Easter Ready with The Children’s Place

easter outfitsThe weather was faking spring when we took these pics and, believe me, I am not complaining one bit. Bring on the sunshine! But I won’t get my hopes up just yet because it’s been known to snow in May in Utah.
Besides eating an entire bag of Cadbury eggs, Easter outfits are on of my favorite spring traditions. I mean, can you blame me? I can’t handle the cuteness leaping off these pics.
Earlier this week we went to the mall and picked out Easter everything from The Children’s Place! There are so many stylish dresses and darling patterns and colors to choose from for the girls! And Myles in those suspenders and hat-it’s just too much. The boys stuff is adorable and spot on as well. You know I can’t resist a boy in a bow tie! I thought about snagging it online but it was pretty adorable to let Lola try on a few choices, these kids love to play dress up all day, so Lola took the chance and found her favorite. The Children’s Place also has every detail covered with purses, jewelry, hats and tights and shoes. Oh, and don’t forget the sunglasses.
(Psst… plus everything online is 50% off right now)

easter outfits
easter outfits easter outfits easter outfits  easter outfits easter outfits easter outfits

easter11 easter outfits

easter outfits
Celebrating Easter as a child I have memories of my mom making us matching dresses, wearing white gloves and a white hat then heading off to church. But it was even more than just getting dressed up. It was the feeling of these traditions weaved together through the years until it makes a beautiful basket full of love for my family… a maybe a few candy eggs. WE didn’t have a lot of money growing up… but I don’t think I ever knew that until I was older. Or if I did, it didn’t matter. I hope I do the same for my kids. To give them the same experience and feeling of tangible adoration.

Photography: http://weescoutphotography.com

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7 thoughts on “Easter Ready with The Children’s Place

  1. Kelly Jean

    They are the cutest! I love traditions and them ring passed down. I remember dressing up as a kid every Easter. I can’t wait to do this with my own children.

  2. Emily

    Adorable kiddos!! Awesome pictures! Just ordered my boys bow ties and fedoras from children’s place, can’t wait until they get here!

  3. Kim Woods

    They are adorable! I totally miss those days of little outfits from Childrens Place and them wearing whatever I “made” them wear. My big ones still look cute but they are drive the Easter outfit bus.

    Thanks for sharing! I want to eat up that baby boy of yours!

  4. Anne-Sophie

    Sooooooo cute and lovely! Beautiful colors, beautiful kids ans beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! The little kiss’ picture is my favorite!


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