Down Dog

When you’re just trying to get your zen on but two boys want to play. One is four and the other is hairy and slobbery. For some reason whenever I get on the floor to do yoga or clean it’s an invitation to play.
Last year exercise quickly moved up the list of priorities. When Collin was traveling every week it kept my mind busy and my stress down. I shared this on instagram already but I learned a lot last year about myself and it was definitely a growing year for me… emotionally, mentally and physically challenging. When I felt like I was failing at everything exercising was one thing I did right. An hour and I felt accomplished and energized. No matter where we are on our fitness journey it’s so important to take some time each day for our bodies and even helps to clear my mind.

This past month Lola and I were in LA with Old Navy for a fun collaboration and I got to try out some of their new athleisure collection. I’m honestly pretty picky about workout clothes but I was so impressed. The pants were soft, had super cute patterns and squat proof for leg day. Which is very important. I got some adorable floral patterns and cute tanks too. Plus I love when they carry coordinating pants and sports bras. Tuque was jealous  ; D
Sponsored by Old Navy

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