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If you are interested in reading about how screen use effects kids’ brains and all aspects of their life…  I want to share a list of highly recommended books I recently purchased from Amazon.
This is the first generation that we’ve had to learn and deal with this topic. It’s been life changing for me and eye-opening! I had to set boundaries for myself and our family. My kids have been completely off screens since sometime around February or March. But for sure all of April/May. (We still do movies.)  Including some tech-free flights. It’s weird that when it’s not available they don’t ask for it and quickly learn to think of something else to do with their time. The flight attendants were puzzled since it’s probably an usual sight to see kids with out them. Of course this is a personal choice for each family and everyone can choose what works best for them! The important thing is if we are going to give kids’/tweens/teens screens… please… we need to at least educate ourselves on how it effects them first!
**Another tip is to think about your end goal. If it is to get ahold of your child then try a phone watch. If they want to text, try a flip phone or you can adjust smart phones to only have phone and text. Just think about what they need before handing over a mini computer and social media because then you have to think of the ramifications those will bring. I have a friend who was feeling bad because she is recently divorced and needs to get ahold of her kids. Which is totally understandable! Every family is unique. xoxo But I am quickly learning that we are also giving our children a tool to be bullied with! And that’s the last thing any parent wishes for their child.

These are the ones I have read or am in the process of finishing and highly recommend:
Fearless Parenting

Glow kids (Start with this one)

Reset Your Child’s Brain (Or start with this one)



These are ones I’ve purchased that friends and experts have recommended. Excited to start reading!


The Teenage Brain

The Big Disconnect

Coming out May 29th but even read the sample!! Mind blowing
Ten Arguments For Deleting Social Media Accounts Right Now

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