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Tubby Time

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vintage tub and bath

We redid the bathroom our girls share and guests use when they come over. It was a crazy process but it’s looking so good. Weird that I enjoy cleaning it now. Never thought I’d say those words. haha

The tub and incredible faucet are from Vintage Tub & Bath. I searched around and they were my favorite place with what I was looking for… Plus, free shipping is one of my love languages.

We just finished painting it so I will share the before and afters, process and more pics soon.

vintage tub and bath


vintage claw foot tub


Zing! Wow! Spark! DIY Thickers

monogrammed tags
Have you ever used DIY Thickers before?
It’s a sticker on both sides of the letters and numbers… so you stick it down and then peel the front off the sticker. Then add any glitter, wow! zing! or spark! to customize it however your colorful heart desires.
monogrammed tags

I put together some monogrammed tags to grab when I need something quick. Which seeing that sometimes I’m running around with my head cut off, I am hoping I appreciate my preparedness in the future when I am wrapping a gift at the last minute.monogrammed tags
Even using the embossing powder without embossing it worked great. It’s such a fine powder that it sticks perfect to DIY Thickers.

monogrammed tags

monogrammed tags


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DIY: Ribbon Weaving

ribbon weaving

School has started and the weather is getting crisp– now is a better time than ever to learn how to weave. After the kids are in bed and while Collin is traveling, my evening ritual includes watching Gossip Girl reruns and listening to summer rainstorms as of late. Throwing in a weaving loom and colorful yarn + ribbons would be the perfect addition.
Love this unique twist to the typical weaving techniques using ribbon + twine Ann Marie is sharing today. She walks you through step by step. So colorful and rad!!
PS Congrats to Ann Marie and husband in welcoming their new sweet bebe! xoxo


ribbon weaving

Weaving is one of those trends that has recently taken Pinterest by storm and for good reason. It’s an incredibly relaxing craft that can be done virtually anywhere with a variety of materials and techniques…the possibilities are endless! Normally I use yarn when I weave, but I decided to try something new and mix of Dear Lizzy grosgrain ribbon with baker’s twine to create a fun woven wall hanging. Here’s how I did it:

weaving with ribbon

1. To begin, I gathered all of my supplies, including a handful of my favorite ribbon + baker’s twine from the Daydreamer 24-Pack, sharp fabric scissors, and a Martha Stewart loom and needle. (If you don’t have that particular loom, you could always create your own! This is a great tutorial for building one out of a wooden frame and nails.

ribbon woven hanging ribbon woven hanging

2. Next, I created the base for my weaving (aka the “warp”) using baker’s twine. I began by tying a double knot to one the prongs and then threading back and forth between both sides of the loom until I was satisfied with the size of the warp. Once I reached the end, I tied another double knot to a different prong (on the same side of the loom as the first double knot) and trimmed off any excess string.

ribbon woven hanging

3. Since the width of the grosgrain ribbon was a little too wide for the look I was going for, I cut a strand in half. Note: a little bit of fraying will occur when you cut the ribbon, but I think it only adds to the handmade charm of the weaving!

ribbon weaving ribbon weaving

4. Once I had a half-sized strand, I threaded it through the needle and tied a simple larks head knot ( on one end of the warp and began weaving back and forth.

ribbon weaving

5. When I wanted to tie on a new color, I simply double knotted the two ribbon together (always on the backside of the weaving) and continued the process.

ribbon weaving

6. Once I was happy with the size of my weaving, I tied off the final ribbon.

ribbon weaving

7. Since I wanted to hang the woven wall hanging from a twig, I carefully slid the top part of the weaving down with my fingers, making sure I didn’t create too much tension on the warp. Then, I tucked the twig into the top strands until it was all the way through and I could pull the weaving off of the loom.


8. To secure the bottom strands of the weaving, I double knotted every two strands together until the entire structure was finished.


9. Next, I evened out the look of the dangling strands by cutting a straight horizontal line with my fabric scissors.
ribbon woven hanging

amme_weaving_1410. Finally, I cut another strand of baker’s twine and tied a knot on each end of the twig so that I could hang the weaving to a wall or in my case, a doorknob.

