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Summer Reads

I am looking for a good summer read and also I’ll be taking a road trip by myself with my kiddies and will need to listen to some books on tape to drown out the Chipmunks and Barney movies on repeat from the back seat. :) Posted a pic and asked friends on Instagram for recommendations then decided to compile them into a list! Feel free to add to it and share a book you’ve read in the comment section… XOXO
This red Free People skirt is my fave! Can be found here

The Lost Wife: Alyson Richman (couldn’t put it down)
Girl on the Train
David Baldacci (mysteries and thrillers)
The Husband’s Secret (won’t be able to put it down)
Left To Tell (best book I’ve ever read)
Breaking Night by Liz Murray
Our Song (lovely read)
The One That Got Away
Ghost Child
Matilda is Missing by Caroline Overington
Big Little Lies
The Start of Me and You (quick read and so good)
James Patterson women’s murder club series
Judy Blume’s newest book
The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah is three thumbs up
Anything by Malcolm Gladwell
What the Dog Saw
What Alice Forgot (So good)
The Happiness Advantage
The Anatomy of Peace
The History of Love
I’ll Give You The sun
Dark Dark Wood
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimbery Snyder
All Fall Down by Julie Bellon (a neighbor and friend of mine)
Kate Morton novels
We Were Liars
Anything by Amy Harmon
Breathing Black
When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker
The Light Between Oceans
Miss Read (vintage books) Thrush Green series
Jan Karon novels
Beatriz Williams (good historical fiction reading)
When Breath Becomes Air
Kristin Hannah (books about friendship and relationships
All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


December something

December is parading by whether we like it or not… So I’m trying to catch the highlights and keep my sanity. : )
Starting on my December Daily today and I’m so excited! Even though I don’t make it through all the days it’s always the very most favorite thing I create all year.

Refinishing our floors for Christmas… yay! We are thinking a grey finish… and can’t wait for it to be finished the next couple days since everything is chaos and stuffed into the bathroom.


December 1st aka Let’s do this!

wrapping ideas
Some more wrapping ideas!
The Dear Lizzy typewriter stamp is so great for tags. Stamp a word in the paper or write your own little note! The paper rosettes are Dear Lizzy too and fit right in with Christmas!
wrapping ideas

gift guide

Love all the kids toys at Land of the Nod! The hallway playhouse is genius because that would keep my girls busy for hours. Same with the doorway puppet theatre! Then you can fold it up and put it away. Darlingest stocking stuffers too! Click pictures below:


And some of the favorite items on my wish list to send along to the man in your life if they need a little help knowing what you want from Santa!

Fave Holiday Dresses

fave holiday dresses

Last year we didn’t take any formal family pictures like we typically do. And now as I am coordinating everything I can see why it can be a lot of work to match everyone, find a photographer, talk your husband into it and find a good time for everyone. Then I remembered KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Now I can see why denim on denim was so popular. How easy is that? Everyone put on all the denim in the house!
After searching for something to wear I thought I’d share some of my favorite dresses out there just in case anyone is looking for a holiday or family photo option as well. The striped one above is from Shabby Apple. I love all their recent Winter release!
Also this grey dress is one of my favorites and under 30.
XO, Lizzy

We Ran Away


Sorry for the silence here on my blog… we ran away for the week. Ran away from to-do lists, from carpools, computers and work. Ran away from Fall since it was still summer at Newport Beach and Disneyland.

Here are some Instagrams from the trip I wanted to share…

A nice lady took this pic and it captures us completely… because while dad ran around with the two older girls on Screamin’ and Tower of Terror I hung out with the under 40 inchers.

Myles carried around his map for a good half of the day telling us where to go.
He just wants to be one of the big kids and he thinks that he is. He loved meeting characters! He would wait patiently in line (none of my girls were as patient as he is) and wave at the people until it was his turn then run up and give them a hug and sign his book.
Oh, he gets it already. How magical this place is.





A little self-timer action with Myles, we like to eat donuts and Beignets from the Mint Julep bar while we wait for the others to ride Thunder Mountain. It was a short line only 10 mins so that was nice! (They have pumpkin beignets right now which are yummmm.)



