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Come With Me mini album: Part 1

I shared part 2 of the book earlier today because I had to work on something else or is it my crafting ADD again, who knows… but here’s part 1 of the mini.
Highlights: Wrapped twine around 1/2 of the metal book rings with modge podge.
Filled the kraft bag with journaling from each member of the family’s point of view.
Printed a few pictures right onto the cloud vellum. I printed on my Canon MP495 printer. It’s not the greatest printer I’ve owned but my amazing Epson 1900 wide format printer died and this is one that Collin picked up at Walmart a late night when I needed to finish some projects. It gets the job done. When I print on vellum I set it to a standard print setting. I also use photos that don’t have any background, (similar to my December Daily album.) **I will share a tutorial for this asap with the how I print it and how to eliminate the backgrounds. I used a white cardstock with a cluster of embellishments for the page behind the vellum so the picture could appear more clear. The polaroid with the saying, “The sun stretched out and touched our cheeks” is from this polaroid paper.
The title of the book I wrote about in Part 2 but it’s from one of my favorite songs and I used Studio Calico stamps, that I’m kind of obsessed with.

The beginning of my album has a couple random layered pages including the kraft bag, envie and a painted acrylic page but the rest of the album is the same. A mix of chevron paper, white cardstock and cloud vellum.
Love all the layers and the ruffle paper poking out from the edge. 
I kept all my supplies pretty simple and added drops of Mister Huey here and there as well as the summer stamp from the Dear Lizzy Jar stamp & enjoyed using the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan rubons. Above I used the October Afternoon flags.

View Part 2 of the album here.


Come With Me mini album: Part 2

This weekend I put together this mini album of our trip to the beach last summer. It was torturous to dream of the ocean, sunshine and warmth while it was snowing outside. Counting down the days until our trip this year!
I pretty much designed this using Dear Lizzy products. The cover is a line from one of my favorite songs and my sister in law, Emily, made a cute stencil style sign in her home with the same lines. I couldn’t get the song out of my head while I was creating. It started after I printed the first picture on vellum of my daughter and niece running to the ocean, so it had to become the title page. The awesome stamp set is from Studio Calico.

Here’s part 2 of the Come With Me mini album… I will post part 1 next.
Cut up the Skedaddle banner paper for the banner on the cover and used Studio Calico alphabet stamps, as well as Dear Lizzy chevron paper from the 6×6 paper pack, it’s nice because the pattern is smaller scale. The metal book rings are wrapped with divine twine and modge podge, since I love using book rings but wanted to do something different. 
The jar stamp was so fun to fill with sand, glitter and sequins. I will share how I did that on another post. I also used the summer stamp, Mister Huey and layered all sort of Dear Lizzy goodies, including the chipboard banner that I handwrote on.
The photo below is printed on the cloud vellum and I love how the white paper behind helps the photo stand out but shows a bit of the cluster of embellies.  

Lola absolutely loved the ocean! Can you tell from the cheesy gummy grin. We held her near where the water comes in and she would laugh and jump with those chubby legs. She was such a starved child.
I cut up the polaroid paper above and had fun printing out tiny pictures for that. (Pictures are 1 1/4″). Love the Ruffle Paper poking out from the last page. The chipboard clouds are from Studio Calico and I stamped on them with the summer stamp in the jar set before attaching them. Can you tell I was done with the book when I got to the last page? haha… Craft ADD (attention deficit disorder) at its finest. (Swimsuit: Lime Ricki)

Happy Monday!


Leopard and a Bear

My little Lola bear. Still at that sweet age where she loves on you all day. Although she has crossed over to the dark side with her sisters and is officially a daddy’s girl. I held onto her as long as I could. Don’t get me wrong, she obviously loves her momma but she has that extra twinkle in her eye for daddy… just look at these pictures as evidence. This is why I won’t stop until I have a boy. Actually I take that back… one more try for a boy… or two… no one. Crap.

I do love how she’ll take a minute from taking everything out of the tupperware drawer to sit by me and share a string cheese and talk about really important matters like if her teefies hurt, where’s her button (there it is!) and the presidential election. She’s got some tough points on that one. PopPop took us out to dinner last night at Malawis and we snapped a couple pictures before. It’s always worth it to lug around your slr.

We stopped by a fountain to trade a few pennies for wishes. Avery’s first wish was that tomorrow would be Easter… which is really random for her so after some coaxing I got her to wish for what we both really want… a trip to Disneyland.

I knew while stepping into these leopard printed pants that I was really putting myself out there for an endless supply of jokes from Mr Kartchner. He was running low on material anyway so I was more wearing them for a favor. heehee But honestly I couldn’t pass them up at Target.
Besides, if I’m going to go out of my way to change out of my sweats, might as well change into something with animal print. (You can quote me on that.;)
Linking to What I Wore Wednesday//
Pants: Target//Top: Anthropologie//Ring: Forever 21//Sweater: Ruche



① Miss Lola and Momma in our twinner outfits with pink shoes
② A Pez lamb reward for Miss A being so patient at the fabric store. #coolmompoints
③ Sunday Style: Black everything with a magenta belt
④ Faric I am loving. I’ve made one pillow already which is huge since usually I stare at fabric in a pretty pile for months before I stitch it together.
⑤ Happy Mail from Ruche. I love the little book: Everything is going to be OK it is sitting in a tray on my coffee table.
⑥ Day 10 of get-off-my-lazy-butt
⑦ Pumping some iron with Collin at the gym… so what if they’re 3 lb weights.
⑧ Afternoon snack
⑨ Froggie Feeties
The spontaneity of Instagram pics is what makes me appreciate them even more. Moments that you want to capture but don’t have enough time to make the mad dash across the house for your camera, knocking down innocent bystanders along the way. Instead you slyly reach into your pocket and casually pull out your phone so you don’t miss a gem like this…


PhotobucketThe 5 winners of the mini Dear Lizzy jars of goodies:
Lori Williamson · Kokie · Claudette (islandergirlstampin) · Amy (loveandlittlelady) · Becky (cadeandbeckyjudkins) 

Please email me at · Also please email me if you won anything from the Neapolitan blog hop. Thanks!

