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Cheerfully Clad

Yesterday was ‘one of those days’ or I guess the whole week was. I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t have motivation for much at all. Just blah… such blah-ness has lingered around more than normal recently. Not sure if it’s a combination of staying up too late and exercising more. Collin keeps blatantly pointing out, “You’re a mom of four crazy, active kids.” Good point.
Well, somehow I had this bizarre inspiration that a cheap trip to Dollar Store for yellow, floating faces could lift my sprits. We tied them to random cars and places throughout our town. Hopefully it got someone to smile who needed some extra cheer.



Watering The Flowers

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There are definitely signs of spring happening outside. Yesterday on a walk with Lola and Quincey we each picked a couple handfuls of tiny flowers. Quincey wanted to make something with them but we watered the flowers and washed their toesies instead.
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claw foot tub

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This shelf is from Target and most of the stuff inside I found from there too. The glass bottle and jar from Ikea. Still need to add something to the frame.

Surprisingly it’s been a couple months and this plant is still alive.
We actually bought plantation shutters for this window but I love the light that comes through and didn’t want to lose my window sill. This window is above everything around so no one can see in anyway plus we ordered white… do you think that would work with the black? Still trying to decide.
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If you are looking into a claw foot tub after some online research I found Vintage Tub & Bath.
They have an incredible selection of tubs and faucets for the best price! Free shipping too.
Also if your husband is a handy man and wants to install it on his own Vintage Tub & Bath have some helpful Youtube videos for the process. We had a plumber come in and put together the faucet because we had to do some changes to our pipes anyway.
Remodeling our bathroom was quite the process and I regretted it the entire time until it was done. Now it’s one of my favorite places in our home. Still needs some decorating and finishing touches but we are enjoying the bright, freshness of it.

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One of the best things I did for our bath-time ritual was to designate a different color, monogrammed towel for each child. That way I know who left their towel on the ground and can hound the right kid. ; ) I noticed I am washing towels less and they are actually better at hanging them on their hook behind the bathroom door too. Found these at Pottery Barn Kids.

pottery barn towels

Getting Close

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Launching the new Fine and Dandy collection is getting super close. A couple of the must-have products to add to your list (and tell your fave stores to snag for you) include the Bow Dieset. I used all papers from the collection in the above pic. The patterns include confetti, flamingos, floral and polka dots.
Another must-have is this 52 list journal! Each week you will answer a thought provoking question and then you can spend the week thinking about it or jot down whatever comes to mind. There’s a page with each question that will have room to add a photo, doodle or keep it simple. I have some fun things in store for this little book. So stay tuned. We finished the design last summer and I’m excited that it’s about time to get one to all of you!

dear lizzy fine and dandy

Life at home is at its usual fast-pace where I struggle to keep up! Last weekend it was dance competition for Quincey and her team took 1st place with both of her routines. One they were dressed up like the darling sailors and the other pirates. Cutest ever! She practiced so hard and some days would go straight from school to dance. Proud momma moment.
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Pretending these animal gloves are puppets is why he keeps them on. We’ve had such a mild winter I was wondering if I should put all the snow gear back in storage. But now it’s been snowing all day so I think I jinxed it. dear lizzy blog


Candy Colored Camera


Last week I gave away an Instax on my Instagram feed along with some Dear Lizzy products. (If you want to connect on Insta my username is @dearlizzy.) This little cutie posed for some pics. Did I mention at the top of her wish list for Christmas was Chuck Taylors? Actually she said black shoes with laces and stars on the side. haha Wha?! No Barbies or Calico Critters? Next stop: college.

pink instax

Button Up

Don’t forget to button
so the snowflakes don’t sneak in and tickle you.
(From a poem book she loves: A Meal of the Stars)

While my sister living on the East coast has been buried in snow for months like an eskimo… we’ve had such a mild winter! My tulips are so confused and have already sprouted from the ground.
Looking back, I’m glad that I got off my lazy bum on a sunday afternoon to follow my Q-bear outside on her scooter while she caught snowflakes on her cheeks. Because mother nature hasn’t presented this opportunity very often since then.
There’s just something quite magical about fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky.

dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog

Trying to catch a snowflake on your tongue takes real talent… and a big mouth.
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Happy Sugar High Day!


So much sweetness going on here today… and not just the sugar coated teeth smiling in these pics. Love my girlies! Hope you’ve had a Happy Valentine’s Day! Collin and I celebrated pretty low key last night at our favorite thai restaurant and then followed up with some Rita’s custard. Today’s been even more chill. I even snuck in a quick nap when no one was looking.

