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Game Day Crafting

I’m not gonna lie that I watch the Super Bowl for the food and the commercials. I’ll be in the kitchen stuffing my face with bean dip and buffalo wings so call me in the room when it’s a commercial break. I think a couple years ago Collin even caught me crying during one of them. Usually they’re witty or funny but I didn’t expect to cry. haha This year I was excited when Persil asked if they could send some Super Bowl craft ideas for our family. They sent foam sheets, felt, yarn, glitter glue (every kid loves glitter glue), and all sorts of fun stuff. I want to print off more of their free coloring sheets for the game. One of the printables is to make a foam finger. Which Myles is proudly wearing and still carrying around!
Just print it out, cut out template, trace onto foam, cut out foam and glue two fingers together. I sewed around the edges which I do not recommend. In case you didn’t know, foam doesn’t sew well. It worked but it’s not pretty. 🙂 Stick to the Persil instructions which say to use hot glue. Much better option.
There’s even a free Game Day Bingo printable which would be great entertainment for the kids to do so we can stuff our face in peace.  IMG_0961
Persil also included some of their soap to clean up our mess. They get what crafting with kids means. Especially with paint involved. And as the mother of four kids who know how to make a mess, I really appreciate their thoughtfulness. 😀
Printables and sponsored post by: Persil
IMG_0971 IMG_0972 IMG_0973 IMG_0974 IMG_0975 IMG_0976IMG_0907 IMG_0977 IMG_0978 IMG_0979IMG_0982  IMG_0861

DIY: Watermelon Garland

watermelon garland

This is such a great kids’ craft for summer and would make cute decor for a BBQ or party!
First, I diecut most of the shapes using my Silhouette Cameo.
Then, my girls help fold all the pieces and also handcut some of the half circles for the watermelon layers because sometimes I like having less perfect cutting. Gives it a little more charm. Next, they added watermelon seeds with a Sharpie to the red shapes.
Last, I hot glued all the shapes together and glued them to some twine.

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

Don’t Get Pinched: Baby Bow Tie DIY

bow tie diybow tie diy

Avoid letting your little guy get pinched this St. Patty’s day and make him a green bow tie. Seriously it was easy and I didn’t even sew… just used a trusty hot glue gun and some fabric scraps.

baby diy bow tie

For Myles I cut a piece of fabric 4″x7″
Next fold in the width so it’s around 2-3 inches wide and hot glue seam leaving the length 7″ long. Iron fabric.
Now fold in the ends and hot glue at center.
Pinch so there are three folds and glue each one (Make two of these up to this point)
Layer each one and glue together
Cut a strip of fabric about 2″x4″ fold in the width and glue seam. Iron. Wrap around layered bows.
Measure baby’s neck and add ribbon and velro to back. There you go. You can still pinch those cheeks but not because he’s not wearing green… because they are too squishy + cute.
Kisses from momma…
diy baby bow tie

Filled up an entire SD Card taking pictures of this face since literally the end of his front teeth are popping through… and I am going to miss those gummy gum gums.
diy baby bow tie

bow tie diy

That green holiday: Snack & Craft

St Patricks day craft

As much as I love jello, apples & Shrek it’s typically not the first color I reach for when creating… with the exception of anytime between March 1st-March 17th. Then I’m all about it. Such a cheerful color.
Here’s a quick snack to make with your kids then package them up and deliver to your friends or loved ones. All you need are pretzels, chocolate, m&m’s and you’ve got yourself an edible shamrock. Definitely good luck if you eat a few of these.

St Patricks day craft

Once the chocolate cools & hardens pop them in a bag for special deliveries.
I am including a download for the file I used to die cut the shamrock confetti, shamrocks and “you’re my end of the rainbow” phrase. I loved Oh So Pretty’s printable & did my own spin with die cutting.
The bottom left kraft bag was embossed with my Dear Lizzy embossing folder the pennant banner design is cheerful. Then I added “LUCKY” with Dear Lizzy thickers & last a Studio Calico gold heart.
Glassine envelopes or bags are something that I always try to have on hand for fun occasions.

