Free time with Amazon Fire

This awesome, yellow screen (the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet) saved us on a flight a couple weeks ago with keeping Myles busy on the plane and not only that he could practice his letters before school officially started. Woot woot Two in one! I know the preschool curriculum isn’t too intense ; ) but this boy is ready to learn. Sometimes I feel like my kids are wanting and ready to soak up more information and I’m the one not keeping up with them or pushing them as much as I should. It’s crazy how much kids gravitate towards screens. We reallllyyyy try to limit the time on Netflix and we only have one kids’ screen. But it truly is a great way, if used smart and in the right ways, to facilitate in their learning! I love Amazon Freetime Unlimited because it is a one year subscription and  includes access to thousands of age-appropriate books, videos, apps and games. Plus, top educational titles to help refresh reading comprehension and math skills. I also have access to the Parent Dashboard that keeps track of time and what viewing. You can also set educational goals and screen time limits. Loving all this so I feel safe and protected when they’re on it.  Really excited to see him excel, and my other cutie kids too, this year!

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Here are some of the top Momma recommended Kids’ Educational apps:
Starfall, ABC Mouse, Endless Alphabet Numbers, Leap Frog, Reading Rainbow, Endless Number! leave a comment to add your favorites! xo Lizzy

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