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Toil & Trouble


Reposting this party because it was so fun and I’m a tad excited for Halloween this year! Collin always laughs hard at me when I am getting everyones’ costumes ready and just giddy about all of it! Yesterday I was decorating the house and dancing around to This is Halloween on the Halloween Pandora station until Myles got scared and I had to turn it off. ; )
This spooky cat party was so fun! We made masks, decorated cookies… Sheesh, the most I accomplished today was getting dressed before noon and this is the kind of elaborate crap I was doing the same time last year. I need some more caffeine or something. LOL










An Inside Out Halloween

LA9A0819Blogging from my hotel room after teaching workshops in Barcelona because I have to share these shenanigans that happened before I left… and because I miss these colorful nerds.

We dressed up and trick or treated for family before I left because you better believe I wasn’t going to miss this. Ever since the girls saw the Inside Out movie this summer they have been planning these costumes. Since I realized October would be a busy month, getting ready for an event and a family vacation, I bought some costumes the first week of September. Seriously a bid deal for me cause I’m usually a procrastinator. Two of the costumes were pre-order, cause they are new this year. Well they never showed up and my order didn’t get fulfilled. They must have over-sold or something. So I scrambled and stayed up til the wee hours sewing Avery’s dress and painting flowers. An adopted grandma neighbor sewed Lola’s dress for me. I called her and asked her to help me and she took the fabric, sent me on my way and whipped it out in a couple hours before she was leaving on a trip. Yep, she’s an angel like that and I was crying when I picked it up. She gets it–how stuff like these can mean a lot to a four year old. I remember my mom making all our costumes and so it’s meaningful to me doing the same for them. (Even if it’s only one of them every few years I make since costumes are so much easier and cheaper to buy. Ha!) The kids begged me to be Bing Bong and after getting them all ready I was tired and was hoping no one would notice. But then Lola came in the room, head to toe in green, dragging that pink tutu to me and said it’s time to get ready. So I wore a pink elephant nose and sang, “Who’s your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong! Bing Bong! Who’s rocket makes you shout hurray?!” While pulling them in a wagon. All for the core memories people. ; ) And if you haven’t seen the movie you have no idea what any of this means. And if you haven’t seen the movie–What the heck?! Go see it!!


  LA9A0762 LA9A0774

10-15 Halloween (inside out)

LA9A0795 LA9A0816 LA9A0824 LA9A0827 LA9A0852 LA9A0857

“Take her to the moon for me!”

I lost it at that scene of the movie and I saw some tears in Collin’s eyes too. We looked at each other and started laughing. lol Pixar really knows how to tug at our heart strings.LA9A0874 LA9A0925 LA9A0951 LA9A1000 LA9A1004 LA9A1016 LA9A1031 LA9A1032

LA9A1034 LA9A1035 LA9A1054

The Spooky Cat Party

Halloween party

Since I will be out of town for one of my favorite days of the year-October 31st! I wanted to plan some extra activities to celebrate Halloween with our family. We wanted to have a party we could dress up with our cousins but not wear our costumes. I pictured all these black cats running around and thought that would be perfect-a spooky cat party!

Halloween party

Halloween party Halloween party
Megan Faulkner Brown (the founder of Sweet Tooth Fairy) made us the best grey ombre frosted chocolate cake. It was divine!! And went perfect with the cake topper I found at Target and spray painted a matte black.
Sweet Tooth Fairy also spoiled us with popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, and their famous cupcakes and cake bites!

Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party   Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party
We made the darlingest cat masks! I cut everything with my Silhouette and my sister and my mom helped the kids glue theirs together. I thought they could do it on their own but it worked best if someone helped each child. It was still a fun craft. They loved it!
Halloween party Halloween party

We made the purrrfect cookies for our spooky cat party. Let me tell you, it got messy real quick  but the girls loved it! The bags of frosting were a good idea instead of bowls and knives like I typically do. Thanks to  @thefixutah for making the yummiest cookies (and I know sugar cookies) they even put together a variety of treats to decorate with. How cute are those orange Tic Tacs for the ears?!  It was a huge hit for my little sugar lovers! If you are local to Utah or Salt Lake County you need to stop by The Fix. They make the yummiest drinks too. You’ll thank me later!
When they were decorating I let them have all the creative freedom and just have fun so some of their cookies weren’t as cute but they laughed at their three-eyed cat. I love when I have the chance to not police and just let them be little.

Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party Halloween party

Halloween party

Young Maleficent: DIY Costume

young maleficent costume

Deciding what costume to wear when you are a kid is kind of a big freaking deal. We’ve been talking about it for months and months. And they’ve all changed their mind every few days. Well, as we got closer I jumped online to buy some Halloween costumes for my kiddos. Making sure they made a final decision. For Avery, I purchased Little Red Riding Hood… since she mentioned that many times and I thought she’d look so adorable!
When the package arrived it was pure drama… apparently I was wayyyyyy off and she wanted to be the young Maleficent. Ummmm, ok, but I thought I had mentioned to her that no one made that costume. At least not that I could find. She was heart broken and she must’ve caught me on a really good day because I told her that I would make her one.
It actually ended up being a really fun project. We went together to the fabric store to choose the fabric for the dress, horns and wings. Collin cut the wings from cardboard and I covered them with fabric. I made the dress with a really simple pattern plus I winged it a bit. This thing is held together by a thread and hot glue. haha  Last, I made the horns finishing touches on the dress bodice.
She has thanked us so many times and mentioned repeatedly that she’s so grateful for putting this together for her. When I was younger my mom made the majority of our costumes. I distinctly remember hearing the hum of her sewing machine into the late hours of the night on Halloween Eve. So it was fun to do the same for Ave.
Tonight we ran up the road from our home and took some pics of her. She was loving it and totally in character. Here are some of my favorites I wanted to share with you…

young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume


young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

I made the horns by starting with a headband, floral wire (I had on hand), very small paper cups, hot glue, tape, foil and fabric.
Start by attaching one end of the 7″ wire to the headband. Then slide the cup down the wire to the headband and tape the cup to the headband. Next, start molding the horns with foil. It’s so much easier than you would think and just mold until you like it. Then I used fabric strips and hot glue to cover the foil. The hot glue worked well with the foil.
I needed to readjust the horns before these pics because she’d worn them to a party the night before and they are not quite symmetrical for these pics so I need to bend them back to where they were… but you get the idea.

young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

maleficent costume

Spookified Mantle

This year I was hoping Halloween would slip by and no one would notice that I didn’t decorate. Not because I don’t LOVE Halloween, because it’s truly one of my favorites. But because I was totally being lazy… and I am freaked out by our storage room. (spiders, dark etc) A week ago my plan was going smoothly… I almost caved when my sister, Ash, came over & was completely ashamed in me. But I couldn’t ignore Quincey asking every. single. day. to hang up Halloween stuff. “We need to decorate mom!” So I braved the spiders and ghosts in the storage room, appropriate for this holiday, dragged the bin upstairs and went to work on the mantle.

The other night Collin asked me what I was making… Oh, you know just a hat and mask for a fake crows.
I added some blanket and pillows, witches hats, and a photo album. The photo album is this darling, stuffed cat with an album attached that I purchased from Old Navy the first year of our marriage. I wanted to put each year of costumes in it. My goal this year is to catch up and print pictures for it and display it every Halloween.

Last year, I used my Silhouette to cut bat shapes from vintage book paper and then sewed them together. As well as the fringe garland. To make use crepe paper sheets. You can use the typical crepe paper rolls but it won’t be as wide. Start by cutting it as wide as long as you want it.  Then cut into fringe on the edges.
Spray painted the skulls and skeleton… I am hoping to glitter them up for next year. I honestly wanted to fill my fireplace with skulls but might be too creepy for my kids.


Daily Dozen & Oct 31st

Today I am challenging myself to do the Daily Dozen, that I did in months past. Now that my morning sickness… I mean all-day sickness is easing up I want to capture some of the moments from our days right now. So play along if you wish!! Take a photo every hour or twelve through out your day. This year I have a mini in mind to make with the results.


