Mermaid Themed Party

mermaid party
This girl would be a mermaid in another world. She taught herself how to swim when she was four and we were at the beach and Mexico and was doing a front flip off the diving board when she barely had turned 5 years old. Now she loves doing back flips off the diving board and edge of the pool. It kills me how daring she is but I also love watching her push herself at the same time. A mermaid party was a perfect theme for her pool party!

IMG_9560 mermaid  party mermaid   party IMG_9639 IMG_9702

Cake was made by Megan Faulkner Brown the founder of Sweet Tooth Fairy! She works at the Provo location.
mermaid party

We had treasure chests for decoration and a treasure hunt.
I made the tail literally a couple hours before the party. She has a mermaid tail for under the water but I wanted a tail she could wear and the party and still walk around in.

The party favors were these gift bags for each guest. Inside there was a star fish wand, sunglasses, a cute towel that is shrink-wrapped but expands in water, some treats and other goodies.
IMG_9540 IMG_9544
Love celebrating these cuties on their special day!
mermaid party

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