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keep kids busy kit

Thank you so much for your uplifting comments and comforting words about my grandpa. It means so much!

Before we left I quickly put together a kit to keep my kids busy during our trip here to San Diego for my Grandpa’s memorial service and to be here with my Grandma.

Board Books//Fabric Dolls//Bubbles//Paints, Brushes & Wood Shapes//Playdoh & Playdoh shapes//Gel Pens, Markers & Crayons to go with their Blank Book. Lastly, I made some alphabet chips to play with. Avery loves sounding out and asks me how to spell certain names and words. Quincey loves singing the alphabet and putting them in order.
I painted one side white and punched a circle piece of paper for the back side. Then I added felt alphabet letters to the opposite side.
It all fit together perfectly in a Something Splendid fabric bag.

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Wood Memory Game Kit OR the

Friday night my phone rang. Immediately my heart started racing when I saw that it was my mom because it was really late and my grandpa was having some tough days.
Earlier that night he peacefully passed away with his sweetheart by his side.
Now I am blogging from my phone as we are driving and on our way to San Diego to celebrate the incredible life he lived and his legacy of love he shared. He truly is an amazing man! I know we will see him again but it still hurts.

a page I made for my Challenges Book:

Something Splendid Felt Cupcake Class is Now Open!

So thrilled to launch our next online workshop for Something Splendid, these adorable Felt Cupcakes!
My daughters ripped open a present from their Aunt Charity a few months ago including some felt cupcakes. They are perfect for their tea parties and their play kitchen. Needless to say, they love them! Since then I’ve had so much fun making more and experimenting with yummy felt frostings. I thought this would make a fun class! There are 4 different cupcakes you will learn how to sew, and as always, the kit will include everything you need to make them at home. Including a pattern, felt, embroidery thread, needle, HD video tutorials. Also, it’s a great gift idea or summer craft project.

The class is now available for purchase on Something Splendid, you can order it here! Supplies are limited to order quickly, class begins July 20th! Get all the information on what’s included in the class here.

aha moment: three pages at once

When I was a little girl, and still to this day, I strive to make sure things are fair. I remember when I was in 4th grade my sister got a hot pink tape player for her birthday. Eight months later, when my birthday rolled around, some how I remembered the tape player and thought that my present wasn’t fair?? One thing my mom really did an incredible job at was making sure she treated us the same without favoring, but I can still remember, clear as day, being very dramatic in my bedroom. I might have even wrote a sob story in my diary. haha. How would I listen to my MC Hammer tape? Anyways, I was scrapping a layout for Avery and then I felt bad for the other two girls, so, while I had all the supplies, pictures, papers, and layout design in mind I whipped out two more pages. Just to be fair.

Painted polka dots with one of my favorite masks then circled random ones with a pen.
The title is “No Matter What” then the journaling plays off of those three words for the beginning of each sentence.
AC: Cardstock, Dear Lizzy Thickers, Pen, Feather patterned paper
Hambly: Butterflies
AC: Cardstock, Dear Lizzy Floral, Thickers
Usually I scrapbook for creative play and to make something special for my children or my own life history. I generally don’t scrapbook to “get ‘er done” as Cleetus would probably say. This was a bit of both… creative play and get ‘er done. I don’t know if I will do this each time I make a page but it sure was easy since I had all the supplies ready to go and an idea in mind.
Have you ever tried this if you have multiple kids?

2 scoops

Who knew I had magical powers and could make things disappear? Especially if such things involve two scoops of gelato. Who knew that while purchasing such glamourous bulk sized items at Costco: diapers, baby wipes, bottled water and toilet paper you could also enjoy such goodness in a waffle cone?

Who knew that in the summer your inner lazy self grabs the reigns and takes over, forcing you to steer clear of anything but enjoying sunshine. The long list of diy’s and fun things to make over the weekend is untouched because instead I just played and lazied around. I am not saying this as a bad thing just reporting. :)
I started up answering your questions again.
Dear Lizzy,
I’ve been following your blog everyday for a year now and I have to say I looove the inspiration I can always find there. One of the things that I adore about your blog are the pictures. I would like to know which PS actions do you usually use for the pics on your blog? I love the faded almost vintage feel they always have, they look so full of color still but slightly washed out. Thanks, Vilmarie
Hi Vilmarie,
For most of my photos I use Totally Rad Actions & I also like Maggie Holmes action set. They both have a mix of actions where you can get that vintagey feel you are looking for.
For the photo above I used the Totally Rad actions: Boutwell Magic Glasses, one of the Get Faded and Select o Sharp to sharpen up just bits of it.
The picture below of Collin is straight out of the camera. So have fun this summer using the sun to brighten and fade your photos at the same time. I shot the below picture at f2.0 and then I am very low to the ground so that the light can leak in and brighten up the frame. (email me more questions at
I posted the winner of the Ruche giveaway… Speaking of Ruche I love the yellow eyelet hem dress I got from there. Whenever dresses and skirts have pockets they win me over. Quite comfy too I must add.
Lately, I am working on my next Something Splendid class!
Also working on the next Dear Lizzy line of products for winter CHA!
Watching Lola roll all over the living room.
Getting pretty good at chasing kids at the pool.
Still laughing about going to the local carnival with my date, Cleetus. We got the weirdest looks and some funny footage.
What are you up to lately??

she’s pretty happy for ya


Here’s the winner of the $50 gift card for the Ruche giveaway
Claudia said…

I would love to get swept off my feet in the “swept me off my feet chambray dress”!!! So cute!!!!

