Mailbox Merriment


Just ordered Christmas cards in ten minutes flat. Crazy how fast Christmas is sneaking up on me. But I love sending out some Christmas cheer!

TINY PRINTS is where I order my cards and they have a sale right now for 40% off and free shipping! Using code BESTSALE40FS
I shared some of my favorites below…

essential scrapbooking supplies

1-1 golden_lattice-foil_stamped_holiday_cards-hello_little_one-pewter-gray 1

There’s other really fun ornaments and customized presents that are thoughtful and score big points with the mother in law at Tiny Prints. Remember use code BESTSALE40FS for 40% off and free shipping! Can’t wait to share mine!

9 thoughts on “Mailbox Merriment

  1. Morgan McRory

    Oh my heck! That letter is so funny! Collin’s birthday posts are some of my very favorites years ago, and I’ve missed Cleetus, so this was a great surprise!

    I’m so glad you made sure to go gluten-free for your home birth. Any moms who do otherwise don’t really love their kids! xoXXo #ChristianVeganToddlersWhoOpenCarry

  2. Kim

    OMgoodness! That totally embodies what half of social media has come to! Well I genuinely love your little family and when I want a creative pick me up, inspiration or laugh I hop onto DearLizzy to see what’s up. Collin you make me laugh out loud regularly and when I try to explain what I’m laughing at I usually get a blank stare. Keep up entertaining us out here! Merry Christmas and Cheers to a great 2016!

  3. Rebecca S.

    Really? I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would think this is funny. It really isn’t. The fact that you only posted two comments means you have refused to post any others because they are probably not very
    complimentary and you won’t publish them. Shame on you both. You have lost me as a customer.

      1. Jeni

        lol!! I was reading all the comments and then scrolling back up through the post trying to figure out what I missed, because I definitely did not see anything funny!! Finally got to your comment and now I understand, but I am a bit disappointed that I missed out on the funny!!


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