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DIY: Lip Print Sweatshirt

dear lizzy | diy lip sweatshirt

You know when you think a DIY sounds fun and it takes forever and your husband asks, “How many man hours have you put into that?” Well, that was this. But I only worked on it in small periods of time late at night when I should’ve been sleeping so I can see why he thought that it took longer than it did. Spotted some different skirts and even swimming suits with lips on them lately so I wanted to make something similar. Especially since I love V-day and any excuse to not be folding laundry.

how to
-Diecut lips with your Silhouette or Cricut using wax paper.
-Iron on wax paper to the sweatshirt
-Paint the lips using red paint. I used this red paint and it worked really well.
-Peel off wax paper
If you don’t want to iron on the wax paper you could also diecut some stencils from cardstock and hold it on the sweatshirt and continue to press firmly while you paint. Then carefully lift off the sweatshirt. I did some of the lips like that too when I was getting impatient.

dear lizzy blog | lip sweatshirt

Fun to wear when lounging around the house or I also wore it with a floral skirt.
Don’t ask me why we took so many pics of this…

dear lizzy blog | lip sweatshirt
dear lizzy blog | lip sweatshirt

dear lizzy blog | lip sweatshirt dear lizzy blog | lip sweatshirt dear lizzy blog | lip sweatshirt


Paired it with this cute pencil skirt too and I think I might wear this to Quincey’s Valentine’s class party that I am volunteering at this week. They’re mostly six year olds and still appreciate arts and crafts on clothing. ; ) Like the puffy paint days.

dear lizzy blog | lip sweatshirt

dear lizzy blog | lip sweatshirt
All I want for V-day is a nap… lol


Lola The Elf

elf costume

On the Eve-Eve of Christmas I watched one of our favorite holiday movies, The Family Stone. I know the dinner scene is painful. I think I got up and went to the kitchen to refill my hot cocoa mug at the opportune moment and just happened to miss it. I don’t know why I love that flick though. I think it’s the combination of some of my favorite actors/actresses… and I laugh and stress and cry. It hones in on all my Christmas emotions.
Well, as we watched this year, I sewed tiny bells into Lola’s handmade elf costume.
When I was a little girl my mom made the majority of my dresses… A couple years ago she brought me some of them. I remember one dress from photos of my third birthday party. As I held up a Cookie Monster cake in the white dress with red, blue and yellow balloons on it. The style of the dress reminds me of this elf one actually. But I heard something and shook the dress then looked inside and found clusters of tiny bells. How adorable is that? I don’t remember the bells when I was little but I must’ve loved dancing around hearing them.

I knew my friend Annie, who loves crazy creative ideas like me, would be up for making an elf dress during the hectic week before Christmas for her daughter too. And when I texted her that we should sew bells inside like my mom did for my dresses she responded, “That is happening.” Then she searched Hobby Lobby for an hour to find such tiny, magical bells. She is good at everything. She can sing, teach Zumba, craft, take photos, do professional makeup plus sew like a freaking pro. And all at once I’m sure, if you asked her. But she helped me sew this costume for Lola. And by “help” I mean, I sewed and surged a couple pieces and made the hat, but she did the rest. I was there to hand her a Diet Coke.
Lola had “elf costume” at the top of her wish list. She is the queen of dress up! So she was pretty excited to open it on Christmas eve and prance around… with magical bells jingling all the way.

elf costume

elf costume

elf costume


I used this free pixie hat pattern and instructions to make the hat. I did cut Lola’s piece a bit longer at the point. I used a thick, knit shirt that didn’t fit me anymore. You can also use old sweaters, which is something I have been wanting to do for a couple years now. So I was excited to find this tutorial. I am not that great at sewing so honestly anyone could make it. (The dress pattern was found on Etsy.)

elf costumeelf costume  elf costume

elf costume


elf costume elf costume


DIY: Stamped Canvas Pouch

Today I am so excited to have one of my blog crushes and favorite designers Ann-Marie here to share a project using my Dear Lizzy stamp + some paint. Psst… all the Dear Lizzy products are still on sale at sooooo ch-check it out.
I’m a firm believer that one can never have enough bags for storing essentials of all shapes and sizes! When I spotted this canvas zippered pouch at Target last year in the dollar spot, I knew it had to come home with me. The size is perfect for corralling loose change or sunglasses and then throwing into my purse for safekeeping. With the help of the heart stamp from the Daydreamer set and acrylic paint, I gave the pouch a little pop of color and extra visual interest! Here’s how I did it:
1. First, I gathered all my supplies, including the Daydreamer stamp set, pink twine from the Daydreamer Value pack, an acrylic block, Martha Stewart acrylic paints, a sheet of scratch cardstock, washi tape, two makeup sponges, and a handful of q-tips.
2. To create a smooth surface for applying the paint onto the stamp, I squirted a little paint onto a scratch piece of cardstock (held down to my table with a few strips of washi tape) and then used a makeup sponge to even out the coverage.
amme_4 amme_5
3. From there, I began stamping the heart onto the canvas pouch in columns. I repeated this process until I covered the entire bag, leaving three empty spaces for the heart to be stamped in a different color.
4. Since it’s difficult to get a perfect stamp impression when using paint, I filled in any gaps with a q-tip. (You could also use a fine-tipped paintbrush if you prefer.)
5. Once the aqua-colored hearts were dry, I repeated steps 2-4 with yellow paint and stamped in the allotted spaces.
6. Next, I created a tassel for the zipper using neon pink string and pink twine.
7. Creating tassels is super easy! You can get a step-by-step tutorial here.
8. Once the tassel was finished, I tied it to the zipper and threw the pouch in my bag! The more organized I can be, the happier I am!
Concept + Photos: Ann Marie


