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The Me, My Selfie and I Book is here!


Today I am beyond thrilled, and a bit nervous, to share a project I have been working on for a long time! The Me, My Selfie, and I Book!  #theselfiebook
It’s a kids’ art journal full of 42 pages of illustrations and fun questions. I sketched a really horrible rough draft for each page then worked with the talented Caytlyn Chilelli who illustrated it!
The coloring book you’ll want to keep! I wanted to design a keepsake that I could store on a bookcase and documents their dreams, favorites at the moment, and silly thoughts as well as coloring and doodles. Something to encourage less screen time and more time creating!

Another reason why I wanted to make this book was to GIVE BACK! During the development process of #theselfiebook my niece was in Primary Children’s Hospital! There is a toy room and craft area for patients and the family of patients. It is a place to lift their spirits during a hard time for the children and families spending long hours there. I talked to my sister Ashley, Zuzu’s mom, and asked what she thought about donating books to the hospital. She loved the idea! So for every book that is bought we will donate 1 book to Primary Children’s in Salt Lake City.

The book is great for a range of ages! Avery, my nine year old can sit down and work on it herself! Answering the questions and exploring creative expression. Lola, who is four, can’t write full sentences yet but says the cleverest things! I love sitting down together and while she is coloring  I can fill out the answers for her. Not every page has a question. There’s even a cut-apart page where they will cut out clothes, hats and sunglasses and then attach to the animals. It’s freaking adorable! Also a treasure hunt page to take the book outside and see what you find.DearLizzy_Journals_BeckyKimballPhoto_54web


I also have a limited number of handmade pencil bags! They are plastic coated on the outside so easy to wipe off! The inside has a colorful lining and zipper…! Each one is a different color combination. The bags even come with some fun supplies so they can get to work as soon as their package arrive. It includes colored pencils, ice cream cone sharpener and some fun erasers! Like I said, I only have a limited number of the pencil bags so snag one!






These would make such fun gift ideas for Christmas or birthdays! My kids are obsessed and Quincey carries hers around everywhere in her backpack and pull out her supplies.

Check out #theselfiebook website and more info here!



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Play + Shop w/ Old Navy

Old Navy Play it Safe

With three girls and a boy, it is pretty incredible to witness how different each little soul is. How they are born with different ways to show love and be loved. With Lola, her love language includes hugs and quality time. To fall asleep I have to be laying by her and she’s a teddy bear that wants snuggles as much as possible. She loves to sit at the table and play with Legos for hours and wants me to join her and make something together. It’s crazy how long those plastic pegs can keep her occupied. I love how Avery is different, and older now, but her love language is talking (including me listening to her for long periods of time) and laughter… with hugs still being important. That one I hope never goes away.
Is it possible that balloons can be a love language too? Cause they definitely are to this four year old…!

Old Navy Play it safe

The air is getting crisper and I am spotting red trees in the mountains in our backyard. This transition from summer is always refreshing!

Old Navy Play it SafeOld Navy Play it Safe Old Navy Play it Safe

Any plans this weekend? Thanks to Camp Old Navy there’s a fantastic fundraiser on Saturday (9/19) at local @oldnavy stores called the Play it Safe event. Kids will love to learn safety from their community heroes! Meanwhile, the mommas can get their shop on cause there’s a killer sale. #oldnavystyle See you there!

Old Navy Play it Safe

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Shelf Style: Chic

black and white office
I swear I’m always working on my studio space… keeping it organized or making a mess. I’m really pretty good at the mess stuff. Now that the girls are in school, I felt the need after a crazy summer to get my space organized. Starting with the shelves! I took everything off to start from scratch. I wanted to reuse the Be Brave black letters I used to hang in another room in the house. Then I stuck with the black and white color combination with a pop of gold. It’s nice because it’s so clean and simple. I also tried a more colorful version in a previous post.
I’d love to hear which one you prefer!! Black and White chic or the Colorful Party Eclectic?

black and white office black and white office

LA9A3403 copy

black and white office


black and white office


Peachy Fuzzy


When the tree in our backyard blossoms with peaches it means two things: summer is coming to an end and it’s time to make some peach cobbler. Since I failed at making jam a couple years ago, and crushed my domestic-canning-skill-confidence, I am scared to try again but I need to! Because how delicious is homemade jam on homemade bread toasted and warm on a fall afternoon? Too bad I can’t make bread either. hahahahahaha

School started so I lost half my crew at home during the day. I am feeling quite crazy about he whole situation since I want to cry and celebrate at the same time. I always wished I could be a home school mom. Seriously any mom who home schools is a gem in my book! During the summer we do workbooks and it’s hard to get my kids to sit down with their books and sharpened pencils and listen to me for 45 minutes- let alone an entire day. They thrive at school though and adore their teachers… it’s just what works for us. I can work and have a couple quieter hours during the day! Key word is quieter because believe me the two youngins still keep me on my toes. Yes, I said youngins… all this-there peach growin’ and pickin’ I am derntootin gussied up fer life on the farm. ; )

LA9A2679bcThat face of Lola. Stop it right now. All the heart eyes from me to her!


The pictures of just Myles’s head are because he was wearing his sister’s dress over his clothes. And I have plenty of pictures of that since his dresses up alllllll day long.







