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Workshops in France

Quite thrilled to be teaching in France again! Last year I was in Paris and had a magical time. How could I not?–It was PARIS?!! I taught 4 different workshops and met so many wonderful ladies. This year the event will take place in Lyon, France on March 1st-3rd. Come and join me! I will be teaching 3 different workshops, a layout class and 2 mini album classes.

 Version-Scrap does an incredible job putting their events together! They find great locations and include lots of vendors so you can go shopping like mad in between your classes. Since I don’t speak French I had an interpreter, Andrea, who was so lovely and beyond helpful & they also include my detailed instructions printed out in French.

I met some of the sweetest people in Paris! Seriously a few of them had me in tears and I couldn’t even understand what they were saying. Kisses to my friends!! xoxox Hope to see you there! More info here: Version-Scrap

More pictures of our trip to Paris:
post 1//post 2//post 3


Closer: not loser

Lately I’m soaking up every second with the kiddos because I am leaving for almost a week later this month and again in March. Even though the kids will be in amazing care I always struggle with being away. You’d think I’d jump into a heel-click and then shout, “freeeeeeeedom” as I enter the airport but I’m usually wiping or holding back tears. They have the time of their lives when I’m gone with lots of fun adventures and I return home refreshed and missing them so it’s happy in the end. Or at least that is what I am trying to convince myself… 



Closer: Each year I feel like I grow a tiny bit closer to becoming the wife, momma, sister, friend that I want to be…
I made this layout challenging myself not to use the typical elements I gravitate towards: butterflies, circles, hearts. Instead I used: triangles, stars & zigzag stitching and stamps. I did sneak a couple circles in there. Speaking of sneaking I added something small from my new line! Can you guess what it is? I’ll show you sneaks and small reveal next Monday.

Last night I had this layout on my desk and Collin looked at it… “Honey, that’s sad. Why would you say that?”
I was so confused then I looked over and the “C” for the title detached leaving the new title LOSER. haha I was dying laughing.

The star background is the negative stars from the Studio Calico sticker sheet. The tiny stars are handcut and I added some pearls and rhinestones.
The zigzag stamp is from this set: Hello, There (peachy keen line) I love it. Stamped it on the envelopes for my Christmas cards too.
One of my favorite parts of this layout is the date stamp in the top right corner.

Supplies used:


Stay Cute

①  After hearing my sister, Camille, tell her kids to brush the sugar bugs off their teeth I thought I would give it a try with my kids since it can be a struggle. It worked like a charm! I swear my parenting is 50% trickery. (“Mooooom, my teef are sparkly.”)
② Snuggles
③ Target dollar bin score. Might glitter up those letters-one of my instagram buddies suggested.
④ Playing our favorite game: Guess Who?
⑤ My sister is back in Germany… miss her already.
⑥ Getting a little Friday night treat. Said treat being a yummy pie shake.
⑦ Happy mail from Knot & Bow
⑧ Sammy’s… see #6
⑨ A cherry on top.

There are many famous sign-offs: Seacrest, out//Stay Classy//Good afternoon, good evening & good night//And so it goes//So long, until tomorrow//Hasta La Vista, Baby// Now Lola has her own sign-off…


(All photos are from my Instagram feed. Panda bear hoodie & pants from Target)

What to wear

It’s full speed ahead to CHA (Craft and Hobby Show) at the end of January where I’ll be at the American Crafts booth releasing the new Dear Lizzy line of products. Lots lots lots to doooooooooooo! But I stole away some time to splurge on something to wear at the show. I didn’t end up getting anything below but now I am having second thoughts about that foolish decision. Especially since I am loving those pleats and pumps. Yes, I am one of those weirdos at CHA that wears heels despite the fact you are on your feet all day long. I guess it runs in the family since we literally had to talk my mom out of wearing heels to Disneyland. She’s a glam grandma…! Speaking of the Happiest Place on Earth it is right down the street so hopefully we will get to sneak over there at some point during the week.
Well, while I decide what to wear, I better get back to work… in my pjs.

PS Is anyone going to be at CHA?  Would love to have a meet up.

Skirt:Anthro//Similar Polka Dot Blouse: Ruche//Sequin scarf//Floral scarf, Feather ring, Navy blouse, Frames: H&M//Clutch + shoes: Mod Cloth//I wish Watch//

This Year: mini book

This year… this year is going to be a changing one for our family. I’m kinda scared but excited to see where 2012 takes us. The past year there were times when I wanted to drop-kick 2011 down the street; but there were also times when I could’ve grabbed 2011 and kissed it. We’ve definitely learned a lot and our family has grown closer because of it. Which is what I hope to say about each and every year.
I wanted to start off this year with something to document a little about each of our stages in life. I spotted this perfect downloadable kit at Emily’s blog & Modern Parents Messy Kids site and it was just what I needed. It comes with a questionnaire for adults, kids, tags and letterhead titled Dear Me. (For writing a letter to yourself today and reading it at the end of the year.) I used my Bind-It-All to bind it all haha. And my trusty Crop-A-Dile to make the holes, since the Bind It All makes more than 3 holes.

