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Fill in the blank

There’s this thing about the upcoming year that sucks me in yet I always fail miserably at them–resolutions. And by fail miserably I mean a big fat F+. That reminds me of my Piano 101 course I enrolled in then got engaged a couple weeks later…  all I did was stare at that dang sparkling ring the whole time. Don’t remember a thing. Yep, every year I start these goals and I’m not sure what the dealio is. Maybe it’s because I set such goals as doing something every single day… we all know I’m too lazy or distracted to keep up with that. This year I should loosen up that contract like once or twice a week… or year. heehee. Actually despite all this sarcasm I have set some goals (and will share some here soon.) I look forward to it! Goal setting is a big part of my life, even though I might fail at doing something everyday, the growth during and after is an A++. There are a couple rules I’ve made for myself over the years: Don’t include resolutions that start with: “I will never” or “Stop” instead begin the goals with “I will begin” or “Start.” And the other rule: Do your best.

For the past few years I’ve also participated in One Little Word and that, my friends, has no guilt attached! Just think of a word and let it inspire and set the tone for 2012!  I love it. Looking back at the last few years it guided life’s journey and refocused myself whenever I wandered off track. My word is still not set in stone but it’s close. What is your word? Fill in the blank…
I made this little gif because I’m feeling inspired for the new year and the possibilities!! It’s going to be a good one… I can feel it!


Because your phone needs a sweater: diy

File this project under things I make when I should be sleeping instead. Who cares about the dark circles under my eyes...? Now my phone is warm and cozy. It took me probably less than an hour from start to finish. I blame it on all the Christmas present wrapping since the concept is similar to that. Here's how to make one of your own.

Measure a piece of fabric or felt the length of your phone and the width should be enough to have room to take phone in and out and a seam allowance. Pin in place. And glue or sew that first length-wise seam.
Next, carefully turn inside out fold the bottom like a present then pin in place.  Sew. The picture below is what it will look like when you are done and turn the fabric back to right side out.Then, add a piece of ruffled lace or gather some lace then attach it from the bottom front and extend over the top of the back of the case. You will then add velcro to the end of the lace and to the back of the case. This will hold the phone inside.
Now for the fun part make a darling bow and adhere to the cover and some fabric tabs with a chevron yo yo and a number brad to the center.Supplies: Grey & Mustard Felt, Lace, Pins, Hot Glue gun, minimal sewing with machine, Chevron fabric paper, Number 2 Brad.
Shirt, Dress: Ruche//Blazer: F21//Ring: Gift

The Christmas when I cried about a blender

This Christmas will forever be known as the one when I cried about a blender. A happy-cry that is.
This is what my life has come to, you guys. I’m thirty with three kids and I didn’t ask for some sexy stilettos or diamonds… I asked for a kitchen appliance. Collin looked at me from behind the video camera, as I opened my present, with a puzzled look on his face, “You’re crying?!”
There was never an official letter to Santa wishing for one but I did want to start drinking those green smoothies every morning… oh my goodness. I just realized it only gets worse. Not only did I want a blender but I want to mix up kale and spinach and actually drink it. Willingly! This is coming from a girl who eats brownies for breakfast. Well, I guess I am officially growing up… and the happiest green smoothie drinking, blender hugging momma around!!!

This time of year I get anxious and thrilled for the new year. A fresh start. A new list of resolutions… since I sucked at last years! haha But the anticipation for what the new year has in store is always exciting!


PS If you have any good green smoothie drink recipes please, please share!!  

Excited to announce that I am joining in at Studio Calico and their awesome new Photo-A-Day workshop. My photos were all self-timer shots like the one above.  Can’t wait to see what the other teachers came up with and to attempt a photo-a-day for 2012. I am not usually successful at the photo-a-day challenge but the ones I do capture make it all worth it.


On the eve of eve

On the eve of the eve we are getting pretty excited around here…! But I am wondering how I am going to get my kids to obey once January comes and I can’t pull out my trickery, “You better be good if you want Santa to bring you presents!” any chance I get. What am I going to do? 😉

A couple months ago I started making felt beads while watching Secrets from a Stylist after the kids were tucked into bed. I love that show!! And since I can’t just sit and watch something–felting was the perfect way to keep me busy.
I just googled how to make them, which is quite simple. As far as supplies goes, all you need is hot water, dish soap, and felt roving. My sister gave me some felt last year and I was got around to making something with it. Then I strung them onto some twine and hung them from our painted antlers.

Hot cocoa while we watch Family Stone and wrap presents last night.