st patricks day craft

St Patricks day craft

St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day essential scrapbooking supplies

thickers gold hearts dear lizzy embossing folderkraft bags

If you want a free download of the cutable file I used to make the shamrock confetti, shamrock cutouts for bags and the “you’re my end of the rainbow” then download here from Dropbox. It’s a file to use with Silhouette. I have never done this before so let me know how it works. Or if it doesn’t work. : ) I can email it to anyone too.  xo, Lizzy

diy: Dress Up Rack

diy dress up rack

During the day I lose count of the number of costume changes for little miss Lola. While I was at CHA my mom watched my girls and got to experience it first hand. I kept apologizing because she I know she ransacks the dresser drawers every twenty minutes.
Well, as much as I wanted to cuss (in my head and I never want to cuss…) after picking her dresses up for the millionth time I realized that as tedious as it is… there is an end in sight. That’s a relief and sad at the same time. Seriously? She’s not going to be 14 and changing in and out of Honey BooBoo ensembles all day long? So I am embracing and enjoying this stage because it is pretty freaking cute… but with one solution. All of her dresses were crammed into one basket thing in her closet. So if she wanted to look for her favorite she pulled every item out-flinging tulle and glitter over her shoulders.
I needed a rack. I remember seeing a darling dress-up rack on someone’s blog years ago. But can’t remember where I saw it.  I searched and found an adult clothing rack at Bed Bath & Beyond… that’s adjustable. It was perfect because it can be made for munchkins like Lo and it’s on wheels so I can wheel it to the room we are playing in when Myles is napping in the play room. But it was all black and silver which doesn’t fly for her.
-20 bucks for adjustable rack
-Gold and White Spray paint. I was going to do a color but knew there’d be enough pink hanging around.
-I hung a mirror with some vintage lace. I bought the mirror for Avery’s nursery before she was born.
-Hung a bag on a hanger to hold bows, purses and hats.
-Made some fringe tassels to hang on the side. Added some honeycomb balls. Because clearly I am obsessed with those right now.  As you’ve noticed by seeing my cha booth, studio, Christmas Tree etc
-Pretty easy and fast. The best part is she loves being able to hang them up and take them off herself. Don’t you dare even try to help her!

before diy dress up rack

dress up rack diy

DIY Dress up Rack

1-16  IMG_9949

Playing dress up is exhausting!

diy dress up rack

Three Little Fairy Birds

Fairy Birds is a darling book that teaches kids to give to others by spreading acts of kindness through out their day. Even better– they do so while dressed up in wings and sprinkle confetti hearts as they go. This children’s book series is about Fairies who are actually in Fairy Godmother training. If you notice the wings my girls are wearing… each feather is earned when they are in training. In the first book they can grow their pink “givie” feather as they give to others. I love what this teaches and in a fun-interactive way!

Head over to Small Fry Blog for more pictures, videos & details including 3 giveaways for books & darling accessories…! Such a great gift idea and prezzie for your own Fairy Birds. Thanks to Emily and Nicole at Small Fry for the pictures and magical afternoon adventure!


Pom Pom Kids’ Craft & The Book Advent

Avery liked the poms I decorated our advent books with, sooooo, yesterday I taught her how to create her own. Since I had to google how to make them here’s a little tutorial…

1 Wrap 100 times around 3 fingers (more or less depending on the size you want.)
2 Cut a 12″ piece of yarn and tie it around the whole wrapped piece. Leave this piece long until you are ready to use your pom. Tie from the back to the front so it kind of looks like a bow. Do not tie it from the center of the wrapped yarn to the front. It has to be tied around the entire wrapped piece.
3 Cut the edges
4 Fluff and trim. It was actually a lot more trimming then I thought. But you can leave it shaggier or nice and short. You are basically giving it a hair cut. If it is at a bad haircut stage keep evening it out.
There is also a great way to do this with two pieces of cardboard cut like a donut with two notches but this was easier for us. : )


You can string them along a garland, put on presents, on your tree or make ornaments.
My twin and me making some under the tree. Funny that this happens a lot where we are dressed the same. The other day we had the same teal colored pants on. I didn’t even notice until the end of the day and Collin pointed it out. I do draw the line, however, when three of us four girls are rocking leopard print. That was a bit much. Only one girl allowed to wear leopard at a time. ; )


For the past couple years I have wanted to start that fun tradition where you unwrap a Christmas book everyday leading up to December 25th. I love seeing all the pretty stacked books on pinterest & blogs. And thinking of the kids all excited to open the next one sounded too fun to miss out on.
Well, I only had 20 books but I was ready to wrap. Collin helped me one night and we used just brown paper and string. I made some of them fancy with gold numbered thickers and ribbon. Since we started wrapping them before the kids went to bed I made it very clear that these are old books not new presents so don’t be sneaky and open them early… we are opening one every day until Christmas. I looked at their cute faces and thought, hey, I think they are finally listening to me! Fast forward to the next morning when I was in the kitchen making breakfast and Lola came walking in with one of the wrapped books now unwrapped!! I ran to the living room and there was Quincey with every single book unwrapped!!!!!!!!!!!! The horror. Avery kept apologizing for her and Q said she was looking for her Olive, The Other Reindeer book. Of course she was. I wish I would’ve taken a picture but I think I was too bugged then. ha! Well, I wrapped about half again and they aren’t as fancy but I used some pom p0ms and yarn and I strung some smaller poms on twine. Those little stinkers!! Definitely on the naughty list at the moment. ; )

