It’s a Disney Day!

dear lizzy blog
When I was a little girl I apologized to my diary for not writing and I feel like I need to do that now… apologize for my lack of blogging. 🙂 I have such good intentions but the past couple months have flown by. Collin travels a lot for work too so I feel like I have even less free time, besides when I hide in the bathroom. ha! It definitely took some adjusting for our day to day routine. It’s still hard and Quincey has a really difficult time with him gone. It breaks my heart how much it effects her when we’re not all together. Even though he’s only gone for 2-3 days at a time. I definitely have a new found appreciation for single and army mommas out there.
We took a break last week and went to Disneyland as a fam! Because long lines and crowds are great for refreshing those batteries. It was a blast though, obviously because it’s Disneyland.
The fireworks and night parade were amazing! That was worth the drive in itself. We got to see it twice too. And one night started at 7pm so even the little ones were still awake to experience it. Can’t wait to print these out and scrapbook them!
I definitely have more pictures of Myles and Lola because Q & A are busy running around with dad on the big kid rides. We like strolling around eating cotton candy and meeting princesses. haha

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog

dear lizzy blog   dear lizzy blog dear lizzy blog Disneyland dear lizzy blog Disneyland dear lizzy blog Disneyland

dear lizzy blog

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5 thoughts on “It’s a Disney Day!

  1. Stephanie Hackney


    It’s great to “see” you again!

    How fun that you all got to go to Disneyland – my favorite place on earth!

    The kids have all gotten so big (and wow, your sister’s daughter is turning into such a lovely young lady 🙂 ).

    It looks like fun was had by all – Disney mini album share to follow?

    Have a great March,

  2. Suse

    Oh, looks like you’ve had so much fun! You mustn’t apologise for not blogging – life is for living xxx ps Are you looking at your watch coming down Splash Mountain? 😉


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