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Counting Down to Date Night

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Date night is something I’m counting down for every week. I might as well make one of those paper chains (with dear lizzy paper mind you;) and rip off a link each day it gets closer. I know I say this all the time: my husband travels a lot. But it’s weird that this is our life right now. I remember when I would be dying for 5:35 pm to roll around and he would pull up and I’d take a sigh of relief that I had some back-up for our hooligans. Tagging him in for a round or two. Now it’s like, see you in a few days… where are you going again? We embrace it even though it’s not the ideal situation for either of us-we try to stay positive. That’s when date night swoops in and carries us off to a time of eating in peace and just us. When we’d drive in the car with out someone hollering over Curious George that they need a drink of water right this second or so-and-so just PINCHED them or so-and-so is STARING at them! ;D  Avery is almost old enough to watch everyone which will be nice to have a babysitter at home.

Teamed up with one of my favorite brands Born as well as Dillards to pick out some matching boots for fall. Collin is super picky so thank goodness they aren’t just cool but super comfy too! Mine are the Kerri style and love them with jeans too! Hashtag bribery for pics #fallforborn
date-night date-nightI’m really proud of Collin because this year he made some lifestyle changes, like switching from energy drinks to water. 😉 He’s so inspiring to me with his dedication and has lost 50 pounds since May! He hated getting his picture taken… still does!! Took some bribery for this but at least he feels better and more like himself. He has more energy and happier health wise. Super proud of him so thanks for letting me gush for a second. xoxo

sept17lizzy-41-of-44 sept17lizzy-38-of-44

Take me out to the ball game…

During our little trip to LA we went to a Dodgers game. I asked Collin if we could do anything while we are here what would he want to do? And this was it!!!
We found surprisingly awesome seats on and it really was a perfect night for a baseball game.

Plus, I got a huge foam finger and ice cream… so I was all set.


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Sorry kids…

Last week I flew away with my man to California for a quick getaway! Sans kids. Yes, you read that right… we went to Disneyland without them. How mean is that?! !!
I hope they will forgive us someday. I think they will because I have noticed how aware Avery is of our relationship. Even today I heard her talking to Quincey as they were watching a Veggie Tales episode, “I think Daddy and Mommy are in love like them.”
Spending time as a couple is something I strive to make a priority whether it’s date night or stealing a moment after the kids go to bed. Life moves quickly and I don’t want the kids to grow up and we turn to each other… what’s your name again?  I want to make the time to keep our relationship connected. Sure, there are moments when he rolls his socks in a ball and chucks them down the hall and other guy stuff that drives me nuts, but I’m sure I do things that bug him too. So it’s nice to know when he holds my hand and when kids aren’t around that we still like each other… a lot actually.
Here’s to reconnecting to the magic of Disneyland, the beach and the Dodgers game! !!!

Then like boring, responsible parents we changed our flight to arrive home six hours earlier because we didn’t want to get home at midnight and miss kissing those munchkin cheeks goodnight. I will be regretting this decision come Wednesday… ; )

Waffle Love ♡ love at first bite

Tonight Emily, Ashley, Collin and I ventured out in search of the famous Waffle Love truck that’s been spotted cruising around town. We found it. Stuffed our faces. Loved every second of it.
The founder of Waffle Love, Adam, is a foodie. His wife painted the truck. Together they make works of art that we devour. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the best waffle I’ve ever eaten, ever!! (And I like to exaggerate things.) You will especially enjoy them if you love fruit and cream on your waffle. If you like them soaked in syrup just stick to Eggos. ; ) The biscoff spread was the and I don’t use that website lightly.


We ordered 3 different waffles: peaches & cream + biscoff spread, a chocolate sauce + raspberries + cream, & The Works which is not pictured since we inhaled that delectable treat.

Keep your eyes open for this colorful truck cruising around town!
(In Provo, Orem, Park City etc)
Lizzy: pants (from a local boutique, Quinees)/ Heels: Ruche/Top: F21 Emily: Shirt: H&M/Pants: Zara/Bowtie: Freshly Picked; Flats: Cotton On

xo, Lizzy

We will be sharing more fun places and things to do Around Town. If you want us to check out your shop, eatery, boutique etc shoot me an email me at

The One With The Door

My mom watched our kids and new puppy while Collin and I stayed at the Zermatt Resort Friday night for our ten year wedding anniversary. It was a such a nice, mini getaway!
There were some cool, painted doors at Zermatt and now I decided that I NEED, I mean want, to paint a door in my home. Just think, then I’d have a cool photo-op to drive my husband crazy with every. single. day.
I should be embarrassed to tell you that I took a picture with my phone, then my camera and then my Instax. Calm down Liz, it’s just a door. haha

I know you are probably sick of all the cheese, but grab some crackers…! This past weekend we went up to Park City because we were feeling all sentimental for our anniversary & this is where we went on our very first date SIXTEEN years ago, the Alpine Slide. Sixteen years feels like yesterday. Yet, I don’t remember much… but I do remember riding the lift with this hunk and freaking myself out by how high we are.


