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Paper Floral Crown


Yesterday I was a guest Instagrammer for Hobby Lobby! I shared a couple things about the Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy Core kit for Project Life. It’s such a darling kit based off of designs from the Fine & Dandy collection and translated great to Project Life cards.


One project I shared was how to make a paper floral crown for my daughter. The Core kit comes with a variety of coordinating patterns and  not to mention a few of each pattern so that great to use beyond pocket pages.
Someone commented on Instagram… “I love it but why would you want your kid wearing paper on their head?!” Why the heck not?! ;D
This made me laugh because clearly this person does not share my same obsession with paper!  I have made real flower crowns, felt and fabric for my daughters and paper is just as fun.

paper floral crown

paper floral crown  paper floral crown

paper floral crown

DIY: Watermelon Garland

watermelon garland

This is such a great kids’ craft for summer and would make cute decor for a BBQ or party!
First, I diecut most of the shapes using my Silhouette Cameo.
Then, my girls help fold all the pieces and also handcut some of the half circles for the watermelon layers because sometimes I like having less perfect cutting. Gives it a little more charm. Next, they added watermelon seeds with a Sharpie to the red shapes.
Last, I hot glued all the shapes together and glued them to some twine.

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

watermelon garland

POP boxes!

popcorn boxesb

Summer outdoor movies in the backyard are on our bucket list for these carefree months and colorful popcorn boxes are a must to share with friends.

Using my newest Dear Lizzy paper I die cut these box shapes with my Silhouette and then added some of my Dear Lizzy chipboard stickers on a stick.
I found a popcorn box in Silhouette Studio but added a different “POP” to the design with the BEBAS font.
The popcorn is cake batter popcorn which was a near Pinterest fail but we pulled through in the end. Mostly because, you can’t really mess up cake batter and white chocolate on anything.

Hope you’re having a memorable summer thus far!


popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes


popcorn boxes

popcorn boxes

 SBC_ac-370087_0 SBC_ac-370096_1 IMG_9397

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt +Frozen Lemon Bowls

frozen lemon bowls with strawberry frozen yogurtIf you need an easy fun treat for summer this is one for you! My kids are obsessed.
Don’t forget some Dear Lizzy wooden spoons! (on sale at
And also added some Dear Lizzy Thickers… Just had a genius idea. Edible thickers. haha! Craft and a treat in one. No one uses the Q’s or X’s anyway.

how to
Cut lemons in half and then I used a grapefruit spoon to empty out the lemon.

First, to make the yummy frozen yogurt you need a really good blender. I have the Ninja and love it! I use it so much! You’re going to use it to blend ingredients to make Frozen Yogurt. I honestly don’t even measure when I am making spinach smoothies or fruit smoothies. But here’s a start for a recipe:
1 1/2 cups of plain Greek yogurt
2 cups of frozen strawberries
1/2 cup of frozen pineapple
1 frozen banana
I did 1/2 a lemon since I had a ton laying around after gutting the lemons
Agave to taste maybe about 4 T
We throw in some blueberries and spinach too but in this case I wanted them to be pink.
Next, spoon into the emptied lemons and then add them to a cake pan and put in freezer making sure they are not tipping over until they are frozen.

They sell something similar at Costco but this is cheaper since I have most of the ingredients on hand and it’s healthier!

If you like this, you might also like the Bow Ice Cream cones + Nice Cream post! XO

IMG_9411 IMG_9433 IMG_9419

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Prize Ribbon Garland

prize ribbon garland
I know I mentioned that I love the Bow/Prize Ribbon Die set already but I have to say it again… I love it! This is a look at the prize ribbon die in action as a garland and on a card. It comes with a cute HOORAY flag to layer with.

