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Screen Smart Book List

If you are interested in reading about how screen use effects kids’ brains and all aspects of their life…  I want to share a list of highly recommended books I recently purchased from Amazon.
This is the first generation that we’ve had to learn and deal with this topic. It’s been life changing for me and eye-opening! I had to set boundaries for myself and our family. My kids have been completely off screens since sometime around February or March. But for sure all of April/May. (We still do movies.)  Including some tech-free flights. It’s weird that when it’s not available they don’t ask for it and quickly learn to think of something else to do with their time. The flight attendants were puzzled since it’s probably an usual sight to see kids with out them. Of course this is a personal choice for each family and everyone can choose what works best for them! The important thing is if we are going to give kids’/tweens/teens screens… please… we need to at least educate ourselves on how it effects them first!
**Another tip is to think about your end goal. If it is to get ahold of your child then try a phone watch. If they want to text, try a flip phone or you can adjust smart phones to only have phone and text. Just think about what they need before handing over a mini computer and social media because then you have to think of the ramifications those will bring. I have a friend who was feeling bad because she is recently divorced and needs to get ahold of her kids. Which is totally understandable! Every family is unique. xoxo But I am quickly learning that we are also giving our children a tool to be bullied with! And that’s the last thing any parent wishes for their child.

These are the ones I have read or am in the process of finishing and highly recommend:
Fearless Parenting

Glow kids (Start with this one)

Reset Your Child’s Brain (Or start with this one)



These are ones I’ve purchased that friends and experts have recommended. Excited to start reading!


The Teenage Brain

The Big Disconnect

Coming out May 29th but even read the sample!! Mind blowing
Ten Arguments For Deleting Social Media Accounts Right Now

Amazon Fire

Sponsored by Amazon but thoughts and opinions are my own. 🙂
Just when I think I’m running out of tricks to get my kids to do what they need to do… and what I want them to do (evil laugh bwahaha) I find the Amazon Fire HD kids edition tablet. And let’s just say that someone got their power back. The thing is, they love screen time and when screen time can be books and educational apps… it takes some of the momma guilt out of the equation. Plus, there’s fun games and movies too! It’s such a great gift idea if you are in the search for something under under bucks! Some other pros is the case it comes in! Totally child proof. And it comes with a year subscription to Amazon Freetime unlimited! Yep. Also the Parent controls and dashboard is an awesome tool! Definitely need to add the Amazon Fire HD8 Kids tablet to your list for Santa!
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Craving Fall

These boots are my way of saying, Welcome fall we’ve missed you! Then there’s lots of hugs and kisses. Tonight there was a bit of crisp in the air and the sky was pink and suddenly I’m craving a caramel apple and camp fires. We hung out with family and everything felt content… autumn is like a sigh of relief! Just feeling really grateful tonight… I’ve been doing some soul searching lately and realized a lot about myself and what truly makes me happy. Letting go of the past, not worrying about the future and striving to truly life in the present. It’s something I am really working on… xoxo

Loving our boots in collaboration with Zappos. They’re both the Born brand which means they’re actuallyyyyy comfortable. None of this dealing with pain for style. lol
Collin is extremely picky with shoes and he loves his!
Hers: Tall length + Fanner Style
His: Nigel Book in Grey


If you can guess what’s going on here… such is life with a boy.

Free time with Amazon Fire

This awesome, yellow screen (the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet) saved us on a flight a couple weeks ago with keeping Myles busy on the plane and not only that he could practice his letters before school officially started. Woot woot Two in one! I know the preschool curriculum isn’t too intense ; ) but this boy is ready to learn. Sometimes I feel like my kids are wanting and ready to soak up more information and I’m the one not keeping up with them or pushing them as much as I should. It’s crazy how much kids gravitate towards screens. We reallllyyyy try to limit the time on Netflix and we only have one kids’ screen. But it truly is a great way, if used smart and in the right ways, to facilitate in their learning! I love Amazon Freetime Unlimited because it is a one year subscription and  includes access to thousands of age-appropriate books, videos, apps and games. Plus, top educational titles to help refresh reading comprehension and math skills. I also have access to the Parent Dashboard that keeps track of time and what viewing. You can also set educational goals and screen time limits. Loving all this so I feel safe and protected when they’re on it.  Really excited to see him excel, and my other cutie kids too, this year!