Project Life: Portlandia

The beginning of June I got to tag along with Collin on a work trip, which also included getting a crown on my tooth from our dentist friend. For someone who gets anxiety going to the dentist, I wasn’t looking forward to the trip. But the tooth work was surprising a breeze because apparently they have these new machines that make a crown in under an hour and match your tooth identically. So cool! As soon as we got that out of the way, our friends in Portland gave us a grand tour of the city with non-stop eating and exploring. Portland, Oregon became one of my favorite cities very quickly!
(Our friend is Dr Roane in Portland for anyone looking for an incredible dentist in that area!!)
Some of our favorite spots:
Downtown: I guess there’s something always on the first Thursday in the summer so it was a party down there. We saw someone playing acoustic guitar who was on American Idol and lots of fun stuff happening. Just walking around it has a very cool vibe. Old buildings and very cool streets.
Salt & Straw: Yummy place for ice cream. Really cool flavors that Bleu Cheese and Pear and Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache… Crazy combinations but so yummy. They let you try as many flavors as you want with tiny silver antique spoons.
VooDoo Donuts: This is more of a (there’s probably better donut shops in Portland but just go for the experience) place to visit and I’m glad we did. It was awesome and, really, I rarely meet a donut I didn’t like. But Voodoo is open 24 hours and since we went there at 12 am most other places were closed so that was awesome. Who doesn’t crave a donut at 2 am? I’m glad they’re open day and night.
I heard Pips Original, Portland Donuts, Pix Patisserie, Blue Star are all very bakeries.
Por Que No: Delicious mexican food, colorful restaurant. Delicious!
Tasty N Sons
Killer Burger
Screen Door
Pine Street Biscuits
Mothers (for breakfast!)
I honestly couldn’t ate my way through this city for weeks…

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life


PL_Project_LizKartchner copy


essential scrapbooking supplies
Fine & Dandy Core Kit (Found at Hobby Lobby stores across the US & Spotlight stores across the world.)
American Crafts Slick Writer


Magical Fairy Garden


Putting together two fairy gardens with my girls yesterday had me ridiculously giddy! I ran over to our local nursery in the morning after a workout (My new obsession which is boxing and cross fit called crosskick. It kicks my butt. I’ll have to share more about that later).
Picking out all the cute supplies and fairies was so fun. Then I ran to Walmart and grabbed a plastic container. I didn’t know if I wanted to establish the fairy village in our garden in the back yard because our raspberries are taking over so I started it in this. First, I sprayed painted so it was a bit cuter.
The girls love it but I still think I might love it more. haha. I need to plant some more small flowers and plants. I did make a tiny paper garland on string and attached it to the painted sticks. Which added a crafty touch. It’s going to be so fun because we can keep adding to it over time. There’s fences, tiny rocks to make paths, arch ways, stone walls and bridges. You definitely can get out of control. Excited to build onto it each summer.

My favorite part is the mailbox. We already added a tiny note for one of the fairies and can’t wait until we get a reply. Hopefully I won’t forget like the tooth fairy often does.

fairy garden

fairy garden




fairy garden






The Minions took over yesterday. I bought those for Myles and was laughing cause they’re so stomping through the garden.
My friend, Annie, Made the cute moss corner on an old book at a birthday party which was perfect to just tuck right into the dirt!

The wheel barrow is full of buttons and rhinestones that Quincey painted yellow and she pushes around the garden.


favorite supplies
fairy garden girl
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Pancake Pops

pancake pops

It’s a pants-optional pancake-pop kind of morning.
The best part about summer, for me, is not having the morning rush to get everyone out the door with matching socks and a quick brush of the bed head. This morning was quiet and we had no plans so we made some pancake pops! A cute twist to a breakfast favorite that I spotted on Pinterest and knew my girls would eat right up.
Add some sprinkles to the batter on the pan for some extra cool mom points.

pancake pops

I used straws but if the pancakes don’t get eaten fairly soon (saw like 30 mins) the straws start to get floppy, just like when you are drinking from them. So I would use popsicle sticks or plastic straws to make sure they stay cute the longest.

Then little brother wanted a pic too. If he wasn’t holding a pancake, I promise his hand would be on his hip and if he hadn’t just woke up I promise he would have a frilly princess skirt on. Notice the popped knee… he’s definitely a little boy with three older sisters.

6-15 blog

Pic of pancake pops: via this pin

pancake pops


Party Tubby


Monday, monday.
It’s a new week. Let’s do this!
Bathytime with a leftover balloon from our mermaid party on the weekend. I still need to post the mermaid and flamingo birthday parties we threw the past couple weeks. And with the Mickey mouse party in April, I am officially partied out. For now, it’s party tubby time.

5-15 bath


Summer Reading List

summer reading list

Lately I’ve been avoiding the laundry and had my nose in a book instead. Smells better than dirty socks anyway. It’s bad though because I stay up way too late when I should be sleeping.
Last week, I snagged a couple books at Walmart. The selection is bleak so these aren’t my top choices but I wasn’t patient enough to wait. I read All The Bright Places which is YA so a good, quick read. I also read Everything I Never Told You. It’s not my favorite but I enjoyed her writing and it was interesting to see another family’s dynamic. And also, Paper Towns, which I honestly wouldn’t even recommend. I read it because I absolutely loved The Fault in Our Stars and I know there’s a movie coming out. I liked it at the beginning but I skimmed the last 1/3 of it. I started Yes, Please and am enjoying it but just pick it up here and there. I am reading The Book Thief right now and started a couple more listed below. What would you recommend?

summer reading list
*I’ll Give You the Sun
*We Are All Called To Rise
*These Is My Words
All The Light I Cannot See
(finish) The Book Thief
The Girl on the Train
Party Girls
Eleanor & Park
We Were Liars
Glitter and Glue

Share your favorites or thoughts about any of these books. I would love to hear!

summer reading list