dear lizzy bow and prize ribbon die set

A prize ribbon garland would be so fun at a birthday, graduation or other celebratory occasion.
Layer some fringe behind it and add some honeycombs on the ends and you’ll be set.
You know how sometimes you don’t know how to finish the ends of a garland? Use coordinating paper and the bow from the die set to add a darling touch to each end.prize ribbon garland

prize ribbon garland prize ribbon garland

prize ribbon garland

new dearlizzy
dear lizzy bow die set

DIY: Bow Bath Bombs


If you follow me on Instagram, you know we love bath time around here. We have #balloons+bath time and recently flowers+bath time. I decided we needed some bath bombs. If you haven’t heard of them– they fizz in the water which is fun and the kids love it. It also softens the water to make your skin feel so nice after.
Well, my first attempt at making my own bath bombs was a literal BOMB. It must’ve been because I didn’t have a good mold and was using easter eggs shells to make easter egg bath bombs. Sounds fun, right? Nope, Pinterest-fails are so frustrating. The mixture was enlarging out of the egg shells and wouldn’t just say together. I think it’s because I added more water too because I thought it was dry when it wasn’t. If I did it again I would snag one of these bath bomb molds first.

My second attempt I used this recipe on A Beautiful Mess and these bow treat molds and I left them in it over night so they really took shape. Instead of falling apart when I tried to take them out. I was happy with the end result this time and they smell like lavender just sitting there in a jar in the bathroom.

diy bath bombs-001

diy bath bombs

diy bath bomb

Homemade Bath Bombs: More info at A Beautiful Mess
4 oz. baking soda

2 oz. corn starch
2 oz. citric acid
2 oz. Epsom salt
1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons water
1 teaspoon essential oil
1 1/4 teaspoon oil (I like coconut or olive oil here)
1-2 drops food coloring (optional)

bath bomb bows
After that I packaged them up all pretty for Mother’s Day gifts.
Using my Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy Project Life cards and other goodies. Including Maggie Holmes tassels and my new mini Honeycomb balls. Like I have said before, you always need some glassine bags on hand for packaging.

diy bath bomb diy bath bomb-001

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DIY: Abstract Art Quote

diy abstract art
In partnership with Glade I wanted to share a DIY of how to add a feminine touch to your home decor. I’m really enjoying painting abstract canvases around my home lately. Such an easy way to freshen up the color scheme plus it is cost efficient too. Mix that with the new Peonies and Cherries scent from Glade and my home is ready for spring!
This particular quote art I made to match my daughters’ room. I already want to create another one and have them help me because it would be a fun mother/daughter craft.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. -Roald Dahl

The quote is from the book The Minspins written by Roald Dahl. It was published a few months after he died which makes it quite intriguing to read his last incredible contribution to literature. We have a few of his books when we bought them in a set from Costco but that one wasn’t included. I will have to add it to our summer reading list.
I want my girls to not look for the beautiful things in life in the most unlikely places. To keep their eyes open for new discovery and not only look in common places.

diy abstract art
how to

Start with a few shades of paint and a piece of chipboard. Mine is 8.5″x11″.
Cut small pieces of chipboard into various widths about 1/2″-2.5″ and use those as a paint brush to paint onto the chipboard. Cover the board in random steaks of color. You could use foam brushes as well.
Next, let dry.
Once dry, add white and layer over some of the colors. Love when the bottom layer color is peeking through. Go over any colors that may not look right too.
Then, diecut a quote with gold foil paper with Cricut or Silhouette.
Adhere to paint with Modge Podge or I used a glue stick then set a piece of plastic (like saran wrap) and a heavy book on top until dry.
That’s it! Frame it or leave on chipboard and display to enjoy!
diy abstract art

diy abstract art

diy abstract art

diy abstract art

diy abstract art

diy abstract art


silhouette cameo unnamed-32    61-4KCxV3TL._AA160_ 41hMhDlqZGL._AA160_

DIY: Bow Cone Wraps

bow cone wraps

Today we made Strawberry and Banana Nice Cream with a recipe from my cute friend at CocoCoconuts. It’s called Nice Cream because sometimes Ice Cream can be really quite mean… to my butt. Haha bad joke. But I am going strong 8 days without eating any treats. I started March 30th and am on a rolllllll. If you know me you probably wouldn’t believe that no candy has touched these lips. Especailly during one of the best candy holidays of the year!!! No Peeps, Reeces eggs, chocolate bunnies, nothing. I literally held a bag of Mini Cadbury eggs and didn’t even sneak one. (I had already ate a whole entire bag the week before, but that’s beside the point! 😉 Actually that’s why I decided to do this no sugar challenge. I know there’s some sugar in the plain greek yogurt I eat and also 1 gram in my protein drink but I am letting those slide. I am mostly trying to cut out the really bad sugar I consume on the daily. Like a bag of sour patch watermelons constantly in my purse etc etc. I feel so good too. Treats don’t even sound good now… and I pictured myself curled in the fetal position dreaming of donuts. Ah man, donuts are my weakness.
To go along with our Nice Cream we needed some pretty bow cone wrappers. Using my new Bow Die Cut and papers from the newest Dear Lizzy collection that should be available very soon.  The bottom left paper on the cone is from the A Beautiful Mess (Messy Box) this month. Matches perfectly with Dear Lizzy stuff.