Post sponsored by Amazon!
Here are some of the top Momma recommended Kids’ Educational apps:
Starfall, ABC Mouse, Endless Alphabet Numbers, Leap Frog, Reading Rainbow, Endless Number! leave a comment to add your favorites! xo Lizzy

Fave Swim + Sunnies

Just wanted to share some of my favorite swim and sunnies… I’m all about the cheap(er) sunnies because I can’t take care of nice ones. I throw them in my purse. Lose them. My kids steal and wear them… (and my husband even lol). And I like quantity over quality.
Summer is flying by. I feel like all we do is swim and my summer bucket list and pretty neglected right now. But I’m not going to give into the mom guilt thinking about all the creative things or missing adventures because keeping kids happy and busy is so easy at the pool.

If you’re super impatient, like me, you can Amazon prime the swan swimsuit to your little cutie. It has a mathching swim cap even. That I forgot when we snapped these pics real quick today but still… if it wasn’t cute enough it’s so darling with the matching cap!


Worth every penny

A little ice cream after a day at the pool is just what we needed… if this girl isn’t happiness and rainbows… she’s crying. lol There’s no inbetween. And I don’t just mean a little cry. I mean like she has a limb hanging from her body cry. Even if it’s just tears from her brother using her pink gel pen.
She was talking my ear off in the car then we had a blast on our little post-pool date.
The more I’ve thought about it, I think some of those cries are a need for attention… and her love language is “mamilla” ice cream so this was such a fun memory for her. It was our first time trying out a new, local ice cream shop. At first, I was like, holy crap 5 bucks for a waffle and scoop of vanilla..?!?! Until I tasted it. It was amazing. They make everything in their shop. (See the first pic of how cute it is too!) Lola gave me the cone and I realized, yes, this was worth every penny. Or 500 pennies to be exact.
Black and white with red all over… is such an easy look. I love this breezy dress that is so cute as a swim cover- up from Old Navy. Lola’s dress and sandals are from there too! Such cute summer stuff right now.
Sponsored: Old Navy

Unicorn Magic

My favorite camera must-have right now is a wifi memory card. If you don’t have one you need to try it out. Your camera doesn’t need wifi and you do not need to be at home on your wifi… it uses some sort of crazy cool, magical unicorn science so you can be anywhere and get your photos off your big girl camera to your phone. Very convenient and amazing to get it off your camera without a computer.
I love the Toshiba wireless card: Here on Amazon if you’re a Prime shipping girl like me.
Still shooting with the Canon 6D right now and am loving it. This camera has wifi but it’s not as easy to use as a wifi card because you connect the camera to a wifi connection. If you use a compact flash card there are adapters so you can use the wifi SD card in your camera. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments…!
Also still using the 24-70 lens that’s my all around favorite to shoot with. It seems like it’s losing its focus though. Is that normal? Does anyone know if there’s something I can do like a tune up. 🙂

My sister, Camille, is an amazing hair stylist and did the girls’ hair. She has a hair product she developed and sells called Hair Glyder. She started an Instagram too to share cute little girls’ hair styles too… @upstyl. Can’t wait to see more looks from her. Love this cute mohawk look on my Quincey Rose. xoxo Lizzy

I Love Your Face

Quick photos before school with this little dolly. Her Kindergarten teacher said she wishes she had 10 more Lola’s in her class because she’s so adorable. haha I know the feeling! I want ten more Lolas too.
When the self-timer goes off before we get our crap together.

There we go. Made it. ; )IMG_8899
Hiding behind readers because I don’t want to get ready. Same bun as yesterday too.
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