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DIY: Fringe Banners

A quick how-to for one of my favorite party decor ideas… FRINGE! All you need is a rotary blade and any paper or supplies for the banners.
I used plastic table cloths for Avery’s Birthday party, mixed in with some gold tissue paper.

Cut to desired height and make sure you fold it in half, keep the fold at the top.
Cut it to the desired height then use a cutting mat to know how far you are spacing the fringe. (Loving my new cutting mat from American Crafts!)
I spaced out my fringe to about 1/4″ and left about 1/2″ from the top.

If you make one out of tissue paper follow the steps above then to lengthen the banner I sew all the pieces together along the top.

Another one of my glitter word banners. For those of you who emailed me requesting one–I will email you next week after my trip!!! I apologize if that is too late and I missed your party! xo

I must be having party withdrawls from the back-to-back birthdays so I added a little festive Be Nice banner. Seriously, maybe my kids are bored with it being summer and school is out but my two oldest girlies have been really quick to hit or not share. This was the appropriate saying for the occasion.

Actually a nice reminder to all of us. ; )



Fairy Birthday Party

Running around in wings with your face painted must be pretty magical. And hearing her say, “this is the best birthday ever” sealed the deal. Although I did have to force her to wear her birthday dress and bribe her with cake!
A couple days before her birthday we decided to do a fairy birthday theme… This meant running a few errands one night getting most of the stuff at Zurchers and Hobby Lobby. It was a pretty simple party with a few fun details.

Punched butterflies with my Neapolitan collection paper and cut two slits in the center of the butterfly and attached to the straws
Jars with Pixie Dust and candies
Donut Holes with sticks and punched papers with butterflies
Magic Wands aka suckers
Cake from Piece of Cake
Collin cut the grass and I made flowers from crepe paper.
Tiny fairys on toothpicks: Meri Meri Fairy Magic 


I’m having way to much fun with designing the cakes for these littles’ parties. For this one I decided on ruffles, flowers and ombre pink cakes inside. Pretty dang girlie!

One of the highlights of the party was having a face painter come. A couple nights before the party mentioned the idea and so I google searched local face painters and was so happy to find someone. She was great and it was awesome to watch her paint butterflies, tigers… and a sunset on Collin’s forehead.

When Quincey woke up the next morning the first thing she sleepily asked, “where’s my face?” Cracking a smile I told her it’s still there… all smudged from sleeping. She fell asleep while our family was still over on the couch and so we didn’t wash her face off yet. Her dreams were sure to be magical that night.
The picture below makes me laugh every time I look at it. Her first look at her wings.

My darling fairy niece.


A stack of donuts and tiny fairy: Meri Meri Fairy Magic

There was a kids’ craft but my sister laughed because we never get around to making those… another day I guess.
Birthday party madness is the best! Thanks all of my family who came. Love you all!



Some Instagrams of the day.

Stolen Instagrams from my familiy:

xoxo, Lizzy

Some of my Dear Lizzy collection I used:


Hello, Hello

Hello hello. Wow, I’ve missed all your cute faces!

The last few months I really needed to realign my life in a way that incorporated more things I enjoy. Things that were pushed aside because life was busy. For instance, I actually read a book last week!!! With words and chapters and not just pictures. haha! I also haven’t eaten sugar for like 2 weeks. gasp! Seriously? What has become of me? This is coming from the girl who would eat a bag of sour watermelon candies for breakfast and finish off that pan of brownies for lunch. I plated a garden including tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, rapberries, watermelon. Carrots and peas I planted from seeds and they are growing-it’s a miracle. Let’s see if they survive my black thumb. I’ve also been going to the gym almost everyday. It has babysitting and my computer sadly doesn’t… 😉 But I am definitely feeling refreshed & inspired! Not to mention itching to make something with paper.

