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Minty Christmas


Well the Grinch decided to come early and ruin Christmas in the form of a computer disaster. My desktop mac won’t turn on. So the last year of photos are suddenly vanished. Somehow I’m pretty calm about this and not having a panic attack which even surprises me. Maybe cause I know the ending and the Grinch’s heart grows and he will fix my computer and we will hold hands and sing… “Fahoo Fores Dahoo Dores… welcome Christmas, Christmas day!”
Praying that they will be saved… It’s crazy cause a couple days ago I had a feeling to upload my photos to my hard drive that I completely brushed away like an annoying fly. Sheesh and now here I am staring at a blank screen and wishing I would’ve trusted my heart and listened. Cause I’m usually watching out for mah self. ; )

Here’s a little look at our cards this year… We got them through Minted and I love how they turned out. I couldn’t decide so I got two versions… One is a book of some beach photos and the other is a gorgeous gold embossed Christmas one! Oh, and I ordered a few ornament photo cards for gifts. The funny thing is I forgot to change the name so it reads, “Merry Christmas!” Love, The Chen Family” ahahahah That’s classic Lizzy move. Going to put it on my family gifts and they’ll get a kick out of it. But really I love the paper Minted uses to print the cards on… and I know my paper! Basically consider myself a paper snob ; ) They have some really cute Happy New Year cards that would be fun to send out if Christmas cards aren’t you’re thing.



A Savior Is Born

Merry Christmas!
The past few years I started collecting nativity scene snow globes. We’ve already had one casualty but I love catching my kids enjoying the magical scene. A humble scene of the birth of a sweet babe that changed the world.
My daughters learned the song, “Can I Hold The Baby” at church… the past couple months Lola would sing it under her breath while she was playing or I would bribe her to sing it for me. It’s such a tender song about baby Jesus. If you want you can hear it on youtube and have your children sing it… it will make your momma heart grow two sizes.
This month my family has also enjoyed watching a couple incredible videos about the birth of Jesus. One called A Savior Is Born and another Imagine the World Without A Savior.
If you have moment you should watch the videos below or click here! They touched my heart and I wanted to share…


One quiet night long ago in a tiny town a child was born. Born to change all hearts, end all goodbyes, fix all mistakes. Born to overcome anguish, regret, depression, fear. He understands you. He heals us. He can bridge the lonely gap between God and man and bring us home… if we let Him. If we love Him. If we follow Him. 

That’s why we celebrate. That’s why we sing. And that’s why He was born. 


Christmas Eve Pajama Party

Since the actual Christmas Eve can get busy with family we celebrated early with a breakfast. Including liege waffles topped with strawberries and cream from our favorite Waffle Love! Divine!!!

We also wrote letters to Santa and Rudolph, made Gingerbread houses and baby jesus ornaments (I’ll share those pics next).
Also matching American Girl doll pajamas. The pjs are from Kohl’s. I don’t know how much longer they will enjoy playing with their dolls and I could barely find a size that would fit Avery. She’s tall for her age and wears like 10-12 and that’s usually when they stop making matchy doll stuff.
This was so fun! Just some candy cane stripe details and a minty table cloth to tie it all together.

LA9A2893LA9A2925b LA9A2941b

LA9A2830 LA9A2825 LA9A2828 LA9A2833 LA9A2835 LA9A2844 LA9A2835 LA9A2977 LA9A3012 LA9A3014
Santa and Rudolph letters from Carravan Shoppe

Myles loves to get right in on the action with his sisters!
LA9A3043b LA9A3038b LA9A2858bLA9A3067Merry Christmas Eve friends!

Mailbox Merriment


Just ordered Christmas cards in ten minutes flat. Crazy how fast Christmas is sneaking up on me. But I love sending out some Christmas cheer!

TINY PRINTS is where I order my cards and they have a sale right now for 40% off and free shipping! Using code BESTSALE40FS
I shared some of my favorites below…

essential scrapbooking supplies
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December something

December is parading by whether we like it or not… So I’m trying to catch the highlights and keep my sanity. : )
Starting on my December Daily today and I’m so excited! Even though I don’t make it through all the days it’s always the very most favorite thing I create all year.