We sang Muppet songs and Teen Beach movie on the top of our lungs while we rode our bikes along the beach. Such a fun memory!

There’s been some life struggles for us recently things that shouldn’t matter… I needed a “reset” at my happy place to focus on what matters. To clear my mind and remind myself how to breathe. To remember that each day is fleeting… why waste it worrying about what happened or what I can’t control. XO, Lizzy






Happy Monday!


Happy Monday!
Thanks so much for all the submissions for the Dear Lizzy design team! It’s been quite fun going through each submission and getting to know you guys better with the random questions. :) Not to mention I’ve been gushing over how amazingly creative the artwork is! I need to nail down some more details and I’ll announce the additions to the team next Monday! (If not sooner…)

For snack time I used the gold foil Dear Lizzy paper to make a mini hamburger box! I diecut the shape with my Silhouette Cameo and then added a sticker on top. We love snack time around here!

Instragram Tip: Full Frame Portait

instagram tip

With Instagram’s newest update you can post full-frame portrait pics not only squares. I love this because sometimes I want to post a portrait (vertical) photo but I don’t want to open it in another app and add the white space to the sides. Now I can do that in Instagram without the white. It’s so easy! But since I had to google it today when I kept seeing beautiful large photos in my feed I thought I would share how to do it. Again it’s easy peasy–one button.

The very first step when you are choosing your pic is where you can make the changes.
Let’s connect on Instagram: @DearLizzy 

how to: instagram how to: instagram

how to: instagram


Summer Reading List

summer reading list

Lately I’ve been avoiding the laundry and had my nose in a book instead. Smells better than dirty socks anyway. It’s bad though because I stay up way too late when I should be sleeping.
Last week, I snagged a couple books at Walmart. The selection is bleak so these aren’t my top choices but I wasn’t patient enough to wait. I read All The Bright Places which is YA so a good, quick read. I also read Everything I Never Told You. It’s not my favorite but I enjoyed her writing and it was interesting to see another family’s dynamic. And also, Paper Towns, which I honestly wouldn’t even recommend. I read it because I absolutely loved The Fault in Our Stars and I know there’s a movie coming out. I liked it at the beginning but I skimmed the last 1/3 of it. I started Yes, Please and am enjoying it but just pick it up here and there. I am reading The Book Thief right now and started a couple more listed below. What would you recommend?

summer reading list
*I’ll Give You the Sun
*We Are All Called To Rise
*These Is My Words
All The Light I Cannot See
(finish) The Book Thief
The Girl on the Train
Party Girls
Eleanor & Park
We Were Liars
Glitter and Glue

Share your favorites or thoughts about any of these books. I would love to hear!

summer reading list

Stay Wild

dear lizzy instagram

Something I learned about myself from our trip is that I love the beach even when it’s cold.
Even when I am huddled under a towel and wearing a sweatshirt I still love it. Even when the water is freezing cold you scream if you aren’t paying attention and suddenly a larger wave rolls in and splashes your legs. Even when it’s raining and crazy dark clouds are hovering. Especially when my kids run to me and cuddle under my blanket with their hair still dripping and salty taste when I kiss their cheeks.
We had some really good days and some good hours on days but, honestly, the clouds never stopped the kids. They were out there digging to China in the sand and building castles over and over while Myles came and tore them down. Splashing and getting in the water not even flinching even though it was freezing!

Sitting there with nothing in sight in the sea or above or heads… feeing so small. It opens my mind and clears my thoughts then fills it with all the things overflowing from my heart. The things that matter.

With the colder weather came some amazing waves though. One morning we woke up to photographers, all along the usually empty sand, filming and photographing surfers catching some “mighty sick wake.” Usually it’s just us out there and we walk to the Pier and see if we can spot any sea life.
If the day was nice we’d hang out until the dark clouds kicked us out and then we ran off to Disneyland for the night! (Some instagrams from the trip.)

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram


dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram

dear lizzy instagram