11. Then came the fun part: finding a home for my new woven masterpiece! I decided to hang it from the doorknob in my office to add a colorful, welcoming touch to the room!

guest designer

suppliesbaker's twine weaving loom

DIY: Geometric Banner

geometric banner
Love this banner idea from Ann Marie using Dear Lizzy paper and twine:
One of the most consistent crafty trends over the past couple of years has been the banner. It’s gone from triangles to circles to tassels and everything in between! I’m always trying to think ofnew and exciting ways to push the trend even further, so I was psyched when I found this awesome 3D geometric ball cut file designed by Amy Robison in the Silhouette Studio store. Here’s how I took the simple shape and turned it into a festive banner for my office.
geometric banner
geometric banner
1. First, I gathered together all of my supplies, including the Daydreamer 6 x 6″ pad, a solid tape runner, red baker’s twine, my Cameo die-cutting machine + 12 x 12″ mat, and the 3D geometric ball cut file.
geometric banner
geometric banner
2. Next, I chose my favorite patterned papers from the 6 x 6″ pad and laid four at a time out on my 12 x 12″ Cameo mat.
geometric banner
3. Once I had the cut files arranged in the Silhouette Studio software, I let my Cameo go to work and cut out a bunch of the 3D geometric balls.
geometric banner
4. After determining how long I wanted my banner to be, I cut a long strand of red baker’s twine.
geometric banner
5. Using my fingers to carefully fold along all of the perforated lines, I began to create the geometric ball shape with the help of a solid tape runner.
geometric banner
geometric banner
6. Before sealing up each of the geometric shapes, I used a needle to thread the baker’s twine from one side of the ball to the other.
geometric banner
geometric banner
7. Once I had all of the 3D geometric balls strung along the baker’s twine, I hung it up over a floating shelf and called it good. I love the way it adds a playful touch whimsy to my office!
SBC_ac-366767_1 dear lizzy  dear lizzysilhouette

DIY: Bow Garland

diy bow garland

This morning I made a rash and possibly regretful decision. For some reason our dog was barking at 6 am so instead of going back to sleep before my kids wake up, like any smart person, I decided to cut bows out of paper and string them on a garland. Ya know… priorities. I blame my bad decision making on my lack of sleep. ; )
Then while Collin made breakfast I turned Myles’s room into a temporary baby girl’s nursery.
Lola approved.
diy: bow garland diy: bow garland

diy: bow garland

diy: bow garland diy: bow garland diy: bow garland   diy: bow garland  diy: bow garland

//First, I found 5 of my favorite Dear Lizzy papers from my Daydreamer collection.
//Next, I bought a bow file through Silhouette that costs 99 cents. And arranged it so I could cut to bows on one paper. When you have the file in Silhouette Studio, right click on the displayed cut and click “Ungroup” then you can arrange it better so that you can fit more on one page.
//Last I used hot glue to put the bows together and then glued them to yellow twine. I have a Dear Lizzy ribbon pack and twine pack on sale here.
//Don’t forget ice cream bribery.
Quite an easy DIY but darling as ever. Could be used as decor, a birthday party you could use single bows for packaging and presents.

diy: bow garland

diy: bow garland

diy: bow garland

Gold Pouf Ottoman: One King’s Lane


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DIY: Stamped Canvas Pouch

Today I am so excited to have one of my blog crushes and favorite designers Ann-Marie here to share a project using my Dear Lizzy stamp + some paint. Psst… all the Dear Lizzy products are still on sale at sooooo ch-check it out.
I’m a firm believer that one can never have enough bags for storing essentials of all shapes and sizes! When I spotted this canvas zippered pouch at Target last year in the dollar spot, I knew it had to come home with me. The size is perfect for corralling loose change or sunglasses and then throwing into my purse for safekeeping. With the help of the heart stamp from the Daydreamer set and acrylic paint, I gave the pouch a little pop of color and extra visual interest! Here’s how I did it:
1. First, I gathered all my supplies, including the Daydreamer stamp set, pink twine from the Daydreamer Value pack, an acrylic block, Martha Stewart acrylic paints, a sheet of scratch cardstock, washi tape, two makeup sponges, and a handful of q-tips.
2. To create a smooth surface for applying the paint onto the stamp, I squirted a little paint onto a scratch piece of cardstock (held down to my table with a few strips of washi tape) and then used a makeup sponge to even out the coverage.
amme_4 amme_5
3. From there, I began stamping the heart onto the canvas pouch in columns. I repeated this process until I covered the entire bag, leaving three empty spaces for the heart to be stamped in a different color.
4. Since it’s difficult to get a perfect stamp impression when using paint, I filled in any gaps with a q-tip. (You could also use a fine-tipped paintbrush if you prefer.)
5. Once the aqua-colored hearts were dry, I repeated steps 2-4 with yellow paint and stamped in the allotted spaces.
6. Next, I created a tassel for the zipper using neon pink string and pink twine.
7. Creating tassels is super easy! You can get a step-by-step tutorial here.
8. Once the tassel was finished, I tied it to the zipper and threw the pouch in my bag! The more organized I can be, the happier I am!
Concept + Photos: Ann Marie


