows when we need to learn and grow.

Self-portraits taken with Canon Mark II and my self-timer remote


So long 2012… Nice knowing ya!

I will definitely be celebrating as I usually do, with the east coasters at 10pm my time! ; ) Actually I might live it up this year and stay up til midnight… bang some pots and pans outside.

Today I need to make some resolutions, think of my WORD for 2013, and finish up some tasks for the upcoming CHA show with the release of my newest craft line. I will share a sneak peek of my newest collection next week.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and hope you party hardy tonight!!
Also, to say thanks for joining me on this journey and reading my blog. I appreciate each of you so much!
Thrilled for this new year. It’s going to be a great one!!

This balloon has been bored while floating along the ceiling since Lola’s birthday, soooooo, we thought we’d show it a good time.

xo, Lizzy

Oh, Boy!

In case you were wondering… the results are in and we are beyond thrilled with the news: IT’S A BOY!!!

We found out on December 10th… but the truth is I always knew it was a boy. Before I knew I was pregnant I had ‘a moment’… I don’t even remember where I was but the cutest boy was playing and ran in front of me… he had the blondest, straightest hair that was falling into his eyes and he looked up at me for a split second as he ran by. Suddenly I had the strongest feeling that I was pregnant and it was a boy. It was only an instant but I was chalk full to the brim with warm fuzzies, not to mention the sudden lump in my throat. It was a moment I couldn’t ignore as I stood there stunned for a second.
I found out a week later that, yes, in fact I was pregnant. (Eeeeeeek!) I could have found out what the sex was weeks and weeks ago but I was scared. I was scared that that feeling and that moment wasn’t real and I didn’t want to be wrong. I thought each of my girls was a boy. I even bought a striped sweater for a baby boy in the early stages of being pregnant with Lola… so much for my mother’s intuition. ; ) But this time it was different. So you can imagine the tears that filled my eyes when the nurse said “It’s a boy!” I looked over at Collin and his eyes were all sparkly too. The nurse double checked a couple times, knowing that we have three girls and this news was exciting. “Yep, that’s a weiner.” Laughing through the tears I responded, “I don’t know what to do with that.”
We are so thrilled, nervous… 4 kids??!!! Anxious. Peaceful thinking about him. Did I mention scared? haha! But overall blessed beyond belief.
The girls have called him a boy since the beginning so this was no big news to them. Clearly they knew something we didn’t.

22 weeks down…! 18 to go.

Here I go on this journey of motherhood and life… trusting that God will show me the way. xo, Lizzy


Lately Lola is always striving to keep up with her sisters in every single way… talking, eating, jumping on the trampoline. Sometimes she gives me a look like, leave me alone mom I’m with the girls.
Lately I’ve been trying to pray better. What, you can pray bad? Yes, yes you can and I do it. Sometimes at the end of the day when I say my personal prayer I am so tired that it probably just splats against the ceiling, what a waste. I want to really pray like someone is listening and earnestly seek answers and guidance. Not just mumble routinely before my head falls onto my pillow.
Lately I am loving sitting and listening to Avery talk about school… she goes on and on. The scary part is she talks about boys… a lot. Sheesh, I couldn’t stand boys and they all had the cooties until the 4th grade… when Jeffrey Jones sat by me in Mrs Zortman’s class.
Lately I am painting everything white in my house… even the dog. ; )
Lately I’ve been rocking Q and singing to her before she sleeps. She’s at a stage where she’s acting up so I am hoping lots of love will counteract that.
Lately I am working on some paper stuff for the new blog I am finishing up… Excited to have a place to talk all about paper love.
Lately I was browsing this site and want everything for the girls’ closet. Really is dreamy…
Lately I want these Jcrew shiny flats in every color.
Lately I have been super sleeeeeepy. Like, I need to finish this since it’s boring anyway and lay down before I pick up the girls from school.

xo, Lizzy