Unicorn Magic

My favorite camera must-have right now is a wifi memory card. If you don’t have one you need to try it out. Your camera doesn’t need wifi and you do not need to be at home on your wifi… it uses some sort of crazy cool, magical unicorn science so you can be anywhere and get your photos off your big girl camera to your phone. Very convenient and amazing to get it off your camera without a computer.
I love the Toshiba wireless card: Here on Amazon if you’re a Prime shipping girl like me.
Still shooting with the Canon 6D right now and am loving it. This camera has wifi but it’s not as easy to use as a wifi card because you connect the camera to a wifi connection. If you use a compact flash card there are adapters so you can use the wifi SD card in your camera. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments…!
Also still using the 24-70 lens that’s my all around favorite to shoot with. It seems like it’s losing its focus though. Is that normal? Does anyone know if there’s something I can do like a tune up. 🙂

My sister, Camille, is an amazing hair stylist and did the girls’ hair. She has a hair product she developed and sells called Hair Glyder. She started an Instagram too to share cute little girls’ hair styles too… @upstyl. Can’t wait to see more looks from her. Love this cute mohawk look on my Quincey Rose. xoxo Lizzy

3 thoughts on “Unicorn Magic

  1. Jossie Posie

    OOh sorry – yes one question, I am using a Canon Rebel T3 do I need the adapter thing for my camera if I purchase the wifi memory card?

    Also on a side note about your camera lens my camera started to loose focus and I took it into my local camera shop… they said my lens was broken but my camera body was fine. So you may just need a new lens.

    so I am stuck invest in a new wifi camera or get a new lens! Ugh decisions

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to check your sisters IG out.


  2. Lizzie

    Same – I had to take my lens in. : (

    Side note – What are those magical floors?!?!?!? So pretty!!!!

  3. fille sans coeur

    I had a problem with the focus on my Nikon, so I handed it in at a local photo shop (where I hadn’t purchased the camera, but who had some connection to Nikon) and they sent it to be adjusted. Worked alot better after, but, I think I made a mistake and just sent one of the lenses with, it seems that all the lenses can/should be adjusted for perfect focus (in some sort of unicorn magic way). I’m not sure if the shop were being kind to me, since I didn’t pay anything, but Nikon (and Canon too Im sure) are such reputable companies they probably do a lot to make things easy for their customers. Good luck.


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