Way to go. Have fun shopping! Email me at

PS If you’d like to become one of Dear Lizzy’s fabulous sponsors email me at!

sunny side up

Shades of Summer started when I was pregnant with Quincey and I knew I wouldn’t be traveling anywhere that summer so we thought it would be fun to send around 10 pairs of traveling sunglasses. Surprisingly, you guys are enjoying taking dorky pictures wearing them with me so this will be our fourth year.

Last night my darling sister, Ashley, and her cute family joined us at our local Carnival. I talked Ash into being the first SOS girl this year. We might have almost broke the table we were sitting on and almost had to pay $5 to try to pop the balloons behind us but thank goodness neither happened.
Another reason I like SOS is that it encourages us to get on the other side of the camera & to not worry if anyone is looking at you while you cheese it up wearing pink aviators.
I know, I know… we’ve already worn pink sunnies. I was hoping for turquoise but the coupon clipper in me couldn’t beat $1.50 at Forever 21.
Here we go!! Email me at if you want to join in the fun. EDITED I filled up for the SOS this year! Thanks everyone who emailed me by 3:45 mountain standard time you are on the list.
By signing up you pinky swear you will do the following:
-Take a photo wearing shades and email me a picture at
-Place the shades back in box and ship to next SOS girl with in 2 days.
-Post a picture on your blog, facebook, etc if you want to & link back here. That’s it!
If you are near Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria email Barbara our SOS organizer at but you will still email me your photo once you take it. Thanks!
PS You can still enter the Ruche $50 gift card giveaway here!

a dreamy RUCHE giveaway

I hope you are feeling lucky today. If not, then cross all your fingers… & your toes while you’re at it.

This giveaway is from one of my sponsors: RUCHE. A pretty online shop with vintage inspired clothes (including darling plus size pieces), shoes, bags, jewelry… even their socks are cute.
To celebrate their most recent & very dreamy Sunlit Serenity lookbook… They are giving away a $50 gift card to shop your little heart out. wahooooo!

To enter: leave a comment with a piece that you are loving from their shop!
Like the Pristine necklace, Dust ’til Dawn (plus size dress), lace skirt or floral belts.
Leave an extra comment if you follow them on Twitter.
And another comment if you like them on Facebook.

it’s that time…

Collin and I have sent out 45 sunglasses for SHADES OF SUMMER the past three years and we want to keep this tradition going this summer too! Remember the first year? I’m thrilled to make this our fourth year!
Here’s our SOS ladies from all over the US and also Germany, UK, England, Netherlands etc from last summer.
How does it work?
  • Check back here Friday at 11 am mountain time to sign up.
  • Everyone who emails me before it fills up is put on a list. We will have 15 shades so we will make 15 lists with 10 ladies on each list.
  • You will take a picture wearing the shades then send them on to the next person on the list. Please only sign up if you will quickly pass the shades along.

It’s really a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and have fun taking a photo catching you in your element this summer! Have fun with it!
I know it is such a bummer if you have signed up in previous years and never received them so please only sign up on Friday if you will pinky promise to keep the shades moving.
Also, email me & I will put a special request in for anyone who is bummed because they tried each year and still hasn’t received them. :)
PS If you played last year and don’t see your picture above please email me at
I’ve got this summer’s shades all ready to rock-n-roll… guess what color they are this year?

grow and grow

When I’m not caught with a tub of frosting you will find me neck deep swimming in this bean-corn pico salad… it has yet to be named in our family. My sister makes it for every occasion. My very ambitious goal this summer is to have everything in my garden to make it, besides the black beans. Which reminds me, I need to clean up our garden box and plan my starts asap. But since I can not keep a house plant alive we will see how this goes.

I just kinda make it with what I like and don’t really measure things but here’s a start to a recipe.
a small can of black beans rinsed and strained
16 oz of fresh corn on the cob or a bag of frozen corn
1 green pepper chopped
a bunch of cherry tomatoes chopped or large tomatoes chopped
avocado cut into bite size pieces
some cilantro chopped
a 1/4 cup of red vine vinegar
a couple tablespoons of olive oil & 2 t Cumin or to your liking
AND a bag of tortilla chips

Besides wanting to grow a garden we are doing our best keeping up with how fast our sprouts grow. Collin measures them on the wall and marks the date. Crazy to see the difference in the past year.

Last night we had our dear family over to celebrate Quincey’s birthday! Wow, three years old. As cheesy as it sounds I truly feel blessed to be her mother. Knowing that God trusted me with her. Trusted me to ‘lead her, guide her, walk beside her. Help her find the way. Teach her all that she must do to live with Him someday.’ Love you! (based on the song I am a Child of God.)

PS If you need a laugh you should check out the video below. Or actually don’t do it. Don’t click on the link or press play because you actually really don’t want to see this. It’s pretty looney.
Just know I had nothing to do with it. :)