Oh, there’s that door again…

Skirt: Anthro//necklace: Cheerfully Charmed//Heels: Ruche//Slip: Dear Lizzy Slip

xoxo, Lizzy

A Giveaway Winner & A Fedora

Sweater & Shoes: Ruche//Jeans: F21
Saturday night we wracked our brains trying to think of something fun to do for date night. All we could think of was going to dinner, how creative right?! Just wait it gets better… then we went to Target and walked around. Seriously, we are party animals. I found a 3 dollar fedora & he found a nerf football… we played catch in the store, Collin informed me that unfortunately it’s too early for him to buy Christmas decor and we realized how it is kind of fun to walk around the store with out kids. No need to pry dvds or candy from their kung-fu grip or carry anyone out crying. Instead we raced back to the car, sang a too-risky-for-our-kids-ears song at the top of our lungs on our way back to my moms. Sometimes the really simple nights are the most stellar. Don’t ya think?

It’s always fun to giveaway something that you guys are so excited about… but then it’s a bummer that I can’t send you all a box of Christmas goodies! Don’t be sad if you didn’t win… I’ve got some other awesome giveaway in the works!!
The winner of the December Daily Studio Calico kit is:

Kimber-Leigh said…

oh, winning this kit would make my day! thanks for the chance to win elizabeth!

a wedding & a butt pinch

Friday night Collin had a wedding video shoot at Sundance and I was lucky to be his assistant. I think my exact title was Assistant to the Videographer. Which meant that I got him drinks when he was thirsty, carried some equipment in glitter heels and was in charge of turning on the mic for the ceremony. Why I was given the most important job of the whole wedding shows the kind of faith this boy has in me. I was literally sweating to death scared that I would mess up my one little task, especially knowing my luck there would have been no record of their “I dos” but alas it was recorded… I better get a promotion now! !

We also counted it as date night so here’s a little he said//she said action.
-Thanks to the Groom’s darling mother technically my date was with a man twice-my-age whose wife couldn’t make it so I got to eat her dinner. Two dates in one night? I still got it. 😉
-I was told by two people that night that Collin looks like:
A.) Matthew McConahay & B.) Bradley Cooper.
-I looked very graceful when one of my heels got stuck between the wood planks on a bridge. Next time I’ll choose the safer route and wear my ski boots.
-Weddings are so romantic. The bride and groom were freaking adorable I couldn’t handle it. I was nearly in tears watching the ceremony… and I didn’t even know them.

Sundance was really pretty. Probably the prettiest ski resort in Utah owned by Robert Redford that also hosts an annual film festival. I didn’t see any celebrities up there this time, except Meryl Streep or it was John Madden, I couldn’t tell. In high school, I went skiing at Sundance and Robert Redford was getting on the chair-lift. I yelled, “What’s up, Bob?” and he looked at me and said, ” Fine.”
Liz got me those sweet new kicks (shoes) that I wanted to try out and they held great traction on the somewhat unfirm grass/gravel pathways. I’ll probably write the 9-yr old kid in Malaysia that made those Nike’s a letter of deep gratitude. Great job, Sanjeet! Anyways, Liz was a great assistant camerawoman. KC was supposed to help me that night, but he had “college” stuff and is all into his edumacation and lurning (LAME). The ceremony was beautiful and I think the video will turn out boomtastic. P.S. Totally pinched my assistant camerawoman’s bum rushing past her to get some shots. I’m a professional, people.
Here’s the wedding interview of the couple that had the audience busting up laughing the whole time, and if you’re into The Food Network and “Cupcake Wars” or you love America and hate terrorists watch this audition tape I made for The Sweet Tooth Fairy (best cupcakes in America/the known world) it’s delightful.

“That’s what.” -He

Collin, out.

Cute Washi Tape from Rhonna’s new site: Rhonna Designs

pink pants & cargo shorts

Where is the numero uno place to go on a double date when you are with family and you want to have loads of fun? The family-fun center: Trafalga.

Collin was a baby and didn’t want to ride the bumper boats… he knew we would team up against him and he would be soaked by the end despite the fact that I pinky-promised we would never do that! Here’s another installment of he said/she said date night.

