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Craft Fail or Win?

Sitting on the computer and pinning my heart away is my new hobby. Photography, scrapbooking, pretending to know how to cook & pinning. But I stepped out of my comfort zone yesterday and decided to actually make something I pinned. ūüėČ
It’s based on this print you can buy that’s a really cool herringbone pattern. I saw someone explaining how to make it so I gave it a go. Little did I know in the end, it would be one big fat craft-FAIL.
Actually, this morning I didn’t think it was as bad, but don’t you hate when something doesn’t turn out like you envisioned? I should find a funky frame for it and see how that looks.

STEP 1: I had this old painting I thrifted in my garage. I updated the colors a bit with paint I had on hand.

STEP 2:¬†Start taping. This took freaking forever. After a while I thought, sheesh 50 bucks for the real deal doesn’t sound so bad. Next, paint the whole thing white. Last, peel off the tape.

I was so excited when I started peeling off the tape because it was looking pretty cool. But once I peeled off all the tape I realized that I had it backwards of what I wanted white and what I wanted to show through from the painting. So I didn’t like it. I should have taken a picture at this stage but I was so bugged so I just started taping again and leaving big chunks of white everywhere. Making a messy chevron/herringbone pattern.

I don’t know… what do you think? Fail or win?
I think I need a frame or may it could be cool to layer things in front of or even actually on it. I could tape or stick a bunch of instagrams or Instax on it? That could work.

Pin It


Collin was nice when I was bugged last night, “Your art is the prettiest art of all the art.” heehee

Treasures on display

While searching for some old frames at a thrift store I happily stumbled across this cool shelf thingy. I am not sure what it was used for before. But I love it. I’ve been wanting to do something similar with an old letterpress drawer but a larger version so this was perfect.
First, I painted it white then modge podged some of my Dear Lizzy papers inside. I lightly painted glue on just the back of each paper then set something on top of the paper to dry flat and not curl up.
With the newest Dear Lizzy collection the papers also come in a 6″x6″ paper pack so all the patterns are shrunk down. And since I love anything miniaturized this made me happy! I used the mini chevron, floral and grey polka dot below. (Yes, I will let you know as soon as these are ready to purchase somewhere.)

If you notice the darling snails in the picture above I cut up one of my decorative prints by Suzy Ultman my friend Margie gave me for my birthday. You get 12 full color prints and they are all so cute. I have a few hanging in my girls room. (Home Sweet Home prints)

Another tip is that I used toys that they don’t necessarily play with everyday. But, of course, their interest perks the second I put it on the wall. I included a mix of treasures and keepsakes.
1. Mini snow white book 2. Calico Critters (my kids are obsessed) If you’ve seen that Steve Carrell movie with the taxidermy mice then they might make you laugh 3. A Willowtree plague from my mom titled Friendship. Reminds me of Miss Avery 4. Another Calico Critter 5. A porcelain doll from Gigi 6. Mini teacup with flowers 7. Another teacup with a carebear 8. Some of their jewelry 9. An Instax, mini toys of mine when I was a girl, ribbon on a spool 10. Aerial and Mini reminds us of our Disneyland trip 11. A shell Avery kept from the beach and BE blocks 12. Dear Lizzy tiny metal flowers, a gift from a friend No 2 box and Dear Lizzy pinwheel flower
To the right you will see Washi Tape holding up 2 polaroids. One of my Avery at the beach and one of my parents when they were engaged.


This Tim Holtz configuration is really neat if you have trouble finding something at a thrift or antique store that suits your fancy…! And it’s on sale.

I am also loving these kids room ideas from House to Home. First, spray painting kids toys and attaching them to the tops of jars. How cute is that?!

Using a spice rack to display books! Genius. And if you are about to run like heck to the Ikea in Utah to buy spice racks like I did yesterday. Sorry, they are sold out. Sad face. But I’ll race you to Target to see if they have anything similar.

Photoshop Video Tutorial 01: dreamy effect

This morning I wanted to share one of my secret weapons for adding a pretty effect to your photos in Photoshop… & it doesn’t require any actions. Huzzah!
The photo is a self-timer shot at the airport. I timed it perfectly so it took a pic before any cars drove by and smashed my cameraphst and Collin doesn’t trust me toting it¬†everywhere. (Thank goodness most of the time it’s cozy in a¬†jo tote.)
Annnnyways, generally I edit with¬†Photoshop CS5 but I am sure you can adapt this to work with any software. Since¬†Totally Rad Actions¬†are used on the daily for me, I will show a bit of brightening and sharpening with them in my editing process. Hopefully it’s not too boring and you make it through to the cheery song at the end.
xo, Lizzy
If you are reading this in your email: click here to see the video.

Were you in outer space?

I never want to forget Quincey’s tight squeeze around my neck and her coy I’m-about-to-burst-with-excitement smile. We didn’t say anything for a couple minutes and just hugged. She’s a lot like me in that way, she doesn’t have to talk a lot, instead she lets the moment do the talking. Then I told her I flew home on an airplane. In which her next response was, “Were you in outer space?”

