New Dear Lizzy Collection: She’s Magic

Hi friends!! long time no see 🙂
It’s always a very exciting day to reveal the new Dear Lizzy collection! Somehow I still get nervous butterflies, even after all these years, but I am pretty certain that crafters and creatives are going to love the darling and inspiring—She’s Magic. This one is a special one because it celebrates the creative women in our lives and the creativity in all of us. No matter if it’s through painting, writing or cooking, we each have such an innate desire to create. And I  realized that the times of my life when I am the most in-tune and happy with who I truly am… it’s because I am making time to create with paper.
The paper is always my favorite piece of every collection! This one has gorgeous florals, painted patterns and graphic designs to make a very eccentric but beautifully coordinated mix! The phrases are inspiring and all the details from the tickets to the buttons and tiny puffy stickers will make your hoarding heart happy!
I feel so lucky to get to share these products and can’t wait to see what you create with them (Keep tagging #dearlizzy on social stuff)! Thanks so much for following this journey and I am excited to share more on here with you! I pinky promise, xoxo Lizzy



3 thoughts on “New Dear Lizzy Collection: She’s Magic

  1. Dawn

    Hi, hi, hi! I’ve missed your blog posts (yay for IG!). What an inspiring package “She’s Magic” is! Excited to get my hands on it.


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