Strawberry Days Forever

One of my favorite traditions in the summer is when the carnival rolls into town for Strawberry Days! As we were excitedly walking up to the rides Lola’s asked, “How did they put this all together in one day?” My thoughts exactly. But allllll the fun was worth the risk of our lives. ; ) Collin was away for work and Avery had just gotten back from a week at 5th grade camp so she was a zombie from late nights and early mornings and just wanted to relax at home. Which was a good idea because Quiney is up for all the crazy rides… like hanging up side down while spinning rides. I get sick just watching from a distance.
For some reason I forgot that carnivals only accept cash so we were very limited to a sheet of tickets and one cotton candy to share. We stretched it out as much as we could and was such a fun night! You can see a short VIDEO from the carnival here! 

photos: Hunter Fowler


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