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little helper

I actually scrapbooked yesterday, cue the hallelujah choir!

One of the pages using Studio Calico papers/rubons and others were for Crate Paper.
Collin filmed tutorials for Something Splendid yesterday so the camera was all set up on a tripod. I had to snap a quick photo of Quincey, my little helper. Yes, I put her on my desk. This kept her busy looking through jars, taking everything out and putting it back, this gave me enough time to at least get started on some pages. She also was far enough from her baby sis to give her too-tight-squeezes that Lola is not a fan of… yet. Quincey & Lola’s ages are tricky to find time to craft but I’m figuring it out. If I can keep Quincey in close quarters & distracted while Lola is napping & Avery is at preschool then that works. Otherwise, the only option is late at night and I’m tired by then. My only other escape is eating a cookie in my closet or counting reallllllllly slow while we play hide and seek. ;) What’s your secret to finding time?
Awesome deal right now at 2 peas if you are in a scrapping mood too.

a day late

Happy Easter… a day late!
We dyed eggs not only because the girls are always up for a colorful mess but I was craving deviled eggs. And usually my decisions revolve around whether or not there will be something good to eat. ;P

Recently Avery became very interested and curious about Jesus, after looking through a book of pictures we use to teach our primary class lessons. She was very concerned when she heard that people were mean and sad about his ‘owies.’ She loves him, our Savior.
This Easter I thought about His sacrifice. How His plan can be simple enough for a little girl to understand yet it is grand enough to save us all.

Happy Monday to you! Did you do anything fun?

back in the saddle

Monday I started designing the next Dear Lizzy craft line with the talented designers at American Crafts. We had our first meeting. Calling it a meeting is funny because it sounds so stuffy and boring when actually our meetings are quite fun and creative.

Two hours was long enough for Lola to be elated when momma got home.
Adore this look. Classic Lola.

Chewing on her fingers is a dead giveaway for the reason of her fussiness lately—teething. Poor thing. One thing about Lola is that no matter what she still tries to be a happy girl. You wouldn’t even have known she was sick a few weeks ago because she didn’t show it in her temperament. She just kept smiling through it all.

PS Check out the Something Splendid classes like the Boy/Girl Envelope book or I still have some fabric dolls available.

dirty thirty birthday

I just came across these pictures on my laptop when I realized that I never posted about Collin’s 30th birthday party.

It was the day after summer Craft & Hobby show. (seen here & here.) I got off the airplane and headed straight to the grocery store at 11 pm after flying from Chicago. Good thing I had planned most of the details for this cute boy ahead of time.
The theme was Dirty Thirty... so everything had to do with dirt.
Menu: Pulled pork sandwiches// I made Homemade Rootbeer labeled ‘muddy water’//Brownies labeled ‘Dirt Clods’// Chocolate Trifle labeled ‘Mud Pie’//
I also filled 4 jars with something different including: crushed Oreos to make dirt, gummy worms, peanuts and candy rocks. Two of the jars were used for a fun game.
The first jar was labeled ‘Down and dirty with Collin.’ It was filled with crushed Oreos and colored gummy worms. Everyone took turns and picked out a worm and depending on the color they either told a funny story about Collin, said their favorite thing about him, something they wish for him this year etc etc. I printed out a piece of paper with the colors and questions.
The next jar was filed with candy rocks and stripes of paper that I printed my favorite of Collin’s twitter updates on. Everyone took a turn and pulled out one the strips of paper and read it out loud. Lots of laughs there.
This was my first attempt making trifle and it was quite easy. I started with a trifle bowl then layered chocolate cake, chocolate fudge pudding, crushed Oreos and Vanilla Wafers & homemade whip cream… of course adding some candy rocks and worms. Yummmmy.

I also ordered sumo wrestling suits but it was a HOT day! Too hot to get in those suits. I also had stuff to have an eating contest hoping my family would get messy with that but everyone was already full. Party poopers. ;) If I had more time I wanted to give favors that had to do with soap but alas I didn’t get around to that.
When I was a teenager 30 seemed so old. Now I am almost turning thirty myself in a couple weeks. Crazy.
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higher mommy higher! higher!
She noticed that it didn’t matter how loud she yelled “higher”, I’d give her maybe an extra inch. That apparently wasn’t enough–she wanted to touch the sky! You could tell she felt so free on that swing. Probably the closest feeling to every child’s dream of sprinkling pixie dust on their heads and flying to Neverland.
With each pendulous glide, I was pushing and encouraging–guiding and trusting that she would hold on. She knew I was right behind her if she ever lost her grip and fell back. I hope she knows that every step of her journey, I will be right here… giving her room to grow while trusting & encouraging her to fly.
Plus, I was one of the best on the swingset my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Zortman, had ever seen, so I can teach her how to touch the sky.

