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Fear No Mess


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One hang up with getting creative is letting go of worrying about a mess. Sounds easier said than done and the last thing I want to do is make more work for this momma. But my kids love getting hands on and creative! Even if I am working on something, they want to help or get involved in some way. So it’s time to embrace method’s mission statement to fear no mess. Let me tell you though, when I walk into the kitchen after a box of cheerios tipped over and spilled all over the floor or Myles standing by his masterpiece on the wall holding a black Sharpie… that stuff is scary as heck!! 😉 But I do my best to fear no mess and let my kids get creative! I can honestly remember finger painting in kindergarten like a million years ago. Vividly remember the colors of the paints and our big pieces of paper and feeling the paint in my hands. I think it’s so important for kids!
If you’re not familiar with method they make the best cleaner and soaps. Non-toxic, good for the environment, gluten free, vegan, safe for pets, tri-closen free, Basically you could eat this stuff. But please don’t eat it even if it smells fruity and divine! 😉  Seriously the Pink Grapefruit is my fave and so fresh I want to bask in my clean kitchen and dance around when I’m done. The Honeycrisp Apple and Pear is yummy toooo!


Here are a few simple tips to getting creative with kids!
1. Some big butcher paper rolls (you can buy rolls at Home Depot)
2. Get ready, set go… Don’t unleash the kids until you are set with paper down, brushes ready and baby wipes in arms reach.
3. When they show what they’ve drawn or painted avoid asking, “What is it?” And instead say, “Tell me about it…”
4. My kids love painting on canvas and if you get it wet before they start it’s easy to rinse off when they are crying because they messed up and can start over. Avoid a tantrum 🙂

We painted then stamped their hands on papers to keep in their scrapbooks!
sept9lizzy2nd-63-of-88  sept9lizzy2nd-66-of-88 sept9lizzy2nd-67-of-88 sept9lizzy2nd-68-of-88 sept9lizzy2nd-69-of-88  sept9lizzy2nd-76-of-88

Hi, we’re method. Our mission is to fear no mess. All your life you’ve been told to be clean. To be perfect, and that’s the problem. Because sh*t gets interesting when it gets messy. So live a little. Live a lot. Be bold with anything you do, and make bigger messes than you ever thought possible. Because when you have clean ingredients you can play as dirty as you want without feeling bad about the clean up.

sept9lizzy2nd-73-of-88 sept9lizzy2nd-74-of-88 sept9lizzy2nd-75-of-88 sept9lizzy2nd-80-of-88 sept9lizzy2nd-81-of-88   sept9lizzy2nd-85-of-88 sept9lizzy2nd-84-of-88sept9lizzy2nd-65-of-88

DIY: Sweet Cherry Garland

Speaking of cherries (in my last post) I made this sweet cherry garland to celebrate summer one night with my Silhouette cameo and cardstock. Plus a little twine.
These little helpers helped me string them on and count each one! Somehow they made it up to the forties… giving me more credit in my cherry making than I deserved!
IMG_1877 IMG_1850b
Counting cherries!


essential scrapbooking supplies

silhouette cameo 71bmwjc++mL._SL1200_

Magical Fairy Garden


Putting together two fairy gardens with my girls yesterday had me ridiculously giddy! I ran over to our local nursery in the morning after a workout (My new obsession which is boxing and cross fit called crosskick. It kicks my butt. I’ll have to share more about that later).
Picking out all the cute supplies and fairies was so fun. Then I ran to Walmart and grabbed a plastic container. I didn’t know if I wanted to establish the fairy village in our garden in the back yard because our raspberries are taking over so I started it in this. First, I sprayed painted so it was a bit cuter.
The girls love it but I still think I might love it more. haha. I need to plant some more small flowers and plants. I did make a tiny paper garland on string and attached it to the painted sticks. Which added a crafty touch. It’s going to be so fun because we can keep adding to it over time. There’s fences, tiny rocks to make paths, arch ways, stone walls and bridges. You definitely can get out of control. Excited to build onto it each summer.

My favorite part is the mailbox. We already added a tiny note for one of the fairies and can’t wait until we get a reply. Hopefully I won’t forget like the tooth fairy often does.

fairy garden

fairy garden




fairy garden






The Minions took over yesterday. I bought those for Myles and was laughing cause they’re so stomping through the garden.
My friend, Annie, Made the cute moss corner on an old book at a birthday party which was perfect to just tuck right into the dirt!