Refinishing our floors for Christmas… yay! We are thinking a grey finish… and can’t wait for it to be finished the next couple days since everything is chaos and stuffed into the bathroom.


December 1st aka Let’s do this!

wrapping ideas
Some more wrapping ideas!
The Dear Lizzy typewriter stamp is so great for tags. Stamp a word in the paper or write your own little note! The paper rosettes are Dear Lizzy too and fit right in with Christmas!
wrapping ideas

gift guide

Love all the kids toys at Land of the Nod! The hallway playhouse is genius because that would keep my girls busy for hours. Same with the doorway puppet theatre! Then you can fold it up and put it away. Darlingest stocking stuffers too! Click pictures below:


And some of the favorite items on my wish list to send along to the man in your life if they need a little help knowing what you want from Santa!

This one is stamped for you

dear lizzy instagram

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!

We tried to watch Home Alone with the kids but Collin and I were cringing the whole time and kept informing the kids, “we don’t say that” or “that’s not good” to the point that we couldn’t even enjoy it. haha It’s still such a classic though.
Isn’t it funny when you watch a movie from when you were a kid and didn’t even notice the cuss words.

I waited until it was freezing outside and decided I was too much of a wimp to attempt pics again in the snow. Soooo, one Sunday afternoon Collin set up a tripod and a light and these cards happened. The girls still giggle about how they got to crack an egg on dad’s head. It took two shots and egg all over him.
Sending mailbox merriment is definitely one of the best parts of Christmas!
Here’s ours for you! kisses!

christmas card

christmas  card



More Lola The Elf pics here!

dear lizzy

LA9A2860 LA9A2840 LA9A2846

Gift Wrapping 01

gift wrap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!
We watched Elf and wrapped presents while sipping hot cocoa on the day after Turkey day. It was the perfect way to (legally) start celebrating Christmas.
I stamped the brown paper with a stamp from the newest Studio Calico kit. Added a berry branch from our yard and some tags and instax photo.
The next package is brown and kraft paper from Ikea. I also added a banner stamped with my Dear Lizzy phrase stamp and layered with a cork cut snowflake. The bottle brush tree dyed using Tim Holtz ink. See tutorial here. I’m actually surprised I had some presents to wrap since I have hardly even started Christmas shopping. Eeeek!

gift wrap

Repeat the Sounding Joy

Highlights of Christmas Eve/// It was a good one!

Santa came…!

“I know him!!! I know him!!!!”


The night before Christmas I was up until the wee hours making breakfast preparations. Including stuffed french toast and a tasty hashbrown, egg, sausage dish. Usually we run off in the morning to our parents’ homes but this year I talked Collin into staying in and it turned out to be one of my favorite Christmas mornings ever! Probably because we were lazy as could be!

And just like that it was over in a blur…!

Collin asked if I’d wait to box up Christmas. Usually the day after I put it all away until next year but I surprisingly am enjoying the lingering magic and calmness of Christmas after the chaos. Our tree is dead though… it’s extra crispy and ready to go. I guess it won’t kill me to wait until tomorrow. ; )

The time I was Santa…

Typically we don’t focus too much on Santa during the holidays. For one, why should the big guy in the North Pole get all the credit? Pleeeaaase… I do all the hard work and all I get is to secretly eat some cookies? ; ) And most importantly, we don’t want to distract from the real meaning of Christmas, to celebrate our Savior’s birth.

But when my sister said she booked an appointment for me to take a picture with my girls, and I would dress up like Santa, you bet I jumped at the chance to put on that red suit! Collin was out of town for work because you would assume he would get to have all the fun… even though I’ve got the real bowl full of jelly belly.
It’s also a cool idea if your child is frightened of Santa. Since Lola is terrified there is no way we would get a picture this close to a real Santa. I was only decked out from the shoulders down and you’d think Lola would be A-OK with it. Nope, she wouldn’t even hold my hand in the picture below. Thinking about the stink eye she looked up and gave me when I said, “Lola, hold my hand,” makes me laugh hysterically! She must’ve thought I joined the dark side with evil, white bearded guys.
The older girls still giggle, “Remember when mom dressed up like Santa?!”

I hope you had a fun weekend! Thanks so much for your congrats on our news! Made my day to hear from all of you!
Merry Christmas Eve!! xo, Lizzy