DIY: Seed Bombs

DIY Seed bombs

Recently I planted peonies and iris bulbs so now I am crossing my fingers that they sprout out of the ground someday because I have the blackest thumb ever. Pretty sure I couldn’t keep a cactus alive. But I love flowers and plan to spend more time in my garden and yard this summer. Last year I was completely enamored with Myles and growing him. ; )
I adore these DIY bomb seeds that the darling Amanda from Be Crafty made! She used my Dear Lizzy paper on a couple of the bags. Then added clips and stamped tags with fabric strips. Love it! They are perfect to give away as a gift to celebrate spring. You definitely have to get your hands dirty for this project. Here are the tips she shared:

I have always seen seed bombs at the green house in candy machines and wanted to try make them.  Seed bombs are little balls of dirt, dry clay and flower seeds. They are intended to be placed in areas where gardening in unavailable, but can be placed anywhere.

I found they were a lot easier to make then I thought. Please note: I read many different directions and worked with supplies I had on had.

SUPPLIES:  Dirt, dry clay ( found at walmart for $5 in crafting section) wild flower / flower seeds

STEP 1: Mix in small batches, adding dirt and clay together.
STEP 2: Roll into small balls
STEP 3:  Add a few flower seeds. The clay will hold the seeds in place.  ( don’t add to many)
STEP 4: Set balls out in sun for clay to harden. ( about 24 hours)
STEP 5: Enjoy + Share

TO MAKE THE BAG: I placed sticker letters  in the middle of a small canvas bag. Using distress ink (for scrapbooking)  mix with water in a small spray bottle.  Spray over the stickers. I added more ink as I went to get a darker ombre look.  Once the bag is dry, remove letters ( ok, I removed them right away, but best if you wait till it’s dry)
Photos + Craft: Amanda//Be Crafty Workshop

DIY Seed bomb

DIY Seed bombs


essential scrapbooking supplies
dear lizzy papers
2974733_600x6002974131_200x200 canvas bagsmaggie holmes clips

Don’t Get Pinched: Baby Bow Tie DIY

bow tie diybow tie diy

Avoid letting your little guy get pinched this St. Patty’s day and make him a green bow tie. Seriously it was easy and I didn’t even sew… just used a trusty hot glue gun and some fabric scraps.

baby diy bow tie

For Myles I cut a piece of fabric 4″x7″
Next fold in the width so it’s around 2-3 inches wide and hot glue seam leaving the length 7″ long. Iron fabric.
Now fold in the ends and hot glue at center.
Pinch so there are three folds and glue each one (Make two of these up to this point)
Layer each one and glue together
Cut a strip of fabric about 2″x4″ fold in the width and glue seam. Iron. Wrap around layered bows.
Measure baby’s neck and add ribbon and velro to back. There you go. You can still pinch those cheeks but not because he’s not wearing green… because they are too squishy + cute.
Kisses from momma…
diy baby bow tie

Filled up an entire SD Card taking pictures of this face since literally the end of his front teeth are popping through… and I am going to miss those gummy gum gums.
diy baby bow tie

bow tie diy

DIY: Baby Chevron & Triangle Leggings

These days have been a blur… what day is it anyway?  My main goal in life right now is teaching Myles when it is day & night. He was completely opposite a couple nights ago and I could’ve sworn I got hit by a train in the blissful hour sleep I got. But despite the zombie-esque swagger in my walk there’s definitely something wonderful about having a baby in our home. Just the overall peace and love he brings… I mean I literally stare at him all day. How is that possible?! He’ll smile when you graze his cheeks or he grasps my finger or hair. He’s very alert and loves to eat… like all day. I’ve gone off dairy since his tummy was really hurting a couple days ago. I’ve done this with all my kids for the first few months. It’s worth it to avoid crying where you can tell it’s their tummy hurting. And seriously that is true love right there… because this girl loves her cheese and cereal. But my girls drink enriched rice milk so I use that. Has anyone else gone on a special diet while nursing? Please share…

Today I wanted to share how to make some of your own chevron and triangle print baby leggings and baby blanket. The baby blanket above was made using a maxi dress that I didn’t want anymore. I cut it to the size that I wanted and then folded and ironed the unfinished edge then sewed a quick seam. It was super easy and I love the bold stripe.
The red and green striped pants below I made using one of his pants as a pattern and sewed two pieces together and added elastic at the waistband. The grey with triangles are leggings I picked up at Target. I sewed the legs to fit 2 inches smaller (they were super wide). The red chevron pants I share the steps of how to make them below.