The wheel barrow is full of buttons and rhinestones that Quincey painted yellow and she pushes around the garden.


favorite supplies
fairy garden girl
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Prize Ribbon Garland

prize ribbon garland
I know I mentioned that I love the Bow/Prize Ribbon Die set already but I have to say it again… I love it! This is a look at the prize ribbon die in action as a garland and on a card. It comes with a cute HOORAY flag to layer with.

dear lizzy bow and prize ribbon die set

A prize ribbon garland would be so fun at a birthday, graduation or other celebratory occasion.
Layer some fringe behind it and add some honeycombs on the ends and you’ll be set.
You know how sometimes you don’t know how to finish the ends of a garland? Use coordinating paper and the bow from the die set to add a darling touch to each end.prize ribbon garland

prize ribbon garland prize ribbon garland

prize ribbon garland

new dearlizzy
dear lizzy bow die set

Happy Day Envelope Album

dear lizzy mini album
Today I have a simple and fun mini album I put together of some recent pics during spring break. The fun part is that the base of the album is made from envelopes from my Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy collection. In each envelope I included pics, notes, tickets, memorabilia from our staycation. You know I love the experience of looking through mini albums. Seeing if you can find hidden treasure, secret notes and details.
We couldn’t go anywhere far from home during spring break because Avery had practices for a play she will perform at the end of the month. Believe me, I am counting down to our annual-much-needed-beach-vacation in a couple weeks. We did adventure out to the zoo, built forts and had fun with the big girls home all day so I included fave memories and snaps from that.

dear lizzy mini album
The cover and back cover are a Dear Lizzy banner transparency. Then a piece of my gold number vellum and the “Happy Day” is cut from a card from my envelope set. Through out the album I use Dear Lizzy gold rimmed tags, gold foil number stickers, paper and my number paper clips.
Love these tassels from Maggie Holmes and the days of the week tape from A Beautiful Mess Messy Box.

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini
I only glued half of the gold rimmed tag so I can still open the envelope easily.

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album


dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album
Easter ears and building forts

dear lizzy mini album
An old pic of me and Collin that I had on my phone.

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini album

dear lizzy mini
To print the pictures for this project I used the CANON Selphy Printer 910.
First I collaged my photos using the PicFrame app to a 2:3 ratio. Then I grouped them again in the 3:2 ratio making it easy to print all four pictures on 4″x6″ photo paper. Lasty, I cut them in half. I am obsessed with this printer since I can print everything right from my phone. I noticed there’s a pink one now??!!! Neeeeeed.

studio calico kits

DIY: Abstract Art Quote

diy abstract art
In partnership with Glade I wanted to share a DIY of how to add a feminine touch to your home decor. I’m really enjoying painting abstract canvases around my home lately. Such an easy way to freshen up the color scheme plus it is cost efficient too. Mix that with the new Peonies and Cherries scent from Glade and my home is ready for spring!
This particular quote art I made to match my daughters’ room. I already want to create another one and have them help me because it would be a fun mother/daughter craft.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. -Roald Dahl

The quote is from the book The Minspins written by Roald Dahl. It was published a few months after he died which makes it quite intriguing to read his last incredible contribution to literature. We have a few of his books when we bought them in a set from Costco but that one wasn’t included. I will have to add it to our summer reading list.
I want my girls to not look for the beautiful things in life in the most unlikely places. To keep their eyes open for new discovery and not only look in common places.

diy abstract art
how to

Start with a few shades of paint and a piece of chipboard. Mine is 8.5″x11″.
Cut small pieces of chipboard into various widths about 1/2″-2.5″ and use those as a paint brush to paint onto the chipboard. Cover the board in random steaks of color. You could use foam brushes as well.
Next, let dry.
Once dry, add white and layer over some of the colors. Love when the bottom layer color is peeking through. Go over any colors that may not look right too.
Then, diecut a quote with gold foil paper with Cricut or Silhouette.
Adhere to paint with Modge Podge or I used a glue stick then set a piece of plastic (like saran wrap) and a heavy book on top until dry.
That’s it! Frame it or leave on chipboard and display to enjoy!
diy abstract art

diy abstract art

diy abstract art

diy abstract art

diy abstract art

diy abstract art


silhouette cameo unnamed-32    61-4KCxV3TL._AA160_ 41hMhDlqZGL._AA160_

Bunny Brownies

bunny brownies

Sunday afternoon smelled like heaven after baking some yummy bunny brownies. We used the Wilton bunny treat mold to make that sweet silhouette. Waiting for brownies to cool definitely tests my patience but pays off in the end. Plus, I always  a c c i d e n t a l l y  leave some batter in the bowl. hehe
Just wanted to share this simple spring-time twist to one of our family favorites.

