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DIY: Bow Garland

diy bow garland

This morning I made a rash and possibly regretful decision. For some reason our dog was barking at 6 am so instead of going back to sleep before my kids wake up, like any smart person, I decided to cut bows out of paper and string them on a garland. Ya know… priorities. I blame my bad decision making on my lack of sleep. ; )
Then while Collin made breakfast I turned Myles’s room into a temporary baby girl’s nursery.
Lola approved.
diy: bow garland diy: bow garland

diy: bow garland

diy: bow garland diy: bow garland diy: bow garland   diy: bow garland  diy: bow garland

//First, I found 5 of my favorite Dear Lizzy papers from my Daydreamer collection.
//Next, I bought a bow file through Silhouette that costs 99 cents. And arranged it so I could cut to bows on one paper. When you have the file in Silhouette Studio, right click on the displayed cut and click “Ungroup” then you can arrange it better so that you can fit more on one page.
//Last I used hot glue to put the bows together and then glued them to yellow twine. I have a Dear Lizzy ribbon pack and twine pack on sale here.
//Don’t forget ice cream bribery.
Quite an easy DIY but darling as ever. Could be used as decor, a birthday party you could use single bows for packaging and presents.

diy: bow garland

diy: bow garland

diy: bow garland

Gold Pouf Ottoman: One King’s Lane


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You Are Loved card

dear lizzy products

The darling Amy from Inspiration Ave is guest posting today with this You Are Loved card. She used the Dear Lizzy diecut to cut a heart from the base card and “love” then sewed it all together with gold thread… because gold makes everything better. And you can quote me on that one. ; )

Dear lizzy diecut

The You Are Loved stamped sentiment is one of the phrases from the Dear Lizzy roller phrase stamp.

guestdesigner amy

Dear lizzy diecut

 2870837_600x600  SBC_ac-366731_1 SBC_ac-366609_0

Instax Printer: For Your Phone

instax share printer

Days like today I really appreciate my own thoughtfulness. Immediately after opening this shiny new toy from the box I was jumping up and down– like I hadn’t known it was coming since Wednesday. Sheesh, I’d been tracking its every move since it left New York. And now that my kids are in bed I can thoroughly enjoy setting it all up. Though it is both a good & bad thing when most of the instructions for your techy toy are in Japanese. We’ll see how this goes.

For years I’ve been sharing my love for Instax and I still love that little camera!
But, you guys, this prints from your phone. So you can make sure the picture is good before you print. How many times have I forgotten to change the dial on the camera from the little house to the bright sun? Far too many. But I love over-exposed polaroids for writing notes on so it doesn’t bother me too bad. How many times have I taken a picture and my kids blink their eyes at the exact same moment? I swear they do it just to bug me. ; ) This printer also runs on batteries… little CR2′s, I mean, even the batteries are cute.

Excited to share how this all works, details of the little machine, & the quality of pics.

The best prices I found for it were on Amazon: INSTAX share // B&H Photo INSTAX share 

instax share printer
 instax filminstax share case instax share printer

Handmade Soap + Jars

homemade soap diy

How thoughtful is this gift of handmade laundry soap?! Love. it.
Amanda made them for graduation presents for girls who are heading off to college… but this could be darling for anyone, really. Even someone like me, who despises laundry more than anything, would appreciate such cuteness. Actually, I like the washing and drying part, I just suck at the putting away. They can sit in a basket for days until all the clothes are dirty again. How hard is it to put it in the drawers?! Lola is my neat freak. She’ll carry her clothes and put them in her drawer for me. The other girls couldn’t care less.
I love the tiny measuring cup she included and my Dear Lizzy jar paper was perfect.

dear lizzy jar paper

Cut out the jars and use a typewriter to print a message on the paper. Or if you don’t have a typewriter you can print it on a piece of paper and then use washi tape to temporarily attach the jar to the paper where it printed and print again so it’s on the jar. Because, let’s be honest, the typed message really adds to it.
I like American Typewriter font or there are some free ones at

Happy washing!
Project + Photos: Amanda Rydell

dear lizzy jar paper


dear lizzy jar paper


essential scrapbooking supplies
2870743_600x600 coupon code 2870728_600x600  2870837_600x600

Hanging By a Thread: darling garland


I know what you’re thinking, hanging by a thread is referring to me… especially since it’s Monday and my husband’s been gone for work and I almost brushed my teeth with Desitin, again. But actually this darling garland is. (Ok, maybe I am a little too.)
Such a cute + quick project to brighten up your workspace or a corner of your home.

Start with a string the length you want the finished project to be. Hang the ends with a push pin the color of your wall and tie a knot on the push pin and trim the slack.
Next, begin adding different elements.
There’s folded paper lollis, dimensional circles, feathers, ribbons, layered butterflies and tulle. Even keep some sting tied in a knot.
The feathers and tulle give it a dreamy feel from a distance that I love.
Also, did you know you can find really cool colored string at Home Depot?

