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Happy Monday!


Happy Monday!
Thanks so much for all the submissions for the Dear Lizzy design team! It’s been quite fun going through each submission and getting to know you guys better with the random questions. ūüôā Not to mention I’ve been gushing over how amazingly creative the artwork is! I need to nail down some more details and I’ll¬†announce the additions to the team next Monday! (If not sooner…)

For snack time I used the gold foil Dear Lizzy paper to make a mini hamburger box! I diecut the shape with my Silhouette Cameo and then added a sticker on top. We love snack time around here!

Mini Album Garland: That Summer

Portada Mini-1

This is such a fun project for summer I spotted at Martu Alterada using all Dear Lizzy papers from the Serendipity collection!
You can display it during summer and then when you are ready to take it down pop some ring in it and you will have a book to still display all the memories of summer!

Pared1 lomo Pag7 Pag2 Pag6

When I sat down to work on this project, I, honestly didn’t know what to do. It was the first time since I can’t remember that I was going to make a mini album just for me. Not a commisioned work, not a gift, not a mini for a workshop.
How exciting… and how paralyzing! ūüėÄ
These were last summer photos but I wanted something else in common. So finally, I looked for texture. Each pages has a different one (except two with paper embossed) : raffia, cotton fabric, tulle and feather.

All these papers are from Dear Lizzy last collection: Serendipity. This collection made me instant fan of marble! I can’t get enough of thes marble popsicles (!!!)

This garland album idea stroke me one imsommiac night. I decided I was going to took advantage of this time thinking about the mini I wanted to make. So after a while, I got with this idea that pleased me and I fell asleep.

At the end of the post, you can see two close ups of the album on the wall. This part of the flat is really bright and I love it. Now, I have to work on the other walls. They are almost empty but I kind of like it like that.

You see this is the only Christmas home decor that I made… and it is not chrismassy at all. ūüėÄ

Have a beautiful day! –Marta from Barcelona

essential scrapbooking supplies

dear lizzy products dear lizzy products dear lizzy products dear lizzy products SBC_ac-369209_1 92369218th 92369197th

Project Life: Portlandia

The beginning of June I got to tag along with Collin on a work trip, which also included getting a crown on my tooth from our dentist friend. For someone who gets anxiety going to the dentist, I wasn’t looking forward to the trip. But the tooth work was surprising a breeze because apparently they have these new machines that make a crown in under an hour and match your tooth identically. So cool!¬†As soon as we got that out of the way, our friends in Portland gave us a grand tour of the city with non-stop eating and exploring. Portland, Oregon became one of my favorite cities very quickly!
(Our friend is Dr Roane in Portland for anyone looking for an incredible dentist in that area!!)
Some of our favorite spots:
Downtown: I guess there’s something always on the first Thursday in the summer so it was a party down there. We saw someone playing acoustic guitar who was on American Idol and lots of fun stuff happening. Just walking around it has a very cool vibe. Old buildings and very cool streets.
Salt & Straw: Yummy place for ice cream. Really cool flavors that Bleu Cheese and Pear and Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache… Crazy combinations but so yummy. They let you try as many flavors as you want with tiny silver antique spoons.
VooDoo Donuts: This is more of a (there’s probably better donut shops in Portland but just go for the experience) place to visit and I’m glad we did. It was awesome and, really, I rarely meet a donut I didn’t like. But Voodoo is open 24 hours and since we went there at 12 am most other places were closed so that was awesome. Who doesn’t crave a donut at 2 am? I’m glad they’re open day and night.
I heard Pips Original, Portland Donuts, Pix Patisserie, Blue Star are all very bakeries.
Por Que No: Delicious mexican food, colorful restaurant. Delicious!
Tasty N Sons
Killer Burger
Screen Door
Pine Street Biscuits
Mothers (for breakfast!)
I honestly couldn’t ate my way through this city for weeks…

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life

Dear Lizzy project life


PL_Project_LizKartchner copy


essential scrapbooking supplies
Fine & Dandy Core Kit (Found at Hobby Lobby stores across the US & Spotlight stores across the world.)
American Crafts Slick Writer


Handmade Happy Mail


As much as I love collecting letterpressed or gold embossed cards from the stationery store, I definitely prefer to make greeting cards by hand for my loved ones. I made these cards for all the important moms in my life for Mother’s Day and they were a huge hit. There’s nothing quite like taking a little time out of our busy lives to make something special for others! -Ann Marie

amme2 amme3 amme4 amme5

guest designer

amme6 amme7


studio calico kits

Misted Paper Backdrop



When I first saw the Dear Lizzy 12×12 floral mask, I knew it would look amazing with hot pink spray mist! I decided to mist a bunch of white cardstock and then create a colorful backdrop in my daughter’s room using recent photos and memorabilia.


When it comes to masks and spray mists, I like to use both the positive and negative sides of the design. In this photo, I used the negative image by laying the mask on the paper and spraying overhead.



To use the positive image, I flipped the ink-covered mask over and “stamped” it on the cardstock. I love the mix of both positive and negative images!


