Bill Murray Twinning and that one time…

What could possibly be better than Bill Murray’s face scattered on a baby blue tee? Twinning Bill Murray’s faces! Twins. Just like when I would force my friends to be twinners with me in 3rd grade, I am now making my darling little boy. He’s ok with it though because he still thinks I am the coolest.

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Photos: Becky Kimball
Matching Bill Murray Tees: Clashist

So you guys, I actually scrapbooked. Since I am not on Studio Calico’s team, like last year, the pages have been sparse. The thing is, it’s not just scrapbooking to me. It’s the whole experience too. I know I have mentioned this in the past, how it’s not only memories from the photos on the pages but from creating the pages. The past few days I had been itching and DYING to get my hands on some bright white 12×12 cardstock. To diecut words, layer patterns and get down my thoughts on paper, all mixed with colors and words.
This morning I took advantage of an hour I would have (pretty much) to myself and quickly printed some photos.  I was just pushing everything around the page while listening to some old school Lizzy favorite songs from Ingrid Michaelson on my headphones– I literally started crying. Tears and everything. It makes me laugh now after the fact. haha But my eyes filled with tears and I thought, what the heck this is so weird. It must’ve been the song and everything just took me back to years ago when I first started this Dear Lizzy journey. When I could spend hours and hours on a single page just because I wanted to. When life was slower. Picturing little Avery and Quincey with their chubby hands trying to get into my stuff, toddling and playing around at my feet. Those days are gone and it makes me sad. Which is exactly how I will feel when someday I will think back to these present days too. I’m sure of it.
I guess that’s why I can’t scrap quick and throw stuff together, like I want to SO bad. Because it’s so much more than paper and glue. And if my heart isn’t in it then I can’t do it, I guess. What seems like just a simple layout now has these emotions tied to it and means that much more.
But I am itching to make the time to do it. Like how I have been exercising more and this morning went to a boxing class. It’s all about balance right? Thanks for letting me share and reading this little ole blog! xoxo


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6 thoughts on “Bill Murray Twinning and that one time…

  1. Lisa W.

    I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again, HOW could he be any cuter…HOW can you stand it, if I could reach in and give him a little kiss AND BIG big hug, he IS just darling, and I so remember when my two boys thought I was the coolest, they grow up Dear Lizzy, and I’m thinking they won’t think I’m the “coolest” again for a very long time:)

    AND I so get you emotions with scrapping, OMG, my life took a turn that I didn’t really want, but life is just not always fair, my scrapbooking stuff, ALL of it is in storage at my besties house, and I have no where, no room right now to even think about scrapbooking, AND I pray for the day that I can dig in and get it all back out again!!!!!!!!! I don’t feel whole, I want to create so badly!!! SO, I try to look at the positive and think “this life” has made me realize how important scrapbooking…creating means to me. I will savor the day I can jump back in.

    Those kiddos grow up SO fast!!!!!!!!! I love LOVE your blog, and enjoy seeing your little ones, seems like yesterday my 3 little blondies were that age, and now there all in their 20’s (yikes:)

  2. Kirsteen

    Love your shirts – they are so cute. You are so cute, it makes my eyes bleed :p I am the exact same when it comes to scrapping, I cannot create if my hearts not in it. I’ve learned to walk away when I don’t feel it, too many little boys hugs to be hugged, trash TV to be watched and books to be read to waste time trying to scrap when the mojo just ain’t there. Ain’t no one got time for that 🙂

  3. Suse Fish

    Aw sweetie, so sad to hear you crying and feeling a bit sad! I had a bit of a ‘those days are gone’ moment yesterday too, but thinking about family changes in my case. Big hugs and – goes without saying – amazing layout xx


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