The funny thing about Elf On The Shelf is that Quincey won’t buy it. I’ve read the book, hid the elf, explained what he does & how she better be good. She looks at me like I’m crazy. I think she even convinced Avery! She says,”He can’t talk. He can’t fly. He’s a doll.” She’s three people… shouldn’t she believe everything I tell her? heehee.

Finishing opening up the advent boxes.

A few nights ago we have our traditional girls night out christmas party with my friends from high school. It was our first time in like 12 years having our party at home instead of at a restaurant and it was much more fun! Girls Talk covered every subject and we could laugh and be as loud as we wanted with out getting kicked out. We also made these book paper/glitter covered ornaments. Supplies: vintage book paper, modge podge, glitter, ornaments, ribbon, brushes.

Merry eve eve!!

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Merry early Christmas!

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 image via

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Merrymaking (December Daily)



It’s all about the confetti cover this year. First, I painted it white then added punched circles, star and circle stickers, painted on the end of my pencil eraser and stamped then a little glue and glitter. I also added a glittered chipboard frame, wood button, tapes and doily. The glitter is actually Zing embossing powder but the color is perfect. I used Glossy Accents swirled into circles, sprinkled on glitter then blew the excess glitter off. Leaving the glammed up glitter dots.


Pages about the dance recital. It was epic. For reals. I watch the replay of the performances and laugh hysterically in an I’m-so-proud-of-you! And you-are-the-cutest-thing-I’ve-ever-seen way!

A page about the ornament kids’ craft and not only waiting for me so she can start crafting but this season is all about patience. Waiting for presents. Waiting to celebrate more, hear more & learn more about our Savior’s birth. Waiting for Santa. Waiting for snow. Waiting and waiting each day as we’re closer to Christmas.


Merrymaking is the only thing on this girl’s agenda! That and squeezing bottles of paint straight onto my desk. Clearly, I am still having fun printing my photos & journaling on patterned paper. Me likey.


You will also see a trend of envelopes in this book. I love the interactive element. The little surprises, secret notes and trinkets that someday we will look through together and enjoy all the treasures we find. (Evalicious button and label, and felt tab below.) The silver doily was a bit flashy but when I added the wood button, vellum, feather and vintage tickets I liked it better… that’s what you call juxtaposition baby! (I like to use the “j” word around Collin so he thinks I’m smart.)


Check out the other parts of the album:

Free Tot

① Self portrait action while walking and she’s even smiling…!? Yessss!
② For those of you doing some last minute shopping, like me, Target has a killer special: buy 1o toys get a free tot.
③ My biggest weakness…! Even worse with sprinkles.
④ This hanging tinsel sign makes me happy happy!

xo, Lizzy

Personalized packages

My December Daily album is getting chunky… just how I like it. But I just need to take some pictures. Until then here are some cards and presents around our home. The Christmas card display is left over decor from Lola’s birthday party. Including gold doily banners and huge lolli paper flowers. Each note is clipped on with gold glitter clothespins and some regular ones too. Christmas cards are one of my favorite traditions about Christmas! Love the one below that I thought my brother, KC, had drawn because he’s always drawing… but it actually was his darling wifey, Allison. She hand drew each one individually. How thoughtful is that?! 



This Christmas is our first with out my Grandpa. I know my Grandma is going to miss him immensely. We all will. She signed a card to Lola for her birthday from Grandma and guardian angel Grandpa which made me tear up instantly. This year especially, I wanted to add a special touch to her presents so I printed out photos of them and added them to the outside of her gifts.
Friday I went shopping for her then rushed them to the post office because I like to wait to the very last second–makes life more exciting. (wink) I wanted to get her some perfume because one of my favorite things, since I was a little girl, was after she came to visit us the passenger seat belt smelled like her for weeks. Potent and reminiscent. I would just sit there while my mom drove me to school or my friends and breathe it in.
I knew exactly where to get her present… an Estee Lauder counter. They carry perfumes they’ve sold since the 70’s. I wasn’t prepared for the flood of memories that I’d remember after smelling a few of the bottles. I had to apologize to the lady helping me because my eyes were welling up and I couldn’t think about what to buy. I was too busy recalling memories of our summers we’d spend with her and Grandpa… I pulled myself together and picked a scent from 1973, I hope she likes it. AND I hope she doesn’t start reading my blog and sees what’s she’s getting. I’m safe since her computer takes about 10 days to load the internet and she’ll have opened my present by then. Maybe I should have got her an ipad instead. heehee
Off to do some shoppin’.