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DIY: Seed Bombs

DIY Seed bombs

Recently I planted peonies and iris bulbs so now I am crossing my fingers that they sprout out of the ground someday because I have the blackest thumb ever. Pretty sure I couldn’t keep a cactus alive. But I love flowers and plan to spend more time in my garden and yard this summer. Last year I was completely enamored with Myles and growing him. ; )
I adore these DIY bomb seeds that the darling Amanda from Be Crafty made! She used my Dear Lizzy paper on a couple of the bags. Then added clips and stamped tags with fabric strips. Love it! They are perfect to give away as a gift to celebrate spring. You definitely have to get your hands dirty for this project. Here are the tips she shared:

I have always seen seed bombs at the green house in candy machines and wanted to try make them.  Seed bombs are little balls of dirt, dry clay and flower seeds. They are intended to be placed in areas where gardening in unavailable, but can be placed anywhere.

I found they were a lot easier to make then I thought. Please note: I read many different directions and worked with supplies I had on had.

SUPPLIES:  Dirt, dry clay ( found at walmart for $5 in crafting section) wild flower / flower seeds

STEP 1: Mix in small batches, adding dirt and clay together.
STEP 2: Roll into small balls
STEP 3:  Add a few flower seeds. The clay will hold the seeds in place.  ( don’t add to many)
STEP 4: Set balls out in sun for clay to harden. ( about 24 hours)
STEP 5: Enjoy + Share

TO MAKE THE BAG: I placed sticker letters  in the middle of a small canvas bag. Using distress ink (for scrapbooking)  mix with water in a small spray bottle.  Spray over the stickers. I added more ink as I went to get a darker ombre look.  Once the bag is dry, remove letters ( ok, I removed them right away, but best if you wait till it’s dry)
Photos + Craft: Amanda//Be Crafty Workshop

DIY Seed bomb

DIY Seed bombs


essential scrapbooking supplies
dear lizzy papers
2974733_600x6002974131_200x200 canvas bagsmaggie holmes clips

Lola + Small Fry

bunny tote diy
Last week I got to work with my sis in law, Emily, at Small Fry Blog and photograph a darling bunny bag she crafted. Lola gave it a trial run and approves. See the simple DIY here. Perfect for Easter egg hunting and just being adorable.

How in the world Lola was scared of these tiny checks when she has a dog the size of a horse is beyond me.

bunny tote diy
bunny tote diy

xo, Lizzy

Don’t Get Pinched: Girl Hair Clips

diy hair clips

It’s a tragic day in second grade if you forget to wear green on March 17th. Quincey has been hounding me since last week to get her all green outfit laid out and ready to go. She definitely did not inherit my procrastination gene. But today we finally put together some fun, green accessories. I shared the green bow tie diy for Myles, now here’s some super quick girls’ ideas to put together.

diy hair clips

The first are some modern style barrettes.
I used some fabric scraps and glitter POW cardstock from American Crafts. Love that stuff.
-First, I cut some acrylic 2.5″ x .5″. You can use thick chipboard or foam board anything really.
-Next, cut the fabric slightly larger and wrap the acrylic like a present. Hot glueing each side as you go.
-Last, slide a bobbi pin on a 2.25″ piece of ribbon. Add hot glue to the back of the barrette and then attach the bobbi pin and ribbon. That’s it!
If you are making the glitter cardstock  ones it’s the same steps just cut the glitter cardstock slightly larger than the acrylic and then add the ribbon and bobbi pin the same. Use Modge Podge or Tackly Glue and glitter and it will work just as great. Just make sure the last step is modge podge to keep glitter in place. Should be quick since it’s such a small piece.

diy hair clips

diy hair clips

Next is a clover flower that Quincey helped me make. Great for a beginner sewer.
-Cut 3 clover leaf shapes.
-Then sew a running stitch along the bottoms.
-Last, pull thread to bunch together and tie a knot. Would be cute in other colors and more petals. Love Amy Tan’s embroidery threads and needles for this.
diy hair clips

diy hair clips

diy hair clips
Happy St Patty’s Day! xoxo, Lizzy

essential scrapbooking supplies
embroidery set amy tan
glitter cardstockembroidery set amy tanbobbi pins

Don’t Get Pinched: Baby Bow Tie DIY

bow tie diybow tie diy

Avoid letting your little guy get pinched this St. Patty’s day and make him a green bow tie. Seriously it was easy and I didn’t even sew… just used a trusty hot glue gun and some fabric scraps.

