Sooooo many stickers…

The Dear Lizzy sticker book that everyone is raving about is now available online! Yay!
Click here to check it out! 

There are 1,384 stickers to be exact… I double counted them to be sure. 😉 I mean, that’s a ton of stickers. I love all the creative projects I have been seeing using them!

Each page from the sticker book is full of colorful, creative, cuteness!
They are used below to create a darling banner for a layout. And they also work really well with planners!


Check out stickers here and to see the collection of signature designed books here!

One thought on “Sooooo many stickers…

  1. Laura G.

    Love this layout! Thank you for inspiring me to do traditional scrapbook pages again! I’m making the transition back from PL…Making individual memory albums for my grandkids…make a page and copy it for each grandkid that it’s about…gotta get me a Sticker Book!!♡♡♡


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