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Myles’ Birth (Video)

Collin made a video of Myles’ birth and I had to share. I love it something fierce.
With this simple yet moving video I can recall specific details of those tired, blurry & beautiful newborn moments. Collin adds another creation to the list of things-I-would-run-and-grab-if-our-house-were-on-fire. Thank goodness it’s online… but I probably would still end up racing out the door with the 27″ iMac in my clutches, just to be safe.

M Y L E S     I love the flashbacks of before Myles was born…  thinking about what we were thinking just a short five months ago. How our family was growing… and to have a little boy…! All the unknown. How things would change. Now his personality is shining through and it’s like he’s always been here.
When he finished this little video, before our family dinner on Sunday, he walked away from the computer with his eyes all sparkly with tears… I knew it was a good one.





I instagrammed this pic as well… I really wanted a pic of these two together because Quincey is still my biggest helper. Always wanting to hold him, kiss him and sing him songs. When he cries from his bassinet or crib she races me so she can hold him first. She’s knows how delicate his head is and is very careful… which she had to learn. But I had to bribe her to take this pic… Fruit-By-The-Foot has given me more power as a mom than ever!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Happy Monday!

He blinks his eyes open and makes sure I am there until he falls asleep. Yesterday he literally had his eyes barely opened and kept looking over to make sure I was still there. The sweetest!!

A secret to getting pictures of your baby sleeping… have the blanket on your bed with the window open and the light all ready  then when he falls asleep lay him down there and snap away. I try to move him to a place when he falls asleep and he always wakes up. 🙂

Golden Hour

We took advantage of the golden hour at sunset and took some pictures with our babe. He wasn’t very happy about my photo op plans. The thing is, his golden hour is about 3:18 am. Too bad it’s completely dark outside and I can hardly see straight at that hour. Thank goodness we can adapt… even to the hardest situations. Even when yesterday I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed momentarily and shedding some tears alone in the bathroom… there’s still nothing I would rather be doing. Well, sitting on a beach in Mexico sounds heavenly… but taking care of a baby boy that’s entrusted to me is pretty spectacular.

I’m glad to know that my one-handed skills are still very intact since my last baby. The other day Collin had something at night and I made dinner with one hand (grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of blueberries and baby carrots) while bouncing our sweet, yet fussy, Myles in my other arm. Have you ever buttered bread with one hand? Serious talent right there. ; )

I’ve taken a lot of pictures of Myles on his own but I wanted to capture how tiny he is. Whenever Collin is holding him I am startled at how bitty he looks in his arms. Such a little peanut.
I like this journey so far. It’s stretching and thrilling and each day we are learning from each other… figuring this out together. Love you Myles

Do you die at that sleepy babe?!! xoxox0, Lizzy

DIY: Baby Chevron & Triangle Leggings

These days have been a blur… what day is it anyway?  My main goal in life right now is teaching Myles when it is day & night. He was completely opposite a couple nights ago and I could’ve sworn I got hit by a train in the blissful hour sleep I got. But despite the zombie-esque swagger in my walk there’s definitely something wonderful about having a baby in our home. Just the overall peace and love he brings… I mean I literally stare at him all day. How is that possible?! He’ll smile when you graze his cheeks or he grasps my finger or hair. He’s very alert and loves to eat… like all day. I’ve gone off dairy since his tummy was really hurting a couple days ago. I’ve done this with all my kids for the first few months. It’s worth it to avoid crying where you can tell it’s their tummy hurting. And seriously that is true love right there… because this girl loves her cheese and cereal. But my girls drink enriched rice milk so I use that. Has anyone else gone on a special diet while nursing? Please share…

Today I wanted to share how to make some of your own chevron and triangle print baby leggings and baby blanket. The baby blanket above was made using a maxi dress that I didn’t want anymore. I cut it to the size that I wanted and then folded and ironed the unfinished edge then sewed a quick seam. It was super easy and I love the bold stripe.
The red and green striped pants below I made using one of his pants as a pattern and sewed two pieces together and added elastic at the waistband. The grey with triangles are leggings I picked up at Target. I sewed the legs to fit 2 inches smaller (they were super wide). The red chevron pants I share the steps of how to make them below.

