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just jump

Don’t you think as women we have a lot to balance? I’m not sure if we do it to ourselves or if we are such incredible multi-taskers that people assume we can handle it and dish it out onto our plate. Regardless of why, there’s usually a lot going on in everyones’ lives.
At some point we have to forget about trying to do it all and say “someday” or “neverday.” There’s always a sense of relief when you say no.
On the other hand, it’s also is invigorating to say yes & take a leap into something new. Have you taken a leap of faith recently? Do share.
Last week someone cooked up something too sweet to refuse and thus I have taken on a fun project. It’s a lot of work but I’m thrilled for it. It’s like after dinner when you are completely stuffed but there’s always room for dessert, right?!
Happy Monday!
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A Giveaway Winner & A Fedora

Sweater & Shoes: Ruche//Jeans: F21
Saturday night we wracked our brains trying to think of something fun to do for date night. All we could think of was going to dinner, how creative right?! Just wait it gets better… then we went to Target and walked around. Seriously, we are party animals. I found a 3 dollar fedora & he found a nerf football… we played catch in the store, Collin informed me that unfortunately it’s too early for him to buy Christmas decor and we realized how it is kind of fun to walk around the store with out kids. No need to pry dvds or candy from their kung-fu grip or carry anyone out crying. Instead we raced back to the car, sang a too-risky-for-our-kids-ears song at the top of our lungs on our way back to my moms. Sometimes the really simple nights are the most stellar. Don’t ya think?
It’s always fun to giveaway something that you guys are so excited about… but then it’s a bummer that I can’t send you all a box of Christmas goodies! Don’t be sad if you didn’t win… I’ve got some other awesome giveaway in the works!!
The winner of the December Daily Studio Calico kit is:

Kimber-Leigh said…

oh, winning this kit would make my day! thanks for the chance to win elizabeth!

NEW "Get Crafty with Cleetus" Episode–Storage Tips

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Do you ever get overwhelmed with how to store all your amazing scrapbook pages and paper??

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diy: Ruffle Knee Socks

My sister used to always tease me because my socks were always mismatched. You couldn’t see them so who cares, right? I’m not sure when things changed, probably when Punky Brewster stopped airing on television, but now I am pretty much obsessed with socks. My drawer is filled with polka dots, stripes and my favorite are over-the-knee paired with leggings. I put together this little diy to make your own ruffle knee socks they are perfect this fall and winter with boots so the lace just peeks out at the top.
Here’s how I did it:

These socks are from Target for 2.50 along with some other more decorative ones.
I cut off the band at the top and then also made a slit about 2″ long down from the edge. After you cut the slit then smooth off the corners so that there is a bit of a dip in your sock and not quite so blunt of corners. What this does is it gives you more room to fit the sock on your leg after you sew the ruffle. The first time I tried this the sock was too tight on my leg so I unstitched it and add the slit and it worked. Also, the ruffle is quite forgiving once you are done and you won’t even tell where you cut it.
Next, cut 2 strips 2″ lace. Layer both strips of the lace on top of the sock & sew a few stitches to keep it in place. Then, hold the fabric behind the sewing machine while stretching the bottom sock layer in front as far as you can. Keep it stretched out really tight the whole time you are sewing. You don’t need to ruffle as you go because stretching it out makes the ruffle once you are done sewing and you release your sock.

Add a bow or buttons on the outside of each sock. This bow was made with Chevron Fabric paperbut I removed the fabric from the adhesive back that way it is easier to work with.

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Looking forward to keep warm while wearing these with boots and leggings this winter. Enjoy! xo Lizzy

Captain Cilantro & Me

Seriously people, I went out like this in public! What was I thinking and who talked me into this? I was trying to plan ahead for a costume but it ended up being back-ordered soooooo, like usual, Collin and I put something together a few hours before. Usually right when we are heading out the door I have second thoughts but I look at Collin and die laughing then I convince myself that it’s okay to be a dork and purposely embarrass myself on October 31st.
I never did think of a super hero name or a clever super power but here I am with my date: Captain Cilantro.
Our darling Lola Lamb.

Beautiful Belle! My friend, Jen, made this costume… and Avery loved it. She loves the songs from our Disney Princess playlists & Sing Along dvds since she’s never seen the actual movie. At the end of the night we recorded her and her cousin Lilla, who was also Belle, singing Beauty & the Beast songs while holding hands walking down the pumpkin lit streets. It was a happy momma moment that’s for sure.

