December Daily part 1

Yesterday was a race against the sun to photograph my December Daily album and the sun won. At 5:24 pm. Crazy that’s it’s so dark by then. Today it was quite dark inside. So I took my album and a foam board outside and it started… snowing! ha! I can’t win. If you see specks on the sides of the pics. It’s snow. 😀
This year my December manta is Simplify and Savor the Magic. Or since I am keeping things simple just simplify and savor. ; )
This theme also translates to my album. DecDaily is my favorite project to create every year and if I want to get it done I have to keep it simple. I absolutely love creating it and all that entails! Some of the things I am incorporating this year. Printing on canvas paper (from a Dear Lizzy album), layering and transparency (a must every year), focusing on the photos and printing large 7×8.25″ as well as 3″x4″, and making sure to journal now. Last year I skipped journaling if I was busy designing the pages and now I still need to fill in gaps then I can post that one too. Here’s the start…



img_8405Printing on the canvas paper! Love the texture and old feel.



Printed a strip of photos then attached to chipboard.
Love my sweetie bear… more pics of our snow day here!
My fave trees printed on canvas paper. I might change out the right side cause I don’t love it but we shall seeee…
Supplies: Ali Edwards December Daily + stuff from a box of Christmas supplies I keep together over the years. Dear Lizzy number transperancy and album.

I showed it to Myles and he could care less… just was eating ribbon the whole time instead of looking at it. lol So hopefully someone out there in blog land cares. ; )

Hope you are having a wonderful December!! Love you all! xoxo Lizzy

6 thoughts on “December Daily part 1

  1. A. Sanborn

    Thrilled to have “stumbled” upon your post this morning with my cuppa! Absolutely enjoyed every smidge of detail within your 2016 Dec Daily. LOVED the “RETRO” feel of the canvas photos! Is this accomplished with a piece of canvas sent through a “regular” at home printer?.

    I’ve committed to FINALIZING our album this year and so far I’m on track with the exception of the “stories” that I’ve written in a separate notebook for after. I chose RETRO photos that resemble the aged look of those old photos that changed color over the years in those horrible pages that weren’t photo safe.

    TFS your inspiration and I’m looking forward to seeing the COMPLETE album. {wink}

  2. Emma

    It’s gorgeous Liz! And I’ve got to try that canvas paper, looks so good! (once I figure out where to get it from over here, ha). Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. Nicole

    Amazing and inspirational! I do one every year, and I always remind myself that it’s something your children will appreciate as they grow older and share with their children 🙂

  4. Rosemary

    Oh I just love looking at your scrapbook pages – your talents are remarkable. Your photography skills are wonderful as well! You create actual works of art, which will stand the test of time and one day, when your kids are older (well, maybe not Myles, cuz you know – boys 😩) they will relish examining each and every page. I think it’s time to publish another book – I still refer to your “Scrapbooking Challenges” book, my all-time favourite. It is still completely current, because art never goes out of style!


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