Once my papers were dry, I tacked them up the wall in a loose manner using washi tape.

amme6 amme7

Next, I added in photos, a mini weaving, a pacifier clip, and a bunch of little things that represent my 10 month old. This is a great, low-commitment way to add a little color and personality to any bedroom or office!

guest designer

Baby Briar in Pockets

Guest Post: Ann Marie
Lately I’ve been on a total scrapbooking kick and have been chipping away at a baby album for my nine month old daughter. For this page, I used a divided page protector from A Beautiful Mess’ Messy Book and embellished it with my favorite Dear Lizzy products.
РOne of my favorite ways to use divided page protectors is to place bulky embellishments on top of the plastic pocket instead of inside of it.
– I also like to split up photos amongst multiple pockets, like I did in the center of this spread.
– Finally, I used three photos from three different months, so to tie them all together, I printed them in black and white.



SBC_ac-370113_0 SBC_ac-369215_1 SBC_ac-370134_1 SBC_ac-370081_1SBC_ac-370096_1

Bow Wall Decor

bow hanger
Ann-Marie always comes up with¬†such unique uses for Dear Lizzy products! I love how she attached¬†the plastic bows as part of her daughter’s decor! These bows even have a darling glitter to them and are one of my favorite new products!


One of the best parts about having a baby is being able to build a wardrobe of impossibly cute mini clothes. I mean, who can resist a tiny faux fur vest on an eight month old?! In order to really maximize my daughter’s wardrobe, I like to display some of my favorite pieces on the wall using red and pink plastic bows from Fine & Dandy!
bow hanger
To secure them to the wall without having to nail a hole, I use a few small strips of super sticky red tape. Then, I tuck the hanger into the folds of the bow and enjoy my favorite baby clothes long after they’ve been outgrown!
Dear Lizzy products are now available at so don’t miss out on some packaged happiness!
 bow hanger
favorite supplies
unnamed-44 unnamed-45

How To: Baby Silhouette with Ann-Marie


I’m pretty sure there’s nothing cuter than the profile of a baby’s face. I mean, what’s not to love about chubby cheeks and button noses? To document my daughter at this stage in her life, I decided to create a my own silhouette of her profile to hang on her wall. Here’s how I did it:
In order to get a good shot of my six month old’s profile, I put her in a high chair against a plain wall with plenty of light and distracted her with some toys.
Using the camera on my iPhone, I snapped as many shots as I could get.
Once I had a photo I really liked, I opened it in the VSCO Camera app on my phone and converted it to black and white image to increase the contrast.
From there, I took a scratch sheet of notebook paper (the more transparent, the better!) and used my phone as a light box to draw out my daughter’s profile. This was the fastest method, but I could have printed the photo out and traced it that way too).
After I had her profile drawn, I trimmed it out and then used the shape as a stencil to trace onto patterned paper.


Next, I took some of my favorite supplies from the Daydreamer collection and created a simple cluster in the bottom right hand corner of a 12 x 12″ sheet of patterned paper.
Finally, I hung the print on the wall and now admire it every time I walk by.


Upcycled Ribbon Wall Hanging


I don’t know if it’s my natural inclination towards guilt (ha!) or the California in me, but I have a hard time throwing away packaging. I always feel like there’s more that can be done with it, so I’m forever trying to think up ways to breathe new life into perfectly usable packaging supplies. For instance, the base of circular cardboard that ribbon is wrapped around is ideal for creating a dreamcatcher-inspired wall hanging!


Using an empty ribbon spool, baker’s twine, three sheets of Daydreamer patterned paper, a feather nesting die shape, and a Cuttlebug, I have all that I need to create a mini wall hanging.


To begin, I peeled off both of the labels on the empty ribbon spool and scraped off any remnants with an xacto knife. (Since the cardboard circle would be wrapped in baker’s twine, I wasn’t too concerned about removing every last piece.)


Next, I wrapped a long strand of baker’s twine all the way around the cardboard circle until the entire thing was covered.


Then, I grabbed my Cuttlebug, my feather die, and a few sheets of patterned paper and cut out three feathers.


After the feathers were cut out, I trimmed three strands of varying lengths of baker’s twine and tied them together using a lark’s head knot. After that, I tied the three strands to the cardboard circle in a staggered fashion to create more visual interest.



Finally, I hung the mini wall hanging on a picture frame! Such a fun and easy way to jazz up my space and save the environment.

guest designer

Paper Airplane Mobile


Today we have this awesome guest post from Ann-Marie

I love an elaborate project just as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics. For this DIY, I’m putting a modern twist on a grade school classic: paper airplanes!
To begin, I gathered a handful of patterned papers, baker’s twine, adhesive, and a sturdy branch.
Next, I trimmed the papers down to differing sizes and folded them into paper airplanes (this is a great tutorial:
From there, I chose my three favorite airplanes and punched a hole in each using a toothpick.
After all the holes were punched, I threaded a strand of baker’s twine through each airplane and knotted it to the branch.
Once all the airplanes were secured, I grabbed another string and tied it to each end of the branch so I could hang the mobile on a wall. This mobile is perfect for adding a playful touch to any room!


studio calico kits