I’m grateful for the last few weeks where I stepped back and refocused. I was feeling detached from my own life. I was feeling claustrophobic with stuff to do. I wasn’t feeling myself so I didn’t feel like my blog was real. I have so many things in my mind I want to do and make… like video tutorials and fun posts but I didn’t have the time to do it so I didn’t want to blog about the same old thing. And then I realized how much I enjoy posting to Instagram and it’s exactly that… the same old thing. There’s something about the spontaneity of capturing our ordinary life that inspires me. So I hope you don’t mind if I share my favorite pics…


Having barely recovered from Avery’s party to-do list last week then Quincey’s birthday is today!!!! It’s party mode full speed ahead. Last night Collin helped me hang decorations and after morning cuddles Quincey ran out to the living room and was giddy knowing that all the hoopla was for her. “It’s very perfect!” She yelled so loud even the neighbors could hear. Collin thought it was important to make sure her day was just as special as Avery’s last week… even though it’s a lot of work… and I totally agree!! Especially with 3 girls I am constantly making sure that I am fair with how I treat them.

Happy Birthday Quincey Rose!!
Seriously, this girl is quite the character… She’s such a bright light in our days!

① It’s important to accessorize.
② Her cake today! Q literally gasped when she saw it. I drove 2 miles per hour all the way home… so freaked out it was going to tip over.
③ Being exceptionally lazy last Sunday on our new trampoline.
④ Morning hours with her are my favorite. She’s so harmless as she wakes up.


① Please tell me what she does in her sleep to accomplish such amazing hair?!
② Playing on a swing after a photo shoot with me for my new book. I only braved bringing one child.
③ This no sugar game I’m playing sucks when you are making cupcakes for someone’s birthday.
④ My favorite part of Quincey’s graduation was when she picked a booger then ate it. #proudmoment


⑤ Collar Love
⑥ Passport photos for our trip next week. It was quite the challenge to get one shot stinking shot.
⑦ Greek yogurt, agave, and blueberries. #ineedacookie
⑧ My grandma’s vintage heels were apparently the right shoe of choice for an arena football game.

PS Are you on Instagram? Let’s connect. My username is @dearlizzy

xoxo, Lizzy

Birthday Party Pow-wow

Thanks for your emails, messages and reaching out to me during my blogging hiatus! I’ll share more thoughts soon but I just needed a break after working on my next Dear Lizzy collection and a book. I sure missed you!  xoxo, Lizzy

A Birthday party pow-wow came about for one reason. I wanted to make a tee-pee! Avery was thrilled for the idea because one of her favorite movies is Peter Pan and she insisted on being Tiger Lily & she knew there would be cake involved.
Here are some of the details:
-Chocolate dipped huge marshmallows topped with rock candy (nerds), gold rock sprinkles, grated cookies etc
-Jars with diecut lids and striped straws
-An arrangement of mini succulents each in a pot then in an wood Ikea candle holder
-Felt Fox stuffed toys for favors
-Made my own arrows with wood, washi tape, and felt
-A pretty plant from Home Depot. The leaves reminded me of feathers.
-Burlap Tablecloth
-Dip dyed bags with favors




THE CAKE: was my favorite part! I found a local cake extraordinaire and I told her what I wanted. Chevron stripes, flowers and make even a fox somewhere. It turned out amazing. It’s called Piece of Cake. Do you like the little pokes in the frosting from anxious, drooling indians?





What I used to display the Roasted Marshmallows (chocolate dipped mallows) A canister that I spray painted and filled with white beans. Wrapped with fabric and added a diecut feather from Silhouette and a real feather with yarn. You can also see the diecut jar lids and straws.

Her headdress was so fun!
I cut a piece of felt. Sewed some vintage lace at the top and elastic in the back. Put washi tape around some pasta noodles and some string. Added feathers inside the noodles and along the felt.


