Cactus Pinata

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Post from Design Team Member: Olatz
There has been a lot to celebrate recently, my boyfriend’s birthday and my birthday as well. Whether we are miles apart or spending these specials days together, I always try to find a little time to create something fun for us to celebrate.

Inspired by the cactus paper from the Happy Place collection, this time, I decided to make a handmade cactus piñata. It is a fun and simple shape to work with pretty easily and it reminds of the good times we spent exploring Mexico, his native country.

It is not perfect AT ALL, but believe me, I enjoyed the process so much! …especially the part of filling it with chocolate and candy… one for me, one for the piñata. 😉 I snapped a few photos along the basic process of how to make a birthday piñata:


1. Pick the papers you want to work with. I chose a few green pattern papers from the Happy Place collection, as I wanted to create a cactus. I also gathered a few basic tools (a trimmer, some scissors, glue, tape…), two sheets of heavy cardstock and embellishments.

2. Draw the shape of your piñata on the heavy cardstock and remember to make two pieces: one for the front and one for the back.

3. Cut the pattern papers into one-inch stripes. You can use as many designs as you want.

4. Cut 3/4 of the way up into a fringe. It’s way quicker if you stack a few of them together while cutting.

5. Place a very thin line of glue onto the top of the paper fringe. Cover the front and back with the different stripes and fluff. 😉

6. Use a 3” inches cardstock to create the sides of the piñata and finish the basic structure of the piñata. Tie a piece of string, ribbon, or rope to the top and use this to attach the piñata to whatever you’d like to hang it from. Don’t cover the bottom until you fill the piñata with plenty of candy and of course, confetti. Reinforce the bottom with tape if necessary.

You can add some embellishments and photos on the front as well to make it more personal or just leave it as it is. And finally the fun part, hang it,… smash it and …enjoy!! 🙂




One thought on “Cactus Pinata

  1. Marchelle

    What a cute, cute, cute Cacti……I bet your boyfriend loved it. What a fun and creative project. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea.


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