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Some of my favorites pictures

of some of my favorite people

on one of my favorite holidays.

So what if I say that about every. single. holiday. ha!

The sunshine was luvin on us this Easter…

Collin isn’t necessarily the biggest fan of my feather hairpiece. Is it because it looks like there’s a bird as big as my head attached to my hair? Hmmmm, that might be right. But I’ll take any excuse to get fancy schmancy.

Dress: Ruche//Feather fascinator: Dear Lizzie Boutique//Avery’s fedora & dress: Old Navy

Glitter + Fringe Banner

My sister’s friend needed a banner for a bridal shower and when someone needs some crafty help I am there, to the rescue! Like Superman… only I don’t have any cool super hero powers or a cape. But I do have a diecutting machine and glitter.

was happy with the banner and that’s all that matters. But since I also had fun making them I put together a bunch more with cute sayings that I’m going to sell at Bijou, a local handmade market, and also online. If you want a custom banner email me at

I’m glad I could help because she seriously was busy with all the other details of this cute shower! How darling is that hanging umbrella? Not to mention, make your own fruit pizzas were on the menu! Had I known this information I would have crashed the party.

I also diecut some mustaches and lips for a game called, Who Said It? Another fun idea.



**Are you coming to Bijou Market? It’s a handmade market that my sister, Emily, started with her two friends. Shop this Friday, April 13th-April 14th at the handmade market at Historic Southworth Hall in Provo, Utah!!
photos credit: Jylare

Come get your shop on!



She loves Him

Happy Easter!!
She loves Him… and I am not talking about the Easter Bunny. Although I was woken up at sunrise with a giddy little girl beaming about the eggs hidden all over the house.
But in this case I mean our Savior.
Yesterday we celebrated what would have been my Dad’s 55th birthday. As I carried a chocolate cake up three flights of stairs to my mom’s home with the words Families Are Forever scribbled on it with red frosting I felt such a warmth in my heart that I knew those words were true. I was also carrying Lola in my other arm, who is just as yummy as that chocolate frosting, and as I looked at her I knew even more that those words were true. I definitely put myself in a pickle carrying two precious things… save the cake or baby? haha Of course Lola would win.
Later that day, as we lite the candles I remember Avery asking me, “Why can’t Grandpa Kevin come down just for a little while? I don’t want to die to have to see him.”  She was even crying when she added, “Is he going to hear us when we sing Happy Birthday?”

Happy Birthday Daddy!

On this beautiful Easter Sunday I am humbled to know that Jesus suffered and died for me and for you. The greatest act of love. Then three days later he rose triumphantly and was resurrected… overcoming death that we may live again. He did this for each us. Because of this my dad lives again and we too have that blessing… because of His great atonement we can return to our Heavenly Father. We couldn’t and can’t do it ourselves. Christ stands with open arms for us to come unto Him.
I feel my Savior’s love, the love he freely gives me. 


Hello to you

I’ve missed you all this week in blogland! ! I’m not kidding either.
We’ve had an eventful few days with family in town including my Auntie and my sister and family from Germany. After Ash flew in they came over for french toast and we stuffed our faces and laughed and it was like she never left. My Auntie Cheryl is also here from California who I’ve been so close to since I was a little girl. Every summer my sisters and I would fly out and spend a few weeks with my cousins. (Aren’t cousins the best?!) One of those summer we sat by the pool and ate cream cheese + salsa & chips. It changed my life. I’m not kidding, try it! Just pour salsa over cream cheese and then dish out a little of both with a chip. Yum!
A couple evenings ago I was driving home from a meeting at American Crafts and thinking about how the last thing I want to do right now is make dinner, my phone rings and it’s Cheryl calling because she and my mom were coming over to make my Grandma’s homemade spaghetti sauce and noodles! Sweet! When can you move in? I asked.  While we cooked, or she cooked and I watched, we talked about how she wants to start a company to help people get organized in their home. I opened up one of my cupboards and our junk drawer and she seriously was salivating… literally excited to dig into all those loose paper clips, pennies and old phones! (Hey, what’s this? A discman?) I’m not a hoarder but who knows when I may need a coupon that expired in 2007 or some dead batteries. Okay, I have a problem. ; )
Later that night my 2 sisters, mom and my auntie all chatted it up the pink room. Collin walked in for a second and walked right back out. I think it has to do with the volume, topic and the fact that we all talk at the same time. Someday that we will me with my girls and I’ll wonder what happened to my babies?