Bow Cone Wraps

how to
I bought Ice Cream waffle cones that came with a paper wrapper on each one that I used for a template.
Next, I cut a bunch of different patterns. Then made coordinating bows and last, hot glued it all together. Nothing else was sticking very well for me.

Bow Cone Wraps
Make some bow cone wrappers and Nice Cream and you are ready to party in style.

Happy Easter!

flower crowns

How long are we supposed to do something before I can call it a tradition? I always jump the gun and call things a tradition when an idea of a new family activity pops into my head for my favorite holiday. (If you haven’t noticed I say every holiday is my favorite.) But for real. I love traditions. And kids love any excuse for parents to give them presents. Oh sure, here are some plastic eggs full of candy… and a basket full of presents from the Easter Bunny. Who thinks of this? I swear it is 5 year old kids somewhere coming up with all the commercial holiday rules.
Anyways, last year I taught a class with a local florist, Bleu Wednesday, and a fun group of ladies on how to make floral crowns. Everyone left with a gorgeous crown of their own! Coincidentally, the next day was Easter so it was great timing to have something meaningful and handmade to wear. I ended up with some of the leftover flowers and made crowns for my daughters the next day. This year I walked around my yard and cut some flowers and snagged a few stems from my Easter bouquet to make them again so I think it is safe to say that it is officially a tradition.

As I have put them together each Easter morning my mind couldn’t help but ponder the crown Christ wore for each of us. How He suffered and won the victory over death and that He lives. At times I can feel that eternal, never-failing, perfect love in my heart when I look at my children’s faces. Quick moments I probably often miss when I think I have something more important to do or clean or distracting me. I hope and strive to live in such a way that my daughters will never doubt that they are loved beyond measure and that they are children of God.

flower crowns flower crownsLA9A7595floral crownsflower crowns flower crownsSomeone wouldn’t take off their monkey pajamas for the pic. haha Stinker!

floral crowns  floral crowns  floral crowns floral crowns

I love photographing my kids but it’s tricky to get them to want to.  A tip I wanted to share is to have them choose their reward so they are a bit more cooperative and I literally only have a few minutes to get as many snaps as I can before they run off. Then, remember, you have to live up to your end of the bargain. Happy Easter!

DIY/ Gold Foil Print

diy gold foil print
The new Minc by Heidi Swapp was one of my favorite new tools at CHA last month. It’s a foil applicator. Add foil effects to any of your projects. Seriously the “oohs and ahhs” never ended. And it’s true, when you pull the foil paper back after running through the machine you can’t help but be amazed and think you are some magician crafter.
The Minc will be available very soon! I wanted to share my first of many crafts I’ll make with it.
I saw a lip art print on Forever 21 and thought that would be fun to DIY and then I realized, I wonder if the kisses would work with gold foil? I gave it a go and I loved the result so I wanted to share.

diy gold foil print

A darling keepsake idea I saw on Pinterest for a Bridal shower is to have all the bridemaids smack their pucker on the paper then print it for everyone. I want to make a smaller version of this with my sisters for my bathroom.

diy gold foil print

diy gold foil print
1 Scan in your lip prints or a handwritten quote. Arrange in photoshop.
2 Print using a laser printer. I emailed mine to a local print shop and it was ready within the hour.
3 Choose what color reactive foil you want to use.
-Layer on top of the laser printed image and send through the Minc in the protective plastic.
-Done! So easy and the Minc will be available soon!

diy gold foil print

diy gold foil print

gold foil diy

dear lizzy blog | heidi swap mind


diy gold foil print  diy gold foil print
free download lip print

Try making your own or DOWNLOAD this pink lip print here. XOXO, Lizzy