Photo from the plane last night with no editing. I told you it was peaceful!

on my flight home

Literally on my flight home from the Craft and Hobby show in Anaheim. Hello from 10,000 feet. It’s been such a whirlwind the past few weeks so it’s refreshing and peaceful to be in the sky above all the chaos of life.
Happily surprised that the show was even more incredible than I imagined! Thanks for everyone who came over and said hello! xoxo


Valentine’s Day Countdown

To celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Valentines Day, I put together a 1-14 day countdown. Each day has a package to open with a love note, an activity or goodies to eat or play with.

I used my old school Martha Stewart number foam stamps to paint the numbers on a board I found in our garage from one of Collin’s projects. I used a hot pink paint, like neon pink, but the lighting was so horrible in my house the colors are a bit off.

Next, I hot glued clothespins to the side of each number and added a sewn package with kraft wrapping paper.   I even had Avery color on some of the hearts before I sewed them to get her involved in the process too.
Add glitter and heart sequins to the hearts as well for even more of a fun surprise. ¬†C’mon do it! You have to vacuum anyways.


HOW TO fill the hearts: First cut your heart shapes with two pieces of kraft wrapping paper back to back so they are the same shape. Then I sew the heart and leave an opening for the prezzie. After I add the goodies then I finish sewing the heart.


We will see if the packages are still around when I get home from my trip to Anaheim.

All Smiles

Pretty sure whoever wins the giveaway of the entire line will be all smiles! The winner is>>>>

 Rebeca Carpenter says:
“So glad I stopped by your blog today. You always inspire me. Your new line is amazing.¬†Crossing my fingers.”

Other Winners from the blog hop:

Stephanie Howell: Keshet Star
Emilie Ahern: Vanessa (vmdelisio)
Rhonna Farrer: Luanne
Sasha: Lora Oliver
Kelly Purkey: Sheree
Suzy Plantamura: Karen Malloy
A couple of the other girls still need to choose a winner so there is still hope!! ūüėČ


In case you missed the Neapolitan Party video…



A Neapolitan Party

It’s a Neapolitan party here today! woohoo!

First off, is the video of our Neapolitan party! Lindsey and Ann Marie, my friends and designers at American Crafts, helped make the decorations and we spent the day scrapbooking while Collin filmed all the fun. The video is a fun display of the products and a splendid idea for a scrapbook party with friends. Collin did an amazing job on the video! Thanks babe!

Here are some of the new Dear Lizzy products and even the packaging is pretty…! Check out the every last paper and button over at the American Crafts blog.
This line was very much inspired by ombre and watercolors. I love the addition of mason jars. Isn’t that stamp set so fun? I can’t wait to use that on a card. Once upon a time I made cards and that stamp is just what I need to get back into it. The layered ephemra flowers are inspired by my Thanksgiving place cards. I love the mix of the printed numbered ribbon, sequins and fringe ribbon. The wood buttons are one of my favorites… some are painted and some have epoxy shapes inside. Cute!




These are the Flutterbys. They come in this shape and butterflies. They are printed on both sides so when they are hung if the other side shows-even better. They are sewn together and have that handmade touch. 

Two words: Ruffle paper!! You caught a glimpse of the ruffle paper on the blog hop…¬†I’m kind of obsessed with this product! Even more so when I sat down and scrapped with it. I couldn’t help but add a little ruffle here and there on my projects. Definitely my favorite piece from the Neapolitan collection. It also comes in pink/orange!!


WINNERS: I am gathering all the winners from each blog for the blog hop and I will post those next including the winner for the entire Neapolitan collection! Thanks so much for all your support!! It means the world to me!

Marvelous Morning

I am not a morning person, and since our kids wake up at the butt-crack of dawn, most often I am missing my pillow. There are mornings when I want to hide under the covers and drift back to dreamland not ready to face the world. But not today. Instead of slushing around in my slippers drinking a cup of sulk. I strapped my camera around my neck and embraced it. Capturing the chaos, the coziness & fresh feeling. The rush to get Avery to school then the calmness of our mornings.
These will be fun in my Project Life when I start on mine after CHA… but for now I’m going to hold tight to the certain marvelous found only in the morning.

We still have balloons floating around from the Neapolitan Video shoot.  


Seriously? I can’t believe this baby is that trained that she even smiles at self-timer shots. haha! jk… she’s such a cheerful girl. A cheerful girl who climbs up everything… the ladder to the bunk beds, chairs & here to the kitchen table to eat the last few bites of her sister’s oatmeal.

Toes and shoes on the wrong feet.

Be Mine

If you are ever looking for something to lift your spirits… spend the morning with 30 five year olds and make Valentines.
It’s even more funny when they proudly try to pronounce your last name the whole time.
It will make you smile when they happily show you their hand-cut heart which really looks like a banana or a guitar.
How about when one of them gives you a valentine? (sigh) How sweet… but too cute to accept so I politely persuaded him into giving it to his momma.
Or when Avery was SO proud after the boy next to her said: “Your mom has a lot of yarn.” Avery:¬†“Yes, she does!!”
Yep, aside from all the nose picking, it was just what I needed!