She Said:

I blame the fact that I came in dead last g0-carting on the heels.
I didn’t realize what a baby I was until I was at the top of the rock climbing wall. (“What do I do now?” Don’t look down. Don’t look down.)
Yes, I still brag about my skee-ball skills, which haven’t changed much since I was six.
Dippin Dots are the real reason I wanted to come here.

Pants, Shirt: F21//Belt, Shoes: Ruche

Be very grateful this photo is blurry.
He said:
As you can see from the picture above, I wore cargo shorts that night. Cargo shorts say, “Hey, I’ll hold all your stuff. You just worry about making friends.”
I came from behind on the go-kart racing and took the Checkered flag. No really. I took it, from Dale the go-cart attendant guy. Dale chased me in his Nascar Crocs. A wiseman once said, “Don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover, unless that book is wearing Nascar Crocs.” (I am the wiseman who said that.) I never really understood Crocs. Whenever I see someone in Crocs, my first thought is, “Did you go hiking AND swimming today?” Free yourself. Burn the Crocs. (sorry nurses)
What was I talking about again?
We climbed a fake rock wall with screwed in handgrips made for Oompa Loompa fingers. I often wonder how Andre the Giant would’ve climbed a rock wall, his fingers were like bananas. But then I remembered when he climbed the Cliffs Of Insanity in Princess Bride, he used the rope. I miss Andre the Giant. RIP Andre.
Chris is really tall, like Andre. I don’t think he’s a “Giant” though, at least according to Wikipedia. He does sometimes drive with his head out the sunroof, and it’s really patriotic when the American flag is near his head, like in this photo. It’s almost as patriotic as the tattoo I have on my lower back of a Bald Eagle eating a McRib. I think it’d be funny if Andre the giant drove like a Mazda Miata or something.
Yesterday we said goodbye to my sister, Ashley, Chris and Taimi… as they head back to Germany. :'( We had so much fun this summer with them & miss them already. Thank goodness for Skype!
Happy Weekend! Any fun plans?

He said//She said

She Said:
One of your favorite things about Collin: He always shares bites of his shake with me. Even after the fact that I said I didn’t want one and end up eating all of his.

First thing you do when you wake up: See how long I can hide under the covers before one of the munchkins finds me.
Your favorite date moment: Windows down and both singing, “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thang” as loud as we can on the way home.
If you could be anywhere at this moment where? On the Dumbo ride at Disneyland, just to watch Avery’s smile.
How do you eat your Oreo cookies? Cream filling first.
He Said:

One of your favorite things about Liz: (The first two answers for this were edited for your sake.) Her widdle chin.

First thing you do when you wake up: Say to myself, “Please let me just sleep for 5 more months.”
Your favorite date moment: When Liz wore high heels and was almost as tall as me. She got close and said, “Aren’t you glad you married a Trojan woman?!” Me: “I think you mean, ‘Amazon’ woman?”LOL.
If you could be anywhere at this moment where? Throwing random objects into helicopter blades.
How do you eat your Oreo cookies? By the row and dunked in milk.

Shorts, Shoes, Belt: Shop Ruche// Necklace: Anthro
Date night is the marshmallows from my Lucky Charms to my week. We don’t do it every week during the summer but at least a couple times a month. We were bored and waiting for our table at Texas Road House so we took some impromptu photos. Despite what you may think, it’s really not Collin’s favorite thing to do (take posed pictures). So, when we just happen to have a wait at the restaurant and I just happen to have my camera handy in my purse. (Oh, lookey here.)
Not to mention there just happens to be perfect summer lighting and no kids with us to chase after. Then it just worked out.
You should try it on your next date night. Why, you ask? (I’m still trying to find a good answer for that. It’s fun? or… to scrapbook? I’ll think about that more…;)
Don’t make it a big deal but just set up a self-timer shot where your husband or boyfriend feels like he doesn’t have to pose. Bribery: Promise something big in return for “just one picture, please?!” Haha but you really end up taking way more.
Going with the previous, don’t overkill because then the next time he definitely won’t want to. Be ready for the perfect moment.
But don’t expect perfection. Even if your pictures turn out like the ones below, be happy with it. 🙂
(For other cute date night ideas you can check out: ArtofDateNight)

Wait for it…

on the rooftop

The mix of music + a warm night under the stars was the perfect way to start off summer. We had a fun date night + Lola last weekend at the Rooftop Concert in Provo.
We listened to Mindy Gledhill, who you already know that I love & Meaghan Smith. One of my blog readers introduced me to her a couple years ago so I was thrilled to hear her live.

Lola was cheering them on!

A perfect night.

Necklace: Stella & Dot
Skirt: vendor at Bijou Market

Thanks for the well wishes I am definitely feeling better. Also, you can still enter the giveaway or laugh at Collin’s post!