Catching Snowflakes


There’s no end in sight with the snow falling right now. It’s so magical!
Lola said Myles woke her up this morning when she was having a “really good dream” and now she doesn’t remember what it was about. But she said he shook her saying, “Lola look at the snow! Look at the snow! It’s Christmas!!” They’ve been sleeping in the bottom bunk bed together because they both are scared at night and they’re learning slowly but surely it’s not a good idea to wake sleepy momma bear. hehe
And then we caught snowflakes outside with my cozy little snow bear.

img_8072  img_8047   img_8164 img_8165


img_8167 snow

Linked to this cute jeweled head wrap cause it’s seems totally pointless to not keep your head warm but so cute and a fun change from wearing beanies.


5 thoughts on “Catching Snowflakes

    1. Elizabeth Kartchner Post author

      for this one: I took the ones of just Myles and my husband took the ones of us together. 🙂

  1. Martina

    Your pictures are soooo beautiful and inspiring. I would love that bear hood for my boy. I would also appreciate the link, where to buy it:)..


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