It felt refreshing to have a break from the computer I might just continue that through this glorious weekend.
What are your weekend plans…?
PS I promise I haven’t forgotten and will post the giveaway winner asap.

She: is dear to me

How did you guess that I am sitting here in my PJs munching on a bowl of froot loops?
Tomorrow I am heading into American Crafts to start on my fifth Dear Lizzy line. Lucky 5! Any requests? What would you like to see designed in your wildest craft dreams?

Just wanted to share this book I made, you might have already seen it on Ali‘s blog but here it is again…
For this project, I was inspired to create something really organic, focusing on text, simplicity, and raw texture. Mini-albums are my go-to when I’m in the mood to experiment something new or try something a little out of my comfort zone. I loved the quote Ali recently posted for her Project Life using the Silhouette & it really sparked an idea for these pages. I wanted to die-cut a little snipit of journaling onto each page to give it a crisp, modern look. It took a bit more time but I love the end result. My plan was then to back each diecut page with red so the words would really stand out, but after experimenting on a page or two I ended up not liking it and put that idea aside for another project. That’s one thing I love about creating, you can try ideas out and if they don’t look how you want it, save that idea for a future project! Once I carefully removed the backing, I realized I loved how I could see through to the next page and the edges of each letter. Instead of the red paper backing, I added a piece of my Dear Lizzy polka dot vellum in front of each page. I cut random circles from the vellum to continue with the feel of the diecut pages. Next, as I was adding the photos that I picked out, I printed a few in color to start. The color photos ended up being too busy, and although I usually work with color photos, changing them to black and white kept the focus on the text. I love the simplicity it added. I then cropped the photos ranging from 4″-5″ and added them above the diecut journaling. I didn’t necessarily match the photos exactly to the journaling but left a bit of surprise element to what each one would convey.

I die cut the journaling using my Silhouette and the Governor font onto the pink horizontal stripes from this crate paper.


Loving Studio Calico’s wood veneer flag pennant shapes and the felt bow clips!
It truly is one of my favorite albums to flip through…! Here are a few of the pages. 

Next, I added a few simple embellishments which in a way can make each element pop. Keeping with the theme, I stuck with mostly wood veneer banners, sequins and button candy dots, & washi tape. I also added some pieces from my newest Dear Lizzy collection: ruffle paper, fringe ribbon, sequins & wood buttons.
Lastly, I worked on the cover. I usually do this first but I got excited with the inside pages and wound up designing it last. I cut the title “SHE” through a piece of kraft cardstock and then through chipboard. I sewed on the kraft paper then attached it to the chipboard so it wouldn’t show through on the inside cover. I sewed pieces of the diecut letters from the inside pages and left the thread slack longer. I also added a few splashes of mist and a punched heart. I was sad when the idea I had to bind the pages didn’t work out like I envisioned so I used book rings to keep it all together instead. For the inside cover, I added a vellum envelope with washi tape and included some letter confetti and one of my Dear Lizzy tags with a little note.



Happy List

A little happy list today:
Going to the movies last night with Collin to see Hunger Games. woo hooo! It was awesome. We are good about date nights but don’t often spend that precious time at the theatre. It was all I took to not ask him what was going on as the plot unfolds the whole time, like I do at home. “Who’s that…? What does that mean? What’s going on?” Yes, I’m that girl. Read his sarcastic movie critique here.

Singing “More Than Words” from my cassette tape days at the top of my lungs, driving with the windows down. No shame at all.
Pulling up in our garage late one night with the three girls asleep in their carseats. When this happens we sit there for a minute and gaze at their peaceful faces. I felt my eyes get all misty watching them dream and made my heart swell even more when Collin said, “Look at these girls. We made them.”

Cheerios and bananas or Peanut Butter and bananas… I like to eat like a 5 year old.

Counting down for our trip to the beach and Disneyland with my siblings & our families. I think my sisters and I are more excited than the kids. In fact, I know this.
Staying caught up with the laundry… my nemesis.
Laughing hysterically with Collin while watching New Girl. I’m obsessed with the Schmidt character, especially in the Control episode. “I’m wearing my slippiest loafers…”
Learning and growing and stretching and accepting and striving to become a better wife, mother, friend.
Avery is enthralled with drawing pictures of me with my mom & dad. After drawing a picture yesterday she said, “Hold it up to the sky and show your daddy.” I was a little startled by her request but smiled and held it up. She then corrected me,”Not to the ceiling, to the sky! He will love it.” xoxo
(shirt, belt: Ruche//Pants, Necklace: F21//Being a spaz: Me)


…. what’s on your happy list?