baby diy bow tie

For Myles I cut a piece of fabric 4″x7″
Next fold in the width so it’s around 2-3 inches wide and hot glue seam leaving the length 7″ long. Iron fabric.
Now fold in the ends and hot glue at center.
Pinch so there are three folds and glue each one (Make two of these up to this point)
Layer each one and glue together
Cut a strip of fabric about 2″x4″ fold in the width and glue seam. Iron. Wrap around layered bows.
Measure baby’s neck and add ribbon and velro to back. There you go. You can still pinch those cheeks but not because he’s not wearing green… because they are too squishy + cute.
Kisses from momma…
diy baby bow tie

Filled up an entire SD Card taking pictures of this face since literally the end of his front teeth are popping through… and I am going to miss those gummy gum gums.
diy baby bow tie

bow tie diy

How To: Letterpress With Lace

Letterpress with Lace-1


You might remember me gushing about my the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress machine I was having all kinds of crafty fun with? Well, the Letterpress Love hasn’t wavered. So I put together a  video sharing hands on clips of how it works.

You can use any diecut roller machine but need the Lifestyle Crafts platform and other supplies. The paint lasts quite a while because you only need a very small amount.
Also, the video includes a cool technique for letter pressing with lace. Tina is the genius who showed me you could press with fabric for the Studio Calico class I contributed to and the result is purdy!! Letterpress is such a rad craft to learn and have fun with.


click to watch

Check out the video and here it is on YouTube if you want to subscribe to the Dear Lizzy Channel I just started. Happy Monday!

Try Letterpressing and using a water brush with watercolors or mists to color in parts of the image. The Letterpress paper is thick and is great for using all different mediums.

Collin Kartchner Studios: Filmed the shots of letter pressing & painting on glass.
Dear Lizzy: Art Direction, Edited, Type, Filmed product hand shots.

favorite supplies

letterpress letterpress alphabet letterpress kit letterpress kit SCLetterpressKits-2 letterpress plate letterpress_deer inky_roller

xo, Lizzy


DIY: Valentine’s Day Countdown

valentine's garland

I know there’s only nine days until Valentine’s Day but yesterday I finished my garland/slash countdown/slash treat bag advent and finally hung it up. yay!
Since we moved furniture around I am still figuring out what to hang above our piano so it was a great empty space for some Valentine’s Day fun.

These Wood Numbers are my favorite new product I picked up at CHA and were perfect for a countdown.
The polka dot paper is a Dear Lizzy product found here. I added a new product coming from AC including the black clothespins, pennant shape and twine. The cloth bags will have goodies, small games, pencils etc inside each day. I need to fill a few more of them today but, hey, it’s up at least. And since my kiddies are sneaky they can’t steal the treats from future days yet. They don’t even realize I’m one step ahead of them without even trying.  (high five)

See my countdown from a couple years ago here.

Valentine countdown garland

Valentine countdown garland

valentine's day countdown

Valentine countdown garland

Valentine countdown garland

valentine's garland

valentine's garland

favorite supplies

wood die cut shape canvas bagsdear lizzy paper

diy: Dress Up Rack

diy dress up rack

During the day I lose count of the number of costume changes for little miss Lola. While I was at CHA my mom watched my girls and got to experience it first hand. I kept apologizing because she I know she ransacks the dresser drawers every twenty minutes.
Well, as much as I wanted to cuss (in my head and I never want to cuss…) after picking her dresses up for the millionth time I realized that as tedious as it is… there is an end in sight. That’s a relief and sad at the same time. Seriously? She’s not going to be 14 and changing in and out of Honey BooBoo ensembles all day long? So I am embracing and enjoying this stage because it is pretty freaking cute… but with one solution. All of her dresses were crammed into one basket thing in her closet. So if she wanted to look for her favorite she pulled every item out-flinging tulle and glitter over her shoulders.
I needed a rack. I remember seeing a darling dress-up rack on someone’s blog years ago. But can’t remember where I saw it.  I searched and found an adult clothing rack at Bed Bath & Beyond… that’s adjustable. It was perfect because it can be made for munchkins like Lo and it’s on wheels so I can wheel it to the room we are playing in when Myles is napping in the play room. But it was all black and silver which doesn’t fly for her.
-20 bucks for adjustable rack
-Gold and White Spray paint. I was going to do a color but knew there’d be enough pink hanging around.
-I hung a mirror with some vintage lace. I bought the mirror for Avery’s nursery before she was born.
-Hung a bag on a hanger to hold bows, purses and hats.
-Made some fringe tassels to hang on the side. Added some honeycomb balls. Because clearly I am obsessed with those right now.  As you’ve noticed by seeing my cha booth, studio, Christmas Tree etc
-Pretty easy and fast. The best part is she loves being able to hang them up and take them off herself. Don’t you dare even try to help her!