We took an Instax of everyone and I kept the album really simple. Under each photo I stitched layered tape, paper, glitter letter and sequins.

This page I added our family goals, the ones we will work on together this year.

The letter to myself that I will open up at the end of the year. I sewed the title to the edge of the envelope with a couple sequins.

I love this boy. He is always a good sport when I ask him to do stuff like this. Of course he didn’t take it seriously, but I didn’t expect anything different.


The photos aren’t amazing but that’s what I love about Instax and also what I enjoyed about this project. It was quick. We filled out the questionnaires while we ate lunch after church on Sunday and then binded it together. Just a simple keepsake for the start of a new year that I wanted to share with you.

a Chalkboard of Goals

Considering the fact that there is a shiny pile of Hershey kisses wrappers staring at me with shame, one of my goals had a bit of a rough start today. 😉 Good thing I have 364 more days to eat healthier & not to mention a giant chalkboard memo in case I were going to even think of forgetting!  Some peeps use a tiny string tied around their finger… we need an eight foot wall as a reminder.
After sharing our goals and explaining what goals are, I asked Avery what her goals is: “Be good to people.” Could there be a more perfect resolution? Oh, wait… you didn’t hear Quincey’s yet: “Draw a picture of a goat.” Collin and I got a good laugh about that one. But both ideas could truly change the world! !!

Happy New Year!!

Fill in the blank

There’s this thing about the upcoming year that sucks me in yet I always fail miserably at them–resolutions. And by fail miserably I mean a big fat F+. That reminds me of my Piano 101 course I enrolled in then got engaged a couple weeks later…  all I did was stare at that dang sparkling ring the whole time. Don’t remember a thing. Yep, every year I start these goals and I’m not sure what the dealio is. Maybe it’s because I set such goals as doing something every single day… we all know I’m too lazy or distracted to keep up with that. This year I should loosen up that contract like once or twice a week… or year. heehee. Actually despite all this sarcasm I have set some goals (and will share some here soon.) I look forward to it! Goal setting is a big part of my life, even though I might fail at doing something everyday, the growth during and after is an A++. There are a couple rules I’ve made for myself over the years: Don’t include resolutions that start with: “I will never” or “Stop” instead begin the goals with “I will begin” or “Start.” And the other rule: Do your best.

For the past few years I’ve also participated in One Little Word and that, my friends, has no guilt attached! Just think of a word and let it inspire and set the tone for 2012!  I love it. Looking back at the last few years it guided life’s journey and refocused myself whenever I wandered off track. My word is still not set in stone but it’s close. What is your word? Fill in the blank…
I made this little gif because I’m feeling inspired for the new year and the possibilities!! It’s going to be a good one… I can feel it!


Because your phone needs a sweater: diy

File this project under things I make when I should be sleeping instead. Who cares about the dark circles under my eyes...? Now my phone is warm and cozy. It took me probably less than an hour from start to finish. I blame it on all the Christmas present wrapping since the concept is similar to that. Here's how to make one of your own.

Measure a piece of fabric or felt the length of your phone and the width should be enough to have room to take phone in and out and a seam allowance. Pin in place. And glue or sew that first length-wise seam.
Next, carefully turn inside out fold the bottom like a present then pin in place.  Sew. The picture below is what it will look like when you are done and turn the fabric back to right side out.Then, add a piece of ruffled lace or gather some lace then attach it from the bottom front and extend over the top of the back of the case. You will then add velcro to the end of the lace and to the back of the case. This will hold the phone inside.
Now for the fun part make a darling bow and adhere to the cover and some fabric tabs with a chevron yo yo and a number brad to the center.Supplies: Grey & Mustard Felt, Lace, Pins, Hot Glue gun, minimal sewing with machine, Chevron fabric paper, Number 2 Brad.
Shirt, Dress: Ruche//Blazer: F21//Ring: Gift

The Christmas when I cried about a blender

This Christmas will forever be known as the one when I cried about a blender. A happy-cry that is.
This is what my life has come to, you guys. I’m thirty with three kids and I didn’t ask for some sexy stilettos or diamonds… I asked for a kitchen appliance. Collin looked at me from behind the video camera, as I opened my present, with a puzzled look on his face, “You’re crying?!”
There was never an official letter to Santa wishing for one but I did want to start drinking those green smoothies every morning… oh my goodness. I just realized it only gets worse. Not only did I want a blender but I want to mix up kale and spinach and actually drink it. Willingly! This is coming from a girl who eats brownies for breakfast. Well, I guess I am officially growing up… and the happiest green smoothie drinking, blender hugging momma around!!!

This time of year I get anxious and thrilled for the new year. A fresh start. A new list of resolutions… since I sucked at last years! haha But the anticipation for what the new year has in store is always exciting!


PS If you have any good green smoothie drink recipes please, please share!!  

Excited to announce that I am joining in at Studio Calico and their awesome new Photo-A-Day workshop. My photos were all self-timer shots like the one above.  Can’t wait to see what the other teachers came up with and to attempt a photo-a-day for 2012. I am not usually successful at the photo-a-day challenge but the ones I do capture make it all worth it.