Also, in case I didn’t embarrass myself enough on Halloween and due to the importance of my family history ; ) I am posting our Halloween madness. Collin and I usually throw our costumes together a couple hours before and they are usually random and I am usually hesitant when we are heading out the door… but seriously I love Halloween! My mom and dad always dressed up so I guess I don’t know any other way. My favorite was when I was in 3rd grade and my whole fam dressed up as California Raisins. With the oversized glasses and shoes, white tights and garbage bag clothes. I have never been so proud…! ; )
This year I rocked a can-mohawk and hot pink tips and with my biker boyfriend, Callum.

Previous years include:
Borat & SallySuperheroes (Captian Cilantro & Me), The Nerds, Gladys (Collin) and Cliff (me), Lucy & Cleetus and now add the punk rockers to the list.
Yes we went out in public like this. Our kids must think we are crazy!

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Have a blast marching the streets with your crew…! and make sure to eat lots of candy until you get a tummy ache. Because that’s what it’s all about. Collin and I of course are throwing our costumes together hours before. I’m not sure it will be as good as Gladys and Cliff… but we will do our best.

1 2 3 4

Captain Cilantro & Me

Seriously people, I went out like this in public! What was I thinking and who talked me into this? I was trying to plan ahead for a costume but it ended up being back-ordered soooooo, like usual, Collin and I put something together a few hours before. Usually right when we are heading out the door I have second thoughts but I look at Collin and die laughing then I convince myself that it’s okay to be a dork and purposely embarrass myself on October 31st.
I never did think of a super hero name or a clever super power but here I am with my date: Captain Cilantro.
Our darling Lola Lamb.

Beautiful Belle! My friend, Jen, made this costume… and Avery loved it. She loves the songs from our Disney Princess playlists & Sing Along dvds since she’s never seen the actual movie. At the end of the night we recorded her and her cousin Lilla, who was also Belle, singing Beauty & the Beast songs while holding hands walking down the pumpkin lit streets. It was a happy momma moment that’s for sure.

One of the only times in Avery’s life she’s let me do her hair was on Halloween morning as we were getting ready for the school parade… next stop, Toddlers & Tiaras. 😉
For a 3 year old who changes her outfit all day long and has been wanting to be a princess on Halloween for months it was surprising that we had to bribe her to get into her costume,”You’ll get lots of candy!” and then she fell asleep in the car on the way to my sisters… so she wasn’t diggin the pictures. But let me tell you, we were dying laughing because she’s a smart little stinker and her candy bucket was full to the brim by the time we were done. We couldn’t figure out how she had so much more candy than everyone. Until the last door when we heard her saying, “this one is for Allison, this one is for KC, this one is for me…” while she picked out her candy.
Poor Avery is sad in above picture because Captain Cilantro’s boot accidentally stepped on her fingers. The best was my mom consoling her, “It’s okay, we’ll put some candy on it.” lol

And lastly, an ode to my mother, who ingrained in me when I was a little girl a love for Halloween & a desire to humiliate myself for candy! heehee… love you mom!

*Studio Calico & Ali Edwards December Daily Kit giveaway still open below!!

Happy Halloween!

October 31st is one of my favorite days of the year. Seriously, I am giddy right now… & I am also wearing a blonde, curly wig. Trying to figure out what my character’s name is… Last year it was Cliff. I can’t believe I was pregnant with Lola last year at this time. Sheesh, I can’t even image what life was like with out her now. Gotta go & finish the rest of my get-up.

above image from Sundries&Plunder

I hope you have a Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Trade ya three Smarties for a Snickers…

Halloween is definitely the most fun when you have kiddos to dress up, fun people to run around under the stars with & our traditional homemade chili & homemade root beer… oh, and don’t forget the candy.
This year Miss Q-bear was the cutest Tinkerbelle.
Woody & Jessie + two little fairies.

There are not many costumes where my retainer & a fanny pack can be an accessory. Meet the nerds… 

Our yodeling cowgirl… I kinda feel guilty that she worked so hard trick-or-treating, saying “Happy Halloween” & “thank you” to every house and now I am the one enjoying all the candy. I give her until 10 am tomorrow to use her sixth sense and find the loot… 

The rest of our trick-or-treating crew… (love all of you guys and your Halloween spirit!!)

Just laughed looking at the past 3 Kartchner Halloweens