21b 27b


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PHOTOS: Wee Scout Photography

Self-Timer Shenanigans

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Spent some time in Park City this weekend visiting my great grandma who’s in town from San Diego at my Auntie’s house. During our excursion, I bribed my crew to take a self-timer pic when we stopped for a potty break. (Yes, it’s only an hour trip and we have to stop because someone always has “to go.”)
Scrolled through the pics later and couldn’t believe how perfect everyone’s personalities were captured. I didn’t even know Lola had jumped until I looked at the photos later.
Such a fleeting moment I’ll look back at in ten years and forget how tired I was… and instead ache to experience this day all over again. Just even for one minute. Until they’re all crying at the same time and someones hungry and someone needs to pee and someones throwing a fit then poof—take me back to the future, Ghost of Christmas Past!

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in other news
If you haven’t already, check out my newest online workshop: XOXO Mini AlbumDear Lizzy online workshop

Chic Camera Bags

jo totes

The best part about Johansen Camera bags is that they don’t look like a camera bag. I’ve owned a few of these beauties and am a raving fan. Not only are the dividers inside perfect for camera gear, when I’m on vacation or around town and have to add some personal or kid items and it keeps everything separated.
I brought the Siena on date night last weekend to dinner at one of our favorite mexican restaurants and then grocery shopping. Yeah, it was a sexy night out on the town with groceries and meal planning.

jo totes


jo totes


Window Display For Shabby Apple


Shabby Apple is a darling shop made of all things a fancy girl dreams of, I’ve been a fan for years. So I was excited when they approached me about doing their window display.

I was thinking since it was the end of January it would need to be decked out in hearts with all things red and lovey dovey… but they needed the window pimped out for a Garden Party hosted by Brandi Burkhardt from the TV Series Hart Of Dixie. Flowers and springtime were on the recipe instead. I started off by knowing I wanted some dimension to the backdrop and then flowers but how to hang flowers and no clue what would work for the base of the design.
Somehow I decided on rolls of paper hanging and I found a window display on Pinterest using bike wheels! Perfect! I went to a local bike shop for two wheels and snagged another one from our garage (don’t tell Collin).
The flowers were fun to put together using Tim Holtz cardstock… Spun Sugar is my favorite color. Also, some pretty American Crafts cardstock mixed in and Dear Lizzy patterned paper in the center of the flowers.
I found the hanging ball lights from Bright Labs but didn’t plug them in because the colors matched perfect without using the lights. I wanted to use primarily pink so it wouldn’t clash with the dresses they wanted to highlight. I wired all the flowers and honeycombs to the wheels  so they wouldn’t fall off during transporting and hanging.


window display

Margot and Lexi were amazing help!! Lexi kept saying, “It’s ok it’s ok it’ll come together” when I was freaking out in the beginning. And Margot just got the whole vision from the start and her humor kept my mind off the stress. Although I think they both despised my idea towards the beginning of the process since it was taking longer than we anticipated. ; )

Finishing the paper. I ran out of the rolled paper and so I asked the cute sales girl if they had any copy paper in the back. Thank goodness because it filled in some holes and added to the look.


Hanging the bike wheels with clear wire and then added some tulle.



unnamed-33 unnamed-23

window display

window display window display
This was such a fun project to work on! If you are in the area check out the Shabby Apple shop at the Fashion Place Mall and pick yourself up something pretty too. Hopefully everything will still be hanging and have not fallen down.
I will put together a tutorial and show a closer look on how to make the flowers.

This one is stamped for you

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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!

We tried to watch Home Alone with the kids but Collin and I were cringing the whole time and kept informing the kids, “we don’t say that” or “that’s not good” to the point that we couldn’t even enjoy it. haha It’s still such a classic though.
Isn’t it funny when you watch a movie from when you were a kid and didn’t even notice the cuss words.

I waited until it was freezing outside and decided I was too much of a wimp to attempt pics again in the snow. Soooo, one Sunday afternoon Collin set up a tripod and a light and these cards happened. The girls still giggle about how they got to crack an egg on dad’s head. It took two shots and egg all over him.
Sending mailbox merriment is definitely one of the best parts of Christmas!
Here’s ours for you! kisses!

christmas card

christmas  card



More Lola The Elf pics here!

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