An Inside Out Halloween

LA9A0819Blogging from my hotel room after teaching workshops in Barcelona because I have to share these shenanigans that happened before I left… and because I miss these colorful nerds.

We dressed up and trick or treated for family before I left because you better believe I wasn’t going to miss this. Ever since the girls saw the Inside Out movie this summer they have been planning these costumes. Since I realized October would be a busy month, getting ready for an event and a family vacation, I bought some costumes the first week of September. Seriously a bid deal for me cause I’m usually a procrastinator. Two of the costumes were pre-order, cause they are new this year. Well they never showed up and my order didn’t get fulfilled. They must have over-sold or something. So I scrambled and stayed up til the wee hours sewing Avery’s dress and painting flowers. An adopted grandma neighbor sewed Lola’s dress for me. I called her and asked her to help me and she took the fabric, sent me on my way and whipped it out in a couple hours before she was leaving on a trip. Yep, she’s an angel like that and I was crying when I picked it up. She gets it–how stuff like these can mean a lot to a four year old. I remember my mom making all our costumes and so it’s meaningful to me doing the same for them. (Even if it’s only one of them every few years I make since costumes are so much easier and cheaper to buy. Ha!) The kids begged me to be Bing Bong and after getting them all ready I was tired and was hoping no one would notice. But then Lola came in the room, head to toe in green, dragging that pink tutu to me and said it’s time to get ready. So I wore a pink elephant nose and sang, “Who’s your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong! Bing Bong! Who’s rocket makes you shout hurray?!” While pulling them in a wagon. All for the core memories people. ; ) And if you haven’t seen the movie you have no idea what any of this means. And if you haven’t seen the movie–What the heck?! Go see it!!


  LA9A0762 LA9A0774

10-15 Halloween (inside out)

LA9A0795 LA9A0816 LA9A0824 LA9A0827 LA9A0852 LA9A0857

“Take her to the moon for me!”

I lost it at that scene of the movie and I saw some tears in Collin’s eyes too. We looked at each other and started laughing. lol Pixar really knows how to tug at our heart strings.LA9A0874 LA9A0925 LA9A0951 LA9A1000 LA9A1004 LA9A1016 LA9A1031 LA9A1032

LA9A1034 LA9A1035 LA9A1054

13 thoughts on “An Inside Out Halloween

  1. Em

    New core memories.. You got that one right. Oh gosh, this post is actually making me cry. Thank goodness I don’t have 4 children of my own cause all their Halloween costume plans would be out the door now. Love it all.

  2. Karen

    What amazing costumes! My daughter Brooke (age 19) and I LOVE “Inside Out”! Spending quality time with each other and making core memories is what it is all about. Way to go Lizzy!

  3. Tammy Brandt

    This is amazing. The core memories, the wagon, the bubble/snow globes with pictures!!! You rocked Halloween! I love this.

  4. Davinia

    What Amazing pictures you got…???????????? I love This film too you know it…I gonna made that costume for carnaval here, I gonna tell My hunsband ????…your Kids looks so Cute!!! I ???? all of them… See you tomorrow!! Nite nite…????

  5. Fauve

    Awwwe that is just the cutest thing! Such great outfits and omg i love the memory balls. (Not sure how to call them,lol)

  6. Lee

    The costumes are pure awesome…and I think your interpretation of BingBong was perfect. That movie is definitely one of my recent favorites.


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