Thanks so much for the project idea Jesse!
Concept and Photos: Jesse Lohof



essential scrapbooking supplies

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Color Theory Project

studio calico color theory

studio calico color theory

Being color obsessed myself this was a fun project to work on.
Studio Calico asked my husband and I to make a video to showcase the colors of their new line of products-Color Theory and the many uses for their vibrant stamp pads. I was thrilled for the challenge! While Collin worked the camera gear I styled and gathered cute + colorful items.
Working with my babe and seeing him in his element is always fun for me… and I only got on his nerves a couple times. ; )
Honestly, I really love these stamp pads. You can watercolor using a water brush. If  you water brush over an existing stamped image it doesn’t bleed. The colors are also so vibrant and happy. They also have coordinating embellishments which make the process effortless when creating. Used them on my Stamping With Erasers Project.
See entire Color Theory Collection Here

Check out the video below and sorry if the song gets stuck in your head all day…

click to watch

studio calico kits

DIY: Paper Bows


Paper + bows make my crafty-loving heart swoon! Love these new die cuts from Maggie Holmes. It’s a wafer die that you can use over & over and works with most die cutting platforms. (Just need the right plates.) The “love” die below is from my Dear Lizzy set.

bow die cut

Packaging up gifts for people I love is one of my favorite things.
For the first one, I sewed a burlap bag and added tags inside then layered a bow with a Dear Lizzy wood shape + clothespin.
The middle one I started with a bag, added a Dear Lizzy label, DL project life card, a tag and “love” + bow die cuts. For the last one I embossed a kraft bag and added a bow and a tag inside.
kraft bag packaging

I just learned THE best tip for using metal dies—
At CHA we were messing around with using wax paper so the paper will pop out easier after it’s cut. That didn’t really work out. I was trying to leave a few sheets of paper in it too but I still ending up using the holes to have to poke paper out and usually ended up poking all the paper out.
So instead of using a tool to push through the tiny holes on the dies every time you cut try adhesive backed foam. You cut a piece to fit the foam take off the adhesive backing and place the die on it then run through the die cutter. You then have to peel some of the foam off of the plates that stuck to it BUT the die is awesome now and the foam will stick inside so the paper just pops right out each time you use it. die cutting tips

paper bows

paper bows how to
Remember that one time I made a video to go along with this post and now I am not even going to post it? haha! Next time…!

maggie holmes die set


You can still enter the Instax + Fave Things giveaway I posted about for the next couple hours… and try for the new giveaway below because sharing is caring!

dear lizzy giveaway

***Leave a comment below to win all three dies by Amy Tan, Maggie and Dear Lizzy (me)!! I will post the winner on Saturday.
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DIY polka dot bags: Pencil Eraser Stamping

pencil eraser stamping

This isn’t anything new… but it is fun. It’s one of those things you learn that’s so simple and easy you can’t help but love it! And want to stamp on everything.
Any pencils will do. But hopefully you will be lucky enough to find one that has images of puppies and kitten on it like I did.
pencil eraser stamping

Unused pencil erasers work best. And choose a color pencil to stamp with a coordinating color stamp pad so you don’t mix them up. I still mixed mine up somehow and the result wasn’t pretty. Loving the new stamp pads from SC! Try stamping and layering the dots for a cool look. Similar to this paper of  mine.
Glassine bags can be purchased here.

pencil eraser stamping

If you look close I cut the constellation map paper perfect to see Taurus? Anyone else a bull?
Consider this is a public service announcement that my birthday is coming up! #partytime
pencil eraser stamping

essential scrapbooking supplies
studio calico stamp pads studio calico stamp padsdear lizzy tags

glassine bags, vellum bags3042154_600x600-23042153_600x6003042128_600x600




*** I got all the details for my Barcelona class finished and it’s the class I will be teaching online. I was hoping to have everything ready before our trip but thanks for your patience. I will keep you posted!! Next week for sure though. I started kitting the kits for the online class… it’s going to be fun.

DIY: Seed Bombs

DIY Seed bombs

Recently I planted peonies and iris bulbs so now I am crossing my fingers that they sprout out of the ground someday because I have the blackest thumb ever. Pretty sure I couldn’t keep a cactus alive. But I love flowers and plan to spend more time in my garden and yard this summer. Last year I was completely enamored with Myles and growing him. ; )
I adore these DIY bomb seeds that the darling Amanda from Be Crafty made! She used my Dear Lizzy paper on a couple of the bags. Then added clips and stamped tags with fabric strips. Love it! They are perfect to give away as a gift to celebrate spring. You definitely have to get your hands dirty for this project. Here are the tips she shared:

I have always seen seed bombs at the green house in candy machines and wanted to try make them.  Seed bombs are little balls of dirt, dry clay and flower seeds. They are intended to be placed in areas where gardening in unavailable, but can be placed anywhere.

I found they were a lot easier to make then I thought. Please note: I read many different directions and worked with supplies I had on had.

SUPPLIES:  Dirt, dry clay ( found at walmart for $5 in crafting section) wild flower / flower seeds

STEP 1: Mix in small batches, adding dirt and clay together.
STEP 2: Roll into small balls
STEP 3:  Add a few flower seeds. The clay will hold the seeds in place.  ( don’t add to many)
STEP 4: Set balls out in sun for clay to harden. ( about 24 hours)
STEP 5: Enjoy + Share

TO MAKE THE BAG: I placed sticker letters  in the middle of a small canvas bag. Using distress ink (for scrapbooking)  mix with water in a small spray bottle.  Spray over the stickers. I added more ink as I went to get a darker ombre look.  Once the bag is dry, remove letters ( ok, I removed them right away, but best if you wait till it’s dry)
Photos + Craft: Amanda//Be Crafty Workshop

DIY Seed bomb

DIY Seed bombs


essential scrapbooking supplies
dear lizzy papers
2974733_600x6002974131_200x200 canvas bagsmaggie holmes clips

Lola + Small Fry

bunny tote diy
Last week I got to work with my sis in law, Emily, at Small Fry Blog and photograph a darling bunny bag she crafted. Lola gave it a trial run and approves. See the simple DIY here. Perfect for Easter egg hunting and just being adorable.

How in the world Lola was scared of these tiny checks when she has a dog the size of a horse is beyond me.

bunny tote diy
bunny tote diy

xo, Lizzy