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Breakfast//messy baby

Sisters reading// Collin tasting his flavor saver

at the park with cousins (Lime Ricki swimsuit.) // at home

after dinner treat in the form of ice + sugar water// me enjoying said ice + sugar water

cutest bright eyed baby (wearing her Bit 0′Whimsy bow//and her bright moccasins from Freshly Picked

best in the west

I love the fact that one of my best friends is 5 years old!

Yesterday we had a blast with our friends at Park City so today I am excited to have started my week in the life with Ali Edwards.
On a completely different note, my sister in law, Emily, is having her baby with in the next couple hours and my other sister is at the doctor and she is hoping he has good news for her and that her baby comes any day! yay!

slap bracelets… are back!

Do you remember slap bracelets…?? How could you forget them, right?
In the 80′s they were the perfect accessory paired with a neon leggings, Reebox pumps and a side pony tail. Let me refresh your memory:

Well, I was leaving Joann’s and I saw some of these flashback-to-my-youth bracelets in the dollar bins and thought they would be perfect for my One for me, One for you blog series.
Here’s how to dress them up:
Gather some adhesive backed fabric, vintage fabric or a fabric flower, a couple of my favorite buttons, scissors, sewing machine and hot glue gun.
Trace the plastic bracelets onto the fabric and cut it out. The Dear Lizzy adhesive backed fabric paper works perfect because it sticks right to the bracelet. Next, sew a few inches of vintage fabric into a ruffle then sew on a button.
Last, adhere the ruffle to the center of the bracelet and slap away!
You can even attach a fabric flower. I used a flower from our Corsage Flower class at Something Splendid for my second bracelet and a button for the center. Super simple.
I literally made both of these from start to finish in like 15 minutes. Collin has a hard time believing that since it takes me that long to dig for my phone in my purse or get my shoes on, but it’s true. ;)

PS The winner of Mandi’s Pom Pom Braided Friendship Bracelet is:

I have 3 daughters that love to make friendship bracelets but we have never thought of using scraps of fabric! What a great idea! We call them sistership bracelets in our house when we make them for each other. LOL

5SMILES FOR YOU email me your address! yay!

Happy Monday!

how to spell summer: l-a-z-y

Summer has been busy going here and there but most of my favorite memories are just lazing around at home! We plan on doing that lots this weekend.

Laughing at Collin’s toe nail polish left over from our Lake Powell trip. More evidence of what an awesome daddy he is to let his girls paint his nails. ahaha

We started our Something Splendid felt cupcakes class on Wednesday. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when Collin films and edits the video and includes out takes and embarrassing moments from filming. He does an awesome job making it fun!

Here’s one of my favorite videos that he filmed during a family photo session. There’s something about videos that really captures everyones personality and creates emotion. Many of Collin’s clients are out of state so if you are in Utah or if you live further away you need one of these priceless videos of your family! !!
Since Lola can sit up (and crawl and pull herself up onto things to stand) I am off to book my session now too. Here’s his email:
You can thank me later. ;)

3 Little Birds from Collin Kartchner on Vimeo.

Set yourself free!

Despite the fact I have reached new heights in my age I am still learning and growing and finding out more about myself… which I am certain will continue with any age. But I guess I assumed that at three-o I should have things figured out by now. But what would be the fun in that?
What are you up to lately? We are soaking up every ounce of this summer and loving it!
PS Considering the fact that my brother in law, Chris, is 6’11″ and his arms are stretched out this girl is quite high. Up with the seagulls. Good thing she isn’t holding a cracker for those ruthless birds. Collin and I watched them as they managed to pull a bag of chips from someones bag. Collin ran over and scared them away before there was any more damage, like choking down a cell phone. Sheesh… I am talking about Utah’s state bird here, I should be more polite. ;)
Happy Summer!
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It’s Your Day: board book

To celebrate Ruche‘s birthday last week they asked me to contribute a birthday diy for their blog festivities. I thought this Birthday Board Book would be fun!
DIY: Birthday Board Book

Instead of designing a handmade birthday card, make a birthday board book where each page is its own confetti filled present!
Gather some basic supplies: Letter Stickers, Decorative Tape,
Vellum Envies, Striped Buttons, Tickets, Instax Pictures from Instax Camera, Number
Stickers 1-5
, Twine, Sequins, and Fabric Strips.
Use the bottom of the Instax photos to write messages to the Birthday boy/girl! I use my AC slick writer for that.

Start with 6 pieces of chipboard and punch 2 holes for the book rings 3/4″ from the edge and an inch from the top and bottom. I prefer to use my Crop-A-Dile when punching through chipboard. Next, Adhere down a strip of fabric or paper to the left side of the chipboard & attach a vellum envelope. Then fill the envelope with sequins, photos, word confetti that describe the person and a birthday message. Seal the envelope shut with a small piece of masking tape. (The tape works awesome with the vellum envelopes because it easily opens with out tearing and you can re-seal it when you are finished.) Last, add any buttons or tickets to dress up the outside. Added touches: I numbered each page 1-5 with a sticker that I attached on top of the masking tape as extra element.

This is such a fun project because each page with the vellum envelopes is basically a birthday present in itself. It’s so fun when the sequins and word confetti spill out and is sure to make someone’s
birthday special!

