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12 on 12: Mother’s Day Edition


The other day my sweet Avery said something to me and I literally died of cuteness and hurried to jot it down on a piece of paper in the kitchen so I wouldn’t forget. Thankfully it was still there on the counter… now I need to copy it into our book, The Quoteable Kid, where we keep all their quotes.
“It doesn’t matter what other moms think. You are special the way you are. Because you have flowers, pretty nails and me.” 
I don’t remember what was happening for her to say that but I might frame it.
Avery, you little genius, you.
And the quote I wrote down under that is a classic:
“Sometimes if someone does something illegal like kiss someone I go and find the recess lady or principal because that’s the right thing to do. And if you try to talk to them, like the bully, they’ll say, “I can do this-I’m a grown up.”  

Yesterday was so fun to receive cards, pictures and drawings… even a book of how I won the Mother of the Year award. Seriously these kids know my love language. And Collin does too with french toast and whipped cream. They definitely need to add “food” as one of the possible love languages.
Being a mother is the greatest. As happy and grateful I was yesterday I felt some guilt as I thought about my shortcomings as a mother and how I want to be better. (Please say I’m not the only one.) Then I remembered what my neighbor said during our church meeting that lifted my spirits: You are doing your best.
Of course I’ve thought of my own mother who was a single, working mother & raised 6 kids on her own. No one to relieve her after a long day. Also having to be the sole provider. Honestly single mothers and army wives are my heroes. Still to do this day I ask her how she did it… especially now having four kids of my own and knowing what a feat each day is! Clearly, she had some sort of super power. But it was just her. She put everyones’ needs above her own. Yet has never complained about one thing in her life. I’m not kidding either.
Though my mother was not perfect… she loved her children and sacrificed anything for us. She still does today. I am faaarrrrrrr from perfect… like it would take a few years journey and I still will never even see it in the distance but I love fiercely and strive everyday for them to know that. To all the mothers out there & mothers to be… Keep striving to do your best! Like Avery said, you are special the way you are.












IMG_9530Photos by the incredible Collin Kartchner and myself.
I wanted some photos of our mornings and days together for Mother’s Day.



Daily Dozen: March Edition

On the twelfth day of March we were so stinkin lazy… we were all feeling under the weather. Nothing too crazy to complain about but just enough to want to spend the day cuddling… which really is nothing to complain about at all.


Almost everyday I make us green smoothies with my Ninja blender. I laugh an evil laugh watching them unknowingly chug down their spinach! ah-haha!

This place needs to be cleaned up-stat!

Lots of time in the car… school, preschool, dance class, store, pick up, piano, etc etc

A quick stop to the store and some more cuddling.
(self-timer pic)

Our day wouldn’t be complete without some drama. Lots of drama… and tears.

Avery’s loot that she carries around everywhere! She’s moved up in the world… from bag lady to the plastic container lady.

Seeing them play well together is something to document. This makes me so happy. All of their dolls are currently named Zuzu. (after our new niece)

Blue skies!!!!!!!!!!!

Really quiet around the house today. A nice change.

Bedtime craziness!
Of course dad brings home lots of excitement! There’s definitely a sense of wholeness when he arrives home for dinner. You can feel the energy shift, the girls love when we are all together. (Love you daddy!)

Next month I will give people more of a heads up so you can play along… ! Leave a comment and link to your pics if you did!
xoxo, Lizzy

12 on 12: Daily Dozen

Today I am working on my Daily Dozen (taking 12 photos on the 12th of March.) Seriously, February flew by like crazy! I kept checking the calendar to make sure it was really this time again.

Join in the fun and link up to your pictures in the comments!!

Some Instagrams (@dearlizzy) last week.
Quincey is always scheming up something to keep my motherhood skills in check.
Even fairies have to practice piano.
Baby bump! (32 weeks in the pic)
Making faces on a fun Saturday.
Spring made an appearance on Sunday and we soaked up every single bit of sunshine!
Instax polaroids from our day.

xo, Lizzy

We are a bit under the weather. So mean to get a cold when it’s been warmer the past couple days. Hope you are doing lovely!!!



12 on 12: February Edition

Here’s a mix of some of my favorites from the Daily Dozen: 12 on 12 photo challenge. If you played along leave a comment and link to your photos!
If not, join me on March 12th and photograph your day and illustrate pieces of your life from behind the lens.

Messy bun and a little helper on my lap (self-timer pic)

I still get teary dropping her off at school

Putting cat pencils in the store bought valentines was as crafty as I got this year.