Mother’s Day was quite eventful this year with this blondie falling out of our tree, that they love to climb, and cutting her head open. I was inside and you know how head’s bleed a lot? Well, my sister approaches me, “don’t freak out… quincey’s okay… she’s fine… she got hurt… and we need lots of paper towels.”  : ) Despite the warning I still freaked out. But she is fine and one tough cookie.
Also Lola has some sort of rash that looks like chicken pox so we are off to the doctor’s office today. Oh, and last week Quincey broke a bracelet while he were driving and put one of the beads up her nose. My life would be pretty boring without kids. ; )




Someone’s excited about Mother’s Day!

Each year I’ve been a mother Collin has given me a corsage to wear. Even when he ran to the store at almost midnight cause he’d forgotten to get one.




Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!! xo, Lizzy

PS Finalllllllyy my Dear Lizzy roller stamp is back in stock:



Dear Lizzy Giveaway// Blowfish Shoes

As we drove through Death Valley on our way to California it was unexpectedly raining! The clouds were amazing and so we couldn’t resist stopping while the kids happily watched Chipmunks to take some pics with Joshua and me.
These are not my typical road trippin shoes but seeing that my box from Blowfish arrived as we were running out the door they somehow ended up on my feet. They actually are really comfy since they are made out of this cool textured fabric. 
Blowfish wants to giveaway a pair of shoes to one of you!!!! I am loving the chunky wedges and heels released with their recent collection and check out their darling flats. 
Leave a comment to win a pair of shoes from Blowfish. Whichever style suits your fancy! There’s something for everyone.

Extra comments for Facebook//Twitter//and Pinning the giveaway.

Paper Pretties

Some of my favorite paper pretties that have caught my eye and that I want to make or make something with!

When I launched our Something Splendid site I made a few custom wood handle stamps to use with our packaging. They are my favorite and I am itching to make some more… or pick up some of Ann Marie’s Wood Stamps!! Love her clever sayings! I have that song stuck in my head now…! (I know what you are thinking? What’s with all the exclamation points? I guess stamps with lyrics from my favorite hip hop song in ’95 will do that to me. ; ) Also pictured some of my Dear Lizzy vellum. Cute cute.

Make your own decor with paper lanterns and paper circles. Since I have two birthday parties in the next mont this project is definitely on my list to-do. Via Martha Stewart  Don’t you love a project where you think, I can do that!!


Such a darling and simple project! I am loving the unique ways to dress up some twinkle lights. Via Hey Gorgeous 

Happy Day <3 Fabric Banner DIY

This birthday feels much more different than 30. Thirty one… eek! My sixteen year old self would definitely think I’m so old but, yet, I don’t feel old. Except after 3 days of Disney and I couldn’t even walk the next day. ha!
I always thought by thirty I’d have it all figured out. But this past year has been a bit of a growing year for me. Growing is a nice way of saying sometimes really sucky. There wasn’t anything life threatening or anything I should even complain about but I just learned a lot about myself and am trying to continue to take all I can from this life and become a better woman. There were definitely high and lows and sometimes they occurred at the same time. And sometimes all there was left to do was cry… or eat ice cream. Sometimes everything felt clear and other times life was a murky mess. S0metimes people I don’t even know tried to bring me down but always someone I love was there to lift me up. What can we do but get on our knees and pray, then get up and move forward. (That last part sounded like a really bad version of a quote.; )
Anyways, thankfully I am quite blessed even during the growing times and Collin is without a doubt there to make me laugh & my girls are there to give me loves. My family is all I need. As cliche as it sounds: my life is definitely filled with sheer joy… I just hold onto that. I’m also learning that it’s actually my attitude that determines a lot of it. So bring it on thirty one! I can tell already it’s going to be a great one.

My birthday started out with a little house cleaning and work emails. Then Collin held down the fort and I got to take Avery with me on a lunch date with my sisters and mom. Pedis and Malawis pizza were on the agenda. I realized I don’t do this enough with my sisters. That night Ashley and I stayed up past 2 am talking. This is very out of the ordinary for me since I love to sleep but it was totally worth being a zombie the next day. ; )

Since it’s my birthday I got to choose the restaurant to eat dinner at and since Collin didn’t like my first two choices we ended up at Thai Drift. It was our first time eating there since we usually eat at our favorite, Thai Ruby, but we were surprisingly impressed!
cheeeeeeesssse & uuuuuhhhhhhhh.