Hope you enjoy! Lizzy xo

He said//She said

She Said:
One of your favorite things about Collin: He always shares bites of his shake with me. Even after the fact that I said I didn’t want one and end up eating all of his.
First thing you do when you wake up: See how long I can hide under the covers before one of the munchkins finds me.
Your favorite date moment: Windows down and both singing, “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thang” as loud as we can on the way home.
If you could be anywhere at this moment where? On the Dumbo ride at Disneyland, just to watch Avery’s smile.
How do you eat your Oreo cookies? Cream filling first.
He Said:
One of your favorite things about Liz: (The first two answers for this were edited for your sake.) Her widdle chin.
First thing you do when you wake up: Say to myself, “Please let me just sleep for 5 more months.”
Your favorite date moment: When Liz wore high heels and was almost as tall as me. She got close and said, “Aren’t you glad you married a Trojan woman?!” Me: “I think you mean, ‘Amazon’ woman?”LOL.
If you could be anywhere at this moment where? Throwing random objects into helicopter blades.
How do you eat your Oreo cookies? By the row and dunked in milk.

Shorts, Shoes, Belt: Shop Ruche// Necklace: Anthro
Date night is the marshmallows from my Lucky Charms to my week. We don’t do it every week during the summer but at least a couple times a month. We were bored and waiting for our table at Texas Road House so we took some impromptu photos. Despite what you may think, it’s really not Collin’s favorite thing to do (take posed pictures). So, when we just happen to have a wait at the restaurant and I just happen to have my camera handy in my purse. (Oh, lookey here.)
Not to mention there just happens to be perfect summer lighting and no kids with us to chase after. Then it just worked out.
You should try it on your next date night. Why, you ask? (I’m still trying to find a good answer for that. It’s fun? or… to scrapbook? I’ll think about that more…;)
Don’t make it a big deal but just set up a self-timer shot where your husband or boyfriend feels like he doesn’t have to pose. Bribery: Promise something big in return for “just one picture, please?!” Haha but you really end up taking way more.
Going with the previous, don’t overkill because then the next time he definitely won’t want to. Be ready for the perfect moment.
But don’t expect perfection. Even if your pictures turn out like the ones below, be happy with it. :)
(For other cute date night ideas you can check out: ArtofDateNight)

Wait for it…

One for me. One for you.

Today’s guest blog is from by Rebekah who has lots of cute, creative ideas at her blog a bit of sunshine. We are now blog buddies and here’s her take on the friendship bracelets One for me One for you blog series. They velvet wrapped chunky bracelets that are cute + colorful.

velvet wrapped friendship bangle
You will need a wood or plastic bangle from the craft store as well as velvet ribbon or fabric scraps and some fabric glue. I prefer Fabritac or a gluegun would work fine too.

Simply measure out a few yards of ribbon, no worries if it’s not long enough to cover the whole bracelet you can always cut another piece. Glue one end of the ribbon down using the fabric glue onto the inside of the bangle. Wrap the ribbon evenly around the bracelet until the entire piece is covered. Glue down the other end and use a clip or clothes pin to keep it tight while it’s drying. Get creative and glue on any fun fabric rosettes or vintage jewelry you can find or make a color block version like I did. These are so easy and so addicting!!


Tonight as I was uploading and editing photos from our weekend somehow between the cherry picking pictures and thinking about what I would write about the song The Summer Wind got stuck in my head. It was my favorite song that my grandpa sang. I can hear it clear as day… “it lingered there to touch your hair and walk with me.”
Now with my Grandpa in my thoughts, instead of the weekend photos I keep going back to these captivating pictures of my Grandma and Avery.
They were taken after my Grandpa’s memorial service and luncheon as we were all outside visiting. It was so hot but we sweat it out to get to visit longer with everyone. I can’t remember exactly how it ended up in her hands but I look over and Avery has a ladybug. When I was little my sisters and I would count the spots and say that that’s how old it is and talk about how they are good luck.
Since I am a superstitious person I took this bug very seriously and what its business was fluttering its tiny wings through a crowd of people to say hello and land in this very moment.
So we held that little bug and made a big wish then let it fly away with the summer wind.
Of course, I can’t share what our wish was but I have a hunch it will come true.

PS This week Ruche is celebrating their birthday and offering Dear Lizzy readers %15 off the entire store. It’s only valid today, July 11th. Enter code DEARLIZZY15 at checkout.
Not only that, but we also get the above sneak peak photo of their upcoming Summer Lookbook!

Pom Pom Braid Bracelets

Today is the start of my new summer blog series: One for me One for you.
For me, when I was a kid summer was all about play. Soaking up every minute until sun-down: running in sprinklers, going to the Drive Inn, snow cones and ice cream trucks. One thing we can not leave out of summer traditions are friendship bracelets!
Over the upcoming summer weeks, a few guest bloggers and I are going to share some lovely friendship bracelet ideas and even giveaway some of the bracelets to you!

The first guest blogger is Mandi from Here’s Looking At You Kid. I’ve followed her blog for a few years and I love her incredible taste whether it’s home decor, her vintage wardrobe finds or her beautiful designs. She shares a lovely how-to below.
Pom Pom Braid Bracelets

Here’s how:
- cut scrap fabric (mine are leftover from hemming clothes) into three strips:
sizes for 2 short strips: add 4 inches to wrist diameter.
size for 1 long strip (this is the one you will tie): add 6 inches to wrist diameter
- Allowing the long strip to extend past the shorter ones, begin braiding the fabric. At the beginning and end of braid, knot the two shorter strips around the long strip.
- Trim edges to desired length using a penant or diagonal style cut.
- Add fray-check to the edges of unbraided fabric, and once dry, trim excess strands.
- Wrap the braid around your wrist, tying the long strips together in a loose knot.

Mandi made the bracelets with her friend Vanessa, so, even better than making one for a friend, make them together!

What a fun start! Leave a comment and Mandi would love to prettily package up a friendship Pom Pom Braid Bracelet and ship it out to you!