Amazon Fire to the rescue

Sponsored by Amazon but thoughts and opinions are my own. 🙂
Just when I think I’m running out of tricks to get my kids to do what they need to do… and what I want them to do (evil laugh bwahaha) I find the Amazon Fire HD kids edition tablet. And let’s just say that someone got their power back. The thing is, they love screen time and when screen time can be books and educational apps… it takes some of the momma guilt out of the equation. Plus, there’s fun games and movies too! It’s such a great gift idea if you are in the search for something under under bucks! Some other pros is the case it comes in! Totally child proof. And it comes with a year subscription to Amazon Freetime unlimited! Yep. Also the Parent controls and dashboard is an awesome tool! Definitely need to add the Amazon Fire HD8 Kids tablet to your list for Santa!

I’ve always wanted to read a holiday book everyday in December but I don’t have that many in our collection. I’m excited because there is an expansive library of Christmas books you can find on the Amazon Fire HD kids tablet and ready for us to read each day! I love this tradition and nightly bedtime routine. Myles is already a pro finding books and my hope is that he will continue to increase his love for reading especially during the Christmas break.

It was also have a cool feature for those traveling with kids this holiday season. There will be an offline mode where you can download movies and it will be saved to the tablet then if you don’t have service you will still be able to watch it. Once you’re done just remove from Offline Mode. So awesome for flights!
Are you traveling anywhere for Christmas or do you stay cozy at home?


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  1. bev

    I so agree. I think they are pretty amazing for kids. My 3 grandkids each have their own including the 2 yo. Its cute watching him learn to navigate it to see his favorite Daniel the Tiger video or follow instructions from a game. My 9yo grand daughter has Skype on hers. Mom and dad used that when they traveled for 10 days. She could message mom whenever she wanted and they made time every evening to Skype with her and her brothers. Letting her have that control over messaging mom went a long ways to reduce her anxiety over missing mom.


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