Clearly, I still need to unpack from my trip since this is the randomest outfit but at least it was comfy. Beatles and Polka Dots: Skirt, Shoes: Ruche//Pleated Slip: One of the slips we will be selling really soon.


For some reason we always, always forget to get a group shot at Birthday par-tays…!
(Thanks for everyone who came! Love you all!)


I sold glitter banners at Bijou Market but if you are interested in a Happy Day or any custom glitter word banner email me:


Cut fabric. My strips are 1.5″ x 35″ (before folded in half)

1 Fold fabric in Half length wise then fold the loop end over twine
2 Pull the end through the loop
3 Tighten to your liking and continue along twine
4 I used 27 fabric strips


Birthday Sundae Toppings

We kept it pretty simple for my birthday this year since Collin likes to go over the top but it was a nice, low-key night… He planned on watching an outdoor movie but it was kinda cold… instead we just hung out and enjoyed ice cream sundaes!


Family came over and we ate Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes, I think there were over 40 cupcakes total and every single one was a*mazing!  Even though it is my birthday I had fun putting together these little bowls and stamped wood spoons.


Cherries, Crushed Butterfinger, Crushed Mint Oreos, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Caramel, Hot Fudge
On another plate we had Diced almonds, Crushed Pretzels and Sprinkles.

I used regular ink and some tiny alphabet stamps I’ve had for ages then stamped on the ends of the wood spoons. Spoons are from Orson Gygi in Salt Lake.

What would you top your ice cream with? I was allllllll about the caramel, almonds and whip cream!

And Thus Beginneth Year 31


I met you when you were 15, which means I have officially known you for more than half of your life. You were just an awkwardly skinny freshman with bangs even Kelly Kapowski could envy. I, the bad-skin big-head/tiny clear-braces sophomore wearing 4 undershirts just to look bigger. No doubt I said something really charming the first time we met, probably something like “Hey I like your boon-doggles” or “You got any Carmex?” Is it awesome that I’ve know you more than half your life? Do I feel lucky, punk? I pay Clint Eastwood to ask me that everyday at gunpoint, to which I always reply “Yes sir!” (then change into a clean pair of undershorts)

This past year is in the books. It was a year of happiness, growth, learning, and realizing that you are in fact stuck with me for good. I’m like a stinky dread-locked white guy playing the bongos living in a tent at  Occupy Wallstreet…I ‘aint going anywhere.

Avery is sitting next to me trying to wrap the picture she drew you for your birthday with cardstock and washi tape, using scissors like a boss. She’s just like her mama. Always making things with her hands. Quincey just walked in wearing your fedora, sucking her thumb and said, “Daddy, someone is making a very mess!” Lola just walked in by my side, said “Mah! Is dis ah duh” with her curly hair and goose-egg on her forehead (battle wound from Disneyland). I see you in all of them. Creative, cuddle-loving, headstrong 1/16th Greek children. They are all mini-Liz’s and I love that. Crap now they’re all fighting because Quincey just said “Daddy can we eat some food and go to Disneyland?” Avery: “Quincey we already WENT to Disneyland!” and now they are wrestling lemme break it up brb. Okay. Just peeked in the family room and Lola scattered raisins everywhere and took her diaper off (so some of those aren’t raisins) time to wrap this up.

Happy Birthday to the mother of my children, the eater of my french toast, the courtesy-laugher of my jokes, the tag-teamer of our time-out enforcing, the love of my life.

Oh, and for your birthday I’m buying something I found on Craigslist from a guy named “Amir” so if I don’t come back after driving to meet him this morning and there’s a statewide search for me, save time by skipping the tennis courts.

Love, Collin