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Game Day Crafting

I’m not gonna lie that I watch the Super Bowl for the food and the commercials. I’ll be in the kitchen stuffing my face with bean dip and buffalo wings so call me in the room when it’s a commercial break. I think a couple years ago Collin even caught me crying during one of them. Usually they’re witty or funny but I didn’t expect to cry. haha This year I was excited when Persil asked if they could send some Super Bowl craft ideas for our family. They sent foam sheets, felt, yarn, glitter glue (every kid loves glitter glue), and all sorts of fun stuff. I want to print off more of their free coloring sheets for the game. One of the printables is to make a foam finger. Which Myles is proudly wearing and still carrying around!
Just print it out, cut out template, trace onto foam, cut out foam and glue two fingers together. I sewed around the edges which I do not recommend. In case you didn’t know, foam doesn’t sew well. It worked but it’s not pretty. 🙂 Stick to the Persil instructions which say to use hot glue. Much better option.
There’s even a free Game Day Bingo printable which would be great entertainment for the kids to do so we can stuff our face in peace.  IMG_0961
Persil also included some of their soap to clean up our mess. They get what crafting with kids means. Especially with paint involved. And as the mother of four kids who know how to make a mess, I really appreciate their thoughtfulness. 😀
Printables and sponsored post by: Persil
IMG_0971 IMG_0972 IMG_0973 IMG_0974 IMG_0975 IMG_0976IMG_0907 IMG_0977 IMG_0978 IMG_0979IMG_0982  IMG_0861

DIY: Envelope Pocket


It is not a secret that I LOVE to make mini albums of my little adventures around the world, or even about the little things in life. But, lately, I realized that not only I enjoy to look back at the photos, or to rediscover the story through the album, but also to bring back all the memories with gathered memorabilia along the way.
The bright transparency from the new Happy Place line, gave me the idea to make a little cute envelope out of it. This is perfect to keep some tickets, business cards or even extra photos from my last summer vacation. It was super easy to make and I love the fun look of it. Let’s take a look on the steps to make this:
1. Pick the width of the envelope and trim the paper down. I find that 4×6 or 4×5 it is a good size for most minis and it is normally big enough to fit the usual memorabilia. So, I cut the 12×12 transparency into a 12×4 stripe. You can use an envelope template to serve you as a guide as well.

2. Fold the paper to create the pocket of the length you desire, and stitch the sides. Remember to leave a couple of inches on top in order to create a folded lid.

3. Now you have the basic structure completed. The tricky part is to choose how you want to close the envelope. In my case, I punched a couple of tiny holes to add two eyelets (one on the lid and one on the pocket) with a one-inch circle paper around. Then, I used a gold string that came with the Dear Lizzy tassels to tie the envelope shut.DIYenvelope7

4. As I final touch, I attached a couple of fun tassels from the Happy Place collection.

And done! Now go and grab some memorabilia and add this to your planner, a layout, a mini album, or even to your project life album (you can always punch two holes on a side or at the bottom to add it to a ring album). Let’s bring those memories alive! 🙂 –Olatz


DIY: Rosette Garland

rosette garland

(Excited to have the first post from Emma on my new design team sharing a darling project today with the new Happy Place collection!)
Next to my desk I have a set of windows that I like to “dress up” every now and then. I’ve had the Christmas baubles hanging there for way too long so it was time for an update! The colours of the new Happy Place line are PERFECT so I thought I’d try out a fan paper garland. These are super easy to make and I snapped some photo’s along the way.

1 – Pick what size you want them to be. The ones I made are 3.5 and 4 inches wide. For whatever WIDTH you want your fans to be, your paper needs to be double in length. I.e. the paper I cut was in strips of 3.5×7 inches or 4×8 inches.
2 – Create folds in your paper – mine are spaced 1 inch apart and I used my scoring board to make it easier.
3 – Fold the paper, alternating forward and backwards.
4 – Then you need add a staple to the middle of the length (I like to mark the centre point on the scoring board to make sure I’m getting it in the right spot!)
EXTRA STEP – if you want your fan to have a “starburst” kind of effect, you can cut each of the ends on a 45 degree angle using a pair of scissors.
5 – Once you’ve got your centre point, add adhesive to BOTH sides of the paper – I use double-sided tape and before I removed the backing paper I folded it in half both directions (helps it bend to shape later on).
6- I then just used some embroidery cotton and my trusty hot glue gun to string them all together.
Couldn’t be easier and I really love the finished result! -Emma

rosette garland

rosette garland


rosette garland

rosette garland

rosette garland

rosette garland
rosette garland

new dearlizzy
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Fringe Boxes DIY

Valentine DIY Boxes
Tiny heart boxes with tiny mini books inside and a tiny bear holding tiny ice cream cones in a tiny bowtie is just too much to handle. Getting a jumpstart on the gushy love holiday and not just because I get to sneak the cinnamon hearts all day now. Although that is a plus! Here’s some pics and a short video to share! Lots of new Dear Lizzy goodies that will be available soon! including the arrow paperclip, “top notch” prize ribbon with epoxy brad, pink and red polka dot paper and word stickers.
Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes

heart boxValentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes

Valentine DIY Boxes

Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes Valentine DIY Boxes

click to watch

View the video here if you are not able to see it above. The ad on the video is for the music so just click it off for now until I fix it.
As I was snapping a few quick pics of these darling fringe boxes for Valentine’s Day also filmed some clips of the process for a short video. My daughter loves to “help” me with everything and filling the boxes with treats was a great way for her to join in. This video was completely spontaneous and I hope you enjoy! And subscribe to my YouTube channel because I am planning on making more videos each month. xoxo

new dearlizzy

SBC_ac-369220_1 SBC_ac-370101_1SBC_ac-366181_1SBC_ac-370089_1 Dear LIzzy

Paper Floral Crown


Yesterday I was a guest Instagrammer for Hobby Lobby! I shared a couple things about the Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy Core kit for Project Life. It’s such a darling kit based off of designs from the Fine & Dandy collection and translated great to Project Life cards.


