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Wanna Ride

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Last week I partnered with a couple favorite brands for a giveaway on Instagram. (It’s still going right now if you want to enter!) The first is a $100 gift card from & Apparel which is a darling online shop and everything is under 50 bucks. Cutest skirts and shoes that you can mix it up with a playful graphic tee. The other giveaway is for a pair of shoes from Yosi Samra. I am wearing some leather flats that are so comfortable and modern-chic. Love the quality!

Lola came with me to take some pics. If you remember years ago when I had Quincey ride in a bike basket when I released my first line of products… Crazy how long ago that was. Years later and it’s Lo’s turn. I was pedaling at .00001 mph but she still loved it.



She said she had to wear my fake reading glasses because it was too bright outside without them and she couldn’t see. DearLizzy_BeckyKimballPhoto_22b






Goodbye Thirty Two


Anytime anyone asked me how old I was this year I would say 33 and Collin would correct me… no you’re 32.
This weekend I definitely got spoiled including a shopping date with Collin on saturday. Although I didn’t even buy anything. What was I thinking?! I guess the wandering around beautiful City Creek mall and not having to chase after kids was a gift in itself. Then we went to a Drive-In and watched the new Spider Man movie. I haven’t been to a Drive-In forever. Collin and I would go all the time like 15 years ago…Yet, we couldn’t remember any of the movies we watched. Hmmmm… Expect Tarzan. haha! Wonder why? ; )
For my 33rd year I am compiling a list of what I hope to accomplish this year–but first things first– a birthday giveaway!

dear lizzy instax giveaway

To celebrate me getting old I gathered some of my favorite things to giveaway to one of you!
There are a couple ways to enter since not everyone is not on Instagram. You can do one or all of the options…

To-Do List Avoider & Winners

image via: Ikea

Love, Carrie
Emily Coe

Meg Barker 

EMAIL ME if you won or are interested in sponsoring Dear Lizzy:

There is so much to do this time of year. I feel like my list of to-dos just keeps getting longer. But here I was yesterday morning, laying with my babe. Trapped. And I could care less about the stuff I need to do. How do you say no to cuddling with this doll?

We had a blast at Zuzu’s North Pole Adventure that raised money for the United Angels Foundation to help special needs children in need of help with bills, dental work etc. I was so proud of my sister I started crying and then we were both balling. It’s been quite a growing year for her and her family and for Zuzu surviving and thriving after two open heart surgeries.
At the event I looked over and saw my sis across this room full of elves who donated their time, Santa, Mrs Claus and ALL these people who came even though their was a horrible snow storm outside… I could not hold back the tears. Thank you to everyone who came and supported this wonderful cause.

This photo of Myles and me is one of my favorites. My mom was here for Thanksgiving and once I was holding him and she asked him, “Where’s your momma?” He would do this! Rest his face with a smile on my chest. She asked over and over and he’d do the same thing. It’s my favorite thing. #heartmelted

Avery finished reading two of her first chapter books from the Junie B Jones series. My mom saved them for her and brought them over last year. I am determined to raise a bunch of nerds. They are the best! I also hope she likes unicorns and wears roller skates far too long than she should.

Christmas shopping!

Also, Christmas parties! This one was a Vegas themed party for Collin’s work. Don’t ask. haha! Okay, I’ll explain. Collin became, Sergai, and talked in a Russian accent even before we got to the party to get in character as a gambling, Russian arms dealer… apparently I was Natalia his girlfriend. Yes, people dress up for not just Halloween. He got a $100 gift card so that’s cool. ha! It was a blast!
After that night I decided I need to dance more in my life. When most everyone left and the DJ started I kicked off my glitter heels and made of fool of myself dancing. I even lost my voice. Baby Jesus would’ve been proud.

Counting down to Christmas! xo, Lizzy


Lizzy’s Favorites Giveaway!

Completely giddy today to be giving away some of my favorite things including The Vintage Pearl, my newest Dear Lizzy products and a Jo Totes camera bag!


The Vintage Pearl is one of my favorite presents to GIVE not just to receive. They are so meaningful and thoughtful. There are so many different necklaces and charms that you could find something special for your teenager to your grandma. I gave my Grandma and Grandpa engraved jewelry before he passed away and I am sure it is a treasure.
TVP also has ornaments! One of my favorite traditions each Christmas when we decorated our tree was finding the wooden bears that had each of our names on them. I really want my kids to have that same excitement each year when we open up the decorations as they found theirs. There are other options but I had to have that penguin in a bow tie for Myles! Even Tuque has a silver bone with his name.
Their Cyber Monday sale is extended through tonight at midnight, save 20% off our entire site with code “cybershop”!
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Jo Totes has a style bag for every girl. I have used these bags for years and am very impressed by the quality and keeping my cameras cozy.
Merry early Christmas– Win a $125 gift card.
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That’s the easy part, the hard part will be choosing which bag you want. I am loving the new Gracie in Black or Mint.