before diy dress up rack

dress up rack diy

DIY Dress up Rack

1-16  IMG_9949

Playing dress up is exhausting!

diy dress up rack

DIY: Floral Crown

diy floral crown


Recently our family pictures were coming up and I had a vision in my head of Lola wearing a floral crown… Not sure why I would do that since family pictures are already stressful enough just getting everyone ready and out the door. Lola hates pants, which last I checked they weren’t optional for pictures in the snow. Then everyone has to be matching… but not matchy-matchy denim on denim.
Well, the crowns all came together effortlessly because with in a couple days I found Amy from Bleu Wednesday. And even better than just wearing the crowns, she came to my home and we made them together. She is the sweetest and was so patient with my girls. Loved spending the afternoon watching her create such beautiful things. Plus, flowers just make you happy… and my home smelled like Christmas.
I filmed and edited the afternoon putting together a tutorial for making floral crowns of your own.
Photos: Heather Telford//Filmed and edited: Me//Flowers: Bleu Wednesday


click to watch


diy floral crown

diy floral crown

diy  floral crown


Spookified Mantle

This year I was hoping Halloween would slip by and no one would notice that I didn’t decorate. Not because I don’t LOVE Halloween, because it’s truly one of my favorites. But because I was totally being lazy… and I am freaked out by our storage room. (spiders, dark etc) A week ago my plan was going smoothly… I almost caved when my sister, Ash, came over & was completely ashamed in me. But I couldn’t ignore Quincey asking every. single. day. to hang up Halloween stuff. “We need to decorate mom!” So I braved the spiders and ghosts in the storage room, appropriate for this holiday, dragged the bin upstairs and went to work on the mantle.

The other night Collin asked me what I was making… Oh, you know just a hat and mask for a fake crows.
I added some blanket and pillows, witches hats, and a photo album. The photo album is this darling, stuffed cat with an album attached that I purchased from Old Navy the first year of our marriage. I wanted to put each year of costumes in it. My goal this year is to catch up and print pictures for it and display it every Halloween.

Last year, I used my Silhouette to cut bat shapes from vintage book paper and then sewed them together. As well as the fringe garland. To make use crepe paper sheets. You can use the typical crepe paper rolls but it won’t be as wide. Start by cutting it as wide as long as you want it.  Then cut into fringe on the edges.
Spray painted the skulls and skeleton… I am hoping to glitter them up for next year. I honestly wanted to fill my fireplace with skulls but might be too creepy for my kids.


DIY: Knotted Baby Hat

Despite my 5th grade level sewing skills, thanks to Mrs. Thompson for teaching me all I know in Home Ec., there were a couple reason as to why I decided to make some cute stuff for our baby Myles. For one, I had absolutely no baby boy clothes and unless I dressed him up in pink I had to get everything brand new. Yes, I love shopping but not that much shopping… especially for things he’d grow out of quickly.
And the other reason is that there’s not a huge selection of stripes and solids for boys. I’m okay with the occasional truck or dog “I ruff you” but it’s nice to have some basics too.
I started collecting some striped knit fabric & during all the nesting that went down before the baby arrived, I found some clothes I was going to get rid of but would be perfect to reuse.
While this sweet  babe is sleeping I wanted to post an easy tutorial for making some knotted baby hats.

For this hat, I used fabric for a maxi skirt that I never wore. I got it on clearance at Forever 21 but it just fit weird so I never wore it. In the end, it was cheaper than buying that color knit at the fabric store. It also has a finished edge so I use that for the bottom of the hat.
I used this knotted hat template for the hat but cut off the bottom dotted line portion because I didn’t want it to fold over. Then sized it down quite a bit to fit an infant. If you use a hat you already have as a template then just add the top part for the knot. That would work just as well.

To get the triangle print:
I used the triangle background Silhouette cut by Loni Stevens and cut it out of Freezer Paper. Next you iron the shiny side onto your fabric. Then paint with fabric or sometimes I use acrylic paint… and peel the paper off. It works like a charm!

Tomorrow I will share the pants and blankets… Thanks to my babelicious model… kisses…