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December first

So just like that the magic begins… of twinkle lights, giddy children counting down the days, wrapping gifts with love and thinking more about Christ and how to give as He did.
This morning Collin had already made breakfast and they watched a video about the spirit of Christmas. (Link to video in the sidebar.) Might have made Collin cry but don’t tell him I told you that. Later when the older girls were heading off to school he said, “Find someone to share your light with. Remember to spread your light!” I loved it. Exactly what this season is all about.

You better believe these will be the start of my December Daily album! yay!

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la9a2781 december-first
How cute is the camper and truck?! I’m obsessed. It’s all slightly inspired by camping. Adorable stuff. And these knitted stockings are my fave. Also I want these car with the tree on top ornaments! Look just like some Dear Lizzy stickers from the Christmas collection! I filled the truck with my bottle brush trees and it makes me so happpyyy! It’s the little things. ; )

favorite supplies

fabric car

Feeling Festive over here…

Putting these little elves to work stringing tiny balls for the tree… !
Feeling festive and decorating slowly but surely. I might have even snuck some decorations out before Thanksgiving. (Gasp!)
Still need to get my ornaments out this was just one storage container with the socks and some stuff so the tree definitely still needs some love. But I’m never the best at the tree. I let the kids do it sometimes I rearrange it but the next day they move it all around anyways. : ) Eventually I give up.


One of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting and sending Christmas cards. And since today Minted has a 20% off… perfect timing to get the kids to bed and order some those happy holiday mail to make your friends and family see how cute y’all are! Did I just say y’all. Anyways, can’t wait to receive ours. I linked some of my faves below. Looked through a ton of pages and pulled a few that caught my eye. Click on the photo for a direct link to that design! 









Thanksgiving is so last year

Finally got around to posting our Thanksgiving feast from… uh… last year. But it was such a wonderful day and it was quite fun to put it all together. One thing I will never forgot about last Thanksgiving was when we were done eating and going around the table saying what we are thankful for with my siblings and their spouses and my mom were sitting around the table some how we started singing old 90s and 80s songs. haha! I snapchatted it if anyone follows me and remembers how crazy my family is. But it made all the time and hours of putting this together worth it. And you guys, Collin cooks the turkey and it’s insanely good!! He uses the recipe from Gordon Ramsey on youtube and it includes putting butter and spices under the turkey skin and finishes with bacon on top. I’m literally drooling thinking about it. I wish I would’ve gotten more pics but things got crazy when all the family starts arriving and I guess I was too busy stuffing my face to take more.
Sweet Tooth Fairy had sugar cookies with all the kids names on it that as really fun for the kid table.
For the place cards I cut everyones’ names with my Silhouette and had a succulent in a gold foil box. The napkin holders, give thanks banner and giant poster above the kid table are from Caravan Shoppe and they’re so great to print on your own and decorate with.
Oh and one more thing, the crate I found by a dumpster behind a grocery store and managed to get it home (it’s huger than I thought) with part of the back open.

la9a1306b la9a1304

TIPS for hosting:
If you are hosting this year I just wanted to share some quick tips that I’ve learned over the years.
-Set up the morning before (then you know if you are missing anything). I always think I have time the day of but it gets pretty hectic.
-Start a list of what you need at the store a week before. Then I keep adding to it and hopefully (crossing fingers) I get everything in one shot.
-Assign people things to bring. Then you don’t have to guess what they’re bringing. Assign people food out that doesn’t necessarily need to be hot or can be reheated easy.
-Have to go containers on hand.
-Use the throw away foil cooking pans for cooking so you can transfer it to something pretty but don’t have to clean the pan.
-I couldn’t find a table cloth big enough so I bought a flat sheet folded in half and it fit great.
-Have something for the kids to keep them busy the day of they love to get into everything.
Hopefully that helps a little… share some tips you have below!