I am also giving away a Dear Lizzy tote bag that I kept from the last CHA. You can’t get this anywhere. Plus, it’s loaded with some Dear Lizzy goodies from my newest collection. Yay!

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Winner & This Girl

The winner of the Mom’s Best giveaway>>> CANDICE ELLIOT (email me at

Pretty excited that Collin doesn’t have work today and there’s no morning chaos getting girls to school, packing lunch or finding socks. Thank you President’s Day!
Avery was excited too! “It’s President’s Day on Monday so there’s no school momma!”
Me: You’re right. Who’s your favorite president?”
Without even a thought she says George Washington. Me: “Why?”
Avery: “Because I care that his teeth were bad and he would close his mouth like this.” Seriously this girl’s heart is big and sweet.

The above pic is from a new tradish I started to photograph my girls with their favorite things or doing their favorite thing. Yesterday I took pics of Ave with a couple of her favorite toys and reading her favorite book.
Happy Monday! xo, Lizzy

Mom’s Best Network & Awesome Giveaway

This morning Quincey saw these pictures and said she wanted to go back there…!!! Oh, to that cool building where you got to run around with a new friend? Where we gave you heart suckers, balloons and dolled you up like a stylin princess? I’m sure you do. Instead I kissed her cheek and she’s at preschool for the next couple hours. But Saturday we did have a blast with my good friend (from our days of braces, bangs and high school soccer games) Heather as the photographer & Tana, the founder of Mom’s Best. Tana invited me to kick off their new series all about motherhood. Since being a mom is the toughest, greatest thing I’ve ever done–I was in.
This week there were a few events in my life that really caused me to stop, take a deep breath and reevaluate where I give of myself. For one, my darling niece was born and is in the NICU… such an angel and amazing fighter. The second she was born she changed me. How this tiny angel had that kind of power and influence on me isn’t surprising… children are so pure and innocent and see this world more simple than we do. We are the ones that complicate it all.  This week I wasn’t the one to let go of a hug first. I squeezed each of my darling bugs until they let go. And even then they had to wriggle their way out of my tight embrace.
Don’t get me wrong… being a mommy is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Why else do you think I have a hidden treat stash and hide in my bedroom for a couple minutes of peace. Which sometimes backfires with Cheerios all over the floor. Ah, I don’t know I’m not one to be poetic or good with explaining my thoughts, but I do know how my heart feels every single day when Lola points to a mole on my cheek and says, “Mommmy, is an owie?” And kisses it better. And I know I don’t want to be too distracted or busy to miss that…
For more Q&A or photos check out Mom’s Best Network
What are 3 things we may not know about you?
-My husband, Collin, was my first date in high school. He asked me to the Homecoming Dance. When he was driving me home after our date he came to a complete stop at a green light. I think he was a little nervous.
-I took a darkroom class in college and dream of having my own darkroom someday so I could spend the day taking pictures with my film camera then develop the pictures later that day. It’s such a cool and dreamy process… with lots of stinky chemicals.
-If I could be anywhere at this moment it would be at a secluded beach somewhere in a hammock, pina colada in hand, painted toe nails with my feet in the sand, sound of kids playing in the distance, sun on my face… I could go on and on.
If there is 1 thing you have learned and could share to inspire and help other women/mothers what would it be?
Sheesh, I feel like I am still learning so much as a woman/mother… but something that I am striving to do is not to compare myself to others. A couple years ago I had a quote on my inspiration board, “Find you. Be you. Be happy with that.” I loved it because at times I feel myself trying to fit into another mold or trying to be like someone else. But I need to focus on what I do best and my natural gifts that can bless others’ lives. I mean, I don’t know anyone else who can eat a bag of Peanut M&M’s as fast as I can. That’s something I need to embrace and be proud of! ; )

We also have a giveaway today. I’m in love with the perfectly styled outfits from Peek Clothing! And you can win a gift card to their online (or check their locations). There’s also a pair of See Kai Run shoes in the giveaway… there are so many styles to choose from and my girls loved them. Quincey would have slept in them…! Also some darling clippies from Ribbies. Basically you’ll be all set and ready to photograph your cutie after you win this!
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There is also another giveaway on Mom’s Best site with the same prizes so you have two places to win!

Photos by Heather Telford
Enter the giveaway here and thanks for playing along! xo, Lizzy

Dear Lizzy Collection Giveaway & Blog Hop

So thrilled today to share a sneak peek at my newest collection: L U C K Y  C H A R M!
Here’s a more formal description I put together for the Lucky Charm blog hop since all I would say right now is a lot of so darling and so cute!