PS My blog was nominated over at Circle of Moms and I am so flattered… Wondered if you would take a second and vote for me by clicking this link and then clicking vote. I will make it up to you… somehow. ;)


Photos by Collin

signs of spring

Here I am, just like years past, waiting impatiently for spring to make its fashionably late arrival. Which actually reminds me of my sister. Just like her, some things are definitely worth the wait! (Hey camille & ash love you both so much!!)

Avery, on the other hand, is not impatient at all. She finds the sweetness in everything. It doesn’t even matter if they are weeds and you have to dig in the dirt to find them-they are beautiful & signs of spring to her.
One of the reasons I am anxious for this season to arrive is seeing the girls running with dandelion bouquets, “for you mommy!”
That’s just what we did this morning while the grass was still dewey and the sun stretched out to warm our cheeks.

PS Thanks so much for everyone who joined our Something Splendid site! We are so thrilled and moved by your support and excitement. Thank you!! xo Lizzy

Something Splendid

Something new.
Something lovely.
Something creative.
Something connecting.
Something pretty.
Something for you.

An inspiring community for online craft workshops. Each workshop comes with a perfectly packaged kit, awesome HD video tutorials, detailed instructions, uplifting messages & a class forum.

Plus, coming soon “The Splendid Shop!” Each month we will scour the web for a handful of our favorite handmade items.

Now go and check it out. :)
There are 3 classes to sign up for now that I hope you like! Let the fun begin.

a new day

This is a fun post to type because it’s about something that I’ve had in the works for a long time. The website was done around the time Lola was born but seeing that she is way more adorable then a website it was put on the back burner.
You might remember this monday, that is when everything came together for this project like sweet peach pie thanks to Jefra Starr Linn who did the photography & Rosie Jarman who did styling. Both are amazing! Collin came to blow up balloons and hold our little Lola and then he made this video with footage just playing around-because he pretty much rivals Superman.
A new day… I think Thursday sounds like a good day to launch my new website. Check back on April 14th at around 9 am central time.

Something Splendid from Collin Kartchner

You might even watch it twice because this song‘s contagiously cheerful melody! (Le Fantasy.) Thanks for reading this blog and your support.

find your happy place

When we got home from our trip I will never forget the girls’ faces running to the door. Oh my goodness my heart burst into confetti. They were completely elated. They did love playing with Ya Ya and ask for her everyday. Last night she came over because she was missing them too. I watched her kiss each of their heads after reading bed time stories and thought, sheesh, why in the world was I up all night worrying before I left?

One thing you should know about me is that I am the biggest worry wart. Like a huge, hairy worry wart on a witch’s nose. Why do I do this to myself? I have no clue. But before I left I worked on positive imagery whenever I began to stress. It worked too. Who knew “find your happy place” really worked?
The thing is that this is my happy place. At home… wiping snotty noses, cutting apple slices, reading stories, hanging up watercolor works of art. This is where I belong. As beautiful and incredible Paris was, I was giddy landing in Salt Lake. You would have thought this place had gold-plated roads and rained gum drops. But no… it just has the reasons I am here. Three little reasons. Two of which run on pink-bunny batteries until they run out and fall asleep on their dinner plate.
what’s your happy place?

can I move in?

It was a tough decision, given that there is a pasty shop about every block, but this one wins the award for my favorite!

I was thinking about moving in and rolling out a sleeping bag right there in the middle of their shop but I guess that’s not allowed or something… plus, I don’t think it would be good for business.
But really, you might be drooling just looking at this photo. I know I am.

The floor was so cute you could have eaten your treats right off it but we stuck with the tables to be more civilized tourists.
Actually, many people stopped us to ask for directions and a couple ladies from
Korea asked to take pictures with us. I felt bad after seeing the look on their face when Collin told them we were from the U.S. not France. heee heeeeee
I already miss walking down the street and buying a fresh baked baguette… so not fair. ;)
shoes & socks: Ruche
photo actions: Totally Rad