Framed flowers

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Ever have those days where you want to scrapbook but just can’t seem to make it work?  Happens to me way too often – I really want to be crafty but I just can’t make anything I “like”…welllll, when that happens…I make paper flowers!   I love these little guys.  I don’t know why, but I find them relaxing and fun to make.   All you need is your paper, a die-cut machine, flower template and a hot glue gun (oh and I use a pencil to help me “roll” the flowers, makes it easier for me).

This time around I thought it might be nice to make something for my room – I picked out an old white frame (I have a habit of collecting frames to use for “something later on”) with the idea to fill it with a whole lot of paper flowers.  I love the colours/patterns of Lovely Day so I decided to use those (12×12 double-sided papers and the 12×12 paper pad). I picked up all my templates from the Silhouette Design Store and spent the next few hours cutting and rolling flowers… I think I went through around 15 pages of pattern paper to fill my frame!

After I’d cut/rolled a few I started randomly filling the frame with flowers so I could see how many more I needed (turns out I only had just over half of what I needed at the time, ha).  Once I had enough flowers it was time to get out the hot glue gun and glue them all together.  This part is fun and not fun.  I’m a little clumsy with the glue gun and will alwwwwwwways burn myself.  Even when I’m being extra careful and trying not to.  And at the last minute I also decided to add some of the washi onto the frame background, just incase there were any gaps at the end, atleast you would see more flowers instead of the chipboard background!

Then it was just a matter of gluing the flowers into place (using that dangerous hot glue gun again..).  I didn’t go with any particular order, I put the big ones down first and started filling the spaces with those next in size and going until it was completely full (with only 1 spare flower at the end!).

Once the frame was full it was simply a matter of deciding where to hang it in the room!  (You’d have thought I’d figured that out before starting, right….).

I’m pretty critical of things I make (i.e. never think they are good enough, ha) but I really love how this one finished up!  Kept me busy (I actually worked on this over a couple days) and I still got that crafty time I was needing! Happy Flower rolling, Emma

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