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Happy FriYAY!

dear lizzy
Piles of prize ribbons and a bathtub full of beach balls. Sometimes my days highlighted with such random cuteness.
Prize ribbon die is included in the bow die set so you get two in one!! It’s my favorite new product. There’s also a HOORAY banner that layers on the prize ribbons.

dear lizzy

dear lizzy
Loving all the new colors that Tim Holtz has come out with so I had to add them to my rainbow forest of bottle brush trees. 

DIY: Bow Cone Wraps

bow cone wraps

Today we made Strawberry and Banana Nice Cream with a recipe from my cute friend at CocoCoconuts. It’s called Nice Cream because sometimes Ice Cream can be really quite mean… to my butt. Haha bad joke. But I am going strong 8 days without eating any treats. I started March 30th and am on a rolllllll. If you know me you probably wouldn’t believe that no candy has touched these lips. Especailly during one of the best candy holidays of the year!!! No Peeps, Reeces eggs, chocolate bunnies, nothing. I literally held a bag of Mini Cadbury eggs and didn’t even sneak one. (I had already ate a whole entire bag the week before, but that’s beside the point! ;) Actually that’s why I decided to do this no sugar challenge. I know there’s some sugar in the plain greek yogurt I eat and also 1 gram in my protein drink but I am letting those slide. I am mostly trying to cut out the really bad sugar I consume on the daily. Like a bag of sour patch watermelons constantly in my purse etc etc. I feel so good too. Treats don’t even sound good now… and I pictured myself curled in the fetal position dreaming of donuts. Ah man, donuts are my weakness.
To go along with our Nice Cream we needed some pretty bow cone wrappers. Using my new Bow Die Cut and papers from the newest Dear Lizzy collection that should be available very soon.  The bottom left paper on the cone is from the A Beautiful Mess (Messy Box) this month. Matches perfectly with Dear Lizzy stuff.

Bow Cone Wraps

how to
I bought Ice Cream waffle cones that came with a paper wrapper on each one that I used for a template.
Next, I cut a bunch of different patterns. Then made coordinating bows and last, hot glued it all together. Nothing else was sticking very well for me.

Bow Cone Wraps
Make some bow cone wrappers and Nice Cream and you are ready to party in style.

Cheerfully Clad

Yesterday was ‘one of those days’ or I guess the whole week was. I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t have motivation for much at all. Just blah… such blah-ness has lingered around more than normal recently. Not sure if it’s a combination of staying up too late and exercising more. Collin keeps blatantly pointing out, “You’re a mom of four crazy, active kids.” Good point.
Well, somehow I had this bizarre inspiration that a cheap trip to Dollar Store for yellow, floating faces could lift my sprits. We tied them to random cars and places throughout our town. Hopefully it got someone to smile who needed some extra cheer.



Rainy Day

March needed some sparkle so some fresh nails did the trick. Lola and I ran around outside in the rain while Myles took a nap and dad worked on the computer. We made it a whole block on our walk. Just far enough to find some puddles and dance.

Make sure you taste the air when you’re on an adventure!

rain boots

These frogs have been smiling up at me since Avery was a little puddle jumper.

rain boots


The next collection of Dear Lizzy products are shipping the first week of April. So excited!! Place your orders and make sure your favorite kit companies and stores are going to snag you something cute and colorful.

Getting Close

dear lizzy fine and dandy
Launching the new Fine and Dandy collection is getting super close. A couple of the must-have products to add to your list (and tell your fave stores to snag for you) include the Bow Dieset. I used all papers from the collection in the above pic. The patterns include confetti, flamingos, floral and polka dots.
Another must-have is this 52 list journal! Each week you will answer a thought provoking question and then you can spend the week thinking about it or jot down whatever comes to mind. There’s a page with each question that will have room to add a photo, doodle or keep it simple. I have some fun things in store for this little book. So stay tuned. We finished the design last summer and I’m excited that it’s about time to get one to all of you!

dear lizzy fine and dandy

Life at home is at its usual fast-pace where I struggle to keep up! Last weekend it was dance competition for Quincey and her team took 1st place with both of her routines. One they were dressed up like the darling sailors and the other pirates. Cutest ever! She practiced so hard and some days would go straight from school to dance. Proud momma moment.
dear lizzy blog

Pretending these animal gloves are puppets is why he keeps them on. We’ve had such a mild winter I was wondering if I should put all the snow gear back in storage. But now it’s been snowing all day so I think I jinxed it. dear lizzy blog


Candy Colored Camera


Last week I gave away an Instax on my Instagram feed along with some Dear Lizzy products. (If you want to connect on Insta my username is @dearlizzy.) This little cutie posed for some pics. Did I mention at the top of her wish list for Christmas was Chuck Taylors? Actually she said black shoes with laces and stars on the side. haha Wha?! No Barbies or Calico Critters? Next stop: college.

