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Giddy about those trees…

This past weekend was so low key. We basically just hung out as you can see above.
We aren’t really feeling that rush and panic for the holidays but doing out best to enjoy it instead.

The above picture is a giveaway I did on Instagram (@dearlizzy) Here is a link to the gold foil polka dot vellum I have had some requests for.
And the box of trees was the beginning of such a fun project that I am still giddy about!
If you remember I posted the trees from Tim Holtz booth at CHA and instead of cramming them all in my purse and making a run for it, I thought I should make my own. So I misted 40+ trees and they are colorful and yummy… and… and I love them.
I used these Tim Holtz bottle brush trees… and they are on sale.  Tim Holtz distress ink reinkers of every color. I will share a tutorial next…!




Working on my December Daily// Will post more pics asap

Browsing Ruches’ Homemade Holiday! They included my advent boxes from last year:


Counting down the days to find out whether there’s a boy or girl growing in this tummy of mine! So excited! You will be the first to know, after I text my mom and my bff Mary.
xo, Lizzy

Ready to Roll…

Usually I am the annual procrastinator– running cards to the post office hoping that they arrive by Christmas. So although this is out of the ordinary, let me swim in this feeling of accomplishment… until my fingers get all pruney.
I ordered my cards through Tiny Prints and I was impressed with all the options (posted some of my favorite designs in a previous post) and with how fast I received them!
Just a little FYI: Today you can receive 30% off your Tiny Prints order sitewide. Tomorrow (Friday Nov 30th) and through the weekend it is 25% off using code WKDSALE1112.


It had to be in early October as I was laying on my bed with Lola–so sick! I was letting her play with my phone. Even though I deleted all the games off it (because I was sick of my kids declining any calls and searching for my phone in their toy bins) but Lola still liked to play songs on Pandora or my music list. She clicked on something and Frank Sinatra, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” came on. For many different reasons it lifted my sprits immediately. One of the reasons being that my late Grandpa sings exactly like Frank (I’m sure you’ve heard me brag about this before ; ) and among the other reasons that song combines so many childhood & present time memories wrapped into a big fat present for me. I don’t even know why I am telling this story… I think it’s because when you don’t feel good or sick or lonely or whatever is weighing you down search for that small thing to lift your spirits. For me, being so sick in October, it was Christmas music. So I embraced it & listened to those jolly tunes for hours. Just until that verging annoying version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” came on. But ever since then, I have been ready for Christmas. No matter how cheesey it sounds–it was my happy place. That & frozen junior mints. (just give it a try!)
Some of that seasonal fun has begun: Meeting Santa, shopping and crafting!



No, I didn’t forget about Thanksgiving


Before you get all bah hum bug on me and think I forgot about that one holiday that happens in November… you know the one about being thankful and eating lots of food?! No way would I ever forget about that! But… it’s just Christmas requires some preparation so sometimes the holidays overlap. Part of that preparations are Christmas Cards. I want to get mine sent out by December 1st and I am trying to make it as simple as possible. That way they will actually get sent out. : ) The last few years I have designed my own and it took forever…!! Well, I got an email today with some really festive card options from Tiny Prints. These might be the answer to my envelope licking prayers.
I picked out my favorite top ten which was difficult because there are pages and pages to choose from. I love it because each design has a few options to personalize your card. Whether you want more photos, a larger size, no photos, different wording, or even a round ornament shape. Crap, now the tricky part is choosing one…! But I would bet you could find one you like. And you can thank me later… ; )

Merry Confetti

Cheerful Sentiments 

Peace, Love & Joy 

Charming Carol 

Taped Momento in the above trifold or circle ornament

Jingle All The Way

Holiday Funfetti

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