A few of our favorite books:
THE GRINCH & I also wrapped our Mr. Krugers Christmas VHS (a classic from the 80s)
You can also go to the library and check out books for the countdown.
What are some of your favorite traditions?

Painting Pumpkins: Kids’ Craft

Since my kids are too young to carve pumpkins, each year I search for other fun things we can do. Last year we made jar lanterns.

This year I diecut different Halloween shapes with my Silhouette and then we painted. This was fun because it was the best of both worlds. They got to paint and I got something cute to display.

Diecut vinyl with Sihouette or other system//Attach to pumpkin very well, re-sealing edges if needed//Paint//Remove vinyl


LAST YEAR: Painted Pumpkin Jars

The thing I love about these crafts is that I had fun too… and you could do them with out little munchkins. That would also mean less mess.



Travel Art Kit: Here We Goooooo

“Here we goooooooooo!!!” Said like Peter Pan, of course. Which is quite fitting since we are off to Disneyland! That’s right people. The kind of vacation where you are more exhausted when you get home. But you don’t complain because… it’s Disneyland. I will be eating my share of churros, pushing a sexy double stroller, and taking pictures of my kids standing by adults dressed in giant mouse costumes. Collin is already planning out the Splash Mountain pose for the pic. He wanted to be reading a book, or pouring a bowl of cereal… I’m scared.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep because I had taken a non-drowsy allergy pill and earlier I drank a Diet Coke. This must have been a toxic combination. I was still going strong to the wee hours of the morning. But I’m glad because now I have this little book and what do I have to show for our last Disneyland trip? Nothun.  I haven’t done anything with my pictures. This trip I am prepared with 4 cameras. This isn’t a joke. : ) I don’t want to lug my slr around everyday so I have some smaller options. Clearly, I am determined to document our time togetha. I grabbed some of my favorite supplies for a travel art kit.


Starting with Kraft Cardstock I used my Cameo and cut quite a few pages with one or two words on each.
Then I added some elements to about 5 of the pages. So they are ready to go. I am mostly going to add Instax to the album and possibly some Instagrams.
I spray painted the coils with gold metal paint and used my Bind-It-All to put it together.

The only adhesive I packed is my Glossy Accents since it is tiny.  And it’s my favorite adhesive for the wood accents. Can you tell I am obsessed with SC’s veneer pieces??!! Just slightly.
Also packed the least deadly scissors I own. The memory marker is perfect because I will use it for journaling & to stamp with my Dear Lizzy roller date stamp.

I painted my cloth bag with neon pink using a stencil. And I put together two journals for the girls. Because we have a 12 hour drive ahead of us…!
The striped paper is one of my favorite papers from my Neapolitan line and the little bow is too.

Everything fits perfect into my bag. I might even squeeze my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher in there too.


Also, here is the Kid’s Art journal kit I put together last year for our Lake Powell trip. Which had a lot more down-time and worked out great!

Leaving in an hour… gotta go pack!
xo, Lizzy
Click on the images to check out the supplies:


Valentine’s Day Countdown

To celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Valentines Day, I put together a 1-14 day countdown. Each day has a package to open with a love note, an activity or goodies to eat or play with.

I used my old school Martha Stewart number foam stamps to paint the numbers on a board I found in our garage from one of Collin’s projects. I used a hot pink paint, like neon pink, but the lighting was so horrible in my house the colors are a bit off.

Next, I hot glued clothespins to the side of each number and added a sewn package with kraft wrapping paper.   I even had Avery color on some of the hearts before I sewed them to get her involved in the process too.
Add glitter and heart sequins to the hearts as well for even more of a fun surprise.  C’mon do it! You have to vacuum anyways.


HOW TO fill the hearts: First cut your heart shapes with two pieces of kraft wrapping paper back to back so they are the same shape. Then I sew the heart and leave an opening for the prezzie. After I add the goodies then I finish sewing the heart.


We will see if the packages are still around when I get home from my trip to Anaheim.