I made these chevron leggings by starting with the 5 minute leggings steps on Small Fry blog. It started as a skirt from Forever 21 I got on clearance for a few bucks. Since he is so tiny I could get 2 pairs out of the one knit skirt. Then I used my Silhoutte and diecut a pattern from freezer paper. Next, I ironed the shiny side to the pants and painted it white. Last peel off the pants and enjoy your one of a kind pants.
Follow the same steps to make a triangle template for the grey pants below.


If you missed the KNOTTED BABY HAT TUTORIAL click here.
Thanks for reading! Have a great day…!  xo, Lizzy


DIY: Knotted Baby Hat

Despite my 5th grade level sewing skills, thanks to Mrs. Thompson for teaching me all I know in Home Ec., there were a couple reason as to why I decided to make some cute stuff for our baby Myles. For one, I had absolutely no baby boy clothes and unless I dressed him up in pink I had to get everything brand new. Yes, I love shopping but not that much shopping… especially for things he’d grow out of quickly.
And the other reason is that there’s not a huge selection of stripes and solids for boys. I’m okay with the occasional truck or dog “I ruff you” but it’s nice to have some basics too.
I started collecting some striped knit fabric & during all the nesting that went down before the baby arrived, I found some clothes I was going to get rid of but would be perfect to reuse.
While this sweet  babe is sleeping I wanted to post an easy tutorial for making some knotted baby hats.

For this hat, I used fabric for a maxi skirt that I never wore. I got it on clearance at Forever 21 but it just fit weird so I never wore it. In the end, it was cheaper than buying that color knit at the fabric store. It also has a finished edge so I use that for the bottom of the hat.
I used this knotted hat template for the hat but cut off the bottom dotted line portion because I didn’t want it to fold over. Then sized it down quite a bit to fit an infant. If you use a hat you already have as a template then just add the top part for the knot. That would work just as well.

To get the triangle print:
I used the triangle background Silhouette cut by Loni Stevens and cut it out of Freezer Paper. Next you iron the shiny side onto your fabric. Then paint with fabric or sometimes I use acrylic paint… and peel the paper off. It works like a charm!

Tomorrow I will share the pants and blankets… Thanks to my babelicious model… kisses…



He’s Here…!

He arrived on April 24th at 3:55 pm. Weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and 21″ long.
For each pregnancy in my family we text our guesses for the weight of the baby. I won, of course. Nice to know I still have some mother’s intuition left. ; )

Myles Cassan Kartchner

Cassan- named after my dad who’s in heaven… Myles was probably with him just a few short days ago.
So much to tell you about our little guy’s journey, for now, I just wanted to share his sweet face. I can’t believe he’s here… my angel boy. 

Myles latin meaning is soldier… that sealed the deal for Collin as we were debating between a couple options. That… and the fact that it’s a great name to cheer while he’s playing baseball.

 Above photos I took a couple days ago when he was 3 days old. It was the first time he was really content and calm so I jumped on that. Look at him. Already such a poser… haha
Thanks so much to everyone comments and wishes on Facebook and Instagram the past few days! Means so much to us!

XO, Lizzy

That one time when I blabber about being pregnant…

The past couple days I’ve found myself not quite ready to say goodbye to my baby bump. I know some of you reading this think I am beyond crazy-but it’s true. Besides the first half of pregnancy when I literally want to die. By the second half I actually love being pregnant. It’s funny though how this whole creating a baby thing works. Because suddenly things get progressively more uncomfortable and painful replacing the nervous delivery thoughts with c’mon baby let’s do this! That’s when you start to do crazy things like jumping on the trampoline and drinking castor oil.

Even with the aches and pains. Even with the acid reflex that I’ve slept sitting up. Even with the growing belly and my shrinking wardrobe. (Yes, I wear this shirt every other day… and I will burn it once the baby is born.) Even with the insomnia that leaves me laying awake at night with the soft kicks of my baby. With each movement of his I am reminded of this tiny miracle inside me. I take all the good and the bad and am encircled with such love for being a mother that it’s hard to say goodbye to this baby-bumpalicious chapter. But then begins a new one. With even more hard moments and even more rewarding ones.