Her silly antics crack me up. She is still wearing these frames of mine almost daily.

She climbs onto EVERYTHING


Visiting baby Zuzu, my niece, at the hospital. She’s truly an angel and holding on strong in the newborn intensive care. At any time (or before 4 months) she will need heart surgery. My sister, Ashley, has truly been amazing during her challenging pregnancy which caused her to move back from Paris with her husband Chris and daughter Taimi. I have never been more proud of her and look at her in awe as she overcomes trial after trial with such resilience. Of course I wouldn’t expect anything less of her.

Colorful collection

Just like her momma elbow deep in a bag of chips.

Taking Tuque on a walk

My view right now

Hello and goodbye! xo, Lizzy


Let’s Photograph Today…

Join me today and take pictures through out the day: Daily Dozen! Take a photo every hour or 12 photos total of your day! Capture your life…!
I’ve really enjoyed doing this in months past… seen here. I was out of town for January and so I’m excited for my February edition and also to continue it through out the year. Play along and link up your pictures in the comments tomorrow. I love seeing yours as well! xoxo


You still have time to enter the awesome Mom’s Best GiveawayWinner announced February 15th 10 am mountain standard time.


12 on 12: December Edition

Here are my 12 on 12 photos from yesterday. I didn’t really try anything new or push myself… basically it was a busy day that just remembering to take them was enough of a challenge. Did you notice it was 12-12-12? How cool was that?! I guess it’s technically not that cool but for someone who sends the majority of her day wiping noses or cleaning dishes it seems pretty cool.
**If you played along leave a comment and link to your photos.

Our hideout yesterday… she loves building forts and usually I am running yarn under blankets and trying to hang them up while propping brooms or using my leg as a post… so much easier to throw some blankets over the kitchen table. She carried in a basket of books and some of her favorite toys. I brought the treats and mini christmas tree… it was our secret hideout.

Checking the mail and taking Tuque on a walk while he literally drags me up the street.


They are best buds. Seriously I have never known such a nice, patient dog. He lets her lay on him or ride his back. The best is that she knows where his treats are and asks him to sit and shake during the day and gives him his treat… Just keep wondering when he will stop growing. ; )


Lola asks if we can listen to records all day long.


Singing to their favorite record: Annie. “…And I mean start NOW!” My favorite is when they call me Ms Hannigan. Not cool.
If you haven’t already you should add a turntable to your wish list for Santa. It’s been one of my favorite gifts. We buy most of our records at goodwill… and amazing Disney ones for a buck. I have the Jensen Wood Player.

Dad would be ticked at all the splashing on his flooring!


Working on my December Daily. Obsessed with these numbered pockets by American Crafts. Found here 


Bundled up.

This is pretty normal to have someone climbing on Collin. Usually they are all trying to get a piece when he’s home from slaying the dragons.


Homework with Dad… even though we both know I am much better at math. Especially 1st grade math.


Doing the dishes and singing, “It’s a Hard Knock Life.”


Peace and quiet… and catching up on important things like Instagram and tracking packages.
Chalk that up for another month of the Daily Dozen.  yeah!!!

Daily Dozen: 12 on 12


My internet is soooooo sloooooooooowww today that I only have patience for one photo to upload. Not sure what’s going on but it’s sad how much I rely on that darn www.
I was just going to pop in here and say that you should join me tomorrow in the Daily Dozen challenge… it’s where you take 12 photos through out your day. You could shoot for one pic an hour and use your phone or any camera. It’s a fun way to challenge yourself to try new things or a different setting on your camera. I might experiment with light and also shooting better when it is dark since our daylight hours are quite limiting right now. But who knows usually it’s just enough to remember taking them.
You should join me! There are no rules, you won’t be disappointed with the results and what you captured at the end of the day. Also you can link up and share yours like a big group hug. View last month’s challenge here.

More December Daily & a tree tutorial when this internet starts working…


Twelve on Twelve

Yesterday I took my 12 on 12 challenge.
It seems that lately I really need to push myself to get something done. Knowing that if I blogged about the 12 on 12 challenge then the chances of me doing it would be much better… otherwise I would have you guys to answer to. ; )
The pictures I chose to take were more about what my kids do then what I do but that doesn’t really make sense because we all do it together. But what I am trying to say is it’s more about them than me… isn’t that what being a mom is about anyway? The above picture is some hot chocolate that Quincey made me. Which really was luke warm and watered down. Don’t be jealous that you didn’t get to pretend drink it for a while. She apparently liked hers.