pink instax

Self-Timer Shenanigans

dear lizzy
Spent some time in Park City this weekend visiting my great grandma who’s in town from San Diego at my Auntie’s house. During our excursion, I bribed my crew to take a self-timer pic when we stopped for a potty break. (Yes, it’s only an hour trip and we have to stop because someone always has “to go.”)
Scrolled through the pics later and couldn’t believe how perfect everyone’s personalities were captured. I didn’t even know Lola had jumped until I looked at the photos later.
Such a fleeting moment I’ll look back at in ten years and forget how tired I was… and instead ache to experience this day all over again. Just even for one minute. Until they’re all crying at the same time and someones hungry and someone needs to pee and someones throwing a fit then poof—take me back to the future, Ghost of Christmas Past!

dear lizzy


in other news
If you haven’t already, check out my newest online workshop: XOXO Mini AlbumDear Lizzy online workshop

I know I know…

dear lizzy instagram

… Christmas is over but I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the month. I am working on a December Daily album but it was put on hold with other stuff I am doing. It’s one of my favorite things about Christmas so I couldn’t completely forget about it! Here are some moments from 12-14.dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram


dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

Quincey and Lola were in The Nutcracker this year… their dances were fleeting but I loved every second.

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram-1

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram  dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

dear lizzy blog
Post-church operation to clean up this blasted studio space. I know it doesn’t look that messy… but what you can’t see are the piles on every single surface. I am the queen of putting off cleaning up by making piles. I already requested this on Instagram but, please send help! In the form of magical elves, Mary Poppins, or Tony Danza. I’m not picky. But preferably Tony from the Who’s The Boss years.

biancacash-throwkindnessJust purchased this print from an artist in Australia. I’m obsessed with the simplicity and playfulness. I want this one bad for my girls’ room. Santa, are you listening?

(Your face is pretty but your heart is golden.)
Recently Avery became very concerned about hair and clothes and she’s never been my fussy dresser. I could hand her anything to put on and she would wear it. Heck, she would wear her pjs all day and wouldn’t care one bit what anyone thought. Lola, on the other hand, has been very picky since she was two of what she is wearing. Pink, frilly, girly… and no matter what I suggest her to wear she refuses the first outfit every single time and says “yes” to the second or third one. I’m onto her sneaky ways. ; )
Every day when I am brushing their hair I try to sneak in my mom-advice and engrain in their minds that —it’s good to look nice but a smile and being kind is what’s most important.
bianca cash

dear lizzy blogThen there’s these two. Oh my, cutest stinkers.

Instagram Photo Books

instagram photo books

Seeing that Instagram fills in the gaps of what I don’t scrapbook or Project Life… it’s huge for me to print the photos from my feed to tangible memories.
There’s a new way to easily print your entire Instagram feed. It’s super fast and seriously the price is reasonable too. For 6 bucks you can get a 60 page book.
Download the app CHATBOOKS onto your phone. Use the code LIZZY1 for your first book freeeee! If you order three books or more.
Another great thing about Chatbooks is that you can sign up for the autoship and once you have 60 more photos it will automatically ship you the next book. I love happy mail but spontaneous happy mail is even better!

instagram photo book

instagram photo book

It was seriously Christmas morning when I opened my package and saw all these faces! Then I wouldn’t let anyone touch them which defeats the whole purpose.

Once you are inside the app you can:

-Change the title of the album and what it will print the same on the spine of each book. I didn’t realize I could change this so mine all say “My Instagrams” but it would be fun to include something funny, a family name or inside joke. Just touch the title “My Instagrams” to open that album then tap again to change the title.
-Choose which cover you want for each book. Or just go with the random one the app assigns. Of course I took the extra time and chose each one. Clearly, I was favoring this little kissed face cover when I was taking photos of the books.
-Delete photos you do not want in the book.
-Also it includes the caption from your photo. Which was an awesome addition to an already gold product.

Other features include: Chatbook Series A daily-life scrapbook for a private group. Where you can add contributors and everyone can submit photos to print into a book. How nice is this for a photo book gift for a loved one where everyone can easily submit their photos. Think Christmas presents people! I know my mom would love this!
Also, there’s a Custom Book option so you can upload up to 300 photos from your phone for an event or specific themed book. So easy!

instagram photo book

It prints a date stamp in the top left corner and the caption below.

Remember to use the code: LIZZY1 to get your first book free if you order three or more.
Now download the app, Chatbooks, and get your memories into your hands.

instagram photo book

instagram photo book

instagram photo book