Spotted & Heart 02

Since we are bffs I thought you should be the first to know that lots of the Dear Lizzy collection has been restocked… The date stamp, jar stamp, ruffle paper and the polaroid paper-which is my favorite! I used the Phrase Garland above which is as new product and was tricky in the design and manufacturing process but it turned out great!


More pages and projects that I spotted and hearted using Neapolitan. These were a few that caught my eye over at Studio Calico.
I love how Tina used the ruffle paper and polaroid paper here:

Lisa die cut the polaroid paper added some ruffle paper behind it and added some messy stamping with the Roler Stamp to the side. 

Stephanie layered lots of goodies including the Fringe Trim, Epoxy Shapes and Jar Paper. Love!


I made a few projects yesterday that I’ll share soon! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments from my post earlier today about my Dad…! xo, Lizzy

Miss You

As I sit here thinking about my dad on his remembrance day I am kind of numb. Thinking about how 16 years ago today he passed away. 16 years. Wow. So this post is more therapeutic than anything else. I can remember clear as day finding out the news, although no one actually said the words, all I had to see was the look on my sister’s face and I knew.

As a young boy he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and after 3 kidney transplants, a heart surgery, losing his eyesight & even some toes as well as some other surgeries his body finally surrendered. But only after he wrote an incredible life story full of laughter, resilience and hope.
He completely lost his eyesight when my mom was pregnant with their first baby and lost a big promotion he was about to receive at work. But that didn’t stop him from living life. He learned to read braille, went back to college and got his Master’s Degree in Social Work. He even ran a marathon. Years later he regained some of his eyesight but remained legally blind the rest of his life and never could drive. He walked everyday no matter the snow or rain to catch the bus for work. Many of my cherished times were walking and talking somewhere together. He was quite the joker too. I remember once he ordered pizza with his Elmer Fudd voice… I thought it was hilarious and knew I was lucky to have the coolest dad. Years and years ago when I wrote down the qualities I wanted in my husband a lot of what I listed described my dad. Another thing that I love about him is that if I were ever in a bad mood he would do something to lift my spirits. No matter how hard I tried not to he’d get me to smile. That and even some other qualities that Collin possesses remind me of him.

This is such a peaceful place for me. After he passed away I spent many Sunday afternoons laying on this grass with the sun on my face. It’s also the first place I wanted to go after Collin proposed ten years ago.

The same feelings always surface on days like this. How I miss him more everyday. How I wish he were here to play with his granddaughters. How I hope he is proud of me. There are few things I know for certain with everything I am and one is that this life does not end when we die. When you take your last breathe it isn’t over. There is life eternal and I know that I will see his smiling face & run to give him a big hug again.
Thanks for reading this tribute about my dad. xo, Lizzy

On The Hunt: for neon

I am starting a new series on my blog called: On the hunt where I will scour and share some of my favorite things. This first treasure hunt is for all things neon. Over saturated, sassy & the perfect way to add a pop of color –I am loving neon. I know you haven’t worn neon since you paired it with a banana hair clip and a perm but, c’mon, you know you want to.

Fringe leather necklace//Neon Pink Satchel//Moleskin Notebooks//Prize Ribbon//Ziazia Wallet//Bracelet:Anthro//Leather Mouse Pad//Shoes: Jcrew

For Valentine’s Day I got these necklaces for my girls. They were 1.50… what?? So I might have picked up a few of the neon locket. I might be wearing Lola’s right now… and I might never take it off.

Blogger Meet & Greet

I’m often curious about how many of my readers are local here in Utah. I do love that it’s a mix of ladies from all over the world! Well, if you are local to Provo and surrounding areas there is a fun meet and greet tonight at one of my favorite boutiques, Soel and hosted by See Jane Blog. It’s a get together for fun just an excuse for a girls’ night out! Anyone is invited and there will be drinks, treats, giveaways and a photobooth… so if that didn’t lure you in then I don’t know what will! Wait… keep reading.

Lucky for everyone… soel boutique is offering 20% off one item during the event + door prizes to the first 50 guests + we will have giveaways all evening + refreshing goodies + drinks + a photo booth + a free make ‘n take! {you can learn how to make yarn balls from elsa bags!} + it’s the perfect reason to enjoy an evening out to mingle!  Are you coming??

DIY: fabric bows + a cardi

I used a vintage knit fabric that was scraps left over from a class Kelly McCaleb taught at Spark No. 1. I hoarded it for a few years so it was time to give this cute floral design new life.
How To: Step 1: Cut a strip of fabric the height you want. Mine are 2″ tall and about 6.5″-7″ long
Step 2: Fold in each end of the length to the back of fabric strip and add glue to hold in place/// Step 3: Add 3 small lines of glue to the front then pinch together to make the pleats. Outfit from Old Navy

Happy Monday!
xo, Lizzy