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Vintage Sparkle Boxes

advent boxes

Is it safe to talk about Christmas now that it is November 1st? hehe
Because I’m quite excited. And someone mentioned today that there are 7 more Saturdays until Christmas which nearly gave me a Black-Friday-shopping anxiety attack. What? Crazy how fast Christmas shows up.
Well, I got a jump start on an advent calendar. I am going to hang these darling boxes from a hoop with a lot of greens and the gold strings they come with. That probably makes no sense but I saw something similar on Pinterest here and it made me happyyyy. The boxes are so colorful and there’s also gold foil printed on them. They’re pretty sturdy which made me glad because I want to put candies and prizes inside.
I need some ideas… what do you like to put in advent calendars? I love a mix of things to do (that I schedule and put on the right day that they open but it appears spontaneous), also fun prizes. Please share your fave things to put inside!

You can find these darling boxes on Amazon here:  Vintage Sparkle

advent boxes advent boxes

Easter Ready with The Children’s Place

easter outfitsThe weather was faking spring when we took these pics and, believe me, I am not complaining one bit. Bring on the sunshine! But I won’t get my hopes up just yet because it’s been known to snow in May in Utah.
Besides eating an entire bag of Cadbury eggs, Easter outfits are on of my favorite spring traditions. I mean, can you blame me? I can’t handle the cuteness leaping off these pics.
Earlier this week we went to the mall and picked out Easter everything from The Children’s Place! There are so many stylish dresses and darling patterns and colors to choose from for the girls! And Myles in those suspenders and hat-it’s just too much. The boys stuff is adorable and spot on as well. You know I can’t resist a boy in a bow tie! I thought about snagging it online but it was pretty adorable to let Lola try on a few choices, these kids love to play dress up all day, so Lola took the chance and found her favorite. The Children’s Place also has every detail covered with purses, jewelry, hats and tights and shoes. Oh, and don’t forget the sunglasses.
(Psst… plus everything online is 50% off right now)

easter outfits
easter outfits easter outfits easter outfits  easter outfits easter outfits easter outfits

easter11 easter outfits

easter outfits
Celebrating Easter as a child I have memories of my mom making us matching dresses, wearing white gloves and a white hat then heading off to church. But it was even more than just getting dressed up. It was the feeling of these traditions weaved together through the years until it makes a beautiful basket full of love for my family… a maybe a few candy eggs. WE didn’t have a lot of money growing up… but I don’t think I ever knew that until I was older. Or if I did, it didn’t matter. I hope I do the same for my kids. To give them the same experience and feeling of tangible adoration.


the children's place coupon

Christmas Eve Pajama Party

Since the actual Christmas Eve can get busy with family we celebrated early with a breakfast. Including liege waffles topped with strawberries and cream from our favorite Waffle Love! Divine!!!

We also wrote letters to Santa and Rudolph, made Gingerbread houses and baby jesus ornaments (I’ll share those pics next).
Also matching American Girl doll pajamas. The pjs are from Kohl’s. I don’t know how much longer they will enjoy playing with their dolls and I could barely find a size that would fit Avery. She’s tall for her age and wears like 10-12 and that’s usually when they stop making matchy doll stuff.
This was so fun! Just some candy cane stripe details and a minty table cloth to tie it all together.

LA9A2893LA9A2925b LA9A2941b

LA9A2830 LA9A2825 LA9A2828 LA9A2833 LA9A2835 LA9A2844 LA9A2835 LA9A2977 LA9A3012 LA9A3014
Santa and Rudolph letters from Carravan Shoppe

Myles loves to get right in on the action with his sisters!
LA9A3043b LA9A3038b LA9A2858bLA9A3067Merry Christmas Eve friends!

Give Thanks

thanksgiving mantle, thanksgiving decor

For some reason my family is entrusting me with the Thanksgiving dinner hosting again this year. I guess I didn’t screw up enough last time. After they hear that I got this pallet for decor from outside a dumpster I’m sure to be banned forever. But I wanted something besides pumpkins or pears like last year and decided that eucalyptus was the answer. Plus, it smells like Christmas and so I’m channeling some yuletide joy without offending those who insist we celebrate one holiday at a time. ; )
The banner is from Caravan Shoppe and the smaller garland is MME. I will be recreating it a bit different tomorrow that I’ll share on the dessert table.