These two are best buds. That “puppy” I got Collin for his birthday? Yeah, he won’t stop growing. ; )

Working on my December Daily album with my little elf. I’ve never done any pre-work but thought I would give it a try. I usually just enjoy making it as I go but this will help streamline the process. I am using an AC Handbook, SC Wonderland inserts, Crate goodies & wood shapes.

My favorite lipsticks right now: MAC So Chaud (a bold orangish red) and Impassioned (a perky pink) Some days when that’s all the make up that graces my face I feel a touch more like a woman and not a dead mommy.

This is one of my favorite parts of the day. Man, I miss her during the day!! Kindergarten was only half day… just enough time to take a shower or throw in some laundry. But a whole day is looong. She still thinks I’m cool so I try to visit her once a week for lunch or a quick squeeze during recess.

This picture pretty much hurts my heart but I have 3 girls… 4 including me so there’s a bit of drama in our home!! Lola is generally such a cheerful sprout but she has her moments. Yesterday it was something tragic like I opened her yogurt when she wanted to do it… xoxo

The window sill above the kitchen sink… pretty much stare at this all day long.

Homework time with Dad

Yes I gave in and put the pink Christmas tree up. The snow made me do it. I swear, it’s not my fault!!!

Such a pretty glow though…

Happy day!! xo, Lizzy

Daily Dozen: 12 on 12

Hello hello. This morning I loved uploading my pictures from yesterday and seeing what I captured. There was more than twelve but here’s a dozen + 1 that illustrated our day. I didn’t try anything spectacular because I was just trying to remember to take them. But I did shoot a lot with manual focusing. My favorite was that I took a bird’s eye view shot of our kitchen table through out the day. I loved the result of those since we spend a lot of time at our table and it was fun to see the different scenes.
If you want to add the above image for Daily Dozen then feel free to drag and drop it to your desktop. Here we go…!

Welcome to the linky party!!! Meaning that we can all share links to our Daily Dozen. To play: 1. Upload your pics to your blog/facebook. 2. Add a link back here to my blog. 3. Add your link below!
I can’t wait to see who joined in and look at your photos. xoxo Lizzy

Daily Dozen: Photo Challenge 03

I try to not give in to that mommy guilt that creeps in so easily while scrolling through our photo library and realized I hadn’t taken any pictures in like, the last 10 minutes… but it was time to get some pictures & not the ones at the mall and we are all wearing denim on denim… but of life. The good thing is when I do succumb to such nonsense guilt it’s easy to remedy… you just take out your camera.Taking pictures of the sweet & subtle moments that highlight our days are not for the mere purpose of filling a photo album or to match a certain color of scrapbook paper or to blog about. It is to tell a story… only I am not the author. These little ones have a story to tell and I am the lucky bystander who was given the important mission of capturing it. If I choose to accept it. Which I do! You might scroll through these photos in .2 seconds and then you’re on to the next blog… which is completely fine… but someday I hope that my daughters stumble upon them and see a glimpse into the sheer joy they’ve brought to my life. Sure, there are times in the day when I want to rip my hair out, but amazingly enough those moments don’t  stand a chance when faced with the magical ones. I almost forgot how she accidentally spilled a whole gallon of milk on the floor. Almost.

Quote in the frame reads, She went out on a limb had it break off behind her and discovered she could fly. (A page I ripped out from one of my favorite gift books:  She…  Used to hang here.)

My favorite lace maxi and toes. I never get tired of pictures like this. Sorry if you get sick of seeing my toes. PS I hate my feet.

Rock collecting with my lace + polka dot jar.

Last year many of you joined in on a couple photo challenges that were quite fun… this year I wanted to start that up again. Starting with photo challenge 03 on this Monday, March 12th where we will take 12 pictures of our day. Similar to Day In The Life with Ali or Rebekah’s ten on ten. It will share a glimpse into your life and you won’t regret joining in.
How it works: Take 12 pictures through out your day of anything. This is optional>> but try to take a picture in a new way. Try a new angle, self-timer shot, get down low or look down from standing on a chair. Even if it’s just trying one new thing in your picture taking process. Then we will meet back here on Tuesday, March 13th with a linky party. Post your pictures on a blog/facebook and link to Dear Lizzy then you will add a link to your photos, like we did here. It’s really cool to click on your blogs and see the faces of my readers and your photos. I hope you join in!!