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embrace new visions

Besides Ruche inspiring me to get out my pocketbook and buy a plethora of lovely skirts and jewelry… Their look books never fail to inspire me creatively!

Desert Oasis, their most recent look book, really sparks ideas in photography, colors combinations, and ideas of how to mix and match patterns. Not to mention that need lace & polka dots in my life… together.
And just like that, I also desperately need a rusted french horn… and a new hat. ;)

one for me. one for you

Here is another cute idea for a friendship bracelet from April of Second Sister using photobooth photos of her and Miss Margie… & using junk jewelry. I met April through Spark no 1 and she is helping Margie with all the planning for Spark no 3!

This year, with the arrival of my little Lola, I had to make some changes in my work load and this included the difficult decision of not planning Spark anymore… I loved every part about Spark and I miss all the fun planning but I am happy because it’s definitely in inspiring hands and is sure to be a magical event! You should go!! :)
To make the bracelet: Start by scanning in your photo booth pictures and resizing them to about 50% to fit inside a charm frame. She soldered the metal for her frames using a solder iron. Or you can find similar frame charms here and here.
Then, use wire and pliers to attach charms and beads for each bracelet.
Everyone has photobooth pics with their bestie… what a fun keepsake!
April has other beautiful pieces at her Secondsister shop and her gorgeous Jackaroo line will be released this month.

Check out other friendship bracelet ideas for my summer series: One for me One for you

you’ll catch them

I’m usually not afraid of a good challenge… bring it on! But seriously, when I have to take the 3 tykes somewhere alone… horror strikes. In the end everything is okay, except when we are at Ikea with 2 carts, 3 kids and an ice cream cone… in the rain. But even then it all works out… and thank goodness when the ice cream survives. ;)
I’ve learned to steer clear of Forever 21 with all three, but the park I can handle. So that’s where we went last week, and it was surprisingly good weather as Lola and I lazily watched the kids run around from a blanket. Until the oldest and wisest of the bunch decided to chase butterflies with an insane amount of drive. Where do kids get their energy? Imagine a very spacious fenced-in park… she would run and run… we chased her as she chased the butterflies. Then she was so upset when they wouldn’t land on her finger.
So I based my journaling for this page on that day…

Note To Self: Chase your dreams like Avery chases butterflies at the park… & you’ll catch them.

I made a bunch of layouts this weekend because it was the perfect combination to jump start my creativity! Freshly printed photo + new yummy products + a story to remember
new paper, chipboard, trims, stickers: Crate Paper
Stamps: Autumn Leaves
Tim Holtz tiny attacher
American Crafts: favorite journaling pen

Even though if you read my journaling instead of an “f” there is a “5″ I still enjoy using my vintage typewriter. Then I fill in the ones that didn’t work with handwriting… of course the “e” doesn’t work… ha!
Happy Monday to you… and you!

savor it

Sometimes when we are outside, for the whole .2 seconds the kids are still & quiet, I savor every single bit of summer. This usually occurs when our crazy Q-bear is sleeping. Despite the fact that it’s a very fleeting moment, I don’t let it pass by with out a few snapshots and nibbles on baby toes.

Savoring the smiles from her two-toothed grin since the poor thing has other toofers fighting their way through. Collin would say: she’s been crying so much you’d think Hello Kitty died. ;)
But we can’t complain because she is our most cheerful baby. Ever since she was born, no matter if she’s sick or teething, she smiles through it all. I often anticipate seeing the personalities and characteristics they have now evolve or change as they get older.

nigh night!

No matter how eventful the day is there’s always time to read “I Love You Stinky Face,” & say your prayers then fall into bed.

Collin couldn’t find his headlamp so the flashlight had to do… :)

It was fun today to meet up with Amy from Paper Life & the fabulous Kristine to film a segment for Craft Channel. It will air in this Fall. I showed a couple techniques using the Dear Lizzy fabric paper and I’ll share more details about all of that later… nigh night.

Dress//Belt: Shop Ruche; Sweater: Anthropologie

Happy Birthday Mr Kartchner!