Confetti Heart how-to

As seen in Ruche’s Bridal Guide (Ruche giveaway still open below)
How To: Start with 2 pieces of vellum and cut out a heart shape.
Next, stitch around the edge using a sewing machine or needle and thread. Leave about a 2 inch opening and fill with confetti of your choice. Try: paper confetti, tissue confetti, glitter, sequins, candy sprinkles, bird seed etc.
Once you’ve added your confetti sew the rest of the heart shut.

I made the card using some paper and my Silhouette Cameo.
This little machine impressed me when I found out it could print then cut. Using the software the Cameo comes with, you can design something then decide which parts will be printed or die cut. You send the paper through your printer then through the Cameo. I tried it with this card and was happy with the results. One of the things I learned while using the Silhouette is to always click the second box on the top right with the black corners to see check your registration marks and to make sure what you are making is within the margins.

Next, I added some of my Dear Lizzy Ruffle Paper and some twine to keep it together.


As seen in Ruche’s Bridal Guide (Ruche giveaway still open below)

Confetti Heart + Ruche Giveaway

Ruche, one of my favorite online boutiques, released something new on their site… a Bridal collection! It’s so lovely and definitely had me wishing I could plan my wedding all over again. Everything from the dresses to the hair accessories–I am absolutely gushing over!
Today they released a Bridal Guide, along with their Bridal Lookbook they launched last week, and they asked me to contribute something to the guide. Since I’m still awe-struck by confetti I made a vellum + confetti heart. A perfect match, if you asked me. (I will share a tutorial for the confetti hearts next.)

You’ve got to browse through the To Have & To Hold look book… It’s so pretty! 

And a couple images from the Enchantment Lookbook…

Leave a comment to win a $50 gift card to shop at RUCHE!!
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Love Triangle: Make your own stamps & Leather printed pillow

• Celebrate Spring: Jo Totes camera bag and Studio Calico giveaway is still open below •

Love Triangle is a mini blog series where we are sharing our favorite geometric shaped projects.
No 1: Washi Tape Deco Art No 2: Polymer clay earrings.

Hello there! I’m Melissa from I Still Love You. I’m excited to be here today sharing two quick, easy, and ah-inducing tutorials with you. I’m in love with the geometric print craze! It all started with a quilt in my bedroom and now it’s quickly moving to every corner of our house. I love how geometric prints are so versatile and work perfectly with bold colors, florals and other geometric prints. I’m quickly finding that geometric prints are like the denim of patterns; they can go with just about anything.

I’ve whipped up a simple leather envelope pillow and I’d love to help you make one, too! Leather is not nearly as intimidating as you might think. You just have to have the right leather and tools and you’re good to go. If you’re a sewer/crafter like me, you’re likely to have most of these tools on-hand already. Let’s get started, shall we?



 scissors, leather (or craft foam sheets), wood blocks, glue


Cut your leather (or foam) to the desired shape. Make sure that they’re smaller than your wood blocks.
Glue leather (or foam) back onto leather. Allow glue to dry before trimming it out.
Once your shapes have been trimmed out of the second layer of leather, rub leather (or foam) on the ink pad.
Stamp the top of your block with your shape. Place leather shape inked-side down and apply glue to the back of it. Place the wood block on top and allow the glue to set before using.
Stamp away! I know I’ll be having a lot of fun making patterns with these basic shapes.



upholstery weight leather or vinyl, plexiglass, brayer, silkscreening ink or fabric paint, thick leather or craft foam, scissors, glue, wood block or clear plastic block

I purchased my leather at Tandy, but you can easily use an old leather jacket from the thrift store or head over to your local upholstery shop to see if they have any leather scraps. Vinyl would work okay with this, too. You’ll need plexiglass for the inking part. It’s a fantastic tool to have with any type of messy crafting, so I suggest you run to Home Depot and pick up a $5 sheet anyway. You’ll need a brayer, which can be easily found at an arts and crafts store for under $5. I used Yudu silkscreening ink, but any type of flexible ink would do. I’ve used fabric paint on leather before with fantastic results.