One of the only times in Avery’s life she’s let me do her hair was on Halloween morning as we were getting ready for the school parade… next stop, Toddlers & Tiaras. 😉
For a 3 year old who changes her outfit all day long and has been wanting to be a princess on Halloween for months it was surprising that we had to bribe her to get into her costume,”You’ll get lots of candy!” and then she fell asleep in the car on the way to my sisters… so she wasn’t diggin the pictures. But let me tell you, we were dying laughing because she’s a smart little stinker and her candy bucket was full to the brim by the time we were done. We couldn’t figure out how she had so much more candy than everyone. Until the last door when we heard her saying, “this one is for Allison, this one is for KC, this one is for me…” while she picked out her candy.
Poor Avery is sad in above picture because Captain Cilantro’s boot accidentally stepped on her fingers. The best was my mom consoling her, “It’s okay, we’ll put some candy on it.” lol

And lastly, an ode to my mother, who ingrained in me when I was a little girl a love for Halloween & a desire to humiliate myself for candy! heehee… love you mom!

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My December Daily album from last year using my Dear Lizzy Christmas products.

Happy Halloween!

October 31st is one of my favorite days of the year. Seriously, I am giddy right now… & I am also wearing a blonde, curly wig. Trying to figure out what my character’s name is… Last year it was Cliff. I can’t believe I was pregnant with Lola last year at this time. Sheesh, I can’t even image what life was like with out her now. Gotta go & finish the rest of my get-up.

above image from Sundries&Plunder

I hope you have a Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Here comes the smolder…

A random mix of Instagram photos with deep, intellectual thoughts.

1 Patiently waiting outside of the grocery store for Collin. He ran in to get the necessities. So I am thinking, great, he’ll get some apples, vegetables, something for dinner, a treat for me. Nope, he came back with bread & Shasta Zazz. haha!
2. Last week I taught an art class for Avery’s class at school. When I walked into her class she said: “That’s my mom!!!…She’s thirty.”
The lesson was on Color Theory then we painted tissue paper squares with watered-down glue onto paper. The colors mix when the tissue paper overlaps and the kids thought that was cool!
3. My cousin, Jaclyn, came over last week because she wanted to see the girls & she wanted me to help her make a card for her boy(friend). She thoughtfully adopted a lion for him (there’s some cool reasons why he loves lions.) Hello? I doubt he’s going to really care about a card after that present.
4. Sharing our favorite Toasted Coconut cupcake at Sweet Tooth Fairy! It even doesn’t matter if you hate coconut you will love that cupcake. Buuuuut if you do hate it after one bite I will gladly finish it for you.
5. This is Collin’s smolder… reminiscent of the Tangled movie… no frying pan was needed.
6. There’s the prettiest restaurant in Provo called La Jolla Groves. The food is meh at least what I’ve ordered but there are freaking lemon trees filling the entire place. Who cares about pasta when you’re surrounded by a fruity oasis.
7. I got her this new owl hat and she is obsessed. When she loves something she sleeps with it under her pillow. Books, toys, collected rocks, pictures and this hat have all had a turn making their way into the elite pillow club.
8. Car pool day is a fun day. I don’t say a word as I drive six 5 year olds home. I just listen and laugh.
9. Last night was our annual pumpkin carving night. This picture doesn’t include pumpkins instead my sister, Camille, and her darling bebe. You couldn’t notice but this is my older sister, by 19 months. It’s not fair that she looks twelve and keeps getting younger. If you need a reminder about my age read #2.

Happy Halloween Eve bloggies!! Need to pull a costume together for me and the Mister tomorrow.

The cutest witch you’ve ever seen

Yesterday we were supposed to jump on a hay bed and take a Ride To a Witch at Gardener Village but someone (me) didn’t look at the calendar right and we were a day early. Whoops! Thank goodness there was a witch around every corner of this festy village.

This darling hat originally had an invitation to a witch hat party but seeing it’s the perfect size for Lola’s noggin’ I dressed it up with some fabric flowers and added a headband for her to wear. How cute of a mom would I have been when she met the witches wearing her witch hat?! (Mother-of-the-year nominee here I come!) Oh, yeah, I forgot. I’m not that mom. I’m the mom who’s brain is mush and we missed the hay ride & had to feed ducks popcorn instead. 😉

This was about the time my kids nearly jumped into the pond… and thank goodness Collin was there because there is no way I would jump into that smelly swamp after them. Oo00ookaaaaaay, but only after I took off my boots.
This scene is reminiscent of the fruit stand photo. (Why yes, I do often look like a frantic mom.)

Happy Friday!!
Teaching another Something Splendid class is exciting! Be sure to join us for our Thankful class. Here’s all the goodies that are included in the kit. (Including a really pretty grey trim.)

eat at your own risk

My mini baker is such a big helper. Except I can barely turn my head to grab the next ingredient because who knows what she will stir in, making it her own tasty concoction. That’s why it’s always eat at your own risk. So far so good… I haven’t been poisoned (yet) & the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are delicious!

Ready for the world’s easiest pumpkin cookie recipe?
Spice Cake Mix (no eggs, oil, water etc) + Can of pumpkin 16 oz + Chocolate chips. That’s it.
I bake them small about 3Ts and then cook them at 350 for about 15 minutes. Don’t overcook them. I check them like I do cake with a toothpick or small knife in the center.
Thanks to my sister Em for that recipe, although my toosh does not thank her.
They are soooooo yummmmmmy!!