Stars + Stripes

July is all about red, white and blue and celebrating this beautiful country…
The fourth of July is kind of a big deal around here… I think that all started with my mom and dad and their fun traditions! My mom would sew us matching red, white and blue festive rompers or dresses. We would camp out at the parade route and save a spot and then that night we went to the Stadium of Fire! Which is exactly like it sounds with amazing fireworks and music. Some days I really wonder how my mom did it all… because she had 6 kids and I can barely keep up with these four. But looking back, I do remember days when she was tired or make up from the day before under her eyes… and making quiet times for herself at night in her room. We just gotta find that balance. Make time to rest so we can be ready to party.
As much as I wish I could, I can’t sew clothing like my mom at all… but I do love dressing up all matchy-matchy. Got these cute outfits at Old Navy, of course. Love shopping there for kids’ clothes. Myles’s star shirt is my favorite! I like to just mix up the colors and Avery (who was at 5th grade camp when we took these pics) has a cute patterned dress that brings together all the colors. I also got Collin some shorts with little flags all over them and surprisingly… he loves them! Usually he gives a little mumble grumble at first of whatever I buy him and then tries it on and likes it. But this was positive feedback from the start!
So grateful for this country… the people who fight for our freedom and their amazing families.

Hope everyone had a happy fourth! xoxo Lizzy

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