I made these chevron leggings by starting with the 5 minute leggings steps on Small Fry blog. It started as a skirt from Forever 21 I got on clearance for a few bucks. Since he is so tiny I could get 2 pairs out of the one knit skirt. Then I used my Silhoutte and diecut a pattern from freezer paper. Next, I ironed the shiny side to the pants and painted it white. Last peel off the pants and enjoy your one of a kind pants.
Follow the same steps to make a triangle template for the grey pants below.


If you missed the KNOTTED BABY HAT TUTORIAL click here.
Thanks for reading! Have a great day…!  xo, Lizzy


DIY: Knotted Baby Hat

Despite my 5th grade level sewing skills, thanks to Mrs. Thompson for teaching me all I know in Home Ec., there were a couple reason as to why I decided to make some cute stuff for our baby Myles. For one, I had absolutely no baby boy clothes and unless I dressed him up in pink I had to get everything brand new. Yes, I love shopping but not that much shopping… especially for things he’d grow out of quickly.
And the other reason is that there’s not a huge selection of stripes and solids for boys. I’m okay with the occasional truck or dog “I ruff you” but it’s nice to have some basics too.
I started collecting some striped knit fabric & during all the nesting that went down before the baby arrived, I found some clothes I was going to get rid of but would be perfect to reuse.
While this sweet  babe is sleeping I wanted to post an easy tutorial for making some knotted baby hats.

For this hat, I used fabric for a maxi skirt that I never wore. I got it on clearance at Forever 21 but it just fit weird so I never wore it. In the end, it was cheaper than buying that color knit at the fabric store. It also has a finished edge so I use that for the bottom of the hat.
I used this knotted hat template for the hat but cut off the bottom dotted line portion because I didn’t want it to fold over. Then sized it down quite a bit to fit an infant. If you use a hat you already have as a template then just add the top part for the knot. That would work just as well.

To get the triangle print:
I used the triangle background Silhouette cut by Loni Stevens and cut it out of Freezer Paper. Next you iron the shiny side onto your fabric. Then paint with fabric or sometimes I use acrylic paint… and peel the paper off. It works like a charm!

Tomorrow I will share the pants and blankets… Thanks to my babelicious model… kisses…



3 Things /// 1 2 3

Ever since I saw the pom pom sweater at J Crew and then Zooey wore in on a New Girl episode I loved those little puffs of goodness. This is a super cool tutorial from I Spy DIY that I am dying to try on some of my girls’ sweaters. Not sure if I could pull this off myself so thank goodness I have three littles who would look darling with a touch of pom!


Spotted my Avery girl at the Small Fry blog wearing the comfy perfection from Nico Nico clothing. Pretty much the cutest thing I ever did see. Sigh… missing her now that school is back in session.
One of my favorite quotes from her recently: She came to me with her eyes full of tears. “Mom, I don’t want to be a mom. Can I be a little girl forever?” Me: “Why don’t you want to be a mom?” Seriously she was almost crying, “Because what  if I don’t know how to put gas in the car and break it and the car won’t work. And what if I don’t know how to wipe their bums?”  Ah… she clearly understands the joy of motherhood.


On January 1st  Two Peas in a Bucket announced some new Garden Girls that will be designing for them and I am one of them. So thrilled and honored to join their talented team!
I have a couple pages there you can check out.


DIY: painted phrase napkins

So far it is pretty random the things I have made with my silhouette… from mini albums to polka dot pants.
Now add these phrase napkins to the list.
This morning I posted a pic on my Instagram and realized I hadn’t shared these napkins yet. I don’t remember what provoked me to making these, but so far the random sayings have done nothing except put a smile on my face.

Diecut freezer paper///Iron freezer paper to napkin///Paint onto napkin/// Peel off freezer paper
I used gold paint because, well, I love gold anything right now.

Quincey painted the polka dot dishtowel below. It’s only a dishtowel so who cares if she messed up. Actually, it’s quite tricky to mess it up since she paints on top of the freezer paper so it worked out great! I used the same steps as the Polka Dot Pants tutorial.

My sister got me hooked on this healthy snack: tomatoes, cucumber (or spinach) feta cheese & Balsamic Vinaigrette. Don’t worry, after I eat that I have a bowl of sour watermelons.

Do I have you wishing for a Silhouette Cameo yet?


Loving Lately

A few things that I spotted online and am loving lately:
♡ This October stamp and just this pic in general that seems to encompass so much of what I love about fall. pic by Tina//stamp by Kelly
♡ This clever idea of using wooden spools for place setting. Cute for a craft night with your girlfriends or any fall event.
♡ I’ve been wanting to make a floral crown for one of my girls so I was excited to see a tutorial on how to do it. via The house that lars built 

♡ These crepe paper lights would be a fun addition for halloween decor. DIY Fringe string lights

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