For the love/hate of Laundry

This post was created in partnership with Samsung.
There is one thing that is certain around our home, and that is how much I hate laundry. It’s just one of those things that is never-ending. I try to be positive about doing it and approach it with a ‘whistle while you work’ type of attitude… all the while trying to be a little more Snow White and a little less Grumpy. I’ll listen to Audible, turn on music or watch Netflix while I fold, which definitely helps.’

You know what also helps? Having an amazing duo like the Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry. It’s the perfect solution to help out this laundry-hating momma! Plus, my Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry even sings like a Disney movie (lol). The chime is exactly how a dryer would finish a load if it were starring as the sidekick of a modern Disney princess. The first time my son heard the dryer chime when the load was finished, he replied, “That’s adorable!” And it really is. If you’ve got to do laundry, let the machine at least make an adorable sound.


Some other things I love about the Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry that are converting me to a laundry-loving momma!! First, there is an activewear setting on the FlexWash. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is the FlexWash’s way of saying, “Hey, I see you working out and giving it your all. You’re killing it at your morning workouts. Keep it up.” Also, if I just want a rinse and spin, the buttons are easier than the dial I would use on my old machine. The FlexWash and FlexDry have all the preset options of a traditional washer/dryer pair, but they’re also customizable if you want to spin longer, rinse up to 5 times, or tumble clothes longer. There’s also an option to turn on steam in the washer and dryer to eliminate wrinkles which is amazing!

But the thing that makes this duo the biggest pair of heroes in the laundry world – there are two washers and two dryers – 4 machines in 1. Yep! You can be doing two completely different loads of laundry and dry two separate loads of laundry at the same time! Your mind is blown, right? I feel so accomplished getting them both working at once. This comes in super handy when I’m having to do a huge load of sheets and towels, but also need to wash and dry some items on a delicate cycle. Plus you can control this magical pair with Samsung’s Connect Home App, so you have a partner in crime letting you know things like the current load is done (and if you forget to start a load, you can start it remotely while you’re off doing all of your other super-mom duties).

Now that I’m armed with my Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry, I have no excuses. I get excited to load it up and make it do all the hard work so I have time for the other things in life (and sometimes even myself)!


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