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Kids’ craft: Ornaments

Sometimes after one of these craft projects there is such a mess…! Last night was no exception. Glitter was everywhere. At dinner there was glitter on a pieces of Avery’s cucumber and specs on Lola’s cheeks. But who cares? It’s so fun to see them being creative, helping each other, & the daily battle of learning to share. Who cares that my kitchen floor rug is sparkling with glitter…? It’s festive right?!

Supplies needed: Plastic ornaments. I’m not brave enough to use glass. Bowls of fillers including: ribbons, tinsel, feathers, glitter, snow (I used white embossing powder cause that’s what I had on hand), glitter star stickers, some felt balls I made, mini bells, ornaments metal flowers, knitted flowers, and more glitter.
A funnel for adding glitter and snow. Only put out as many spoons as you have funnels… I learned this the hard way. We also added 2.5″ photos punched into circles rolled them up to fit inside they look best in the flatter ornaments versus the round ones. Then we used a popsicle stick to flatten out the picture once it was inside. The girls also used the popsicle sticks to push the ribbon inside and stir them up. They don’t need to stir but it just added to the fun and extended the time they worked on their ornaments.

Patiently waiting for me to stop taking pictures so she can start.

The aftermath. They sucked me dry. 


When we were finished I added some trims to a few of the tops and rub-on sayings to the outside. Have a hot glue gun ready to glue down the tops when finished. We are going to save a couple and then send some to Great-Grandma and Great Auntie in San Diego. They turned out so cute and would brighten their day.


December Daily… part two

Like I mentioned yesterday I had reached my limit of blogging time, according to Lola, so today I am adding the rest. Like I also mentioned yesterday, I had too much fun printing on all sorts of things!
Today I am sharing the printed doily and the printed glassine bag, as well as some more pictures printed on patterned paper. I’m loving my Studio Calico kit and can not wait until my album comes in the mail so I can put it all together.

This is a fabric paper page- I am obsessed with this design. I added a tag with random punched holes then weaved some twine through it and tied a little knot. Also layered book paper, a sticker I stamped on then a glitter star and a brad. The photo of Collin and Lola under the twinkling lights at Riverwoods.
The right page next to the chevron stripe you will find a bag with the journaling printed on it. I also layered some paper, felt, wood banner, paper, book paper, glitter star. Inside are some Jenni Bowlin tickets with some notes on them and photos of family.


The page on the left has a glassine envie with a “MERRY” title, journaling tag inside, cutest wood button, lolli paper flower, gold doily, some of my Dear Lizzy tape and a book paper stamp.


The right page is a transparency, photo printed on a doily and a journaling page sewed together on the left edge. I was so happy that the doily turned out so cute… and that I didn’t destroy my printer. heehee Yesterday I mentioned that I should do a little tutorial about how to print on so many different mediums with confidence.
I added a grouping of embellies on the front of the swirl transparency including a stickers, ticket, Evalicious button & Tim Holtz game spinner.

I printed two pictures of Collin on patterned paper adding a transparency between them. The right page I added journaling above my title and then a pocket for a journaling tag. He really is cooler than Santa!
lol This photo of our Christmas tree warrior cracks me up!
Check out the post I put up yesterday with the beginning of my album.

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Check out the other pages of my album:

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December Daily-ing it up! Part One

I’ve been December Daily-ing my brains out… ! Each year these Christmas memories suck me in and I love making an album of it all! This is the first part of it because it took me so long to take pictures of it all I am going to post half now and half later. I might be missing the point with not doing it every day but this is what works for me, putting pages together on the weekend or a few days at a time.

I’ve really had too much fun & making my printer do a lot of the work! I printed photos on patterned paper, vellum, journaling on glassine envelopes & my favorite is a photo on a freaking doily! I was pretty excited about that one… mostly because I didn’t ruin my printer. lol But I am hoping to share some video tutorials this week but for now here are some photos.

I cut the calendar and used the bottom half for a pocket for the inside of the first page. Next punched some squares added patterned paper behind and some fun embellies. I am using this pocket for notes, tags, papers the girls have drawn on that I want to include later in my book.

I loved the book paper envies and we included everyones’ wishes in our family inside each one. As well as some tickets, a feather and other little surprises.


This is when Lola met Santa. Apparently she wasn’t excited that we sat her on some strange man’s lap. Poor thing had to endure long enough for a picture.

I printed Avery’s photo on vellum and it measures 6″ x 9.” I wanted her letter to Santa to show through from next page. I cut the edge of the vellum photo with pinking shears so the edge looked more finished. 

“Dear Santa, This is Avery. I would like a pink puppy.”

Stay tuned for the second half… not that you really care right? I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats. (heehee ;))

PART TWO: December Daily

PART THREE December Daily: merrymaking

Jump for joy

Remember that giveaway I did ages ago? Let me refresh your memory… Mindy Gledhill & Evalicious goodies? Ah, now you remember.
Well, here are the lucky winners who will be jumping for joy!

Mindy Gledhill CD: christy a 

Evalicous Art Journal and a bunch of goodies: michelle huegel

PS Are you working on a December Daily album? I’ve been working on pages for mine tonight… stay tuned for that mañana.
Shoes, Sweater: Ruche//Pants, Sweater: F21//Yes, I am wearing 2 sweaters. Why? I have no clue. heehee

New Cleetus episode!