Instax Share Review

instax share

Because I am loving my Instax Share printer I thought I filmed and put together a quick review of how it works and what I love about it.
It’s really easy to set up and I am loving the result of the photos compared to my camera. Definitely awesome to get to choose the photo. Though, of course, I still love my Instax mini camera.
Click here to watch or press pay below.
click to watch

instax share review

instax share

instax share review

INSTAX share // B&H Photo INSTAX share 

instax share printer
 instax filminstax share case instax share printer

Instax Printer: For Your Phone

instax share printer

Days like today I really appreciate my own thoughtfulness. Immediately after opening this shiny new toy from the box I was jumping up and down– like I hadn’t known it was coming since Wednesday. Sheesh, I’d been tracking its every move since it left New York. And now that my kids are in bed I can thoroughly enjoy setting it all up. Though it is both a good & bad thing when most of the instructions for your techy toy are in Japanese. We’ll see how this goes.

For years I’ve been sharing my love for Instax and I still love that little camera!
But, you guys, this prints from your phone. So you can make sure the picture is good before you print. How many times have I forgotten to change the dial on the camera from the little house to the bright sun? Far too many. But I love over-exposed polaroids for writing notes on so it doesn’t bother me too bad. How many times have I taken a picture and my kids blink their eyes at the exact same moment? I swear they do it just to bug me. ; ) This printer also runs on batteries… little CR2′s, I mean, even the batteries are cute.

Excited to share how this all works, details of the little machine, & the quality of pics.

The best prices I found for it were on Amazon: INSTAX share // B&H Photo INSTAX share 

instax share printer
 instax filminstax share case instax share printer

Handmade Soap + Jars

homemade soap diy

How thoughtful is this gift of handmade laundry soap?! Love. it.
Amanda made them for graduation presents for girls who are heading off to college… but this could be darling for anyone, really. Even someone like me, who despises laundry more than anything, would appreciate such cuteness. Actually, I like the washing and drying part, I just suck at the putting away. They can sit in a basket for days until all the clothes are dirty again. How hard is it to put it in the drawers?! Lola is my neat freak. She’ll carry her clothes and put them in her drawer for me. The other girls couldn’t care less.
I love the tiny measuring cup she included and my Dear Lizzy jar paper was perfect.

dear lizzy jar paper

Cut out the jars and use a typewriter to print a message on the paper. Or if you don’t have a typewriter you can print it on a piece of paper and then use washi tape to temporarily attach the jar to the paper where it printed and print again so it’s on the jar. Because, let’s be honest, the typed message really adds to it.
I like American Typewriter font or there are some free ones at

Happy washing!
Project + Photos: Amanda Rydell

dear lizzy jar paper


dear lizzy jar paper


essential scrapbooking supplies
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Hanging By a Thread: darling garland


I know what you’re thinking, hanging by a thread is referring to me… especially since it’s Monday and my husband’s been gone for work and I almost brushed my teeth with Desitin, again. But actually this darling garland is. (Ok, maybe I am a little too.)
Such a cute + quick project to brighten up your workspace or a corner of your home.

Start with a string the length you want the finished project to be. Hang the ends with a push pin the color of your wall and tie a knot on the push pin and trim the slack.
Next, begin adding different elements.
There’s folded paper lollis, dimensional circles, feathers, ribbons, layered butterflies and tulle. Even keep some sting tied in a knot.
The feathers and tulle give it a dreamy feel from a distance that I love.
Also, did you know you can find really cool colored string at Home Depot?

Thanks so much for the project idea Jesse!
Concept and Photos: Jesse Lohof



essential scrapbooking supplies

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