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diy: Leaves Banner

In the entry way of our home I’ve begun a collection of random hooks. So far their only job was holding umbrellas but after seeing a darling banner my friend Annie made from Instax I dressed the hooks up with a festy fall banner.

It includes handcut leaves from paper, felt, fabric and paper then sewed through them along with vintage flashcards & Instax.

The medallion was made from my Free People catalog and vintage book paper.

I took the photos with the Instax adapter/filter set. It includes filters to add cool effects to your photos. How cheesy and awesome are the multiple images filters? Makes me laugh!

self-timer snapshots

(As much as I love to travel I really missed being home. This is where I am the most me.)
Self-timer photos definitely have to be spontaneous because they turn out best if you try to capture a moment rather than forcing the picture. Yesterday I took a few different snapshots. Some outside during our tea party and these when we were inside hanging out. Some of my favorite photos are taken using the timer because they aren’t perfectly posed but more of a peek into the day-to-day.
I used my self-timer camera remote for these photos.
Well, it took a few times, Lola was distracted by the camera beeping and wanted to eat the camera & Quincey wanted to hide in my skirt. But no one ever said these photos are supposed to be perfect.

Some of you already linked up your photos in previous posts. Feel free to link them up again so we can have them all in one place. I’ve loved seeing all your self-timer shots!
Simply post your photo on your blog or facebook linking to my Dear Lizzy blog then post your photo below.

Hello from Minnesota

Teaching at the Archiver’s event has been a very eventful past few days. My feet are tired but my face is smiling.
And not just because I rewarded myself with a Cinnabon at the late night crop tonight. But because I’ve met some incredible ladies, blog readers & scrapers alike. Also, a secret plan… while spending time with creative friends try to get some of their magic to rub off on me. Shhh, it’s definitely working.

refashion: Ruffle Blazer

I would love to have the time and patience to thrift more often. It’s fun seeing what other people find. Actually, let me rephrase that… it drives me nuts when I see what other people find because I swear the best thing I’ve ever thrifted was the Sound of Music record & Collin’s old lady Halloween costume. Which I am very proud about both!
You could imagine my excitement when I found a blazer for 2 bucks! I did a little happy cheer all the way to the register. Then all the employees broke into a celebratory song and dance as they carried me out the store on their shoulders.
Not really, but I did get what I needed to make a ruffle blazer.

First, I found a pleated lace trim and sewed it to the bottom inside of the jacket only sewing onto the lining. Then I pulled off the shoulder pads and slightly opened the seam to remove them then sewed the seam back together. It still seems a little big on her but at the rate she grows it will fit snug in no time & be too small by spring.
Last, I added some Miss Ruby Sue rolled flowers, Deja Vu pearl necklace and the cutest knitted bow from Emmadime- her shop is perfect for Fall. I swoon over it all.

She is my girly girl of the three sprouts so I knew that if she was going to wear a blazer… it better be as pretty as can be!

The picture above astounds me and I absolutely love it. Especially larger on my computer screen.
Oh, my sweet girl, who is such a little stinker! Like how she poured milk into her watercolor cup and then painted and kept drinking the black murky milk.
Collin did such an awesome job taking photos. He’s so good at letting her play and then capturing the moment.

still finding sand from summer

Looking back at the summer some of my favorite memories are at the beach. Colllin & I could be professional beach bums if it paid the bills. I always end up bringing home sand from our vacations… not just from Quincey’s hair or in the bottom of our luggage but to save as a souvenir. I added some of the sand to a layout I made for a recent issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.
First, I cut circles of plastic and added a touch of turquoise paint to the edges. Next, I sewed circles of plastic onto cardstock leaving about a 1/2 inch of the circle open. Then I make a mini funnel with a piece of thin paper so it rolls nicely and pour sand into the circles. Last, sew the circle shut. Make sure you use a small stitch so the sand stays inside the circle and I went around the circle twice. Add some small shells too.
Banner Sassafras//Jenni Bowlin crepe paper, Little Yellow Bicycle beach paper and stickers, AC cardstock & Thickers//Girls’ Paperie button//Pocket, trim, flower: Misc
Used photos on above layout from the beach last year.
What are you going to miss about summer?

self-timer photo challenge

Since you did so well with your blog survey homework, I thought it would be fun to put together a photo challenge. I enjoy taking self-timer shots and I know many of you do too. Sometimes it’s the only way to get on the other side of the camera.
This week join me in taking a self-timer photo. It can be of absolutely anything! Post your photo on your blog or facebook (posting a link back here) then I will link up everyones’ photos on my blog. One big par-tay! Let’s do it next Monday. (Since I will be out of town later this week.)

Friday we went to see the Winnie The Pooh movie at our local sticky-shoe theatre. Avery and I snuck outside while we waited for it to start and took some self-timer photos. I just set the camera on the ground and set it to 10 seconds then took a few shots. If you have a remote that works too. My kids love pushing the button so that could be a fun way to do it.
I hope you join me this week and take a self-timer shot!!

Thanks to everyone who took my little blog survey. I think the last time I checked there were over 2,500. Unless you’ve taken yours in the last couple days I’ve looked at each one and it was fun to read your comments. Each of you get a gold star!
And thanks for still being my friend after the Cleetus episode. ;) I left to run errands with Lola for a couple hours, while the girls were at school, and came home to that. Hilarious. The part with the tractor makes me laugh so hard because there literally was a tractor coming up the road that he started hollaring at. Improvisation. I did record the the diving, karaoke and reading a CK in the hot tub clips. Try doing that with out laughing.

never forget

I’ll never forget 9/11. I’ll never forget those who lost their lives and others who lost their loved ones. I’ll never forget those who willingly ran to help and our troops who still fight for us today.

How fitting that today at church Collin and I taught our class of nine year olds about Christ’s resurrection. Grateful we can seek Him for comfort and peace and through him we can find hope.

happy happy

One of my new years resolutions was to send out happy mail to people I love once a month. At first I was going to say once a week but then I settled on monthly. Well guess what peeps…? It’s now September and here I am mailing off some letters! Finally. So I sent out 9 one for each month to play catch up.
Happy mail can lift anyones spirits. I especially love sending notes in vellum bags and envies so you can see what’s inside. Also added Studio Calico stamps and my Dear Lizzy tape.
There are some bills in there but I moved them to the back of the picture for pretty’s sake.

Also making me happy at the moment is listening to the record player I got for my birthday not to mention the vintage records I found in a box in our basement from when I was a little girl. There is also a whole box of Donny Osmond and Osmond Boys records, but don’t worry mom we will not touch those! ;)

Collin picked up a couple more vintage Disney ones (Jungle Book and Bedtime Songs) last night when he dropped up a truck load to goodwill.
The best part of the girls listening to records, when the vinyl has a scratch and skips they think it’s part of the song. So now whenever Avery sings Tomorrow from Annie… “Tomorrow tomorrow… I love ya tomorrow you’re only a… only a… only a… only a… only a… only a…” haha
And last but not least on my happy list today, this dolly.
Have I told you that she took a step!!? It was more like a little scoot but still I was proud. And, yes, our kids are fast walkers.
Have I also told you that she has 4 big chompers? At first she had one buck tooth but the other on caught up. She’s pretty much the cutest.
This picture was taken just before the top toofers grew in. But believe me they are there. (Ouch! bring on the bottles. ;)

I’m in the middle of moving my office back upstairs from the basement. I’m excited. Now back to work. The bigs are at school and I have 2 hours and counting…

Happy day to you!