   Don’t be jealous when you hear that a few days ago I spent the morning following Cleetus around and taping his daily life. It started bright and early and was full of laughs. We even glittered two 100 oz jugs! That’s right baby!

Some of you know that Becky Higgins, the creator of the wonderful Project Life, held a “12 Videos of Christmas” contest on her website and Cleetus submitted this….and he won! Take a gander into the day-to-day of this scrapbooking addict.

(click on 360p and watch it in 720HD!)

The countdown begins… with 25 little boxes.

I’m dying that it’s December 1st…! How fun is this? Who cares that I haven’t even bought one Christmas present yet! Who cares that I haven’t even broke out my Mariah Carey CD. Who cares that my stocking aren’t hanging cozy on the fireplace. (Although Elf on the Shelf is propped up there with care so I should get some brownie points for that.) Who cares, because our countdown is ready to go! We shall see if any sneaky fingers open the presents early but for now they are nestled in this antique glass bottle crate and propped in our living room.


What I filled the boxes with: candies, ornaments for our gold tinsel tree. Small messages and notes: “Watch the Elf movie, read “Who Is Coming To Our House,” bake cookies, write a card for Grandma. I also included some small wood shapes and wood ornaments to color inside. You can see on bottom right nook as a wood puzzle but a couple pieces are too big so are tied to the top.

They are decorated with stuff I had on hand: Doilies, lace, sewed book paper garlands, silver tissue paper with a pop of mint green tissue paper, pinecone, glittered clothespins, a glittered bell and twine. As well as tissue paper poms and glittered sprinkled inside.
 Quincey was kinda ticked because after I’d glittered some bells they don’t jingle like before. It looked like the ball inside accidentally got some glitter on it too. If you’ve seen the Polar Express movie you definitely want a magical bell. Soooo, as always, glitter with caution. heehee

The envelope with a clothespin, wood banner & a feather has two tickets to Polar Express. Shhh, don’t tell.
Do you use any advent calendars or traditions to countdown to Christmas? 25 days to go!  Don’t worry about what you need to do and enjoy it!

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pile of pictures

1. Too cool for school.
2. Trimming the tree with my little elves.
3. Chocolate chip cookie dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut? Yes, please. Actually I got this cookie for free from Sweet Tooth Fairy after reading a Facebook post that said go to your nearest store and say “Merry Christmas!” That’s what I did and that was my reward. Mmmm!
4. Celebration #2 for our little pumpkin.
5. Happy
6. She’s still teetering between a momma’s girl and joining her older two sister as Daddy’s girl. I am holding tight to this one!aa
7. Face first into her birthday cake at Tucanos. That’s my girl!!!
8. Picking out our Christmas tree. It was freezing so we just chose the very first one we saw.
9. I love party messes almost as much as I like creative messes.

xo, Lizzy

Birthday girl



Birthday girl. There are times when I see her across the room trying to get in the action with her older sisters and I think, who is that big girl? We celebrated her first birthday this week. Someone change the subject before I get all sappy and need a tissue…!
It’s tricky the more kids you throw into the mix to make time for all the birthday details, like how over-the-top everything is for your first baby. But I wanted to make sure that she knew it was her special day. We thought it would be fun to grab some presents, cake, balloons and have a mini celebration with just our family so that’s what we did.


After I made this crown I walked in the room where Collin was, put it on her little head and asked, “Is this too much?” He looked at me like I was crazy and started laughing! I guess I won’t be making one of these for his birthday. hmmmph.
Little did I know, it was just the reaction I wanted! If you are going to wear a crown might as well outrageously full of goodness and bigger than your head!
Supplies: book paper lollis, tulle, tinsel, doilies, gold letters, paper, gold cardstock for base, butterflies, and pieces from a Spark kit! For how much gorgeous junque I fit on it it’s surprisingly light.



Happy Birthday Lola bug!

Blackest of black

My sister and mother braved the crowds and elbowed their way through Toys-R-Us last night. I called to make sure they survived with no injuries and yep, they are home safe and sound. One of my neighbors literally didn’t even get home until the sun came up. Me…? Oh, I am cozy at home eating pumpkin pie for breakfast and online shopping in my polka dot socks. Maybe next year I’ll be brave enough to push my way through the crowds for that last Tickle-Me-Elmo or Game Boy! Wanted to share with you bloggies some awesome Black Friday deals from my sponsors and favorite sites:

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This year

Last Thanksgiving night I checked out of the hospital with a new baby girl in my arms and my heart overflowing with love. This year, my heart is just as full but I don’t have to wear a hospital gown and my Thanksgiving dinner isn’t wheeled into my room on a cart. Sheesh, that doesn’t sound so bad actually… ! lol
This year has been one of my favorite Thanksgivings because we didn’t rush and fit all our family into one day but could spend time with each one. This year my baby turned one. (Still can’t believe it.)
This year has been quite a transitional year for our family, in many different areas, and we’ve grown closer than ever. I’m truly grateful for growth, for prayer and for God who has an infinite amount of patience for me & who blesses my life beyond measure.

This year I’m thankful for: floor heaters (love to be toasty warm)
being married to my best friend
teaching avery to read
working from home
peppermint ice cream
lola’s smile
quincey’s silliness >
Yesterday she opened the door while Collin was leaving to run errands and says, “Daddy, remember don’t pee pee your pants.” Then shuts the door.

This year has flown by like crazy, & is almost over, but the best is yet to come! Enough about all this mushy thankfulness… back to cooking.  Happy Thanksgiving!!