Beautiful paper with a cool mix of blues, mint, orange-red and yellow, with a pop of pink in the each of the pretty florals. Lucky Charm was inspired by jewelry charms so you will find your favorite “lucky” icons here and there. As well as dreamy clouds, star-maps, hot air balloons, and darling umbrellas. Some of the new products sure to get you excited include the roller phrase-only stamp. Scrapbookers loved the Dear Lizzy Date Stamp, so in this collection you will find a new stamp that is full of just the fun phrases. There are also awesome Diecut Cards (4″x6″), striped square buttons that look like candy, a perforated sticker book, tissue fringe flags, fringe garland, cutest polka dot & chevron transperancies, and a colorful Daybook. Of course, a Dear Lizzy line wouldn’t be complete without some Lizzyesque icons including jars, kites and handwritten phrases.

A few of my favorite products include the Phrase Stamp see above! Printed Transparencies (I know, fun right?!) The Daybook is something I can’t wait to have fun with. We used star maps as a texture on paper and journaling cards, you can see below…

  • LUCKY CHARM BLOG HOP: To see more sneak peeks of products click over to the Paislee Press blog and then bounce  your way through some of my favorite scrapbookers’ sites!


  • LEAVE A COMMENT TO WIN THE ENTIRE Lucky Charm COLLECTION! I know I wrote that in all caps. I am not shouting… just excited. : )
    Thanks for all your support! Means the world to share this with you.  xoxo, Lizzy


Giveaway Winners!

The winners of the recent giveaway!! photo via Max Wagner

 Lacey says: Every year I have the best of intentions to make a December Daily. I get about as far as buying all the supplies and then that’s where it ends. This is the year I’m going to do it lol! And how cute are those chevron bracelets from Sassy Steals?!?
October 8, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Anna Vollmer says: Such an awesome giveaway from such amazing companies!! Thank you!
October 1, 2012 at 5:29 pm

Viv says: Wow!!! This is amazing :) Thanks for the chance to win one of these awesome giveaways!!!! Love Viv
October 4, 2012 at 1:04 pm

marie-anne says: Christmas is coming early this year :-) Love this so much Marie-Anne
October 1, 2012 at 6:10 pm

Le Anne Bull says: thanks for the chance to win… happy fall! le anne
October 4, 2012 at 1:19 pm

jody ferlaak says: I wanna win that SC December Daily and add some happy to my holidays…how awesome! All your giveaways are great. I will cross my fingers for this one all weekend! Have fun stick hunting. =)
October 6, 2012 at 5:20 am

Email me at:

Dear Lizzy Giveaway

One of my favorite traditions for December is making a December Daily album… last year I used the Studio Calico kit and loved the pieces they put together! I am excited to design with it again this year. Studio Calico is giving away a December Daily kit to one of you! I heard that the Dear Lizzy alpha stickers are included in the kit this year! Leave a comment to win!

Here are some of my pages from last year:


The Vintage Pearl is the perfect place to find a perfect gift or a treasure for yourself. I just gave my sister a necklace from The Vintage Pearl for her birthday and she loved it. Definitely makes your gift more thoughtful and memorable. TVP is graciously giving away two fifty dollar gift cards! I didn’t know until recently that along with all the silver options they offer gold pieces as well… now I need a “C” initial gold charm and box chain pronto.


Freckled Fawn is an online shop with over 300 washi tapes and you know I LOVE washi tape… If you didn’t know that well, I LOVE WASHI TAPE. Now you know. It’s one of those crafting items that you can collect and collect. You can never have too much tape. FF is giving away a $40 gift card. Be sure to check out —Freckled Fawn!

Sassy Steals is an awesome daily deals website filled with handmade and Boutique style items. They offer the cutest items at a killer price! You have to check it out and subscribe to their daily deals. Today Sassy Steals is giving away two sets of the chevron bracelets. I have some and love them. I mix them with my other bangles for a rockin arm party almost daily! They just launched some Christmas deals today and you need to check it out…!

We are starting off October right!! Leave a comment to win any of these prizes!!
Also, I forgot to mention earlier, to leave an extra comment for Tweeting/Facebooking/Pinning/Telling a friend about the giveaway!!

Ruche Giveaway


Yesterday I got mah hair did and it’s ready for fall… now I just need to make some pumpkin cookies and cozy up my wardrobe.
On Monday RUCHE launched a very gorgeous & very fall lookbook, Kindred Spirits. It gets me excited for this lovely season ahead. Also makes me want to gallop through the desert on a horse with the wind in my hair and nowhere to go… just me and… sorry, I’m getting off track.

Enter your name in the drawing to win a $50 Giftcard by leaving a comment!
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There are so many pieces I am loving at Ruche including the mustard coat and the oxford heels you will have a blast picking out something new!

xo, Lizzy

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