For the treat bag I embellished with Dear Lizzy tag stickers, patterned paper and the *coming soon* DIY Diecut Bow Set. The bow set is shipping the beginning of April to stores and your go-to online shops so watch out for that. It’s a must-have to add to your product collection! I know, I know, you’ve got so much stuff. But trust me. I seem to be using it on everything. “Put a bow on it” should definitely be a new crafting slogan. ; )

bunny brownies

bunny brownies

dear lizzy products
 dear lizzy products  41--tSmM2pL

Chalkboard tags + Flowers

wilna and dear lizzy blog

Chalkboard tags contrast with these sweet flowers making a darling thoughtful box! I’ve never thought to mix paper and fake flowers or greens so this is such a fun, new combination for me. Especially since we all probably have a little of both of those in our stash.
Wilna tells us how she put them together below…

wilna and dear lizzy blog

I started by cutting flower shapes (available on and layering them to make flowers using Dear Lizzy papers. Next, I added to the centre part of the paper flower a fake flower as well as green flourishes (also fake) and ribbons to the back of the paper flower. I adhered them to a little box with hot glue along with a chalkboard tag to write a little sentiment on.
Can totally see these Christmasy too! Red with gold and the white boxes!

wilna and dear lizzy blog

Fall feathers that pop!

dear lizzy blog| Amy Yingling
Fall doesn’t necessarily mean that the colors have to be dull and muted. These cards have just the right amount of pop! Wouldn’t they be perfect for a place setting at Thanksgiving dinner?(Include a name instead of thanks…) Or have these little “thanks” ready to show your gratitude. They are 2″x3″ when folded which qualifies as being adorable in the card making world.

I love fall, I love feathers and I can’t stop watercoloring. So today I am sharing a little combination of my favorites.dear lizzy blog| Amy Yingling

I was so excited to find a new use for the adorable dear lizzy dies.

Die cut and folded in half the large scallop die makes the perfect little mini cards. So fun, so easy… and the perfect little gift to have on hand. With a few easy steps you can make these too.

1.  Using white card stock and large scallop die – die cut and fold in half.
2.  Watercolor a small area on the center of the card
3. Die cut and watercolor the little feathers
4. layer with gold thread and glue to card front
5. Add a greeting using a simple thanks from the Silhouette library.

dear lizzy blog| Amy Yingling

dear lizzy blog| Amy Yingling
guestdesigner amy

dear lizzy
 dear lizzy die cuts SBC_ac-366609_0 watercolors

Fluttery Favor Boxes

Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg
These butterfly boxes would be darling for a birthday party or any fun event you have coming up. Sneak a treat or a little prize inside and you are ready to fly.
My girls would hold onto one of these boxes and carry it around in their bag or purse everywhere they go. Pretty sure I’d find a lost tooth, lucky rock, coins, treasures they find on my dresser or hand drawn notes inside. Sometimes I try to put things like these boxes aside and save it for them in their memory box and sometimes I let them just enjoy it. i.e.: destroy it. wink winkDear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg

Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna FurstenburgDear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna FurstenburgDear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg

I used my Silhouette to cut out a few sheets of butterflies, changing the sizes with each different paper I used. Find the butterfly cut file in my shop! I used some of the Dear Lizzy Red polkadot vellum too! Once I cut all the butterflies, I layered them and stapled them together.
Next, I took 9 little jewelry boxes that I bought from Michaels and decorated the tops with different patterned paper, Tissue paper, Tulle, Mini pom-pons (I found these at Michaels too and adhered them with a dot of hot glue) also add some ribbons. Lastly I adhered a butterfly to the top. These are perfect for gifts, party favors and so much more.  –Wilna


Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg Dear Lizzy blog and products| Wilna Furstenburg