Thirty one years ago God knew exactly what this world needed… so he put together the perfect combination of funny, caring and handsome (and threw in a dimple) to make Collin!
It’s unfair to to leave out his other incredible qualities… especially on his birthday… but here’s more proof of the funny bones that fill his body.
(Recent Facebook updates)
If I’m talking to someone and they’re looking at their phone like normal people do, then all the sudden they “look up” and “make eye contact” with me, what do I do then? Help me out, guys.

In hell, the lights are off and you have to walk barefoot over a floor covered in your kid’s Legos.

Besides being forced to smell Rush Limbaugh’s radio chair seat cushion, what is your biggest fear?

Tempurpedic seems like the mattress brand of choice if you’re married to a glass of wine.

I can’t believe I spent 7 years writing the perfect song, only to find out someone already used the lyrics, “Chickity China, the Chinese Chicken” :(

Sometimes when I’m busy coloring at a crowded airport while CNBC is on the TV, I put my crayons down, look at the screen and yell, “Extrapolate!” just to look really smart.

I just saw a bumper sticker that said, “R.I.P America, 1776-2009″ and now I’m sitting here crying cuz I didn’t know America was even sick.

I’m still picking dried pieces of LA Looks Mega-Hold out of my hair from 5th grade.

I’m a pretty easy-going guy, until you challenge me to an underwater handstand contest. Then, I don’t freaking mess around.

I get nervous around venomous snakes and people with extremely square jaw-lines.

I’ve spent that last 14 years in fear that the rhythm is gonna get me.

You’ll never have to worry about me telling people to put they hands in da air.

Whenever the grocery store cashier asks, “Find what you needed?” I pull a worn picture of Yanni from my pocket and sigh, “Not everything.”

If you wish, you should friend request him on Facebook since tragically he’s not on twitter anymore.
Happy Birthday Coll! xoxo


Breakfast//messy baby

Sisters reading// Collin tasting his flavor saver

at the park with cousins (Lime Ricki swimsuit.) // at home

after dinner treat in the form of ice + sugar water// me enjoying said ice + sugar water

cutest bright eyed baby (wearing her Bit 0′Whimsy bow//and her bright moccasins from Freshly Picked

best in the west

I love the fact that one of my best friends is 5 years old!

Yesterday we had a blast with our friends at Park City so today I am excited to have started my week in the life with Ali Edwards.
On a completely different note, my sister in law, Emily, is having her baby with in the next couple hours and my other sister is at the doctor and she is hoping he has good news for her and that her baby comes any day! yay!

slap bracelets… are back!

Do you remember slap bracelets…?? How could you forget them, right?
In the 80′s they were the perfect accessory paired with a neon leggings, Reebox pumps and a side pony tail. Let me refresh your memory:

Well, I was leaving Joann’s and I saw some of these flashback-to-my-youth bracelets in the dollar bins and thought they would be perfect for my One for me, One for you blog series.
Here’s how to dress them up:
Gather some adhesive backed fabric, vintage fabric or a fabric flower, a couple of my favorite buttons, scissors, sewing machine and hot glue gun.
Trace the plastic bracelets onto the fabric and cut it out. The Dear Lizzy adhesive backed fabric paper works perfect because it sticks right to the bracelet. Next, sew a few inches of vintage fabric into a ruffle then sew on a button.
Last, adhere the ruffle to the center of the bracelet and slap away!
You can even attach a fabric flower. I used a flower from our Corsage Flower class at Something Splendid for my second bracelet and a button for the center. Super simple.
I literally made both of these from start to finish in like 15 minutes. Collin has a hard time believing that since it takes me that long to dig for my phone in my purse or get my shoes on, but it’s true. ;)

PS The winner of Mandi’s Pom Pom Braided Friendship Bracelet is:

I have 3 daughters that love to make friendship bracelets but we have never thought of using scraps of fabric! What a great idea! We call them sistership bracelets in our house when we make them for each other. LOL

5SMILES FOR YOU email me your address! yay!

Happy Monday!