First, you’ll want to make your stamp. I used my leather/foam stamp tutorial to make my stamp.
Once you’re happy with your stamp, you’ll squirt a dime-sized amount of ink onto your plexiglass. Spread the ink evenly with your brayer, just larger than the size of your stamp.

Place your stamp onto the ink and squish around to coat the stamp evenly.

Start stamping your leather. Since my triangles were uneven, there was no need for perfect lines, so I just eyeballed my spacing. If your print is more consistent, you’ll want to make guides with a washable marker that matches with your ink. Once you’re done stamping your leather, you’ll want to heat-set the ink. Iron the leather with medium-high heat with a piece of paper overtop the print. This will set your ink against rubbing off or wearing unevenly.

I used a wool glen plaid for the back of my pillow. Since I wouldn’t be laundering the leather, I may as well use something that would need just about the same kind of care. I sewed up my envelope pillow (Susan has a great envelope pillow tutorial) with regular thread (I should’ve used thick thread, but since it wasn’t showing, I got lazy) using a leather needle. A leather needle is pretty much all you need for sewing through leather, but you’ll need to take a few things into consideration as you sew:

  • decrease thread tension- test this out on a scrap if you’re unsure
  • use your longest stitch length – otherwise you might end up cutting through your leather, not sewing it
  • pin before sewing
  • think twice, stitch once – you can’t un-puncture a hole in leather
  • go slowly

There you have it. I’m really proud of the end results of this pillow. It’s probably the nicest pillow I’ve ever made and without too much effort. I think it’ll look really nice next to my pin-tucked pillow. Be sure to check out ISLY for more tutorials, printables, refashions, design, calligraphy and thriftiness than you can shake a stick at. Thanks for having me, Lizzy!


• Celebrate Spring: Jo Totes camera bag and Studio Calico giveaway is still open below •


Celebrate Spring Giveaway//Win a camera bag or free class!

This winter and spring has been incredible! I swear we’ve only had to shovel the snow off our driveway once. And I think Collin just wanted to use his shiny new snow shovel. But I am not complaining. No way. I wish every winter was this mild. I can’t remember the last time we were at the park in shorts in February & March. A few days ago we  taught the girls how to play Red Rover… “red rover red rover send Quincey right over!” I was pretty excited since I dominated that game in 3rd grade. And it was good to know that I still got it. ; )Yesterday I picked up these pretty stems pictured above for a project I am working on. It was the perfect way to celebrate the first day of spring!

Let’s continue the celebration of spring with a couple GIVEAWAYS ! Here’s a chance to win a Jo Tote–I love mine and use it everyday. AND win a free spot to Kelly’s SC sketchbook class!

Jo Totes provide ladylike bags for women to safely carry their cameras and a lens or two on a daily basis, at photo shoots, and while traveling.
The padded interior can be custom fitted not only to protect a camera and lenses, but also to accommodate and organize items like a wallet, music, phone, keys, cosmetics and more. Padding is sewn directly into the interior lining on all four sides and the bottom of the bags. Inside of each Jo Tote are removable pads which are completely customizable—you can use as many or as few pads as you wish, arranged in the way that best suits your camera, lenses, and other items.

There are the two new bag styles Gracie & Georgia. One is a bucket style and the other satchel. I am loving the magenta! Each bag also includes pockets, strong and comfortable shoulder straps, a top-zippered closure, and a removable cross-body strap. Leave a comment to win your favorite camera bag!



Join Kelly Purkey in another installment of her popular Sketchbook class! Sketchbook 4 is a four week class filled with fresh sketches, easy instructions, beautiful examples, and lots of fun. This class is designed to be used at any time and over + over again when you need inspiration. Sketchbook is different from any other sketch class out there because Kelly and the contributors offer design tips and detailed explanation of what makes a page work. It’s more than sketches – they’ll deliver valuable pointers for creating great layouts.

By the end of the class, you’ll have a complete sketchbook of 12 original sketches, 38 layouts, and an ADDITIONAL 38 sketches based on those creative pages. All the examples are brand new layouts, exclusive to this class… you won’t see them anywhere else! You will be receiving an example layout from Kelly for each of the sketches, along with two example layouts from a Studio Calico Design Team member and some of your favorite SC Guest Designers.

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