The other night in a warm bubble bath with my newly pedicured toes & belly poking out of the bubbles my eyes filled with tears thinking that this could be the last couple days of being pregnant. Possibly ever. Maybe. ; ) I don’t know why this is weighing so heavy on my heart. I told Collin how I can’t believe I am one of those people who enjoys being pregnant. (To the point that my doctor said he would induce me last week but I wanted to wait… he literally thought I was crazy turning that down.) Then that night I had the absolute worst night sleep… a combination of a bad, lingering cold plus pregnancy congestion that I finally fell asleep when the sun was rising on the couch with my head between a couple cushions while sitting straight up. And you enjoy this Liz?! That was a mean trick. But hey, we have to get so uncomfortable that the delivery begins to sound like a dream. ; )

The past couple weeks or even months feel like a blur to me… I guess even though I’ve been blabbering about this time not ending, in a way, I am also eager for this new chapter to begin. And again you can see how I am indecisive in all areas of my life. haha!
xo, Lizzy

I have shown Lola pictures from my pregnancy app of the baby in a mommy’s tummy but I still think she has no idea what is about to rock her world. Lola will love him, of course!
She is my independent girl. I will ask all the girls to get ready… yelling, “We need to go!” across the house. And Lola is the first one dressed, shoes and even a coat and hat. The coat is upside down and the pants are backwards, but still. She even (pretty much) potty trained herself, such a gift for me! I’m serious too-I can’t take much credit. She just wanted to be like her big sisters. She would have been trained sooner but 3 trips to the potty at Target is a shopping buzz-kill 😉 so I would put a diaper on her when we went out. I guess I was the one who wasn’t ready to be potty trained. But now we are. And we are crossing our fingers that she keeps moving forward.


Baby Boy Faves

Yesterday I got some great news from the doctor about the progression of baby boy’s arrival… Let’s just say next week I’ll (most likely) be holding him. Which makes me freak out and do the happy dance at the same time. Although my dance moves are pretty awkward right now so don’t even picture that for your own sake.
I still need to get lots of stuff for him. But I’m picky because some of the boy stuff out there are dang cheesey! Here are some of my favorite things I found today browsing online. And I was browsing online sick in bed with my laptop. Pregnant with a cold… not cool! Actually it does force me to relax… and do some retail therapy.


Road trip potty break aka Maternity shoot

On our road trip to California we stopped for an impromptu photo shoot/ potty break. These were taken about a week and a half ago and it’s amazing how much this belly has grown already.
I am officially counting down from 4 weeks and kinda freaking out. Just have lots to get and organize to prepare for our little guy. Oh, and I also STILL haven’t figured out a name. aye yiyi! You’ll find Collin and I saying names all night hoping one will stick.

It actually wasn’t until I found myself walking around Disneyland pregnant & pushing a double stroller while holding Avery’s hand that I realized… ummmm, we have quite the bunch of sprouts. People looked at Collin and I like we must be crazy with all these kids. Lots of staring… and counting. haha

Pictures taken at about 35 weeks.

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He’s definitely outnumbered

I can’t believe my sweet baby boy and I have reached 32 weeks this fast. He is really growing now and I am already waddling around.
I literally have to roll out of bed, my belly button is inside out, and he’s not quite smooshed in my tummy so there’s room for him to work on his underwater tricks. Providing endless entertainment watching him kick and move inside my tummy. Can’t wait to meet my baby boy!

My little guy is entering a world of girls! In our family there are 7 little girls and 1 boy out of his sisters and cousins, he is definitely outnumbered. Collin and Tuque will make up for in though. Tuque counts for at least two boys if he keeps growing at this rate.
On Saturday we learned the proper way to curtsey and met the fairy king while attending the annual Fairy Tea at the Provo Library. It was fancy and fun while celebrating all things girly & magical. Not sure what was actually served in the tea since these girls were pretty crazy after. Or as Avery would say, “why you acting so cray-cray?”

My mom & Ave.
My mother is one of those remarkable people that would do anything for you at any time. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her! She’s planning a time to come help me get organized for the arrival of our bebe. And clean out our garage etc. Sheesh, it’s as if my nesting is rubbing off on her.

The rest of the girls…

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