Wrapping Ideas: Love So Big

christmas wrapping ideas

Just wanted to share the first of the wrapping ideas for this Christmas season!
All of the paper is from Target. I love the new Sugar Paper Collection! (Lots of fun patterns!)

Each of these are a little box with a Lego Friends girl inside. Because my Lola girl is obsessed and we always lose the people first. She sits and plays legos for hours at a time. Hours. How can these little pegs keep her attention span for that long? I’m impressed.
This may seem over the top and opposite of my last post to-keep it simple stupid. But while we watch a movie I’ll wrap and it’s a good way to get rid of small stuff I have around. Like tags, and paper scraps.

The Dear Lizzy stars are a darling sparkling touch for any package.
And I think every present now needs bells. I strung them on some twine then wrapped it around the gift… oh my gosh I love it! What sounds more like Christmas spirit than bells jingling? I need to get more asap.
Another fun part was Instax. Had these just sitting on my desk and they are great touch to personalize a gift. And while we are on the topic… make sure to tell Santa you need the Instax Share in your stocking! ; )
Oh, and I layered the Dear Lizzy transparency (Love So Big) over the pic. This season does just that. Makes me want to love so big!

christmas wrapping ideas

wrapping ideas

christmas wrapping ideas

christmas wrapping ideas

christmas wrapping ideas

christmas wrapping ideas


The Spooky Cat Party

Halloween party

Since I will be out of town for one of my favorite days of the year-October 31st! I wanted to plan some extra activities to celebrate Halloween with our family. We wanted to have a party we could dress up with our cousins but not wear our costumes. I pictured all these black cats running around and thought that would be perfect-a spooky cat party!

Halloween party

Halloween party Halloween party
Megan Faulkner Brown (the founder of Sweet Tooth Fairy) made us the best grey ombre frosted chocolate cake. It was divine!! And went perfect with the cake topper I found at Target and spray painted a matte black.
Sweet Tooth Fairy also spoiled us with popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, and their famous cupcakes and cake bites!

Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party   Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party
We made the darlingest cat masks! I cut everything with my Silhouette and my sister and my mom helped the kids glue theirs together. I thought they could do it on their own but it worked best if someone helped each child. It was still a fun craft. They loved it!
Halloween party Halloween party

We made the purrrfect cookies for our spooky cat party. Let me tell you, it got messy real quick  but the girls loved it! The bags of frosting were a good idea instead of bowls and knives like I typically do. Thanks to  @thefixutah for making the yummiest cookies (and I know sugar cookies) they even put together a variety of treats to decorate with. How cute are those orange Tic Tacs for the ears?!  It was a huge hit for my little sugar lovers! If you are local to Utah or Salt Lake County you need to stop by The Fix. They make the yummiest drinks too. You’ll thank me later!
When they were decorating I let them have all the creative freedom and just have fun so some of their cookies weren’t as cute but they laughed at their three-eyed cat. I love when I have the chance to not police and just let them be little.

Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party

Halloween party

Our recent house guest


I know it’s not even October yet, but I waited as long as I could to put out Halloween decorations. There’s so much to love about Halloween! I needed to start celebrating earlier.

I bought this skeleton to gold-glitter the crap out of and then hang up as decor. But after I bought him and Collin propped him up in one of the carseats to drive home from the store it was equally humorous and weird. That’s when I decided we will change up the scene for this guy everyday… think of it like Elf on the Shelf but wayyyy creepier. hahaha! I’m thinking in the bathtub, under the covers in one of the girl’s bed when she goes to sleep. Couch watching TV or outside on a bike. I know, like I said, creepy. But it makes me laugh.
He needs a name though… any suggestions? ;D

halloween idea

Pants optional snack time…halloween idea

halloween idea

halloween idea