One project I shared was how to make a paper floral crown for my daughter. The Core kit comes with a variety of coordinating patterns and  not to mention a few of each pattern so that great to use beyond pocket pages.
Someone commented on Instagram… “I love it but why would you want your kid wearing paper on their head?!” Why the heck not?! ;D
This made me laugh because clearly this person does not share my same obsession with paper!  I have made real flower crowns, felt and fabric for my daughters and paper is just as fun.

paper floral crown

paper floral crown  paper floral crown

paper floral crown

DIY: Watermelon Garland

watermelon garland

This is such a great kids’ craft for summer and would make cute decor for a BBQ or party!
First, I diecut most of the shapes using my Silhouette Cameo.
Then, my girls help fold all the pieces and also handcut some of the half circles for the watermelon layers because sometimes I like having less perfect cutting. Gives it a little more charm. Next, they added watermelon seeds with a Sharpie to the red shapes.
Last, I hot glued all the shapes together and glued them to some twine.

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

POP boxes!

popcorn boxesb

Summer outdoor movies in the backyard are on our bucket list for these carefree months and colorful popcorn boxes are a must to share with friends.

Using my newest Dear Lizzy paper I die cut these box shapes with my Silhouette and then added some of my Dear Lizzy chipboard stickers on a stick.
I found a popcorn box in Silhouette Studio but added a different “POP” to the design with the BEBAS font.
The popcorn is cake batter popcorn which was a near Pinterest fail but we pulled through in the end. Mostly because, you can’t really mess up cake batter and white chocolate on anything.

Hope you’re having a memorable summer thus far!


popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes


popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes

 SBC_ac-370087_0 SBC_ac-370096_1 IMG_9397

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt +Frozen Lemon Bowls

frozen lemon bowls with strawberry frozen yogurtIf you need an easy fun treat for summer this is one for you! My kids are obsessed.
Don’t forget some Dear Lizzy wooden spoons! (on sale at
And also added some Dear Lizzy Thickers… Just had a genius idea. Edible thickers. haha! Craft and a treat in one. No one uses the Q’s or X’s anyway.

how to
Cut lemons in half and then I used a grapefruit spoon to empty out the lemon.

First, to make the yummy frozen yogurt you need a really good blender. I have the Ninja and love it! I use it so much! You’re going to use it to blend ingredients to make Frozen Yogurt. I honestly don’t even measure when I am making spinach smoothies or fruit smoothies. But here’s a start for a recipe:
1 1/2 cups of plain Greek yogurt
2 cups of frozen strawberries
1/2 cup of frozen pineapple
1 frozen banana
I did 1/2 a lemon since I had a ton laying around after gutting the lemons
Agave to taste maybe about 4 T
We throw in some blueberries and spinach too but in this case I wanted them to be pink.
Next, spoon into the emptied lemons and then add them to a cake pan and put in freezer making sure they are not tipping over until they are frozen.

They sell something similar at Costco but this is cheaper since I have most of the ingredients on hand and it’s healthier!

If you like this, you might also like the Bow Ice Cream cones + Nice Cream post! XO

IMG_9411 IMG_9433 IMG_9419

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Prize Ribbon Garland

prize ribbon garland
I know I mentioned that I love the Bow/Prize Ribbon Die set already but I have to say it again… I love it! This is a look at the prize ribbon die in action as a garland and on a card. It comes with a cute HOORAY flag to layer with.

dear lizzy bow and prize ribbon die set

A prize ribbon garland would be so fun at a birthday, graduation or other celebratory occasion.
Layer some fringe behind it and add some honeycombs on the ends and you’ll be set.
You know how sometimes you don’t know how to finish the ends of a garland? Use coordinating paper and the bow from the die set to add a darling touch to each end.prize ribbon garland

prize ribbon garland prize ribbon garland

prize ribbon garland

new dearlizzy
dear lizzy bow die set

DIY: Bow Bath Bombs


If you follow me on Instagram, you know we love bath time around here. We have #balloons+bath time and recently flowers+bath time. I decided we needed some bath bombs. If you haven’t heard of them– they fizz in the water which is fun and the kids love it. It also softens the water to make your skin feel so nice after.
Well, my first attempt at making my own bath bombs was a literal BOMB. It must’ve been because I didn’t have a good mold and was using easter eggs shells to make easter egg bath bombs. Sounds fun, right? Nope, Pinterest-fails are so frustrating. The mixture was enlarging out of the egg shells and wouldn’t just say together. I think it’s because I added more water too because I thought it was dry when it wasn’t. If I did it again I would snag one of these bath bomb molds first.

My second attempt I used this recipe on A Beautiful Mess and these bow treat molds and I left them in it over night so they really took shape. Instead of falling apart when I tried to take them out. I was happy with the end result this time and they smell like lavender just sitting there in a jar in the bathroom.

diy bath bombs-001

diy bath bombs

diy bath bomb

Homemade Bath Bombs: More info at A Beautiful Mess
4 oz. baking soda

2 oz. corn starch
2 oz. citric acid
2 oz. Epsom salt
1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons water
1 teaspoon essential oil
1 1/4 teaspoon oil (I like coconut or olive oil here)
1-2 drops food coloring (optional)

bath bomb bows
After that I packaged them up all pretty for Mother’s Day gifts.
Using my Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy Project Life cards and other goodies. Including Maggie Holmes tassels and my new mini Honeycomb balls. Like I have said before, you always need some glassine bags on hand for packaging.

diy bath bomb diy bath bomb-001

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